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  1. Wilson-Dean missing is a big blow, he's been in great form at the OTA this season. Let's hope for an 8 point win and a decent track from heat 1 and not heat 9 this week!
  2. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    That's where you're wrong though - the Premiership is MORE important as it's the top division in this Country. You wouldn't anybody in their right mind say the Championship is more important than the Premiership in football!
  3. It's the 21st century Oldtimer, Speedway has made some right cock ups in recent years and the presentation (other the centre green announcer) is usually crap, but getting rid of the ancient fanfares and rider jingles isn't one of them!
  4. http://www.somersetrebels.co/news.php?extend.2234
  5. We all said the same from our position too, he seemed to have far to much speed and just pulled a massive locker.
  6. A brilliant report and post as always ER. I find it baffling that riders haven't had a practice on the track before last nights meeting after the last meeting's track problems? Jake said they couldn't practice in the interview but they had practiced before the first meeting of the season, so why not? Any problems could of been ironed out in the afternoon then. I saw a lot of discontent from riders towards the trackman directly and indirectly via the Clark of the course. How long before he gets fed up anyway, as I'm sure that isn't what he signed up to? Ez may not of listened, but that is because he knew what he was doing and how to prepare a good race track. I'd imagine near enough all faith must be lost in the new guy already!
  7. 2 meetings in a row now - even the most loyal die hards will of been fed up at that.
  8. Probably the biggest of the 3 meetings so far, but I thought all 3 crowds had been good so far.
  9. The second half of the meeting was actually very good (albeit dusty) so just shows it's 100% down to track prep (or lack of??) and not the material used or any other nonsense. The shape of the OTA will always lend itself to great racing so they have to get the track prep sorted as it's been embarrassing the past two weeks. There will of been people who won't of come back after the Poole meeting, and anyone who was in two minds about tonight won't be back for sure after tonight. Just imagine any newbies being there tonight. Embarrassing.
  10. Sum up tonight's meeting in one sentence..... bring back Ez Curtis!
  11. So, which teams aren't actually happy with fixed race nights? It seems crowds aren't good at Belle Vue and Rye House is reports are to be believed. Although we haven't had many meetings at home for one reason or another, Somerset's crowds appear to be good. It'll be interesting to see how that continues into the summer. I think it was a blessing in disguise moving away from Fridays and the dreaded M5 traffic personally. Poole, Kings Lynn (albeit with the cock up of the missing Danish riders), Wolves and Swindon have all maintained their original race night so they can only gain by not having missing riders galore as per previous seasons. So that only leaves Leicester, who I'm not sure how they are faring with the switch?
  12. Has all the makings of a good meeting this. I expect it to be very close with the Rebels shading it by 4 points.
  13. Wolves v Somerset 14th May

    Weakens us considerably. Jonas had just started to come good and would of expected him to score a tidy amount at Wolves.
  14. BT Sport TV Fixtures

    That's a very valid point - plus I wonder who has picked these fixtures? It's no coindence that the 3 away meetings we feature in are 3 of the tracks that we won at last season. Someone has probably used that theory who doesn't know a lot about the sport to think they will be close meetings again or even an away victory.
  15. Somerset 2018

    I'd been beginning to wonder with the start of the Grand Prix on Saturday that he was perhaps 'saving' himself for that - but after recent struggles in Poland too, it's clear that wasn't the case and he has just generally been struggling by his own standards. Encouraging stuff from him last night and a massive congratulations. I believe that's also Somerset's first trophy in the top tier of British Speedway?