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  1. I was, with the angle I was watching it from it seems riders had the drop on other riders at different points during the race. I did count 7 in that race alone on the video though. I wish I could watch it back on tv as I don't have BT Sport. I honestly thought the racing was outstanding. Poles a class above though.
  2. What happened to that outside only line with Fricke getting passed up the inside? How anyone can think this is "Processional racing" is beyond me.
  3. Try heat 14. Aus vs Den. Aus were on a 7-2 And ended up as a Denmark 7-2 With all sorts of passing inbetween. That's just one off top of my head.
  4. I'm gobsmacked at people's comments on here... "Processional racing"?! There was passing from heat 1 onwards! There were races with 10, 12 passes in! I struggle to think of 1 race out of the 21 that didn't have at least 1 pass. Incredible. I really hope it didn't come across badly on the tv as some of the racing was sensational tonight. The Poles look a class above and the only way they will lose it is if someone team rides them out of the final. The 2 nasty crashes were both caused by Doyle being so slow! Incredible that all 3 walked away (especially Tai). "Processional"
  5. https://www.bellevue-speedway.com/news/speedway-of-nations-parking So basically not much parking at all... Try and get a bus/taxi or walk if you can! I'm guessing City playing at home on the Saturday has hindered possible plans to use the Etihad as a P&R... Not ideal at all.
  6. Ace no.5

    Belle Vue -V- Sheffield POSF 2nd leg

    Belle Vue are actually very slight favourites at 8/11. Peterborough EVS. Think this would be due to the 4 resulted fixtures raced so far this season.
  7. Ace no.5

    Panthers v Wolves - 2nd leg

    Probably going to last 20-30 mins in total but there's some heavier stuff in there too...
  8. I hope they're not watering the track. There's a hefty thunderstorm just passing through Macc and it's on collision course with Owlerton. Hopefully the Pennines will kill some of its energy.
  9. Do you go with the 2 GP boys or does Dan have to be included. For me, I'd go with Dan and Tai. I feel Dan has done enough both in the UK and Poland to get the nod. He has been incredible at the NSS lately (more so than the norm!)... And who would be the pick for u-21? I'm obviously an Aces fan but again, hard to look past Tom Brennan, home track and GB u-21 champ.
  10. Can't really see that with BV already having sold hundreds of tickets for next Thursday... Sheffield ran a meeting last Sunday so would that not be a possibility? Regardless, most of the heavy and persistent rain has passed overnight and this morning. Still the threat of showers this afternoon but fingers crossed, if the track is ok now, with the breeze constantly drying it out too, we will be good to go.
  11. Ace no.5

    Premiership Play-Off Ties CONFIRMED

    My concern is that Sheffield will be riding their home leg 4 days after they last rode at home. BV will be riding their home leg 3 and a half weeks after they last rode at home. Could be a leveller.
  12. Ace no.5

    Premiership Play-Off Ties CONFIRMED

    I expected that Peterborough, if they topped the table, would pick Wolves, so the top 2 were probably never destined to meet in the final. Wolves were never picking Peterborough though! Can't believe they'd even try to convince anyone that was the case...!
  13. Forever Blue... Buster said otherwise and didn't go in for him...

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