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  1. capone

    Poole 2020

    just to cover all the bases, someone start a poole thread in the national league....you never know what will happen after the coming season
  2. capone


    i posted similar a couple of years or so back....and was told an american sport..maybe it was baseball not sure now..
  3. capone

    Poole 2020

    maybe the other 6 prem clubs will follow poole,.....and have 1 big league....more clubs to race against for every team
  4. capone

    Poole 2019

    has nik klindt done enough this year..........to be overlooked for the team next year,....till they realise he is needed
  5. the twit that walked over and tried to put on the riders helmet, that was already being worn by the rider was the biggest problem without him it would have died down
  6. capone

    Thank u Buster

    playground stuff
  7. this is like a weather forcast......confusion " rains"
  8. capone

    Ipswich v Poole Prem. 11/6/19

    if he rides in russia, just wonder how many times we will hear "and harris is at the back"
  9. capone

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem. 4/7/19

    i dont do twit ter...website should come first, thought that is what its for to inform people whats goin on
  10. capone

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem. 4/7/19

    i get more info from here than the poole website....thankyou
  11. oops well spotted..i meant the ... the poole worrall,..
  12. steve w probably counting the days....for him they must be numbered
  13. capone

    Ipswich 2019

    me neither ...just checked nor does wikipedia
  14. capone

    drop outs

    i did say their situation.... not spefically a race night,,,but all situations change ..could be lack of fans...= lack of money i dont want to see them or any team drop out either......before rye house..... brummies did the same
  15. capone

    drop outs

    hmm interesting....im rekon it will be a team ,... like has happened previously, that are "squeezed" into the top league to make the numbers up rye house being the last example ......when they and their situation and race nights do not suit them... ipswitch???

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