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  1. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    What time does gates open tomorrow for the 90th anniversary meeting please?
  2. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    What about Paul Thorp 1993 42 matches 9.90 6 full 1 paid.
  3. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    I would of mentioned Jason Lyons as he was a joy to watch in 2004 and was the highlight of a poor season.Very good read THJ.
  4. soupy

    Season Ticket Holders

    Probably roll them over until 2021 as I can not see the season starting until August at the earliest if at all.Suppose if you wanted they would have to issue a re fund.
  5. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    There is more things to worry about at the minute than a website...
  6. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    I like some of the stuff Roy does and he is very knowledgable about speedway in the past.
  7. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    A seal swimming in the English Channel and named Ron Seal by the seal of volunteers.
  8. Yes I had the same and had to buy out my contract with B.T,I complained a few times and got it reduced but they are all the same now.I am on EE mobile and get BT sports for £15 a month which I can stream to my TV and it is a rolling contract on a month to month basis and can cancel at anytime.
  9. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    More of a cigar man lol
  10. The football club redeveloped the ground and they squared off the ends.Also the football club had to put boards down on the corner with grass on and lifted when the speedway was on and visiting teams complained to the F.A.
  11. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    Says the site has been disabled now.
  12. soupy

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Obviously not you...
  13. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    I have looked a few times at the blues festival but never been but I did go to Solfest once in Silloth.
  14. soupy

    Newcastle 2020

    He does not have to drink it if he does not want it.

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