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  1. andout

    'the Donald' Trump

    Its the Republican way now and will be for the foreseeable future. It feeds the idiots on Twatter.
  2. andout

    Emma Raducanu

    Both have Canadian connections also.
  3. andout

    'the Donald' Trump

    Not sure Trump was born in 2001, acts like a two year old most of the time stamping his tiny perfect little feet.
  4. andout

    'the Donald' Trump

    Of course, Kayleigh McEnany ALWAYS told the truth didn't she? And not to mention Kellyanne (Alternate facts) Conway never told lies either.
  5. andout

    'the Donald' Trump

  6. andout

    Tracks visited but never seen a race

    Paris has now completely disappeared........
  7. andout

    'the Donald' Trump

    Wolfie....you forgot to "Like" the post at the top of this page........
  8. andout

    'the Donald' Trump

    Sure he does....bet the a**hole has his booster shot before anyone else does.
  9. Yet another vaccine and COVID-19 skeptic......never mind he now has COVID-19 and is currently on a ventilator.....
  10. andout

    'the Donald' Trump

    Says it all for the few on here.
  11. And here is the article to quash the twitter rubbish above. https://factcheck.afp.com/scientist-makes-inaccurate-claims-covid-19-vaccine-safety
  12. andout

    'the Donald' Trump

    Must admit I do have a problem with even thinking Trump and his three allies on here could stoop quite that low. On the other other hand they were beaten by a fine team!!!!!
  13. Noticed on the official FIM results that "Russia" was omitted alongside Sayfutdinov and Lagutas names.
  14. andout

    'the Donald' Trump

    They're just tourists!

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