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  1. Jeff.

    Cheaper Speedway

    That makes it cheap does it, I can take the whole family to Belle Vue for less than the cost of 1 transatlantic flight, does that make speedway cheap. Comparisons are pointless and the empty stadia up and down the country tell you the public perception of speedway is far from VFM
  2. Jeff.

    Cheaper Speedway

    No of course they were not going to increase programme costs, certainly not by 25% anyway. Even if it were true, by promoters own admission, a large % of fans do not buy programmes anymore, therefore they would have to increase their spend to get a so called saving, ingenious isn't it. It would only be speedway fans that would accept it. The so called programme increase is simply being rounded up by 50 pence anyway, so why not simply round admission down to £15.50 if £15.66 is too difficult to manage.
  3. Jeff.

    Cheaper Speedway

    What on earth are you wittering on about, freeby?
  4. Jeff.

    Cheaper Speedway

    No of course speedway clubs won't take the reduction into account for 2009, but then the 16.5% increase in VAT will be cited as a reason to increase admission in 2010
  5. Jeff.

    The End Of Halifax

    By 1985 Halifax's crowds had gone well under a 2000 average. The wooden stands were not a factor in the move in any way, it was purely a cost thing The extra costs were to pay for the necessary track alterations and as you say Odsal was a better option at the time. Crowds at Odsal dropped alarmingly when they lost Carter which would have happened even if they had been at the Shay.
  6. Incidentally remind me of the clubs you have been involved with recently, Isle of Wight, Oxford are two of them. You constantly tell everyone they should be grateful to riders, promoters, dont criticise anyone etc. You constantly spout crap like the above, riders racing for our entertainment for Christs sake. Perhaps if your methods didn't seem to leave a string of closed down clubs behind them you may be taken a little more seriously
  7. Someone is responsible, that someone is obviously Ole Olsen. You suggest discarding years of experience in lieu of 1 cock up! Strange man. 1939 was called off with just 1 week to go. I think the FIM instigated the war so that the didn't have to run that Final. They knew the public were against the bonus point system in operation at the time and feared no one would turn up. There were no repeats scheduled on Pathe News either, what more proof do you need
  8. Jeff.

    The End Of Halifax

    The Valley Parade disaster only happened in May of that year Andy. I don't think the implications of the Popplewell Enquiry were known before the move to Odsal was announced. The Shay continued in it's same state for a number of years as home to Halifax FC It was the new SCB regulations that spelled the end of racing at the Shay
  9. You don't remember the fan who jumped the fence grabbing the hose in an attempt to be able to see some of the racing Ask Peter Collins, I am sure he remembers it!!! Ironically the man to benefit from that farce was none other than Ole Olsen, although to be fair he was a more than worth winner anyway.
  10. Nonsense, at that time Wembley was still used at least annually with World Finals, Inter Continental, European and Worl Team Cup Finals, not to mention the Daily Mirror Series Final. Wembley was not temporary in the truest sense of the word, in the main it was just hidden beneath the turf making the job much simpler than Gelsenkirchen. Len Silver was preparing the track for all those meetings, not to memtion preparing Hackney on a weekly basis. Why then were there not the cries for him to resign after the Fiasco in 1975, why no witch hunt trying to discredit the whole World Final system. Quite simply it was accepted as a mistake, albeit one of monumental proportions, and lessons learned from it, none of this current trend of a frenzy of internet fuelled hype demanding a resignation, although that seems to be the way of the world these days.
  11. Jeff.

    The End Of Halifax

    By the end of 1985 the Shay did not comply with new regulations re the 2 mtr exclusion zone around the track. The cost of the alterations (floodlights etc) was the crux of the problem and with a ready made replacement stadium ony 5 or 6 miles away the dukes left the Shay and moved lock stock and barrel into Odsal
  12. Did Len Silver lose his job preparing the Wembley track after 1975, (an even bigger farce than Germany by the way) of course not, truth was he was still the best person for the job and learning from past mistakes went on to produce two of the best ever world final tracks
  13. Jeff.

    Shawn Moran, Down And Out In Beverley Hills?

    Why? those riders all had well documented problems, ignoring it doesn't make it not true. Personally, although I too would not contribute to any fund, it saddens me that the Morans ended up like they have. The pair of them lived for today, ignoring tomorrow, and however sad this scenario was entirely predictable
  14. Jeff.

    Independent Ruling Body

    So you have highlighted control, and your point? I ask again, under what jurisdiction do you propose the Control Bureau implement these changes.
  15. Does 1000% correct mean you only slightly agree? If you agreed strongly it would have been a million, or a billion or even a trillion % correct. All this 101% or 110% and anything above 100% gets on my t1ts Get someone to explain percentages to you

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