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  1. Yeh and i'm pretty sure he was David Steen's and a few others aswell.
  2. And a lifelong Reading supporter and resident unless i'm very much mistaken. Even tho we're not around in same way i very much doubt he follows another team.
  3. The ref was Dave Robinson wasn't it ?
  4. The Doctor...

    New Cross.

    I'm in Gustix territory a bit south of Peckham but totally agree. South of the river is either gentrified or the other extreme and is no place to grow old i think. I definitely plan to visit Eastbourne as much as i can this season. Only an hour and a bit down there from here i reckon and not been there in years.
  5. The Doctor...

    Speedway Photo Site Updates V2

    Excellent.. love how Donkey is still just scruffy old Donkey!
  6. The Doctor...

    Swindon 2019

    Bloody hell that's a name from the past. Remember you from the old yahoogroups email group Glenn. Glad you're still around. As other have said, the chaps at Travel Plus will be able to sort something for you and your group i'm sure. James is on here somewhere but cant remember his forum username.
  7. The Doctor...

    Eastbourne 2019

    Both - On the Racers facebook group a few days back they announced they are still riding at Eastbourne but as second halves on the days that the track is running various amateur days.. see text below.. "The stadium will be host to several Sunday amateur meetings and "Powerslide" days - where beginners can hire a bike and be supervised in their first laps of a track - and the Racers matches will take place after these sessions, running 2 matches on each occasion" Cheers
  8. The Doctor...

    revamped Dev League 2019

    The way you mis-read that original post is almost on Starman levels. Astonishing. I notice you've held your hands up and apologised in similar fashion on many threads recently where your trolling has backfired spectacularly. Perhaps taking a moment or two to think before you post would be some wise advice.
  9. The Doctor...

    The Name's NOT the Same...

    With respect, your posts aren't usually reportable, its just the bone headedness of them that probably is. I'm trying to think of a name or two to contribute as i know deviation from threads upsets you John.
  10. The Doctor...

    The name's the same!

    Ales Dryml. Antonin Kasper Lubos Tomicek
  11. The Doctor...

    The name's the same!

    Scott Smith.
  12. The Doctor...

    Mystery American rider

    You don't help yourself with stuff like this John. If you're posting a genuine question, fair enough, but a simple googling of the blokes name taking us to an article written by you is frankly just weird. And i doubt the other member has a collection of your writings... as i said.. google gives answers in less than a second.
  13. The Doctor...

    Swindon Stadium

    Yeh, Sabre was/is him, Kent Sweepers was just the sponsors i think. Anyway, according to companies house, he's based in Gravesend. Certainly a fair trek, but not 200 miles by any means.
  14. The Doctor...


    Many happenings of the past surface for discussion ? Have i missed the recent news with speedway mail in recently then ? If so, apologies - however it does look like you just wanted to tell an anecdote about your worklife and take a 16 year old message to task, when to any sane person, it was clear what the tone of it was. Can i also say, i don't see where falcace referred to the speedway mail in the 1970s in his message you've taken umbrage to.
  15. The Doctor...


    I don't think the years gone by name is to do with the age of the posts John. 16 years has to be a record surely for the longest time waiting a reply.. bloody hell only Gustix would be trawling thru the archives on a lovely sunny day in London and feel the need to chirp in.

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