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  1. andys

    Newcastle 2019

    Riding for the monarchs again but I think every fan agrees with you
  2. andys

    Newcastle 2019

    38 point limit, I'm sorry but this just means the championship being watered down to hopefully boost the so called top division, I'm all for cutting costs but if that means watching two nl riders at 6 and 7 it's wrong...
  3. I think ppl are jumping the gun abit, no body knows the reasons for putting out this team tonight, riders not appearing could be totally out of the promotions hands. I agree it's not good but I'm not going to slag anyone off until we get an explanation.
  4. andys

    Redcar v Newcastle Thursday

    Wow your 56 according to your profile, and your still calling ppl a wally, me thinks it's time you grew up!!!!
  5. He was a disgrace mate,, what's the feeling amongst your fans towards him..
  6. Not to mention pulling wheelies and basically not giving a s*** about scoring points for lakeside or trying to entertain any fans who may have been there from lakeside..... Right I feel better after getting that off my chest.
  7. You'll find most diamonds fans would love to see josh in a diamond next season he normally flies round our track
  8. Very enjoyable meeting raced by two committed sides, a draw would have been a fair result, my first thought was starke passed cleanly, and seemingly robbo admitted he wasn't touched so we got the decision tonight might go against us next time,,
  9. Didn't the Diamonds ride well last night,, just thought I'd mention it seems to have got forgotten about in amongst, the tigers post mortem!!!!!
  10. If this is certainly not a rearranged fixture, surely it's a similar situation to Jack holder last season where he put Poland ahead of British speedway, so Bach and klindt should surely be hit with bans for withholding there services.... I'm not sure about the rules so I do stand to be corrected here before I get torn apart...
  11. Did seem abit heartless maybe edit the post might be an idea eh
  12. Ffs I'm sure the guy will apologise to you for falling ill and keeping you away from your horlicks before bed time..
  13. And of course Summers will score alot more points at Newcastle
  14. Go direct to the hotel then!!!!!
  15. You don't have to shout just asking wot the reason was...

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