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  1. shippy22

    Poole Pirates 2020

    What about Nathan Greaves on 4.61 and one young Australian. Nathan Greaves was one of the few riders whose away average was higher than his home average, meaning he is likely to increase his average with a more suitable home track. Surely safer than signing 2 new Australian riders.
  2. With most of the team places taken for next year, the following riders appear to have been left out. Paul Hurry Luke Bowen Adam Royon All 3 have had a lot of injuries in their careers, not sure if they are fit or planning to ride again Ben Hopwood Mitchell Davey Bradley Andrews These 3 all finished the season on the injury list. Matt Marson Had a decent first season at Mildenhall Charley Powell Mark Baseby Both have been left out after Eastbourne moving to the Championship Rob Shuttleworth Walked out of a meeting and was suspended by Stoke Luke Harris Likely to fill the final place at Cradley Jon Armstrong Reported as not enjoying his speedway last season, so may not be planning to ride again Josh Embleton Showed a lot of promise last season, so surprising, he doesnt have a team place Tom Woolley Another surprise, as he has been slowly improving each season, and in a weakened league, could well be an 8 point rider. Probably a few others without a place.
  3. shippy22

    Buxton v IOW sun 2nd sept

    Scunthorpe won 1 match that season
  4. shippy22

    Buxton v IOW sun 2nd sept

    In 2008 Premier League, Mildenhall lost all 30 matches. I think this is the only time a team has finished the season with no points.
  5. shippy22

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Doubling up was only on a small scale, and usually the riders concerned, belonged to the top division club, and were loaned out to the second division team. Nowadays the Premier League teams are more or less a "Championship Select" team, plus 1 or 2 full time Premier riders.
  6. shippy22

    No job

    Perhaps a better idea would be to go back to the squad system that the league used to have. The heat leaders currently without a place could share a position with riders who are also riding in the Championship and therefore will often miss meetings. Surely much better than using guests and forcing some riders into retirement. It is ironic that promoters state that they need doubling up between the PL & CL as there is a shortage of riders, yet several riders in both CL and NL, could retire if they are unable to get a place, meaning even less riders in the sport !
  7. shippy22

    Oldest Surviving Team

    I think you have misunderstood my post. I was just wondering if there was any other team from 50 years ago or more , where the whole team were still alive today.
  8. shippy22

    Oldest Surviving Team

    I got hooked on speedway after my first match of Rayleigh V Plymouth in 1968, 50 years ago. As far as I am aware the Rayleigh team of Geoff Maloney, Laurie Etheridge, Mike Gardner, Colin Tucker, Dennis Mannion, Terry Stone & Graeme Smith are all still with us. Unfortunately, many riders from that season, have since passed away. Are there any teams from longer ago, who are all alive today ?
  9. shippy22

    National League 2018

    All teams should have at least a couple of riders from the amateur leagues named to cover for missing reserves. Eastbourne were the worst culprits with official number 7 Matt Saul and then Charlie Saunders, only riding 1 League match between them all season. Birmingham also rarely had a proper number 7 available. it is a farce that riders like Alex Spooner, William O'Keefe and later in the season Jason Edwards and Drew Kemp rode for most teams in the League.
  10. If riders reckon they cannot earn enough just riding for 1 team, how did riders like Scott Nicholls, Edward Kennett, Kevin Doolan, Aaron Summers, Tyrone Proctor etc, survive riding for 1 team only ? If doubling up is to continue, then it should be restricted to riders who only race in the UK. Anyone riding for any other team overseas, should only be allowed to ride for 1 team in the UK.
  11. shippy22

    Time To Scrap Doubling Up?

    I hope that Sheffield win the championship, and then meet Leicester in the relegation battle. With 2 riders riding for both teams, surely this will bring home what a farce the doubling up system is !!!
  12. shippy22

    Time To Scrap Doubling Up?

    I agree entirely. This is the main reason that after nearly 50 years of being a super keen speedway supporter, I have not been to a single match this year. If the promoters cannot be bothered to stage matches between 2 proper teams, then I cannot be bothered to give them my money. Most of the Premiership teams are nothing more than a "championship select team". Teams used to be mainly made up of local riders from that area, who were proud to represent their team. I can accept riders missing through injury, but not missing because they are riding for their other team. Doubling up also makes the injury situation worse, as when a rider is injured, most of the time it will affect 2 or even 3 teams, meaning they all have to use guests or rider replacement.
  13. shippy22

    Wolves 2017

    I agree 100%. After nearly 50 years of being an avid speedway fan, I stopped going to meetings last year, and havent been at all this season. I used to average at least 2 meetings a week, and hardly ever missed a Rockets home meeting. The main reason I have lost interest is because of doubling up. I can accept riders missing because of injury, but not because they are riding for another team. Doubling up should be limited to up and coming riders between National League and Championship teams only. No rider should be riding full time for a team in the Championship and another team in the Premiership. It is crazy that riders like Stefan Nielsen, Joe Jacobs, Matthew Wethers & Theo Pijper have not got a team spot, and others are riding for 2 or even 3 teams. These riders would all do a good job at Championship level, and if they do not get a place soon, could be lost to the sport. If riders cannot make the sport pay just riding for one team, then they can get a full or part time job. In the late 60s and 70s, it was only the top riders who rode full time. Most of the first division second strings and reserves and second division riders had their own business, or full time/part time jobs. Riders should realise that the crowds do not justify most of them making a full time living at speedway. Teams used to be mainly local riders who represented that area, and many had progressed from the second halves. Nowadays, teams are just a collection of riders, whos averages fit for the season.
  14. The averages in the Elite League are a complete farce, and it makes no sense for FTR to move up to heat leaders based on averages obtained in protected races. I cannot believe that the promoters could not see what was going to happen. The most sensible thing would be to race the "B" fixtures using the race format used in the PL and NL. The reserves still get slightly easier races, and the heat leaders slightly tougher races.

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