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  1. andout

    Peerless Jack Parker

    Remember that well....Brrrr
  2. andout

    Peerless Jack Parker

    He was actually World Champion in 1931 and he had the trophy to prove it, however the powers that be decided it was not a World Championship and the title never counted.......I do have the programme to prove that statement.
  3. Think Fundin did 10 years on the bounce too!!
  4. andout

    Un-official World Finals

    Absolutely correct.......I was one of the few that held that belief. I know the FIM does NOT recognize 68 & 69.
  5. I know this probably a shot in the dark but if anyone has used tickets from this years GP Series I'd be happy to buy them from you......for my collection. And of course any other ticket of pass from previous years that I need would be welcomed. Just PM please if you can help.
  6. So Poland wins.....at least the damn "Joker" didn't decide!
  7. At least it looks like the Brits are going to come away with something.....it was obvious this was going to be between Poland and Denmark. Too bad the track is absolute crap.
  8. andout

    Most hated (respected) rider!!

    All the riders anyone have mentioned on here are OK in my book.....yes I understand why some of the comments are made. It took many years, like about 60 years for me to dislike one rider and one rider only so much and that is Nicki (not my fault) Pedersen, up to his usual stuff again today. Yes I know I will get the NP lovers saying how nice a person he is and he probably is OFF the track and then they will say he is just a "Hard" rider, whatever that means......Personally I would not use that word! Having said that....he IS box office......I guess that is what Speedway is missing these days!
  9. andout

    The Jolly Rogers.

    I know I have seen all three but I don't remember Bert very well....... You know my name BOBBATH......and those three are who I was named after!
  10. And then there were four!!!!
  11. andout

    Ivan Mauger - Blue Plaque?

    On the WSRA site....
  12. The FIM, the Promoter One Sport, the Polish Motorcycling Federation (PZM) and the German Motorsport Federation (DMSB) regret to announce the cancellation of the 2020 FOGO FIM Speedway U21 World Championship Final 1 previously postponed and of the final 2 originally set to take place on 05 September in Stralsund, Germany. The ongoing coronavirus outbreak and resulting calendar changes now sadly oblige the cancellation of these two events. All parties continue to monitor the situation and will communicate further information once it is possible and appropriate to do so. FIM & One Sport
  13. andout

    The Bee Gees and Speedway in Australia

    Yes, there was even a "Solo" Australia v England International in 1986......
  14. andout

    Cardiff 2020

    I'm confused too!!

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