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  1. False dawn

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2020

    Nicki Pedersen £50 more Kacper Woryna £50 less
  2. [Not directed at Dave Goddard....] Premier Sports aren't doing themselves any favours are they? I have become a regular fan of Polish speedway for the first time (along with many from the discussions on here). This is likely to continue (this year, next year) when British speedway resumes, for me at least. So there is a window of oportunity for any TV sports provider to capture a new fan base (albeit a niche one). Premier Sports have a first class commentator who seems to command a good deal of respect. They could easily become the go to place for at least some of the speedway on air. But to change the schedule on a delayed transmission in the middle of the night is not the way to do it.
  3. Fair comment. But that doesn't change the fact that gate 3 was a bit of a graveyard.
  4. And 12 last places for Wroclaw will bring defeat pretty much any day. And while we're on the subject of stats (I didn't start it). 7 wins from gate 1 and zero from gate 3. Can nothing be done to remove such a diaparity, even during a meeting. Men with rakes?
  5. We used to say that we had to drop everything at 5.00 to tune into Greg
  6. Ah but, you could argue that Nicki would have shoved Dudek wide to give Grudziadz a 5-1. Ah, the if's and but's eh. If my auntie had b**lls she'd me my uncle.
  7. Ignore me. The information was faulty. It's a rerun of the Lezno vs Wroclaw meeting
  8. Have I got this wrong. This meeting is scheduled to be shown on Free Sports from 2:30 p.m. ???
  9. I didn't realise I'd managed to capture this image, but I did. I don't think Freddie will be using this frame again.....
  10. False dawn

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2020

    Sign me up. I'm in (up to Bydgoszcz, at least)
  11. False dawn

    Has the weather ever been better

    Cheers cityrebel. It is an old joke, I know. But I was spring cleaning some old family bric-a-brac and came across a postcard I wrote from holiday some 50 odd years ago. It had my usual parting shot at the bottom, "excuse grammar, she's in hospital". It's a bit like flairs. If you keep them long enough, they'll come back into fashion.
  12. False dawn

    Has the weather ever been better

    Surely half of oldies care for grammar? And the other half care for granddad! I'll get my coat.
  13. False dawn

    Halifax v Leicester, 12/6/76

    From Speedway Researcher:
  14. False dawn

    Brandon Update

    Not when I drove past there about 5 weeks ago. Bit small for a new track though I think.
  15. False dawn


    I'm reminded of these astronomical projects that get people to use their home PCs / laptops to search through vast amounts of data. Couldn't we distribute the scanning activity? Get 100 fans to do a bit each and we'll reading about Peter Collins winning the WC before you know it. I know there is the logistical problem of getting the copies to people to do the scanning (especially in the C-19 times) but there must be a solution to create this perpetual archive, surely?

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