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  1. Yes researcher try to get ALL the results from meetings including every extra race and second halves....most of the results pleasureboy wants are out there.
  2. I know there are a whole bunch of heat results on the Speedway Researcher website.....I just checked a few, Long Eaton isn't there but I know Boston, Mildy are out there, didn't check the rest. http://www.speedwayresearcher.org.uk/
  3. andout

    US riders of the 30's

    Oh dear, the biggest insult of all.......there is NO other like Donald Trump!
  4. andout

    US riders of the 30's

    Damn, I'm "bewildered by your comment" that you don't know where you are sharing the photos.......I refuse to play your game, you know where you posted them.
  5. andout

    US riders of the 30's

    So you note the comment........AND immediately put out another Fundin photo in FB.........Sorry John but you are getting what you deserve.......
  6. andout

    US riders of the 30's

    But on the sites on FB that I use, you are ADMIN.....so highly unlikely you would get adverse comments, they are your sites you do what you want but just recently you have had complaints about Fundin, Fundin, Fundin .....and even then you continue to put out photo's of him......gets boring after a while.
  7. All I can think of when you fall off is "Splinters"!!!!!!!
  8. andout

    Two Legends World Final records. Fundin v Briggs.

    I was there too and can't disagree with anything you have stated.
  9. My friend in Italy would like to know the results of this meeting....if anyone can help I'd appreciate it. This track only ran in 1949 I think.
  10. andout

    Canadian speedway memories

    You kinda made me think about Jeff....so I just decided to dig and found out, I'm sorry to say Jeff died on February 27, 2019....He was 91 If you click on this link there is a tribute movie you can watch and his Speedway in included. https://www.dignitymemorial.com/en-ca/obituaries/brampton-on/george-crawford-8188526
  11. andout

    New Cross Memories

    Please John.....you know the names..... Look here and you can get them all....... http://www.defunctspeedway.co.uk/New Cross.htm
  12. andout

    New Ideas

    That has already been started in the Speedway News and Discussions section.
  13. Yeah, I know but lets hope we have at least three or four GP's......
  14. I really don't mind how they do it this year, one, two or three + just as long as there is a World champion decided this year.....

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