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  1. andout

    "The Soviet/Russians Are Coming"

    Agreed Steve......its been a great magazine and VSM before it......I echo your thoughts that it can continue.
  2. andout


    Split......or rather Squire Waterman got his nickname when he bent over and split his leathers all the way down......he was originally nicknamed Split Arse but Split remained until the end!
  3. andout

    Fave Progs

    You should get a Buck two ninety eight for that one Bob......LOL
  4. andout

    Fave Progs

    Modern day rarity is Poole 1958 England v Australasia Test match, it never ran and the programmes were never released except for a few that were mailed out before the event, I know of only 6 in existence. All have a fold down the center where they were put in envelopes for mailing. This one can go for as high as 200 quid.
  5. andout

    Fave Progs

    Better know as 19 February 1928, the highest one that has sold is 5000 quid. Next is probably Celtic Park at just over 1000. Closest is my collection is the Warrington England v The Rest for 900.
  6. andout

    Malcolm Ballard

    Not much out here but his career is there.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_Ballard
  7. andout

    Online Museum Website

    You are such an ar*e John.....why are you posting this on every thread possible. I used to have respect for you, it has now drained completely away, all you seem to want to do is destroy every thread, promote your own sites and generally try to p**s people off. Well congratulations you have succeeded.....now please go way!
  8. andout

    Fave Progs

    Pretty well any Pre-War programme.....they are full of information, some of them great graphics. Not all of them of course, especially in the early days as they were just a four page card. The internationals of the pre-war days were always special, which is why I collected those all my life.
  9. andout

    Bonny Good

  10. andout

    Bonny Good

    Look what I found
  11. andout

    Premiership Pairs

    Looks like the programme is actually cheaper by .50p....that would be a shock! Checking out the programme on Curtis-sports.
  12. andout

    Favourite Memorabilia

    YES! It does become a bit of an obsession but its fun doing it most of the time at long as it doesn't get out of control.
  13. andout

    Favourite Memorabilia

    Definitely NOT!
  14. andout

    Favourite Memorabilia

    Sent you a PM.
  15. andout

    'the Donald' Trump

    The idiot is just "baiting" everyone, he cannot really believe all the crap he posts.

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