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  1. Good signing for Grudziadz - but it leaves Leszno well short. Strange for them to allow both Pludra and Sadurski to go out on loan.
  2. He is also currently signed up in Poland, Denmark and his homeland in Sweden - meaning by Polish rules, he is unable to ride in Britain even if he wanted to.
  3. I know that is the case but surely even more so, collaborations together will only then benefit the speedway promotion and the people running the food/bars? Speedway could then track whose buying which ticket with the added benefits and use that to their advantage in future. It’s the whole “we don’t make anything off the food” attitude that is wrong to begin with. Speedways answer has always been when they need to make more money is to just move the price higher and higher to the point where people then stop going. That isn’t a sustainable model.
  4. Oh absolutely - programme boards, wulfsport coats and badges on hats to name just a few aren’t going to win the ‘cool kids’ over but with amendments to the presentation then the racing should (that’s a big should!) sell itself. I’m amazed no clubs offer deals with food and drink with admission to encourage more revenue before, during or even more so after a meeting. There is so many possibilities but most people seem to get stuck on 15 races, family sport and the ‘boys are back in town’ blaring on some awful horns as riders sit aboard a clapped out pick up truck. It’s time to take it up a notch.
  5. Interesting topic having just read all the posts about getting kids, teenagers and families to attend. I often think this is a problem at most Speedway clubs in that so much focus is placed on trying to get new fans through, when actually they would be far better placed to try and get previous fans back who have decided to stop attending. That is of course easier said than done, but you are at least then preaching to the converted (or at least they were at one point) instead of a complete newbie who has no idea what is going on with no connection to the team or sport. When I first went to speedway in 2000 it was billed as a “family sport” and a night out for a the family. I think that’s absolute garbage. It should be billed as an extreme sport. 4 guys racing flat out with no brakes is about as extreme as it gets and that’s the selling point I think.
  6. To an extent it is somebody’s business when they are paying the wages. As a paying fan, they are paying that rider’s wage.
  7. Najjer

    TeamGB Merchandise.

    Having been in the printing and sign trade for over 10 years, I’m well clued up on printing costs and materials etc. £99 for something like this isn’t expensive and you won’t be making much on it I doubt. It’s only these large companies who get everything mass produced and printed in China that absolutely kill the canvas market. That said, the actual artwork for that canvas looks awful and abit of a mess with everything blurred together.
  8. Blimey - I’m half expecting to see Brent Werner signing as a mid season signing! Good to see Complin back, was quality on his day on the big tracks!
  9. Najjer

    Poole 2022

    Either way, it wouldn’t of been lying. Like I said, poor form.
  10. You posted some decent stuff throughout this Polish season and we had some shared advice on the betting fronts - but you’re way off the mark and chatting nonsense here
  11. Najjer

    Poole 2022

    I’ve said many times I would to become a millionaire - doesn’t mean it will happen. He might well of said he wanted to return to Poole and he might well of wanted to. If certain things have prevented him from doing so or he got a better offer, there is nothing wrong in that and that doesn’t make him a liar. He might well of had a list of 4 or 5 clubs he wanted to join, but he has to choose one. To call him a liar is poor form.
  12. Najjer

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    If you put your stronger reserve at no.6 though, they get an inside gate which can prove vital at Plymouth in the early races. They can then be swapped around accordingly after that.
  13. I doubt there was a single club lining up to sign Shanes other than Birmingham - certainly not a few!
  14. Najjer

    Meeting Formula/Team Lineup

    Good idea in principle but as has been said, the lack of riders to produce squads is the biggest problem. The idea on free movement on riders and tactical subs I like though. Would make the end of a meeting a lot more interesting.
  15. Najjer

    Poole 2022

    As of yet, Basso hasn’t signed for any club to compete in the U24 league and we are now outside of the transfer window. Even if he was going to be riding, Poland operate large squads so would anticipate they have plenty of cover for such a scenario.

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