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  1. False dawn

    No change next year?

    Barry. There is much that you describe that will resonant with those of us that lived through the "golden speedway years". It's hard to accept that those days have gone but the closures and threats of closure can no longer be ignored. It occurs to me that the small number of clubs who's future is assured, in the short term at least, are increasingly the problem. They have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, despite the many clubs who are clearly clinging on by the skin of their teeth, financially. Maybe we need a two pronged approach. Let us continue with a traditional league structure among those clubs that can support it and at the same time create a grass roots rebuilding programme along the lines you describe. Some might say that this is what we have already. Well, in a way we do with the National Development League and the British Youth Championship. But, the thing that is missing is an approach to the high level management and development of the sport that is fully integrated. A plan that brings together all levels of the sport from the purely amateur (including grasstrack racing) right through to the international. Idealistic? Well maybe. But two things are clear. Firstly, if we don't do something the whole house of cards will collapse. Secondly, and more importantly there is the talent out there to solve this problem. The thing that's really missing is the forward looking mindset of those currently in control. The patient isn't dead yet but I guess it's in intensive care.
  2. False dawn

    Redcar Vs Leicester 10/09

    You, me and quite a few around me also. But then we went to Mildenhall yesterday and some of the talk was that the twins don't go all that well at Redcar anyway (?). So we might be better off.
  3. False dawn

    10.09 - Scunny v Poole

    But if it rains, will Poole take the safe option? You hate me, don't you?
  4. False dawn

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Thank you for your kind words. If my enthusiasm diminishes, I'll no longer be around. 51 years, man and boy and counting...... I too have a contact in the Met Office. He told me it's going to be sunny on the 19th. Weather permitting.
  5. False dawn

    10.09 - Scunny v Poole

    To move the conversation on. Do you not think that meetings like tonight's (and no, I wasn't there) are more a product of the perennial poor fixture planning than poor track preparation? There is a complacency every year during the early months of the season and then late on we're almost forced to run meetings that no one in the right mind would run.
  6. False dawn

    10.09 - Scunny v Poole

    Sorry to say Steve, but you could have been quoting me after the Poole Leicester match
  7. False dawn

    Leicester Lions 2021

    I did spot this change. You have to be eagle eyed these days to make sure that clubs are not making fixture changes without any kind of official announcement. We had already planned to go to this restaging. Yes, we mustn't forget that some of us went to Scotland for the original fixture that was rained off (after we'd crossed the border) on the strength of a forecast. Having paid for a hotel, we carried on and actually saw the match at Edinburgh (30 miles from Glasgow) without weather problems. But hey, that goes with the territory for the travelling fan, eh? We decided to head north again on the 19th but for all sorts of reasons we have to make the round trip on the day. A tough trip in a van but an afternoon start just about made it feasible. And then Glasgow pushed the start time back to 18:00. Well there can good reasons for such a change, I suppose, so I wrote an impassioned plea to the Glasgow management 3 days ago. I'll let you know when I get even an acknowledgement.......
  8. False dawn

    Redcar Vs Leicester 10/09

    I did wonder about that myself. I believe the twins will be at Redcar. Should Leicester release them (or have to?), Dan can be replaced by a rider up to his average (5.40) I believe, as he is not included in the team as a rising star, Joe is.
  9. To think we once had both the World Pairs and the World Team Cup. That's a sad thought now I write it down.
  10. Thanks R&R. Most of us pass judgement with half the facts (actually probably less than half). That prize money certainly puts the whole competition into a whole different light. I guess the only positive you can draw from those figures is that at least the teams have a bit more each now that its a pairs competition rather than the proper team competition it's supposed to be.
  11. Would the FIM not have something to say about any nation not fielding it's best "team"? I realise Russia (or whatever we are supposed to call them while they are banned from competing under that name) can send (invite) whoever they want. But surely the governing body want the SON to be a showcase for speedway. Having the commentators on the day constantly referring to the absence of the reigning champions best riders, doesn't do the sport any good whatsoever.
  12. Is there a published reason why Emil and Artem have withdrawn. I agree with the sentiment that this devalues the final and I can understand the anger from those who have bought tickets, booked hotels etc. I too am upset that we may not see the best from all of the competing nations. I have tickets and the prospect of seeing Tai, Bartosz, Emil, Artem etc. live, was something I was really looking forward to.
  13. False dawn

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Funny how things happen sometimes, isn't it? Leicester had some new shale on track tonight. From Edinburgh (a quarry, I assume, not the speedway). Apparently it's larger stones and has less clay in it. Whatever it is, the racing was pretty good. Word is that 60 tons of it are heading down south. Hmmm.
  14. False dawn

    Poole Pirates 2021

    There were a few people saying before the start of tonight's meeting that we'd picked the wrong guest. They weren't saying that at the end. 4 rides, 4 wins and the 4 fastest times of the night. Thank you Steve, you did us proud. And we'll have no more of that in the KO Cup semi final, thank you very much.
  15. False dawn

    Scunny v Leicester 3.9.21

    Not wishing to be argumentative, but the track looked quite wet when we arrived at 6:45. From a recent match report from the Scunthorpe website, we were told the home riders don't like it when it's too wet. Also, I don't think Connor Mountain would agree with your comment regarding the lack of an outside line. He pulled off a decent overtake around the outside as I recall. I do agree, though, that the chasing pack has suddenly looked a lot more menacing. Especially with the set of recent signings that have taken place. Keep plugging away though. We'd quite like you in the playoffs

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