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  1. Like Ghostwalker has said why are wildcards given to ex-GP riders?? Surely the place would be better given to the hosting countries top under 21 rider or next buzzing youngster so that way keeping an eye on the future and the next potential talent that could be in the series proper
  2. Richspeedway


    Looks like it is on again tonight on BT Sport 1 at 21.15 if anyone missed it.
  3. Richspeedway


    Just watched True Grit and a brilliant documentary made in the same kind of way as Close To The Edge which was based on the TT. Like previous post this would be a great piece to show and advertise this sport and what a moving end with Garry Stead showing that when speedway is in your blood it never leaves.
  4. Richspeedway

    William Dunlop

    It sounded like a bad crash at Southern 100. Ivan Lintin is in critical condition and having an operation on his leg. Luckily Coward and Evans are out of hospital and fingers crossed Lintin will pull through.
  5. Richspeedway


    What are the crowds like at the stock cars? It has been a while since I last went to Stoke. It was a great track always had good racing but the facilities and the state of the buildings has let it down. I remember the going into the front straight to get some food and the main buildings ceiling was coming down!! I know crowds are low so they might not have the finances but if the promotion could also repair the stadium and make improvements it might start to tempt some of the people back.
  6. Totally ridiculous of the management to do this like said in previous posts. Forums like this are for fans and people to air there views (if you like them or not) If Whitehead got offended by the comments then I think he needs to grow up or gain a thick skin as on other posts people debate and argue on here as that is what a forum is for people to put their opinions, and some comments people need to let them go over your head and ignore. If Whitehead gets angry maybe he should just not come on here otherwise he will ban every fan who has an opinion.
  7. Richspeedway

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I am surprised I did not think there was anybody stupid enough to work with him.
  8. Richspeedway

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Surely nobody would be stupid enough to work with him? One positive is that it is subject to confirmation so fingers crossed it is rejected. Speaks volumes how much Horton cares about Coventry when he does not go to the AGM and is having a jolly with BE money. I am surprised the NL AGM and BSPA still let this joker anywhere near the sport after his and Colin's history.
  9. Richspeedway

    Rye House V Coventry 6th May

    Thanks Startline and Jim for the heads up will look get there early looking forward to first visit there
  10. Richspeedway

    Rye House V Coventry 6th May

    Not been to Rye House before noticed on google a small car park outside the stadium is there anywhere to park if the stadium fills up?
  11. Richspeedway

    Coventry Bees 2014

    Does anyone know when season tickets will be released? I applied before Christmas as got one as a present for my mum but I was not sure if they were being sent out in the post or if you had to collect them from the stadium nearer to when the season starts.
  12. A slight update for this Saturday at Birmingham, the challenge fixture begins at 11am with the Eurovets running afterwards
  13. Richspeedway

    Worst Presenters

    Peter Yorke might have been good back in the 70's and 80's but he should move over now to be honest. Chris Simpson who does the Coventry Storm is good he does not waffle on like Peter and he goes in asks the riders good questions and keep the fans updated with what's happening on the track and in the pits etc. Porky at Wolves is not bad he keeps the fans entertained and the children. I have not been to Stoke for a couple of years but when I did George I think his name was?? was the centre green presenter and he has to be one of the worse I have seen as he just looks like he wants to be anywhere but there!
  14. This weekend sees Saturday as racing day at Perry Park as the Monarchs host Round 7 of Eurovets with Monarchs Paul Timms and Stephen Hodgkinson in action. Afterwards Birmingham host Newcastle in a Challenge fixture which will give the Perry Barr side a chance to field some of the young talent and give them some full meeting experience. Tapes go up at 1pm, food, drink and programmes will be on sale and it is free to watch. http://birminghammonarchs.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/vets-and-challenge-at-perry-park-weekend-preview/
  15. This Weekend sees British Championships at Coventry. With the weekend beginning at Birmingham with the qualifying racing on Saturday 24th 12noon, we have spoken to double and defending champion Andy Angell on his thoughts of the weekend ahead, his previous titles and who to look out for. http://birminghammonarchs.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/british-championships-angells-angle/

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