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  1. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    Wonder if a certain MR Sneddon will have anything to do with it.
  2. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    Might just be opening a few more butcher shops
  3. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    Where did I put my nail varnish nurse lol
  4. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    The green helmet was for betting on your sky bet account on your remote control,Red,Green,Blue and Yellow buttons.I prefer the black and yellow helmet myself.
  5. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    Until the BSPA get sick of waiting for confirmation lol
  6. No Newcastle in the Line ups ?
  7. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    Newcastle seek for an extension for running in 2020
  8. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    Yes last day today,Speedway GB will be reporting later tonight.
  9. soupy


    Well it looks like we will be picking up the crumbs again lol
  10. soupy


    Think the helmet colour should be pink though lol
  11. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    When will season tickets be able to buy or are we waiting for the AGM this week to take place?
  12. soupy

    workington ..

    You can refuse entry without an explanation and tell them politely,You do not have to give any reasoning either.
  13. soupy

    workington ..

    I totally agree and lack of communication between management and fans does not always help either.
  14. soupy

    workington ..

    The customer is always right even though they are wrong
  15. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    Not be the only business that does that neither

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