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  1. soupy

    Newcastle 2019

    Might as well support Redcar and go to the darker side
  2. I do not mind losing as long as riders ride to the average and look like wanting to win the match as you have to give credit to the other team.Well done Eastbourne on the win. We are bottom of the league, We are bottom of the league...
  3. Yep but left no racing room.Pleased all got up.
  4. soupy

    Newcastle 2019

    Give me a D (can hear the crowd getting louder)
  5. soupy

    Redcar v Newcastle

    It is bean part of the Heinz 57 variety lol
  6. soupy

    Newcastle 2019

    Well at home Newcastle has only one main area to watch the speedway where at Redcar I tend to stand on the 2nd bend but my mate likes to sit in the £1 seats and the same when I go to Berwick.I suppose it is what you want and I prefer to do my own thing as I have stood with people and they just talked all the time and if I wanted to do that I would go to a pub.
  7. soupy

    Newcastle 2019

    Give me a N
  8. soupy

    Newcastle 2019

    Which one dogging or swinging ?
  9. soupy

    Newcastle 2019

    Give me a O
  10. soupy

    Redcar v Newcastle

    Decent preview.Just hope the weather holds up though.
  11. soupy

    Newcastle 2019

    Give us a m
  12. soupy

    Newcastle 2019

    Give me a, a

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