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  1. I kind of agree with you but the main reason for this shake up was to give someone other than Poland a chance to win. If we go for any 3 riders and any 2 from 3 in each race, Poland will win, sorry to say. I know we all got excited because GB did so well. But take your GB hat off and that was a bloody exciting two days of World championship speedway with some riders pushing as hard as they do on the individual GP front. For me, deciding a championship at the World level on the basis of one race is wrong, particularly over two days. The best team should be the one to get the most points (4 3 2 0). It there is a tie, forget the count back, then you can have a race off. And then I might revert to the 3210 format. A 3 all means you go again. The heat winner in the first 3 all getting the pick of the gates in the second run off and so on. 2nd and 3rd should never be the winner. That doesn't make sense to anyone, especially the casual fan.
  2. False dawn

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Ivan Mauger. Surely one of the first, maybe really the first rider to take a professional approach to racing. He certainly raised the bar for the rest of the speedway world. Many others modelled themselves on him and achieved great things as a result. Ivan was not just a good rider. The record book proves that. He left those of us who saw him race in no doubt of his greatness. I did have the pleasure of meeting him at the Sheffield press and practice day about 15 years ago and I was struck by his quiet unassuming character. RIP Ivan. Thanks for the memories.
  3. False dawn

    2018 Regulations

    It's a shame that the managers on Monday didn't remind their riders of the gardening rule in their premeeting briefing.
  4. False dawn

    Caption fun...

    Telford was never this cold!
  5. False dawn

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    The AGM can decide the World is flat. That doesn't make it right!
  6. False dawn

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Comments regarding any individual are not relevant if they have no direct bearing on our desire to have a Coventry speedway team in Coventry. They are relevant, however, if the said individual has provided (questionable) financial information to Brandon Estates which they are using to "prove" speedway at Coventry Stadium is not viable. Any friend of my enemy, is also my enemy.
  7. False dawn

    Danger Ahead

    It's very simple. If the governing body invent a set of rules they have to be: 1.Make sense. 2. Fair. 3. Be applied equitably (same for everyone). Then this is legal and not open to challenge. For example, the points limit for each club passes the above 3 rules. So is not open to challenge. Build a side to 60 points and it cannot be justified within the rules and cannot be accepted, legally. Invent a rule that doesn't pass all 3 rules (e.g. rule 3) and you are liable to challenge, legally. Are we clear?
  8. No. But this year it was because it was applied to riders of equal standing in a differing ways. It's easy. Apply the bloody rule or not. But do it to everyone.
  9. False dawn

    Nichols/kennett Rule

    Easy mistake, it's actually Greg McHancock who is riding in the Scottish 2nd division.
  10. False dawn

    No TV deal?

    A Good analysis Steve Roberts from speedway's point of view. The reason Sky put speedway on TV was for none of the reasons you put forward of course. They wanted more people to sign up for their subscription services and increase their income. But would any of us have refused to have speedway on TV though? But did we make the most of putting our league sport in the shop window alongside the GPs and SWC? It has taken us many seasons to realise that it's important to have a good crowd at televised meetings and take actions to make this happen. Of course, this season we have a much bigger problem. With fixed racing nights, any televised meetings are inevitably competing with other live meetings impacting the attendance of several meetings not just one. Another need for fixture planning (err, what's that)?
  11. We can't even "photo start" let alone finish
  12. False dawn

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    You're right. In fact only 3 inches needs attention. The top 3 inches.
  13. No, that's a draw. It's rare indeed. I think I've seen 2 in 48 years! By comparison, I've seen 1 race where all 4 riders were excluded. And I believe deadheats are not "allowed" under FIM rules i.e. GPs, SWC, U21 etc. The referee has to declare a result even if the riders cross the line together.
  14. I'd refer you to Bryan Seery but he is, sadly, no longer with us. Older fans will remember eh? You seem to think riders can only score whole numbers of points. Not so. For example if two riders tie for first place they both score 2.5 points. The total points are therefore, the same i.e. 5 points for the first two places.

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