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  1. chopper

    Rye House 2017

    Oh Roberts stalker is back, i havent been on for over 6 months so not sure what you are rabbiting on about , who you been rubbish canning lately. Hang on you have made over 2000 posts . ive made just over 400 and i take over threads, lol, you really are a sad joke of a person i actually feel a little sorry for you. Do you even actually go to speedway Difference is i comment on things that involve me, you just comment on stuff you know nothing about. So dont bother replying as im off for another 6 months,bye , go Robert keep it going son. Chopper
  2. chopper

    Rye House 2017

    N No ones claiming anything i cant see where anyone has said Robert is better than Bates ,not in the last few pages and i couldnt be arsed going back anymore than that, hardly a rant just get over it Robert is riding for Rye and the supporters and promotion are happy with that and really thats all that matters. Chopper
  3. chopper

    Rye House 2017

    Give it a rest for god sake Robert signed for Rye House, Bates signed for Coventry. Hardly his fault Coventry folded, Robert will give it his best he didnt even have an EL team last year so a few guest rides can hardy be a fair guide. The Rye supporters are happy to have him so i guess as your not even a Rye supporter get over it. Darrell Branford
  4. chopper

    Your 2017 Table Prediction

    Branford will be in the Rye House top 5 by the first averages and will finish the season as the top rider in that other league. Buxton to go undefeated in the NL. Chopper
  5. Ok im not going to go into the wrongs of the number 7 rule , ive done that elsewhere but i draw the line at having a kid spend all day prepping bikes, driving 121 miles so 242 miles return, get bikes ready , gear on tyre changed , organised mechanic turned up at a cost to him , ready to go on track walk then told he cant ride. Surely the powers that be can do better than that. Chopper
  6. No Robert wasn't asked and will never knock back any ride he took the IOW booking at 9am and and was ready to go before it was rained off , and is guesting at Kings Lynn. As for Dam I'm sure he gave it his best and had a bad day , it happens, I'm sure he was upset to have let the team down. Chopper
  7. chopper

    Rye House V Plymouth 25/06/2016

    No nothing to stop Robert from doing PL, although he obviously cant ride as a NL number 7. Thats this week anyway, Chopper
  8. chopper

    Elegibility For Nl

    Your right , thanks for bringing that up, will be in the memory bank as will the other kid if hes allowed to ride. Problem is as clubs are finding out this year , its still up to the discretion of the BSPA at the time of asking. Chopper
  9. chopper

    Elegibility For Nl

    We have asked the last 6 years via emails to the BSPA and the answer has been the same,hence why Robert has never competed in them. chopper
  10. chopper

    Elegibility For Nl

    That is not correct, Robert has been told on numerous occasions that if he competes in an Australian title he will no longer be able to do NL and he has a British passport. So thats only representing himself , so im sure that if you have represented another country it would make him inelagable. Chopper
  11. chopper

    Stoke Vs Rye House 28th May.

    Lol why do I bother. Chopper
  12. chopper

    Stoke Vs Rye House 28th May.

    Lol this sport just continues to make me laugh, aparantley there's a new rule that you can't go infield even though your not even on a green light and still are under the 2 minutes, who made this one up and more importantly who even knew. Chopper
  13. I can remember a NL meeting at Belle Vue may have been 2011 against Buxton where Robert and Jason Garrity were stopped from racing by the ref because he determined it was too wet , they were at the tapes wanting to ride and having a ball doing so. Chopper
  14. chopper

    Rye House 2016

    I think the problems arose when another rider chose to ride elsewhere, anyway water under the bridge , it gave Robert the chance to stay home for his sisters wedding , which we were pleased about because of the later start for the NL, he's happy there and believes in what the promotion are trying to do there, hppefully some other doors will open eventually. Chopper
  15. chopper

    Edinburgh 2016

    Really. Chopper

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