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  1. The Doctor...

    Crystal Palace Museum

    I'm gonna try and get the night off for this one as it might be interesting. This is only round the corner from you John, how come you aren't going ? Oddly on the page it references March 2019 as the date of it aswell.
  2. The Doctor...

    Poole 2019

    So people were having a crack at him on that forum aswell then ?
  3. The Doctor...

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    Just caught up with it on a youtube clip. A sad and very hard watch.
  4. The Doctor...

    CrazySue and Speedway Updates

    Out of interest how long has updates been going ? I remember doing them at the gp challenge in krsko in 2001 for the old yahoogroups email thing when we were over there.. seems crazy long time ago now.
  5. The Doctor...

    Finishing Averages Table 2018

    Is this an official thread tho ?
  6. The Doctor...

    Finishing Averages Table 2018

    So you get banned with one username and just log back in and post with another.. Danny Green, you need to get a life sir.
  7. Isn't multi accounting also reportable ?
  8. Do you know my memories now then ? Blimey.. that's a neat skill.
  9. Blimey, remember him riding for Reading..
  10. Not normally home to catch the Bt coverage, but is that interviewer at Poole a regular now ? Don't recognise her at all.
  11. Hold on a sec, you cant use the brain tumour thing as some kind of get-out clause on a post you've clearly read wrong. On a wider scale, this is the kinda thing that does genuine sufferers of medical conditions no good whatsoever. You'd be quick enough to chastise (google it) someone who brought it up as a slur against you. Anyway, if anyone is prepared to record a meeting of keith and yourself, i'll be popping a nice little donation in the direction of the brain tumour charity.
  12. The Doctor...

    Celebrity fans

    Remember you from the old speedway email group.. never realised you were on here. Nice to see.
  13. The Doctor...

    Poole v Somerset. prem B 27/8/18 12.30pm.

    You're the first one to jump on someone if they make an error! The "bleedin" difference is that 1230pm isn't in the morning. End of.
  14. The Doctor...

    Poole v Somerset. prem B 27/8/18 12.30pm.

    12.30pm isn't in the morning. Bail out on this while you can i would say.

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