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  1. Fair enough......I am of the opinion it is up to each parent(s) what they want or feel is right to do. I no longer have young children to make that decision (and yes I'm happy I don't) however if I had to make a decision I usually would base my decision on the science so I assume I would say yes. Because I have travelled a fair bit I have needed various vaccinations and would not have even thought twice about having them.....one vaccination I had (Yellow fever), if I did not have the vaccination here they would have given it to me at the border when arriving whether I wanted it or not....not a smart thing to do in my opinion.
  2. What I think on whether we should be jabbing children does not matter, the comment was about Ms. Jameson & Blu
  3. And she is in FERTILITY SERVICES.....a real expert, another winner from Blu
  4. andout

    Anyone Remember Steve Waplington?

    There is about a six page article in Classic Speedway Issue 21 Summer 2013.......he chose between Speedway and a job and the Job won. He also went to Leningrad with the Aces in 1969
  5. Nah, I know you can do it!!!
  6. You kind of missed my point......you already know the answers why ask the question? Why not just put out something like "Here is a link for Keith Harvey if you have any other information I'd appreciate it?" or something on those lines
  7. Why do you do this John, you answer your own question with an article YOU wrote....... You really do ask for some of the "Flak" you get.
  8. That's rich coming from you......
  9. andout

    Australia v England test matches

    Test Matches were always great......One of the one's that really sticks in my mind was the GB v USSR international at Wembley in 1964.....Although the Russians were well beaten the atmosphere there was nothing short of fantastic. Wish they would bring back regular test matches now. There was another series in Australia in 2001.....Young Australia v Young Britain.....Aussies won the series 5-4 Thanks for posting.
  10. andout

    Itv's World Of Sport

    Yes, I was there too in Amsterdam and Tilburg......sad days indeed!
  11. andout

    Supreme Stylist

    Rayleigh (1949-1957, 1963)Leicester (1956)Poole (1958, 1959)Ipswich (1960-1962)Coventry (1962)Hackney (1964-1970) Think I remember seeing him at New Cross in 60 or 61.
  12. Blah, blah, blah...you're like a broken record .
  13. Yeah, they want to but probably won't get away with it.
  14. andout

    Supreme Stylist

    Some supreme stylists that come to mind for me are Craven, Sjosten, Lofqvist, Harrfeldt, Loram and Kelly Moran (especially on the US tracks).
  15. andout

    Prince Andrew


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