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  1. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Great post most sensible one there’s been all winter but you can guarantee Buster won’t listen to it it’s his way or the byway also the next generation of paying public are the children so the later the start the likelihood of them attending are slim with school the next day
  2. Iversens bikes have been crated up so I imagine they won't want a replacement for Fricke
  3. Dont know when he got hurt he scored a 12max for Lublin yesterday no doubt his pit crew will have a feeble excuse or a 24 miricale cure
  4. And that's why Robert Lambert was gonna miss the Rye House meeting at Lynn Wednesday night nothing to do with him faking a reacurrance of his knee injury getting ready to travel to Poland
  5. Yeah but I bet he's got 2 inPoland
  6. Only because Greg Hancock made a mistake on the 4th bend since then he done nothing
  7. King's Lynn Stars 2017

    If If I refused to do my job 100% I'd be sacked it's not about performing as expected it's about doing a job disregard how many points they score it's about being on the track and 3of them refused one being Holder who was gonna explain to us his reasons for a no show after the weekend and hasn't done so why shouldn't me and a lot of us on here be a little irate
  8. King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Well what's that go to do with you whether I go or not Whats my attendance or non attendance as you quote got to do with the issue in hand you want to concentrate on sucking up to Buster as you do and don't worry about me
  9. King's Lynn Stars 2017

    So your saying let's not upset the riders just in case of the future but it doesn't matter what the riders done to the club against Poole cos the way I look at it Holder Batchelor Lambert and Huckenbeck all want sacking Holder refused to ride Lambert and Huckenbeck done the same all be it they got excluded for 2mins and Batchelor withdrew with a wrist problem but 24hours later guested for Bellvue so I say sod the riders
  10. I hope so else Lambert's gonna be whinging even more
  11. Surprised you are accepting that knowing how you hate the GP system but still which side of the fence would come down on as you see no fault at Lynn and defend them all the way you must be very torn
  12. King's Lynn Stars 2017

    No he didn't Gavin Caney went as he didn't want Dale to go on his own and fare do's to Gavin he came back from the hospital and quit and he was doing a good job on the mic in my opinion
  13. King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Rob was there at the start there after no one knows maybe he done a runner
  14. King's Lynn Stars 2017

    What a surprise your defending them for me Lambert Holder Batchelor all deserve a 28 day ban and big fine as for Huckenbeck I feel he was swayed by his mate back to the defence Poole riders got there head down and got on with the job and fully deserved there win so tell me how can you defend the Lynn riders who refused to come out
  15. Stars V Pirates. 13 July

    Hopefully Rob Lyon had exited early with total guilt as he's the co promoter and allegedly running the show he's the one that should carry the can but still he maybe another with a don't care attitude I don't think he is quite as obese as your sarcastic gob is