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  1. Swindon need to go off 15 metres to make this a contest
  2. Team changes should be limited through the season as it encourages chopping and changing of reserves until you find 2 that work, injuries aside
  3. Top 2 riders should be subject to a 20% premium on their averages seeing they get an extra ride in heat 15
  4. The powers that be must find a sustainable way of levelling the playing field. This is embarrassing
  5. Swindon have an outrageously strong team. 5 heat leaders and 2 decent reserves
  6. Excellent a chance to relive the Ipswich Poole meeting
  7. the anticipation builds... seriously though, feels like a loss of momentum / interest this late in the season Wolves need a 10pt plus need I think to progress
  8. chun

    Ipswich 2020

    Is drew kemp ready?
  9. chun

    Ipswich 2019

    Well done to the Ipswich management who were not afraid this year to make changes, which on balance has given us a fighting chance against the top sides.
  10. It was good box office if nothing else. Building the team bottom up is maybe paying dividends after all.
  11. On a serious note. If it does get called off after heat 10 with the witches 8pts up I assume it’s just hard luck.
  12. If the meeting is curtailed at heat 10 maybe they should just use the first 10 heats from both legs to calculate the aggregate score
  13. king, iversen and harris can all win heats at wimborne road but will they get the back up to keep it close? heeps will need to raise his game as anything more than a 10pt lead will be hard to pull back

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