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  1. Forever Blue... Buster said otherwise and didn't go in for him...
  2. Bjerre at Peterborough this season... 10 races... 30 points.
  3. He was really annoyed at himself at the end of the race on the back straight but he defo did himself proud. Really in the mix and as somebody else said his blast round the outside was blocked on the 3rd/4th bend lap 1. Had he had a free run anything could have happened. The future is bright for team GB I feel and especially so for my team, BV. Just need speedway as a sport to progress now...!
  4. Ace no.5

    SoN Belle Vue

    I was genuinely under the impression that rank didn't pull in the playoff races and as it's a team event, in the event of a 3-3 The pairing finishing 2nd and 3rd won it?
  5. Ace no.5

    All Clubs are For Sale

    There's a difference between being open to sale and up for sale...
  6. Buster was certainly surprised to find out that Batch wasn't guesting...! He told me so himself. Had a rather interesting (and sometimes heated) discussion with him through the meeting.
  7. Ace no.5

    Swindon v Belle Vue. Thursday 27/09/18.

    Both sets of riders trying to lower their averages...? Pointless fixture. I'll go for a 0-0...
  8. Not going to happen, already signed with KL
  9. It's good food but 5 minutes is generous at that time of the day!!!
  10. Ace no.5

    Wolves v King's Lynn 03/09/18

    What are you on about?! If Wolves had won last night an away win at Poole (improbable as advised!) would have given them a shout. Not impossible by any stretch.
  11. Only showing as a 20% chance of rain tomorrow morning so should be good hopefully!

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