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  1. chun

    Ipswich 2020

    kyle howarth could be a decent 2nd string i see wolves are releasing him
  2. Swindon jump the start and turn a 3-3 into a 5-1. Story of the final
  3. Can’t the ref review the footage and disqualify Doyle
  4. Doyle on the centre green . More cheating
  5. Err. Just because you tipped Swindon for the title you are now trying to bathe in your own ‘I told you so’ fountain of righteousness. Fact is that heat 1, morally speaking, should have been a 5-1. Doyle in his 2nd heat made a byline for the apex of the bend off gate 4 and never made it so bailed off. Musielak waited for the merest of contacts before laying it down when heeps held his line. swindon are the strongest team in the league make no mistake. But their victory at foxhall was certainly tainted by some questionable refereeing. When should it benefit a team to jump starts and throw the bike down? Let’s call this for what it was. Witches have the moral high ground here.
  6. Look pal I’ve been going since I was 2
  7. Was tempted to go to this to experience the exploits of Jason ‘the diver’ Doyle, Toby ‘throw the bike down’ Musielak and Adam ‘jump the start’ Ellis first hand. However I don’t feel that these unsportsmanlike antics warrant wasting 20 pounds. Shame as it’s my local track now which has this season enjoyed more entertainment and passing than the last ten years put together
  8. Saw iversen out front and ditched it

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