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  1. Swindon 2018

    Isn't that what binoculars are supposed to do? lol
  2. Race Nights

    Apologies if I've missed something but is it the case that clubs will race on one given night at home (Swindon apart)? Or is the intention for teams to race on Mondays some weeks and on Wednesdays in others? I only ask because despite some speculation on here, I've not seen any club announce their official race night. Maybe I'm being selfish but I organise my social life around hobbies that take place on given evenings. Surely I'm not alone in this?
  3. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    It makes it flippin' near impossible (I cleaned that up).
  4. Knowing Eric, he was probably telling him where to go!
  5. I won't talk about sidecars as an alternative attraction since I'm a touch biased.... As to post meeting entertainment, the most successful attraction I've seen in recent years was at Leicester. They not only interview the riders on the home straight in front of the remaining crowd, but the riders entered into open conversation with the crowd. This seemed very popular with enough of the crowd to keep a significant number entertained for 20 minutes or more. And we heard some news from the riders that would otherwise not be known.
  6. Leicester Lions 2018

    As a Bees fan of nearly 50 years and a staunch opponent of Leicester...... I will not be supporting the "Bees" this year and will be a Lions fans (but I will wear my Bees cap).
  7. Kings Lynn 2018..

    And not a False dawn eh?
  8. Leicester Lions 2018

    6-0 in every race!
  9. Leicester Lions 2018

    Josh Bates riding in British speedway has got to be one of the best bits of winter news yet. We look forward to being entertained by this all action, 100% trying, British youngster.
  10. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    What a mess. A stadium that could host speedway and stox just rusting away. A heritage compatible with any club in the World. A fan base comparable (in numbers) with many currently successful clubs. A fan base with few equals in terms of loyalty. A club in the hands of Mick Horton, Avtar Sandhu (?) and Brandon Estates. A club destined to run in the 3rd division in a different city. But..... We have a bunch of people with heart, faith and dedication who might yet wrench this club from the jaws of oblivion and give us back something we recognise as a force to be reckoned with in British Speedway. Say a prayer, write to Rugby Borough Council, let the committee know you haven't given up, despite all the crap (sorry). Do everything you can to keep the dream alive. You never know.
  11. Swc 2018

    When Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, what happened to the "O's"?
  12. Swc 2018

    Just for the record, I was born in England. But what's that got to do with the price of bread?
  13. Team Combined Average Limit...

    Wow. A winter full of analysis! Seriously, data is great. Meaningful information is power.
  14. Team Combined Average Limit...

    Surely that's the point. We should have access to statistics not generate them ourselves. For example, rider averages. It is not difficult to imagine an online enquiry / app where you could look up your team's current averages, guest averages / eligibility, averages by nationality / eye colour or inside leg measurement if you like. The possibility for masses of stats, drawn from currently available data is only limited by one's imagination. For example, a rider's average at a given track. That could be useful when selecting guests. A second string's ability to beat heat leaders. A very good measure of his skill. The list just goes on and on. Get the raw data and you can create useful and interesting information.
  15. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I would go further. Turn up at Leicester with Banners saying "We belong in Brandon" or some other catchy phrase. What about "We're here under protest"?