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  1. Josh is an exciting prospect. If you'd have seen his sublime pass on Michael Palm Toft on bends 3&4 in the Leicester vs Redcar match on 30th March, you'd know what I mean (shame the race subsequently stopped, but he did win the rerun). He's a level headed lad and knows that a couple of good meetings following a season off doesn't mean he's going to rule the world. But watch out. This a rider with a real future.
  2. Last night's meeting sounds like a good one. I was unable to go but look forward to at least one of the other meetings mentioned above. One question. Round 3 of the championship is scheduled for Leicester on 19th July? That's a Friday. I can't find confirmation of that date and was just wondering as the Saturday is available and Leicester now run on a Saturday. Thanks for your help.
  3. Love it. A Leicester fan predicting a Scunthorpe win and a Scunthorpe fan predicting a Leicester win. Priceless
  4. As most people know, the main car parking at Leicester is in the shopping centre nearby. The advertised time limit is 4 hours but I and many others have heard rumours that this doesn't apply on race days/nights. That is not true. I went to the recent Ben Fund meeting and today received a car parking fine for exceeding the 4 hour limit. It was very annoying given that I queued for about 40 minutes to get out of the car park. I have appealed but beware. Normal evening team meetings shouldn't be a problem but a popular afternoon meeting is more of a risk.
  5. False dawn

    Guardian article today

    I think that makes me a dinosaur too. The problem is that I think the asteroid has already landed.
  6. False dawn

    Leicester 2019

    I heard they tried to avoid problems by having 17 going one way round and 18 in other.
  7. False dawn

    How Many...

    Fair comment. I get carried away sometimes! Anyone know when Wales were recognised as a sovereign nation in the speedway world? [Dad was Welsh]
  8. False dawn

    How Many...

    I know it's while ago now, but who won the football world cup in 1966?
  9. False dawn

    How Many...

    Only if Jason Crump counts as British!
  10. False dawn

    How Many...

    Ah but. If the Boococks are going to claim Yorkshire as a sovereign nation and CH and others, Cornwall likewise, NI sort of counts.
  11. False dawn

    Ipswich 2019

    He might have been a scrambler but he was also a grasstracker. I remember reading an article in the Speedway Express that he wrote about riders charging the tapes. He was suggesting that speedway should adopt the grasstrack rules whereby you were excluded for touching the tapes. I think I'm showing my age.
  12. False dawn

    Rye House 2018

    According to a rider I know, when I spoke to him a couple of years ago, it is still in the rules that all riders have to sign a document to say they have been paid for the previous meeting before the start of the next meeting. Obviously the reality is that riders sign even when they haven't been paid for all sorts of reasons and we end up with this type of story where riders are owed large sums. Of course, the authorities would blame the rider in these circumstances for not refusing to ride.
  13. False dawn

    10 favourite British riders

    Nigel (100%) Boocock. Peter Collins, Dave Jessup, Chris Morton, Tai Woffinden, Mark Loram, Uncle Freddie, Simon Wigg, Joe Screen and Jimmy McMillan
  14. False dawn

    10 favourite British riders

    I've had a few over the years. Used to be my role to get my coat on a regular basis.
  15. False dawn

    10 Favourite Riders Who Changed Nationality

    Pinched from Wikipedia...... Ronnie Moore In 1950 at the age of 17, Moore was the youngest rider ever to qualify for the final of the Speedway World Championship. He won the championship in 1954 and again in 1959. He also finished runner up on three further occasions. His first win was all the more notable given the facts that he was still only 21 years of age, that he was riding with a broken leg and that he won with a maximum score. Got to be a good candidate for your list!

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