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  1. That was one lucky escape. Bloody hell.
  2. Thanks very much R&R for all your help and suggestions.
  3. Than you. Will give it a try.
  4. Due to a massive balls up, not helped by me focusing in my recent wedding, I've booked for a party of 5 for Torun and not bought GP tickets. Now it appears sold out except for £100 tickets that are out of our price range. Anybody know how I might get my hands on 5 standard tickets?
  5. Griff

    Polish Xtra/nice Leagues/etc Live On Tv

    Basically, the ref told them to get on with it when the rain came, because the TV was there. He said the track had become dangerous, and wanted a delay. Said TV was more important than rider safety. I don't think the 20 point defeat helped his mood.
  6. Griff

    Polish Xtra/nice Leagues/etc Live On Tv

    Not great is it? Cheers for the heads up though, great stream.
  7. Griff

    Polish Xtra/nice Leagues/etc Live On Tv

    After struggling earlier, I've also installed this addon. I can confirm it is excellent, but as you say, it's probably got a limited shelf life!! Persevere if you can, it's worth it. Steve is spot on, it's true HD
  8. Griff

    Polish Xtra/nice Leagues/etc Live On Tv

    I think I downloaded it inside Kodi as an add on. Via addon installer. No registration. Search inside the installer for Polish tv addons. Sorry can't be more helpful, these tasks usually take me all day to suss out.
  9. Griff

    Polish Xtra/nice Leagues/etc Live On Tv

    Kodi. LivepolishTV add on. LiveTV yoy.tv TVP3 It's not HD but plenty good enough to watch. There are HD TVP options available but they buffer too much for me. Think it's my kit. NSport available here too. Hope this helps.
  10. Rob, uninstall the app. Reinstall. Go straight to the bet365 extra page and follow Steve's instructions. That seems to work for me but must uninstall every time first or I get the same message as you.
  11. Griff

    British GP 2013

    The silence from official sources is deafening. They know fans will be desperate for news. Speedway logic again. Treat fans like mushrooms. It's akin to the recorded message "no rain so far, meeting definitely on". Or am I an old cynic? Still setting off at 8am! They don't deserve us!
  12. I think the BV statement says they thought racing would be impossible. It seems they were wrong. However, similar decisions have been proved to be wrong in the past and I cannot recall any action taken. If nothing else come out of this debacle then Promotors cannot be allowed to call off meetings without official approval.
  13. I know, they have admitted calling off in haste, no more. I wasn't suggesting they ride the rearrangement without the riders that were likely to be missing. Quite the opposite. As I stated, not ever seen this applied. Maybe at amateur level, but we are talking of professional sport, allegedly.
  14. I can't ever recall a football match being awarded. Even matches that are abandoned are replayed. If Poole qualify for the playoffs based on points awarded for a match that was never raced, that would be a bigger joke. Punish Belle Vue by all means, but to gift points is wrong. Asking for Belle Vue to race without half the team wouldn't be doing the sport any favours either. It's an unfortunate event, but Poole haven't actually lost anything.
  15. Why would anybody want to do that?

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