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  1. Najjer

    Somerset 2020

    My mistake - I had his figure from his Ipswich matches! Would require one more change to make Bellego fit then.
  2. Najjer

    Somerset 2020

    Bellego fits a treat then.
  3. Najjer

    Somerset 2020

    Not sure why Aspgren never came back, as he was quality. Presumably as you say flights and costs etc. What about Bellego? Absolute mustard at the OTA, there is few better!
  4. Najjer

    Somerset 2020

    No idea on averages and if he even fits, but I thought he was fairly settled with a Polish team too? Again my knowledge isn’t what it once was with who rides where and when. A real shame there is no BWD as he was the one of the few glimmers of light in this team and will put a huge dampener for many Somerset fans. Hopefully they manage to find someone suitable and not a duffer. I could see Stoneman being bombed out also for a couple of second strings.
  5. Najjer

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I didn’t go all of last season and unlikely to go this year.
  6. Najjer

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Maybe a few years ago!
  7. Najjer

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Who said anything about it being ground breaking? I merely suggested it was a good idea and teams that haven’t done should follow suit with the same idea.
  8. Najjer

    Poole Pirates 2020

    What a great idea with the racesuits. Forever and beyond promotors have whinged and said how much they cost (as proven before, isn't a great sum of money), well this is a great way of involving fans and sponsors whilst covering the costs too. I see no reason now why other teams don't follow this idea up now and launch a similar campaign themselves.
  9. Najjer

    Transfer Window

    I wonder why this has only been brought in for the Premiership and not the Championship?
  10. Najjer

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Good signing in Ellis - but the rest of the team seems underwhelming to me. King and Worrall are good performers at this level but they are still just abit mehhh.
  11. Najjer

    Somerset 2020

    Championship should take priority on good Friday as it’s outside of the chosen race nights for the Premiership.
  12. Najjer

    Somerset 2020

    100% spot on. As a matter of fact, I started attending speedway when Somerset were in that bottom tier all those years ago.
  13. Najjer

    Somerset 2020

    That is exactly right, I don’t anymore and that is why I didn’t attend all of last season - as I felt I no longer got value for money. Years ago I used to follow Somerset home and away, travelled to places ranging from the IOW to Edinburgh. I actually think the Somerset promotion is one of the best in the country, but that also underlined how bad some of the others are. This is not just Somerset related but a generic comment, what are promotions doing to encourage people to attend other than relying on force of habit?
  14. Najjer

    Somerset 2020

    Lose what - I’m now in the ever growing group that has already lost it. I loved speedway and still enjoy it but stopped attending when we dropped down a league and I felt I was no longer getting value for money. I’m one of many - forget use it or lose it, what has been done to entice me back and spend £20 every week at speedway and not somewhere else?
  15. Najjer

    Somerset 2020

    This “use it or lose it” saying that I keep reading on here and other speedway circles is a very dangerous game. How about making it more appealing for fans to attend instead of threatening closure if you don’t?

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