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  1. Richspeedway

    Coventry Drone

    Chris really enjoyed your presentation for Coventry Storm and also in the box was a nice change from Peter York, nothing against him but just feel his style is a little old and needed a freshen up
  2. Richspeedway

    Coventry Drone

    Yes but if you read The Buzz you will know from Jeff Davies and his group there has been a couple of people who are willing to buy the stadium off BE and get it back up and running but BE prefer to sit on it and let it get further into decline.
  3. Richspeedway

    Season Cancelled

    It seems to be a little vague for sports as F1 is not letting any crowds in at Silverstone for two rounds they are holding in August but on the same weekends I am going to Oulton Park and Donington for the British GT and British F3 weekends. Also my other half's family are going to the British Superbikes
  4. Richspeedway

    How many tracks will run meetings

    I am not a football fan so do not follow it much but I have heard from the local teams here who are non-league that they looking to start the season in September. Not sure if this is with/without crowds. I did read somewhere as well that non-league clubs were hoping to start normally as if they start later than usual then they will miss out on the FA Cup dates which are lucrative fixtures for them and the cash from that must only help the club keep going and help with facilities etc
  5. Richspeedway

    How many tracks will run meetings

    I guess we will see in the coming days which tracks will open and have challenges or individuals. Looking forward to August as going to some circuits as the UK Motorsport has open up to crowds and got the Rugby season starting in September so if any that open hopefully can slip them in too
  6. Richspeedway

    Season Cancelled

    Will have to keep eye out see which clubs/tracks will be releasing fixtures for August - October
  7. Richspeedway

    Great Yarmouth/norfolk

    If Yarmouth did run NL would be best for them as there would not be too many fixtures and they could fit them around the holiday season to maximise the attendance.
  8. Richspeedway

    Defunct Tracks Tamworth

    Just finished reading the Tamworth addition of the Defunct tracks. Really interesting read as living in Tamworth I was aware of Old Deer Park but not the other track in the 30's Shame Tamworth went so quickly though fans not going when they became a Birmingham feeder side obviously did not help. Shows how times have changed as they closed due to low crowds of around 3,000, think some teams would love that figure now!
  9. Richspeedway

    Polish Speedway on TV

    I have got Virgin but only got Freesport 2 channel on 553 Looks like one fixture will be on there in a couple of weeks, was hoping they would rerun them on that channel a couple of days after but does not look like it.
  10. Richspeedway

    Private practice sessions

    This week MSV racetracks have reopened for testing sessions. Proper events are not due until after 30th June at the moment but this may change depending on the next announcement
  11. Oh do not get me started with those people. A few times I have had people come up asking what have I seen and it seems to turn into a game of trumps as they start going off a long list of birds!
  12. Yeah I doubt that will be on this year though the programme is on a little later in the year but they would of been doing the filming for bits now. Brandon Nature Reserve is shut but if you are a member like you can still go in through the members gate with the code. Middleton Lakes is still open but that one you can gain access via the canal and a couple of different routes and you usually see people walking dogs and jogging round there so that one should be ok.
  13. The local nature reserve sites have shut the visitor centres but the sites are still open for people as they are big sites so people will not be clumped together and also people go there to walk and get exercise.
  14. Richspeedway

    Corona virus

    Grachan this is exactly what we have all been saying where I work as before Christmas I camedown with a mild flu and everyone else had the same thing and it came on very suddenly and after it went it did take a little to fully shake off (cough and sneezes and bad head) We all think the same that maybe that was possibly this virus and it came over earlier than they have been saying and possibly did not say anything at the time as they thought it was just a winter flu that we get most years.
  15. Richspeedway

    Danny Ayres RIP

    What a total shock just saw this thread thought it must be a mistake or something! Saw him ride many times at Mildenhall. Great rider but also a brilliant chap off the bike will be greatly missed RIP Danny

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