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  1. False dawn

    TV new deal?

    Now let's have it right... śrubokręt The Dude would be proud of me!
  2. False dawn

    TV new deal?

    Nah. We must be at cross purposes. Must be Philipski
  3. False dawn

    TV new deal?

    What is the Polish for dirtometer?
  4. False dawn

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    You. my friend, prove why I still go to speedway after nearly 50 years. A true fan who acknowledges good racing, real sportsmanship and real speedway when he sees it. Tonight saw two quality sides go head-to-head for the trophy we all want. Leicester won, of course, but the real winner was all of us. Even "watching" on updates was nail biting. So as a Leicester fan (till the Bees return) can I say, "Well done to Glasgow".
  5. False dawn

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    Leicester x2 barring accidents
  6. False dawn

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    A testament to an all round side. A solid performance in both legs but how fitting was it that Ellis Perks, on his way to 3 leagues titles, should not only seal the deal in heat 14, but also be the Lions top scorer. Well done to the whole team for their fighting performance, tonight and throughout the season.
  7. False dawn

    Grand Prix changes

    Not a bad idea. But come the day someone on 10 points wins the final with second on 16, there will be complaints aplenty. The winner may not even be in the final. Not a good intuitive result and terrible tv.
  8. False dawn

    Sandy Powell-Dirt Track Rider

    Not one for the new generation of fans? But for those of us of over 30 () a welcome distraction. Thanks.
  9. False dawn

    Ipswich 2020

    Bit of a strange late season signing if that's true. No offence, but as a neutral I viewed his signing as a means to make something of the season at a a very late stage. I guess making the final is a measure of success but has NKI really sparkled? Last time I saw him ride, he made the final in the GP in Torun alongside the best three in the world.
  10. As they used to say in exam questions..... Compare: 1. A league final in the top league in the land, with the best riders available, including two GP riders. Oh, and it was on TV. and 2. A league semi final in the second tier. 1. you know about. 2. was the match at Leicester last Saturday, where the 2nd leg between the Lions and the Redcar Bears took place. This was a real thriller that was hard fought by 14 riders that went down to the last race. Would have made excellent TV. And people say Leicester is a poor circuit?
  11. We'll get Greg back next year to act as a judge. He was always quoting that phrase and the CO did get a real large boned lady to sing at the end of his testimonial at Brandon more a few years ago.
  12. Oh well. As long as you can sing!
  13. You're not trying to say you're........ I'm too much of a gentleman to say it. But I agree with the sentiment. It ain't over till it's over.
  14. False dawn

    Ipswich 2020

    For sure, NKI was unlucky to lose points on the back of race stoppages. But Jason Doyle apart, I expected him to dominant proceedings. That was an average performance by his standards. I like him and want to see him excel. But I was disappointed tonight.
  15. Am I allowed? This is in the Premiership section and I currently support a Championship team (and a NDL team). For Leicester I would keep Ellis Perks and Connor Mountain. And when we release Scotty, I would sign him back. Oh alright, I know that's cheating

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