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  1. rusky

    Norden Stadium

    Can’t say that I know Tony’s Tattoo Bar. Remember one night going in to a night club and our shoes weren’t acceptable, so we turned to go away. The bouncer called us back and it turned out the nightclub had shoes you could borrow if yours weren’t allowed.... all very strange. We always used to end up in Tramps Bar. A little on the small side, but what an atmosphere......
  2. rusky

    Norden Stadium

    2AM... Lightweight..... Went to many ice meetings in Assen, and always stayed in Groningen. Had some really good nights out (actually make that great) there with some good company, frequently not getting back to the hotel until it was daylight. Mr Fisher with us on a couple of occasions as well as several riders. Overriding memory was Mark Loram being held on the shoulders of Dutch Lads when they realised who he was, and having to dodge the ceiling fan !!! Mark enjoyed the racing on the Saturday night, but didn't see too much of the Sunday as I recall....
  3. rusky

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    One of the sports true characters, who you really couldn’t take your eyes of of him on track. He was pretty handy on an ice bike too. Has to be said, he had the strongest grip known to man - you truly knew when he had shaken your hand. RIP Roman
  4. As I understand it, he was called 3 times on the P.A. but chose to sit chatting in the stands rather than coming and selecting his riding order. If you you choose not to come at you allotted slot, I think it's reasonable to have last choice.
  5. rusky

    Poole 2019

    With a change of main sponsors possible, it seems like the decision to go with race jackets rather than race suits was a prudent one....
  6. rusky

    Race card apps ?

    You could try the ‘My Speedway’ app. It’s on both apple and android and seems pretty good
  7. rusky

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    He has withdrawn himself due to illness. He flew back home from Ornskoldsvik on Thursday.
  8. rusky

    Kings Lynn 2019

    His twitter feed suggests he is in the UK after Christmas in Denmark...
  9. Something fishy for sure. In my opinion the vigorous gesticulating of the rider in Yellow, to the referee was instrumental in Tai’s exclusion.
  10. I rember well when Bo Brhel first came to King's Lynn in the March (By the way Tony, He's not a lesser light around King's Lynn...). He turned up at the house that he was going to be living at with his Lada 1500 with 2 bikes on a trailer, his tools etc. All of his clothes, wash gear, shoes etc. were in 2 very small carrier bags. This was to last him from the begining of March to the beginning of November. It has to be said that his English was not too good either, but he got through OK, and his now pretty fluent, and he soon developed a taste for McDonalds..... It was easy to order in very broken English.
  11. rusky

    Dave Gooderham

    So sorry to hear this. I didn’t really know Dave during his racing days, but did get to know him in his after racing days when he was a dammed good jet ski rider, and had a shop in Ipswich selling jet ski bits, and clothing. He was always a true gentleman to talk to, and a genuine nice guy. RIP Dave, it’s been a pleasure to know you.
  12. rusky

    Medical Cover

    I cant be certain on the state now, but when I was involved ion the sport it was the case that if a non-county ambulance took riders to hospital it effectively went to the back of the queue for admission to A&E, as priority was always given to county (i.e. NHS) ambulances, so there would be a significant delay in the rider (or indeed member of the public) being seen at A&E
  13. Last night was the first time I have attended at Lynn for some time. There were a few things that stood out for me. The crowd seemed pretty big, and there was a fair mixture of young and old, including a few faces I hadn't seen for a while - I'm looking at you Telboy Car Park was fairly muddy. The programme was a marked improvement on previous years I would suggest. Well produced, and good value at £3 Presentation of the meeting as a whole was slick, and seemed to progress at a reasonable pace. Not too much tractor racing. Track looked pretty good, and there was some racing for those brave enough. Robert Lambert seems to be developing a good racing brain, and was obviously thinking races through instead of just charging in. Lewis Kerr was very lucky that Jack Holder dropped it so quickly. That could of been nasty. I'm more than a little surprised by some of the comments around traffic to get out. When you arrive, drive past the works compound with lots of equipment & activity, don't be surprised that Roadworks appear. Those roadworks were by the Highways agency, and they really could make the BSPA look very organised & efficient. I live quite close to the A1 & A14 where as many of you know there are major roadworks. They release daily bulletins on closures & diversions etc. However, they are never accurate. A common feature is that they announce roads will be closed at 21:00 > 06:00 on specific stretches. You never know what time they will close them though, sometimes at 20:00. Now that does confuse people. Any queries to their website, twitter or facebook are met with deafening silence. I really don't think the promoters would of been able to arrange anything with them based on our experiences around here.
  14. Anybody watch SnowQuake on ITV4 tonight. A little piece on Ice Gladiators, and a piece on Mark Marques riding his race bike up the Hannenkahn (sp) with tyres prepared by one Frankie Zorn who makes an appearance. I’m sure it will be repeated.
  15. rusky

    2018 Grand Prix Venues

    Who is it who made the improvements to the track Phil... I think you will find its a team there that work on the track, but primarily Tomas Topinka.

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