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  1. robolots

    Lydd Speedway

    Track address is: Belgar Farm, Romney Road, Lydd, TN29 9LS. Practice booking number is (Angie) 07908 972097. Track manager Malcolm Smith 07870 471770
  2. Does anyone have any knowledge of when tickets for the match at Wroclaw (on 9th July) will go on sale? It is the Sunday after the World cup at Leszno so I want to be able to book tickets asap and this is the only Extra liga fixture that weekend from what I can gather. I have tried www.wts.pl but there is nothing on there at the moment. Failing that does anyone know any other meetings on that Sunday within easy travelling distance from Wroclaw.
  3. robolots

    Lakeside V Eastbourne 14/4/17

    I noticed that Lakeside do have a few meetings on other days but the majority are Friday evenings which is either a breeze to get to or hell (unfortunately usually the latter)
  4. robolots

    Speedway Agm

    Current cost of GM engine (before tuning) circa £3000, current cost of GTR £6600. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for reducing costs and I think the GTR engine is definitely a step in the right direction. I just think it a bit dangerous for the BSPA and/or SCB to be jumping into bed with any one engine manufacturer. What speedway has needed is to diversify and not be a one make series in respect of engines/carbs/frames etc.
  5. robolots

    Gerhard Engine

    And there lies the (future) problem, someone will want to tune one and thus it costs more money and won't last as long. The best thing about the GTR engine is it has a simple cartridge type oil filter like most modern motorcycle engines that actually collect all the cack in the engine and this in itself makes the engine last longer as there are no bits going round the engine wearing out parts. A modern GM basically has a very crude filter that does jack-this goes back to the days when the oil went through once and came out of the bottom and onto the track. Godden's are also developing an engine using this principle (oil cartridge filter) and they are also changing other items in the engine to make servicing easier/cheaper with their engine. I think most wear on a speedway engine is done with the amount of revs held at the line rather than actually riding it though and rev limiters would stop a lot of wear as the amount some riders rev their engines to is way beyond the normal capabilities of the engine. There are ignitions available that have limiters built in and I know a lot of the 250's have them that I have seen in the last year.
  6. robolots

    Gerhard Engine

    I know a couple of riders (some mentioned here) who have had previously or are riding GTR's and they had/have had zero servicing all season.
  7. robolots

    Eastbourne 2016

    Steve was meant to be at Belle Vue, but they let him down with what they originally offered him. TBH, Eastbourne with Boxall at their number 1 would have a number 1 who is as fast as anyone, especially at NL level. He is one of the most exciting riders and I don't think you will find a rider who doesn't want to win as much as he does. Personally I hope it's him.
  8. Yes, makes loads of sense to ride on a really narrow track with no air fence which I thought was compulsory in all scb bspa competitions. It's a training track, not a race track suitable for 4 bikes. I take it you haven't actually seen the bikes go around the likes of Peterborough?
  9. I was really looking forward to this which precedes the Abbey farewell meeting at 5pm, however I'm told that the 150cc meeting will be on the mini track inside the main track. Does anyone know why this is as they have had some cracking 125/150 racing after the main meetings in the past couple of years and the young lads go really well on the main track? It can't be to save the track as the 150's, although pretty quick, won't be cutting the track up like the 500's? Seems a shame for the youngsters in the 150 class to essentially ride their final on a training track when in the past couple of years it has been really good at the likes of Peterborough!
  10. robolots

    Arena V Wolves

    Fair play to Kennett, that was better and got a hot cuppa lol
  11. robolots

    Arena V Wolves

    Bored, cold, lakeside condemned air fence has had enough.
  12. robolots

    Gerhard Engine

    I'm interested if there is a 20 hour guarantee? 20 hours is a lot of races!! I'm also confused why it being supplied complete is such a great selling point-gm in kit form with CNC head is approx £2700 Inc vat and then £150 approx to put it together if you paying someone else. You can choose pretty much what cam,rod,piston etc you want within reason. The extra money riders spending on engines is when they paying for the tuners expertise which I know can make an engine £5000 I prefer to get engines in kit form and then you know they put together how you want them. Speedway needs more engines to create genuine competition, so good luck to GTR, Goddens, Jawa and anyone else making engines.
  13. Totally 100% agree Waco, we also going to tie a couple of bricks round his head to keep it lower to the first turn lower lol
  14. I can't really disagree with a lot said about this match. Well done to Birmingham on a well deserved victory, even though there couldn't of been much more bad luck for Kent on the night! Zach is certainly a talented rider, but the National League needs to make it's mind up if it is a league for bringing riders on or a 3rd tier professional league. The mysterious Banks injury makes a mockery of the rules and obviously allowed Zach to have 7 rides. I don't blame Birmingham for doing it and to be honest it happens all the time. Kirby, all I am going to say is no comment!!!! I'm not sure why riding at number 2 is that much harder than riding at 6. If you look at the program, there isn't really that much difference in who you ride against. It is only at 7 you get a much easier ride. As someone who knows Jamie personally, all I can say is he is doing his best. It is his first season riding in a proper team and he has gone up to number 2 as he has improved his starting average. He needs to improve his gating and if he does this he should score more points and find it a bit easier. I know he has changed some things for Saturday in this respect. If anyone ever wants to know anything in respect of Jamie and what did or didn't happen in a race/meeting or just something in general, feel free to ask and I will get you a response from either his team or Jamie personally. All I ask is please don't post anything without knowing the full facts. He knows when he could of done better and it doesn't help a lads confidence if there is some ill judged comment made. P.s. that meeting has got to be one of the worst performances by a referee I have ever seen!!!!
  15. robolots

    Gerhard Engine

    Not sure where you getting prices from but a relining of barrel is no more than 200, big end and roller bearing 75, strip down and rebuild should be around 175 although can be more or less depending on who or where you go. Speedway is still a relatively cheap form of Motorsport. Engines don't need constant new parts, a reputable tuner will strip, check and only replace parts if they need replacing. Unfortunately unscrupulous tuners milk riders and feed them cack so that they can line their pockets.

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