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  1. soupy

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Great interview.I remember winning a photo framed picture of Adrian Rymel and was signed when the raffle draw took place at Berwick.I also bought my first Kawasaki moto x bike at Peter Waites just round the corner on Hide Hill when working in the Kings Arms a few moons ago as a chef.
  2. Fine here on the dodgy box.
  3. soupy


    Look it up on the internet it will tell you
  4. soupy

    Team Nicknames

    Barrow Happy faces,Barrow Bombers,Barrow Furness Flyers and finally Barrow Blackhawks.
  5. soupy

    Speedway Betting 2022

    I never rarely bet on speedway now especially since they introduced the handicap.I used to bet on individual riders to win a heat and after I made money they changed it to match betting.Yes you get better odds but not for me.
  6. Pasties could be frozen if cooked.Defrost and re use
  7. I personally think that ship has sailed but surely he would have links with the comets but I have no idea.
  8. Will I still be able to get into the greyhounds and just the speedway gone under?
  9. Yes only male dogs will be allowed but only if they have no teeth as you can still kick them in the bollocks and they will not bite you lol
  10. Will Newcastle be able to use a guest for BWD average lol
  11. You can not believe most things written these days as talk is cheap.
  12. soupy

    Guest riders

    The Mafia lol
  13. Two Swallows do not make a summer lol
  14. Or not wanting to pay any more for said riders
  15. Cameron strong arm…

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