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    Electric Speedway

    Some of my friends in Sweden have recently been to a moto cross meeting that was entirely on electric bikes, and were very impressed. I specifically asked them about the lack of noise and they said that initially you missed it, but as the race developed it became less noticeable. The racing was equally as good as it was with IC bikes, and they feel that particular sport has a strong future. Could it be the same for speedway ?
  2. I did have a read of this, an awful lot of it is common sense, but this one section stood out: Quality commentary Earlier this year, TicketCo Media Services helped UK ice hockey clubs successfully stage the inaugural NIHL Spring Cup via the Streaming Series. All matches were live streamed into the homes of thousands of ice hockey fans worldwide. Clubs reported one of fans’ biggest areas of praise or concern regarding live streaming was the quality of commentary provided. Nigel understands why this was the case. “You can’t go over the top when a goal goes in or a try is scored,” he said. “Don’t scream your head off so your voice cannot handle it. Play to your strengths, do what you think your voice can manage and don’t stretch your voice so it sounds painful.” However given the criticism that Nigel very frequently gets from a very significant number, I'm not too sure he takes notice himself. It was noticeable on Sunday that the commentary in general was much calmer, more informative and less "pally" which all things being equal, made it a far more pleasurable listening (and by default, viewing) pleasure. I for one would like to see Sunday's commentary team retained as I felt that they greatly enhanced the viewing experience. Chances of that are very slim though unfortunatley.
  3. The only sport we watch on BT is the Speedway, so as its coming up to the BSI 8 weeks of action we thought we would get BT sports. Now we live in an area where there is a BT monopoly for broadband as its full fibre and BT have monopoly agreement in place (well actually its Openreach, but the same thing....) whereby BT & Plusnet are the only options open to us as ISP's. You would think its fairly logical to be able to get BT Sport added to my Sky subscription fairly easily. If you go to the BT website there is an option to view BT Sport to a SKY box for £29.99 a Month, on a Monthly rolling contract. Great I thought, can see all of the SGP & SON in HD for £59.98 as I would only need 2 Months subscription. Guess what, if you are on BT Broadband, this offer isnt open to you, instead we'll do you 2 years at £20 a Month in SD, If you want HD its an extra £6.50 a Month for 21 Months (You get 3 Months free).
  4. rusky

    Get Well Soon Dicko!

    Very sorry to hear that. Top bloke Dicko..... get well soon mate
  5. He has indeed RR, and I have no doubt that he will do a very good job at that too. He is very excited about the challenge that lies ahead. The below is a Google translate of the Svemo article: Tony has for about 19 years in various ways had assignments within Svemo, mainly within Track Racing. Now he has the opportunity to contribute with his experiences and get to develop in a new role within Svemo. UPDATED: 21 JAN 2021 14:06 During the winter, Svemo has announced a new position where we are looking for a person who can be responsible and coordinate project and safety work within Svemo. After careful selection, they chose to appoint Tony to this position. Why did you choose to apply for this position? - For the past 43 years, I have been involved in the speedway sport, first as a driver, then as a leader which in turn led to a job at Svemo, says Tony and continues. - I am very privileged and grateful that I have had the opportunity to work full time with my "hobby" even after my active career, not many people get that opportunity but after all these years I feel it is time for a new challenge. So when the position Coordinator Project & Security was announced, it felt like an exciting challenge that I look forward to taking. What is your background in Svemo? - I started as a non-profit national team leader for the Speedway juniors in 1999, I then got a full-time position in June 2002 which I had until 2009 when I left Svemo to start working at FIM as Race Director for the Speedway Grand Prix and World Cup. In 2013, I started working part-time at Svemo again in parallel with my job at FIM, so that in the autumn of 2014 I would once again be the full-time job I have today. What are your expectations for your new assignment? - I look forward to the new challenge, I have always worked directly towards the sports business and with the new position I get the opportunity to continue working with sports, but in a different role and it will be exciting. When do you start your new assignment? - The assignment starts on March 1, but I will of course help with the Track Racing business until a replacement is in place, even if it will be a bit at half speed, Tony concludes.
  6. rusky

    The big O's

    Nice article in the EDP this morning for those of us here in the East.... https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/ove-fundin-remembers-olle-nygren-7839196
  7. I think you are right unless of course you have the special delivery guaranteed service (9AM & 1PM). But they regularly don't deliver those on time either......
  8. But not on man made tracks ?
  9. rusky

    The Spitfire Factory

    Yes watched them all. A truly fascinating series, with lots of little insights. You have to admire the tenacity of the guys who own and run the Sptfire Factory
  10. Not just the Sun George, it’s reported in many media streams. Another example of those in power (of any political persuasion) who believe they are superior and more worthy than us mere mortals. Worth noting that these alleged frauds were committed before she became an MP, but if true would make her not fit to be an MP
  11. Labour really not having a good day today..... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13048307/labour-mp-housing-fraud-flat/
  12. rusky

    Speedway Photographers

    Ken Carpenter, followed by Alex Alexander would be my nomination
  13. rusky

    Buying a new TV. Which way to go?

    Horses for courses Phil. The Apple products are good in the field that you work in, but in many fields they just don’t cut the mustard compared to Wintel machines, not to add that you will be paying a massive premium to use them - the TCO of Wintel is much lower. The Automatic syncing that you talk of is also available in the Wintel world, it’s not an Apple exclusive. There are many things that you need to consider when buying a computer, either portable or desktop, what is right for an individual or organisation is highly unlikely to be right for another.
  14. Hi Neila, they wouldn’t do that for me. The App was £20 / Month on a rolling 1 Month contract. I didn’t really want the app, I wanted it on my Sky box so that I could record and watch at my leisure as I will be working when some of these events are on. They know they have me over a barrel as such as I can’t cancel my broadband due to the monopoly they have in place in my area in terms of ISP
  15. Cheers Tim, I'll give that a go
  16. rusky

    BLM Uk protest marches

    When Henka Gustafsson first came to the UK for King's Lynn, He used to navigate around the country using a McDonalds map picked up on one of the first trips we did. Of course McDonalds used to 'sponsor' trays for use in the pits.....
  17. rusky

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    He did Tellboy. We collected them on our trips. It’s worth mentioning they were all empty by the time they got onto the shelves on his wall
  18. rusky

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    For many of you who attend Saddlebow Road regularly you will know Merv Beckett. He has sadly passed away after a battle with cancer. The Lynn news are running piece on him tomorrow, and I figured you may be interested in the article https://www.lynnnews.co.uk/news/tributes-to-much-loved-kings-lynn-scout-leader-a-friend-to-everyone-9119484/
  19. rusky

    BLM Uk protest marches

    But whats the betting that he will quite happily play music, (of colour typically) that will use the N word in their lyrics ?
  20. rusky

    Explosion in Beirut

    And of course, it was a favoured tool of the IRA in past conflicts
  21. rusky

    Explosion in Beirut

    BBC website reporting 2750 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate had been stored in a warehouse there for a number of years after being offloaded from an impounded ship. Thoughts are with all of those affected...
  22. The lockdown has been as normal for me in terms of work, and that has involved travelling on public transport at times. Most people have been wearing face coverings on trains & tubes. There are some that noticably feel that they are immune from Covid 19 and dont need face masks and dont need to socially distance. Quite a few Asians, transport staff (especially TFL - apparently the rules only apply if travelling by train / tube, not working on them) and Police, especially Transport Police. Most other people seem to be sticking to the rules and wearing masks without issue. I'm guessing shops will be the same.
  23. Well worth a listen I would suggest....
  24. It will be interesting to see what happens if the UK introduce the much rumoured 14 day quarantine for all incoming air passengers.

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