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  1. Jack was in it the whole meeting. Gorzow have pulled a blinder getting him in, but it’s a shame the rest of the team aren’t on it.
  2. Holder absolutely superb. What a cracking rider he is to watch.
  3. Holder apart, Gorzow have been absolutely gutless so far.
  4. Doyle being jeered by the Częstochowa fans - ruthless!
  5. I understand the rules are that races can’t be awarded if the last lap hasn’t been started, but that must typifies what a joke of a rule that is, when a team conceding a 5-1 has a rider fall, races gets rerun and they get a 3-3 from it. Don’t agree with that at all. If Lublin don’t win this now they’ve been really hard done by.
  6. What’s the bets on Madsen jumping out the start and getting a win here? Lublin 1 turn away from securing at least a draw.
  7. After being jeered earlier on, substituted in that last race, it’s not been a good afternoon for Jason Doyle. He’s going to need to try and redeem himself in the nominated race.
  8. I called that earlier this week. Kasprzak has been very poor so far this season so Jack Holder is a good addition for Gorzow.
  9. When he’s in the mood, Laguta is so good to watch. Absolutely ruthless and totally fearless.
  10. Because of the race formula used, certain riders end up with two rides on the trot much like in the grand prixs. It makes sense to have the track grades then whilst extra time is given to those riders having two on the bounce. I thought Grudziadz were pretty poor as a team after a decent start, Laguta and Bjerre apart. Pedersen was disappointing and clearly didn’t fancy it.
  11. Agree to disagree on this one. I’m not saying Batchelor is a world beater but he would possibly offer up another point scoring option, which Rybnik really need. Miedzinski certain isn’t a point scoring option anymore in my eyes
  12. Take Lebedev out for Batchelor. Use Lambert to replace Miedzinski then. You’d think they have nothing to lose really.
  13. I wonder why they still don’t use Batchelor. Miedzinski has had his day.
  14. Najjer

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Rohan Tungate set to line up in Poland this weekend for the first time. Is he still selling those Peterborough Kevlars?

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