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  1. Richspeedway


    Two cracking finals coming up Toulon v Lyon and then Leinster v La Rochelle I thought Racing would of got to the final but well done to La Rochelle. Leinster for the final I am going for but think it will be a close one. The other final I was expecting it to be Lyon v Sarries. Not sure who will win the Challenge final but edging towards Lyon. Also saw on the news this morning Worcester won the Premiership Cup after extra time by scoring more tries.... Still think with that competition teams should be restricted by playing only under 23 players and not first team so it gives the younger players more chance.
  2. Richspeedway

    Ippo v Tigers 16/05/22

    Sorry Sam I forgot who is riding in what colour....
  3. Richspeedway


    Not a massive surprise by WRU with option of dropping one of the regions. Crowds have been poor but I can understand when the sides are two towns/cities merged together. Not sure what the attendance figures are like now for the Welsh Premiership but be great to see those sides back in Europe. Proposals put forward by report to cut one Welsh professional region - BBC Sport
  4. Richspeedway

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    First TV meeting of the season and not a great one to start off with. I thought they would start with Peterborough as defending champs. For the presentation Kiri was good at the top of the show. Kelv was still understandably emotional at the start talking about Nige and will no doubt be feeling it for a while as they were very close friends. Kelv did a good job under the circumstances and Jason was good on the same lines of Louis. Not sure if Jason will carry on for the rest of the season or if they will have a guest co-host with Kelv from week to week? Not sure why Sam was there, never really been a fan of him behind the mic and just rambling on and not giving much of an opinion. Dave Rowe would be a good addition but like said stick a camera on him and he does get a little shaky but he is a good stats man and knows his stuff.
  5. Richspeedway


    Ah yes saw Leeds won great to see them stay up as not many sides from the north in the higher levels. Should know by June who will be where in terms of the new structure underneath but seeing what some clubs have been given it looks pretty good (just might be bit of travelling for a couple of clubs)
  6. Richspeedway

    GP round 1 Gorican Saturday April 30th

    Anyway back to the GP and I thought it was a great start on Eurosport. Kelv did a great job and understandably emotional without Nige. Chris was not bad and I think if they stay together they will build a good relationship on the comms. Scotty in the pits was not bad though expected Dave Rowe to be somewhere in the team. Great racing expected a bore fest but credit to the track staff as Gorican served up some great racing. Bartosz is going to be tough to beat this year I fear but it is a long season so lets see what happens. Roll on Warsaw!!
  7. Richspeedway


    Well this weekends highlights will be an interesting watch. Just saw the Gloucester v Bath result what the hell happened there!!
  8. Richspeedway


    Romania take the spot from Spain in the World Cup after second time they have fielded an illegiable player https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/61258214
  9. Richspeedway


    Yeah I heard about Chester and that they might be playing teams nowhere near them but did not know Newport could be the same. It is ridiculous like you say they are trying to make travelling less but lets see what comes out! The Rugby Paper put 2,000 but their attendances I am sure are just a close figure as most seem to end in a nice round 0 Looking at Nuns for next season, and if it is true we will see, most sides are Midlands bassd but Drybrook and Old Centralians from Gloucester might move over. Paviors are moving but they are Nottinghamshire?? Cannot wait for next season already
  10. Richspeedway


    Read about it in the Rugby Paper wish them luck in the Championship. I think the team who finish second might be going up as well though I might be wrong on that. I was at a stag this weekend so missed Nuneaton v Newport but congrats on Newport being promoted. From the rumours I have seen from the re-structure next season for Nuneaton it does look like less travel as we had Sandbach, Scunny and Doncaster who will be moving to the northern section though we might have a couple of travels down Gloucester way.
  11. Richspeedway


    Yeah watched the highlights of this weekends games yesterday. I thought Bath would start to turn the corner but I think they cannot wait for next season to come! Leicester and Sarries have booked playoff spots but then it is between 7 teams that could take the other spots. I think Quins will get through and then for the final spot possibly Exeter or Gloucester? It has been a great season so far with the battle at the top and also close at the bottom but such a shame there is no relegation. Ealing have pulled out of the appeal for promotion. Still think RFU or PRL should grab the Championship and make it into the proper stable second tier it should be. Though I say RFU maybe not them as the regional leagues have now finished and just waiting to see how the reorganisation goes for the leagues next season
  12. Richspeedway


    Here is QF draw for the Champions Cup Saturday, 7 May Munster v Toulouse (15:00 BST) Leicester v Leinster (17:30) La Rochelle v Montpellier (17:30) Sunday, 8 May Racing 92 v Sale Sharks (15:00)
  13. Richspeedway


    Not sure at the moment thinking either Leinster or Leicester for the cup
  14. Richspeedway

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Saw Midlands Today mentioned Nige on the news and also a piece is on the BBC website https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-61126833
  15. Richspeedway

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Totally shocked at this news, I saw the website and thought maybe the statement was about maybe not commentating or slowly moving away. This was the last thing and still do not believe it. RIP Nige

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