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  1. The Doctor...

    Swindon 2018

    Good. Hope the blokes injury isn't too bad anyway. Cheers
  2. The Doctor...

    Swindon 2018

    London Ambulance side . My nickname was given to me15 years ago. I'm only trying see that people aren't jumping to conclusions over an injury that probably not a lot of info is known about yet. But if you want to assume the worst case recovery time, thats fair enough. I look it at the other way tho myself. Anyway, not a Swindon fan, just tried to help, but like you seem to do on the other threads, you're picking into something just for a scrap now. I have work tonight so would prefer to just crack on getting ready now thanks.
  3. The Doctor...

    Swindon 2018

    im not a doctor. sorry would just rather people had facts rather than guessing. hey ho, only trying to be helpful so the injured rider isn't written off by you all for longer than may be necessary.
  4. The Doctor...

    Swindon 2018

    Well its certainly not that here in my part of the nhs..upto 12 if displaced yes, but until that is confirmed it's not worth guessing
  5. The Doctor...

    Swindon 2018

    That is simply wrong. Please don't comment on stuff you know squat about. Apologies to Bald Bloke aswell - i thought i was replying to the chap who is souring my club name.
  6. The Doctor...

    Swindon 2018

    It's not 3 months for a scaphoid as a rule. If it's not confirmed as yet or there is no explicit info, best not to speculate. Depending on severity, and if it's displaced or not, recovery can be a lot less than that.
  7. The Doctor...

    Swindon 2018

    Admittedly i haven't read the reports in full, but Bellego is scaphoid # isnt it ? Where has the 12 weeks come from ?
  8. The Doctor...

    Rye House 2018

    My name is firmly out there - having the balls to use his real name is irrelevant with him. When he doesn't like what someone says he throws a hissy fit and goes off on some rant trying to prove he's better than someone. Take a look at the poor Lakeside chaps trying to do a youtube video thread. He's rude and condescending.
  9. The Doctor...

    Rye House 2018

    Christ, another day, another Rob Mcblahblah over reaction email. You need help mate.
  10. The Doctor...

    Poole Pirates Vs Belle Vue Aces 4/7/18

    As one of those who replied about this, i will say his tweets don't make nice reading at all, but my original comments about the clash on here still stand. Daft for it to have escalated imo. I will also say i don't know Phil at all before anyone thinks im sticking up for him blindy.
  11. The Doctor...

    Poole Pirates Vs Belle Vue Aces 4/7/18

    Unless i missed something else, he wrote that you were an idiot before you illness and were an idiot after, or words close to that ? Granted it's an insult, but come on, it's just saying he thinks you're an idiot. Just because the word illness is brought in doesn't change the sentiment - if anything it says you've made such a positive recovery that you're the same person as you were before on here.. I broke my back years ago and was nearly paralysed - i'm sure people thought i was dick before and am still a dick after..i'd never use an injury or an illness as some kind of crutch to lean on tho - if people are going to put their medical conditions or personal information out in the public domain, you've got to surely expect that sometimes they will be used against you when some mud slinging begins. You're clearly well enough to be posting here and getting yourself into these scrapes again, so that's a good thing healthwise - not sure why it needs to be used as some kind of defence mechanism when threads/comments start to go against you.
  12. The Doctor...

    Poole Pirates Vs Belle Vue Aces 4/7/18

    If he's banned for what i presume he has, it's a poor day. Another forum member also given quite an extensive ban aswell today - definitely some snowflakes out there quick to report things rather than scrap it out.
  13. The Doctor...

    Kings Lynn v Leicester Lions 4/7/2018

    Not always the case for a paramedic to be on board a front line ambulance these days. Very common to be double manned by technicians only.
  14. The Doctor...

    Cardiff GP Tickets.

    Saving your best stuff stuff for the girl on twitter eh ? To be fair, you might have saved your a-game for the missus before she jumped ship i guess.
  15. The Doctor...

    Cardiff GP Tickets.

    No her name was Paula. Next question ? Btw, why have you turned off your private messages ? Scared to engage ?

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