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  1. andys

    Newcastle 2020

    There's alway one isn't there ffs the teams coming together nicely why not just get behind the new owner and enjoy the season like the rest of us are doing or just keep your negativey to yourself
  2. andys

    Newcastle 2020

    Great news.....I think we all owe the English family a huge debt of gratitude for keeping speedway alive in Newcastle over the last 20 odd years and me personally hope George is involved in some capacity going forwards.... And that curry next week is going to taste all the better now eh guys...
  3. andys

    Newcastle 2020

    Berrington lough few miles outside Berwick, was actually a cracking little track, bandits used it for their time in the top league I believe kelvin tatum was riding for them..
  4. andys

    Newcastle 2020

    I know I'm getting ahead of myself just slightly,, but if they are buying the club, I wonder if they have space on their farm to build our own track and save themselves thousands a year on rent and loss of catering money.
  5. andys

    Bears v Diamond's KOCF

    It's off!!!
  6. I'm now unable to attend so have 2 tickets for sale Upper tier third bend front row, I'm looking for face value or very best offer I've got the tickets so will post straight away first class... Pm me if interested please
  7. Would rather have barker at least he's not a gating tart like pickering lol
  8. Just got back home and I have to congratulate BOTH teams, I've seen some good meeting in the many years going to Brough Park, but tonight probably surpassed the lot.... It basically had everything, I can honestly say if Edinburgh had pulled it off, I'd still have left the stadium feeling I'd been truly entertained,. Don't want to single any rider out in particular, but young josh Pickering take a bow son, absolutely brilliant overtakes and your 15 yard race was worth admission money itself, and a special mention to the track staff for preparing a brilliant racetrack which gave us all an excellent night of entertainment....
  9. Doubt we could do NL with our rent and maybe if we're lucky a cpl of hundred gates
  10. Then that would possibly rule out any Sunday teams taking part... And moving to a Monday is financial suicide for us
  11. Fair enough but at least he'll compete which isn't happening now...
  12. Probably he's very insecure and likes getting a rise out of ppl if we just ignore him him I'm sure he'll return to dodgy websites and a packet of tissues....
  13. Was good to see a few Redcar fans up, they obviously thought they had a good chance of winning something unlike previous years... Now I'm sure there's a name for fans who just follow a team when they think they are going to win... No can't think of it oh well never mind

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