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  1. Don't think that's the land that was being talked about a few months back it's on other side of the road
  2. Be interesting to know if anyone who had the slightest bit of sympathy for our esteemed owner still feels the same now, I've been going for best part of 45 year's but now it'll take a miracle of biblical proportion to keep the sport going on Tyneside, I feel the only way it's now possible is a Seaton burn scenario which, well meaning ppl, had already looked into and made a bit of headway until it was knocked on it's head when a certain somebody said "as long as he was owner speedway would always be at brough park" of course there's always hope but even that's looking extremely dodgy now. Of course miracle's do happen now where the f*** did I put that lottery ticket
  3. Long long time since I've been to Oxford but we have housing literally 50 yards from the track on two sides so if we closed it'd be nearly impossible to get a licence to run again due to the noise problem's for the houses
  4. It's been there for quite awhile
  5. And still nothing from this totally inept owner!!!! We have to find out that we've officially closed on an opposing clubs website ya couldn't make it up!!!
  6. andys

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Great shout Normski we ate at Brewers Arms two out of the three nights great food massive portions and great friendly staff cheers
  7. andys

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    We've been recommended Amran Indians for a meal and leaping salmon for pub meal any other recommendations would be great
  8. andys

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Cheers guys much appreciated
  9. andys

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Seaview caravan Park Spittal
  10. andys

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    If I may gate crash this thread spending few nights in Berwick next week so question is which is the best chippy up there? Thank you
  11. That's them so it's not just me phew
  12. Ya can't beat wilkos pick n mix for sweets
  13. Thought I may aswell add my thoughts every f**** else is, firstly the track, yes the state of bends 1-2 going off that pic is unacceptable and needs sorting which we are lead to believe is going to happen, even a blind man can see that, speaking of visually impaired ppl, cami browns comments of only being one overtake all match, I think you must have had your head in the rules looking for ways of getting the match called off only after heat ten mind and while your leading Wright wethers howarth ostergaard all produced overtaking during the match. Which brings me onto the idiot who is jye etheridge comments about closing fellow tracks down are neither helpful or very clever, try thinking before opening your gob eh lad just a thought, rant nearly over for the riders from both teams who gave it a proper go gave us a cracking meeting of racing on yes at times a difficult track Forgot to mention Mr Cook, I'm not his biggest fan but at no point last night did he look like he had lost it with his temper, it was a hard move from Wright which I beleive the pair sorted amicably in pits Over to the promotion to get it sorted and finish the season and yes jye sorry but hopefully racing for many seasons to follow
  14. Was there a problem in the pits straight after last race as ref had to go down
  15. Yeah we noticed that at practice day, might be a problem, and don't laugh, if our seasons goes deeper into the year

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