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  1. Barry Hearn....

    Agree with your first point - we cannot blame these riders, who are riding to earn a living not a hobby (National League excepted) as the cost of maintaining equipment and keeping up with latest regulations has increased way beyond revenues being generated in this country ..... even allowing for the Sky input. Whilst "Joe Public" might want to see the top riders, the promoters have not got deep enough pockets (in the absence of enough revenue) to entice these top riders to ride in the UK. The money on offer in Poland & Sweden (to a degree) seems to outweight what 99% of UK promoters can afford. New ideas are indeed required .... but have been for a while now and one has to wonder if it will all be too little too late. I hope not.
  2. Pirates 2014

    A bit harsh !! Ginger yes but not a moron - are you barking at the moon at the moment my love ? Oh no sorry you're a bloke ..... we don't get pmt (allegedly) .... Perhaps if you provided some constructive comments it might help ?
  3. Kelvin Tatum

    Agreed - but the competition is on the thin side ..... Sam Ermo is too old to threaten KT's position ..... aside from struggling to put a coherant sentance together ......
  4. Swc - The Race Off

    Eeeeerrmmmm ..........so we should also say that the Danes blew it but not using Bjarne in view of his experience / past track record / blah blah ?? Blooding the youngesters was a brave move ........IMHO a very good move and much better than using the "same old" just cos they've been around a bit and are someone's no. 1 (but riding well off form / below capabilities). The team did bloody well and we should all be very proud instead of moaning - we nearly got to the final FFS - much better than last year. Seems there is no pleasing some people.
  5. Kevin Holden

    I was on the 2nd bend that night with my dad, brother and our friend. Like others have posted, the crash seemed so innocuous and the silence that decended will always be remembered and all four of us walked home to Parkstone without saying hardly a word. A few weeks later we were at home to Ipswich and I remember Eric getting a nudge as they hit the first turn in one race - sending him straight on. He hit the pole of the overhanging lamp with his chest, bending it back the other way - such was the force of the crash. I thought he was gone too but I think he escaped with broken ribs and a punctured lung - horrific crash. A bit later in the meeting, Pete Smith tried to pass John Louis coming out ogf the fourth bend on the last lap. Unfortunately he seemed to get a truck load of grip and that forced his front whell right up into the air - the result being he hit Louis, sending him onto the greyhound track. Something tells me Christer Sjosten crashed out in heat 2 of that meeting as well ! Sorry .....back to the subject in hand. Whislt I do not have the stats to hand, memory suggets that Kevin had started the season very well indeed and Poole were looking good to finish higher up in the League than usual - the feeling was Kevin was going to be a stalwalt for Poole for many years, in the Pete Smith mould. Sadly missed - rest well Kevin
  6. When Was The First Time You Watched Speedway?

    Poole versus Leicester toward the end of the 1973 season - was jst over 8 yrs old. Pter Collins guested for Christer Lofquvist and, I think, scored 12 points but Leicester won 40-38. Programme announced the signing of Eric the Legend for 1974 - so could have been the last league meeting. Went most (if not all) weeks during the 70's and 80's but started to tail off during the 90s.
  7. Most Exciting Rider You Have Ever Seen

    We all have our favourites and I would not disagree with any of the above choices. However, this guy was the reason for me enjoying so many Wednesday nights at Poole in the mid 70s with my Dad ..........pure entertainment and a braver rider would be difficult to find. Just read my signature Thanks Eric
  8. The Best Rider Ever

    Totally agree with the comments regarding Peter Collins, but there was also another very exciting Brit who achieved a World Title and should have won more. I had the privilege of seeing him in the Pirates race jacket for a season and a bit and in my humble opinion I do have to say there was no better natural talent than Michael Lee. It was a great shame seeing it go to waste ..............
  9. American Riders In Bl

    Mike Caruso Ronny Preston
  10. Kangaroos In Speedway League In Britian

    Tony & Steve Langdon
  11. Riders From New Zealand In British League ?

    Enjoyed his season (or was it a couple) @ Wimborne Road as well ........
  12. Riders From New Zealand In British League ?

    OOOOppppss - sorry !! Was he an Aussie then ?
  13. Riders From New Zealand In British League ?

    Neil Cameron ?
  14. More "name That Rider"

    Is 59 Mitch Shirra ??