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  1. Hi Neila, they wouldn’t do that for me. The App was £20 / Month on a rolling 1 Month contract. I didn’t really want the app, I wanted it on my Sky box so that I could record and watch at my leisure as I will be working when some of these events are on. They know they have me over a barrel as such as I can’t cancel my broadband due to the monopoly they have in place in my area in terms of ISP
  2. Cheers Tim, I'll give that a go
  3. The only sport we watch on BT is the Speedway, so as its coming up to the BSI 8 weeks of action we thought we would get BT sports. Now we live in an area where there is a BT monopoly for broadband as its full fibre and BT have monopoly agreement in place (well actually its Openreach, but the same thing....) whereby BT & Plusnet are the only options open to us as ISP's. You would think its fairly logical to be able to get BT Sport added to my Sky subscription fairly easily. If you go to the BT website there is an option to view BT Sport to a SKY box for £29.99 a Month, on a Monthly rolling contract. Great I thought, can see all of the SGP & SON in HD for £59.98 as I would only need 2 Months subscription. Guess what, if you are on BT Broadband, this offer isnt open to you, instead we'll do you 2 years at £20 a Month in SD, If you want HD its an extra £6.50 a Month for 21 Months (You get 3 Months free).
  4. rusky

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    He did Tellboy. We collected them on our trips. It’s worth mentioning they were all empty by the time they got onto the shelves on his wall
  5. rusky

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    For many of you who attend Saddlebow Road regularly you will know Merv Beckett. He has sadly passed away after a battle with cancer. The Lynn news are running piece on him tomorrow, and I figured you may be interested in the article https://www.lynnnews.co.uk/news/tributes-to-much-loved-kings-lynn-scout-leader-a-friend-to-everyone-9119484/
  6. Well worth a listen I would suggest....
  7. It will be interesting to see what happens if the UK introduce the much rumoured 14 day quarantine for all incoming air passengers.
  8. rusky

    Corona virus

    In the days when I was involved in speedway, the reason for a 'County' Ambulance is priority at A&E. Effectively (so we were told) private ambulances are not emergency ambulances, hence the lower priority.
  9. rusky

    Len Read RIP

    An obituary in the EDP today for Len - https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/speedway-star-len-read-remembered-from-star-to-devil-to-chad-to-the-mighty-atom-1-6539884
  10. rusky

    Norden Stadium

    Can’t say that I know Tony’s Tattoo Bar. Remember one night going in to a night club and our shoes weren’t acceptable, so we turned to go away. The bouncer called us back and it turned out the nightclub had shoes you could borrow if yours weren’t allowed.... all very strange. We always used to end up in Tramps Bar. A little on the small side, but what an atmosphere......
  11. rusky

    Norden Stadium

    2AM... Lightweight..... Went to many ice meetings in Assen, and always stayed in Groningen. Had some really good nights out (actually make that great) there with some good company, frequently not getting back to the hotel until it was daylight. Mr Fisher with us on a couple of occasions as well as several riders. Overriding memory was Mark Loram being held on the shoulders of Dutch Lads when they realised who he was, and having to dodge the ceiling fan !!! Mark enjoyed the racing on the Saturday night, but didn't see too much of the Sunday as I recall....
  12. rusky

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    One of the sports true characters, who you really couldn’t take your eyes of of him on track. He was pretty handy on an ice bike too. Has to be said, he had the strongest grip known to man - you truly knew when he had shaken your hand. RIP Roman
  13. As I understand it, he was called 3 times on the P.A. but chose to sit chatting in the stands rather than coming and selecting his riding order. If you you choose not to come at you allotted slot, I think it's reasonable to have last choice.
  14. rusky

    Poole 2019

    With a change of main sponsors possible, it seems like the decision to go with race jackets rather than race suits was a prudent one....
  15. rusky

    Race card apps ?

    You could try the ‘My Speedway’ app. It’s on both apple and android and seems pretty good

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