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  1. Do not think Rene or Nicolai will be riding Sunday as both required for Poland and only national league guests allowed as replacement.
  2. soupy

    Newcastle 2018

    Newcastle will not be at Glasgow now on Friday 3rd August as will be an international match taking place the next day.
  3. Is Jenga still waiting outside the stadium now to see if they will let him in ? Lol
  4. soupy

    Rye House 2018

    Another club bites the dust.
  5. Just want to say a big thank you to Redcar for a well organised event. There was quite a few good races and also the track must of been hard to prepare with the baking sun etc.Well done the Panties on the victory and was very suprised with the Monarchs efforts and well done to them.A good day all in all.
  6. They wonder why people are moving away from watching speedway as it is becoming a joke.Well hope it all goes well today for Redcar but hope it is not a dust bowl.
  7. Thanks for the links to the live feeds guys.Good final race to finish.
  8. soupy

    Chris Neath

    I used to like Chris Neath and Craig Watson when they used to come to Newcastle and where always good value to watch.
  9. Discolated shoulder for Kyle Howarth,Hopefully a speedy return.
  10. soupy

    Newcastle 2018

    The journey from Newcastle central station to Newcastle Airport takes about 25 minutes.
  11. Yes but saying the meeting was rained off when in fact they could not get back on time ,that would lead them in hot water and possibly a fine and would be worse for the club.
  12. IT is now online v Redcar on Newcastle website
  13. What goes around comes around eventually:

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