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  1. Thank you for the competition.Note to oneself must try harder next time.Good Luck all the remaining 15.
  2. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    Never back the favourite, it is the quickest way to the dog house.
  3. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    But he’s a liar and I’m not sure about you
  4. Kudriashov £100 lower
  5. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    If it was a choice between Redcar and no speedway, I would go to Redcar.How long would it take to build a new track and I would do 20 miles around current track.
  6. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    Changing the subject. You took a mate to North Shields quay for fish and chips to Oceans but it changed hands September 2019 and is now called The Plaice but best to avoid.
  7. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    Many moons ago.
  8. soupy

    Polish Speedway on TV

    So any good companies with a decent stream on Iptv
  9. soupy

    Polish Speedway on TV

    What apps are they?
  10. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    Track will be well grippy tonight with all the rain we have had and could be bucking broncos, hang on and get in the muck...
  11. Yep that is true,am waiting for la liga and the curragh horse racing on mine
  12. Am watching on eleven sports 1 and had no issues and it can sometimes be the service provider of the iptv but I have paid rather than free iptv

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