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  1. False dawn

    Poole Pirates 2020

    My observations at Leicester this year was that Scott Nicholls took an active mentoring role with Jack. An opportunity to extend that at Kent would seem to have been an attraction?
  2. False dawn

    Poole 2020

    You mean Poole are going to do "an Ellis" and have 3 topics running when they drop into the NL in 2021?
  3. False dawn

    Wolverhampton 2020

    That's a shame. Freddie would be a welcome addition to the Premiership. And as a Coventry fan, a final year here for Greg would have been a bit special.
  4. False dawn

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Hang on. Two people on the forum agreeing; well nearly. Keep it up fellow forumites.
  5. Not taking anything. Just trying to unravel what might be a difficult situation for our Russian friends in a sport I love and in which the Russian nation is on the rise. I wasn't aware that Russia had competed in team events in the Olympics etc. under a neutral flag. I bow to your superior knowledge.
  6. But the key difference is that they are not all from one nation. Field a team, under whatever banner, which comprises of only Russians and you'll run into the ban. I guess a "mixed" team, entered purely to allow some Russians to compete might be okay. But then you run into the issue of who picks the team and on what basis?
  7. I can recall GB vs The Rest of The World as an example. But I don't ever recall such a side in a world group event such as the SON, the Pairs or the World Team Cup. I suppose the FIM can change the rules to suit but I assume they are covered by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Any attempt to circumvent the ban by calling a team of Russians something else will surely be jumped on. A Rest of the World team wouldn't all be Russians would it?
  8. False dawn

    Russian global ban on all sports

    Now 3 topics covering the same subject!!!
  9. As I said in my post above, participation in the individual events i.e GPs and SEC could continue under a neutral flag. But the "Rest the World" team or whatever you call it has not qualified for the SON.
  10. It is a bit worrying. They have said UEFA aren't included as a major event organiser but you're right, we're governed by the FIM, a world body. I guess Emil etc. could compete in the GP's and SEC under a neutral flag if they can prove they are clean. But as a team event the SON is a bit more tricky.
  11. False dawn

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Actually, I thought it was quite a good reasoned discussion. I agree that the two riders are not just good for Belle Vue but as future internationals as well. For those of us that don't see them on a regular basis, it's interesting to know their progress and relative skills. Not to mention Dan's continued improvement after his injury.
  12. False dawn

    Swindon Robins 2020

    A true speedway fanatic!
  13. False dawn

    Sheffield 2020

    Slightly anomalous me thinks. Rory could be British Champion; he could therefore go to Cardiff as "our" wildcard. But he ain't British enough to get the 2.5% discount. This is what happens when you write complex regulations.
  14. False dawn

    Sheffield 2020

    Hear, hear.
  15. False dawn

    Sheffield 2020

    But it was suggested elsewhere on here that he is eligible because he rode in the NL. What is the rule?

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