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  1. The Doctor...

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    I've followed this from a distance while you and the other clever buggers have been working on this. Frankly am amazed at how you've all got so far with this.. i do hope it can be made available with the chance to donate a few beer tokens to say thanks. Cracking work gents.
  2. The Doctor...

    New Cross Memories

    John, this can't be good for your health. I haven't seen a lot of this thread and to be honest i have no idea if these are photos here, or on your fb groups,, but if you're cropping watermarks out of copyrighted photos anywhere you need to pull them. Plenty of people get charged for that kinda stuff.
  3. The Doctor...

    Wimbledon Memories

    Don't bring my favourite ever rider into this horror show you're having Gustix..
  4. The Doctor...

    Wimbledon Memories

    Seriously John, as others have rightly told you multiple times now, Terry Mussett rode plenty for them even i remember that... actually 80 odd matches according to a stats website i just checked. After which he came to my team Reading for a spell. He wasn't the best but that's irrelevant. You're getting silly again with a few of your posts recently aren't you.
  5. The Doctor...

    Which clubs are showing regular match videos?

    So many uploads again today, really enjoying looking back over the years at these.. great work Iain
  6. The Doctor...

    Which clubs are showing regular match videos?

    Loving the amount of uploads you're doing.. some cracking meetings on there.
  7. The Doctor...

    Illegal Riding Zero Tolerance

    True - The ones in outlying areas were panicked into expanding way beyond what was necessary early doors as no one wanted to listen to the info re who was genuinely at risk. Now they've got themselves in a tangle of being too cautious to convert units back to their original usage as still even now the guidance they are getting is muddled at best..
  8. The Doctor...

    Illegal Riding Zero Tolerance

    That's a bit sweeping. Many are most definitely not.
  9. The Doctor...

    A spectacular old-timer

    Looks like Frank Varey to me.
  10. The Doctor...

    Speedway Crashes

    It certainly was boss.. cracking day out that was.. wonder if that's on youtube somewhere aswell
  11. The Doctor...

    Speedway Crashes

    By the starting gate at the very beginning.. hanging over the fence in my red arsenal top as a 13 year old..
  12. The Doctor...

    Speedway Crashes

    Woah great find Ian. I haven't even got to the crash yet as i've spotted myself as a kid by the start gate right at the beginning of the clip and got myself a bit emotional.. will watch the rest now!
  13. The Doctor...

    Speedway Crashes

    The 4TT final at Peterborough in 91 i think it would had a bad one that i thought it was the worst i'd seen. Wiltshire, Parker, Hancock and Matousek all came down on the back straight. Been trying to find it for a while but don't think classic speedway videos had it when i looked last. Was the one where Matousek threw a punch into the crowd after breaking his wrist. Wiltshire broken elbow aswell i think.
  14. The Doctor...

    Cardiff 2020

    Not being mothballed at all. As said many times, the only reason it's not being used as much now is that so many hospitals in london had tripled and more their capacity, so most hospitals have coped with the flow to a point with the exception of Homerton, Whipps and Newham in the early to mid stages of the lockdown. Once elective surgery and clinics start to come back across london, the extra capacity that is currently available will disappear quick enough. As for Wales, they will be as susceptible down there no doubt once normal hospital traffic resumes, so i doubt the stadium will get off scot free as far as usage goes.
  15. The Doctor...

    Ipswich 2020

    Saw this on twitter earlier. Good on him. Wonder how many established riders like him are doing similar.

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