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  1. Richspeedway


    This weekend the Womens Six Nations starts though a slightly different format the games will be warms up ready for the Eng v Fra encounter that will see who will win the tournament. Also I saw WR are setting up a new tournament in the Womens game so there are leagues with countries doing battle with promotion/relegation. A great idea to help expand the female game and get more nations competitive. Shame they cannot line the Men six nations up with the rest of the European championship and so we have promotion/relegation in that.
  2. Richspeedway


    I see Eddie is sticking with the usual this coming weekend. I was hoping he might try a few different options. I am sticking to my original prediction and France will win the tournament. It will be close but I think they will beat Wales and then go on and beat the Scots the week after.
  3. Richspeedway


    Your spot on, ok maybe fair enough to ring fence it this year as a team might be bottom where the team above won more points due to cancelled games. Hopefully the relegation/promotion will be back next season but we will see as now they have put this in the top table will try to keep it.
  4. Richspeedway


    Result of the weekend Cornish Pirates 25-17 Sarries
  5. Richspeedway

    Ian St John RIP

    Sad to hear this news I remember distantly watching Saints and Greaves on the tele with my dad great tele. RIP Saint
  6. Richspeedway


    Last time the Lions played England had a tour to Argentina and from there Eddie tried some of the younger/fringe players and from that we did get some of the squad that got to the RWC final. Maybe this year with all that is going England will not be able to tour in the summer but if they were able to then maybe they could do the same and try out some different lads and look for alternative options not just for now but also looking towards the next world cup.
  7. Richspeedway


    I think Eddie needs to shake it up a little and try out some other players in certain positions. I think some players seem to be nailed in and maybe those have gone a little stale and feel that they are safe and need either to up their game with a youngster snapping at them or maybe being dropped or on the bench might get them out of the comfort zone.
  8. Richspeedway


    I did wonder where the games were, Sky Sports really has gone downhill and not the big boys now with BT, streaming and also Eurosport and Free Sports are picking up. Stuff
  9. Richspeedway


    The draws for the Euro competitions will be made soon with a KO competition with sides who won two home games guaranteed a home fixture https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/56184748 From this I also had to smile as the fixtures were cancelled last year due to France not wanting English teams coming over or them coming to us as we had high cases of the virus. But now France have had to cancel training as they have a outbreak of the virus. Maybe the RFU should say we do not want them
  10. Richspeedway

    Whats actually going on?

    The new team/track has not been confirmed. I guess this might of been Bradford if they had everything in place?
  11. Richspeedway

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    I have seen on a couple of news sites what the measures might be (not sure if been leaked and true of they are speculating) that it looks like Schools will be open from 8th March and then 29th March up to 6 people from 2 households can meet outside. Children and grassroot sport can also resume from 29th as well. It said people who are expecting shops, pubs, restaurants or be able to have a break away in Easter will be disappointed.
  12. Richspeedway

    Song Title Game

    You and Whose Army - Radiohead
  13. Richspeedway

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    The only experts on covid are the Chinese who leaked it out.... sorry the Australian beef farmers
  14. Richspeedway


    Watching Leicester v Wasps and another red and the same reason
  15. Richspeedway

    Recognising Bird Song

    I was over at Attenborough Nature Reserve near Long Eaton great place if not been. Had a little stroll round and highlights were Great Northern Diver, couple Oystercatchers and two Egyptian Geese.

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