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  1. False dawn

    New Speedway GP website

    Am I the only one not able to load this page?
  2. And a reasonable piece it was. 2 or 3 minutes in the sports update on the half hour. I assume it will be repeated today on the BBC News channel if you want to see it.
  3. And he tweeted, "and currently uncomfortable" and "I’m sorry I haven’t been online or responsive". I think we'll forgive him, eh? With that list of injuries, let's hope that none of those horrendous list of injuries are life changing. Get well soon.
  4. False dawn

    Plymouth 2022

    Amen to that. I enjoy my trips to the Coliseum. Mind you, it's a long way to travel twice. Can you arrange a double header please? Isn't this a bit wrong? Any centurion who ended up a gladiator, back in the day, had done something wrong!
  5. False dawn


    2018 - 5.63 is the information I have.
  6. False dawn

    F 1 Today's race

    Michael Masi only had to make 2 important decisions today. And he got them both wrong.
  7. False dawn

    Leicester Lions 2022 Line up

    I thought it was a bit like H2G2. You know, the fifth book in the trilogy. I remember people trying to build a hypothetical 7 man team all called Owen, back in the day. Could we not have a Thompson septet?
  8. False dawn

    RIP Steve Turner

    All I can say is that I'm stunned. Steve was a good mate,
  9. False dawn

    Leicester Lions 2022 Line up

    Are there three twins now? Oo err.
  10. False dawn

    Who is number six?

    This is a great discussion. Riders individual achievements, British Finals, World Championships and so on, are known by many and have been written about endlessly. But team players are really only lauded by their team's supporters. To take up your point with regard to Jason Crump, from the outside he fell into the "I've scored a maximum but the team lost" category. I don't think I've seen a rider consistently finish so far ahead of the field. But in this context, Greg was a quality individual performer but for Bees fans we remember the H&H days with great fondness.
  11. False dawn

    Who is number six?

    In a sport where team events are seen as the primary "form of the sport", it always amuses me when we talk about the greatest that we focus only on individual achievement; numbers of world championships and so on. I would go further. Many of the names mentioned here were involved with successfully teams. However, I would ask the question, "were they great team players?". Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed watching some great riders achieve outstanding individual success. But as I look back over the decades, my fondest memories are of those riders that have lead my team to success. I've watched those that score a 15 point maximum and ask what more they could have done when the team are defeated. That didn't thrill me much. And so, in that context I would nominate Ole Olsen, not as number 6, but as number 1.
  12. False dawn

    Poole 2022

    Look like the same averages as we already have i.e. still contain the Eastbourne numbers
  13. False dawn

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    It seems to me that there are two, not necessarily linked, issues with regard to the Eastbourne fixtures. 1. The Eastbourne match results are logically removed from the league tables, no argument. 2. The points scored by riders in the Eastbourne fixtures should, in my opinion, stand for the purposes of calculating averages. Those rides were seriously contested at that time and represent the ability of those riders at that moment. Therefore they should contribute to averages going forward. For sure, it would make the calculation of all riders averages a damn sight simpler.
  14. False dawn

    People with odd, funny or silly names

    Master Bates? But he changed his name.
  15. False dawn

    People with odd, funny or silly names

    Bernt Persson

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