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  1. That's why I'm intrigued, whether the previous Ipswich and Peterborough bosses thought they would cut their losses and bomb out for pennys or whether they actually had a decent offer on the table. All abit of a mystery.
  2. Out of interest, does anyone know what Chapman has paid to buy Ipswich and Peterborough? The actual assets belonging to a speedway club can't be a great deal if they don't own the stadium they race at and other things like food stalls etc.
  3. Najjer

    2019 Championship Improvers

    Yet maintaining at the very least the same entrance fees.... what an own goal. And it was also stated it was done to reduce doubling up which hasn't happened at all, and neither did it need to with the change of race nights.
  4. I think that's exactly what it is. I would say trying to monopolise the league. Between Kings Lynn, Ipswich and Peterborough and then also the riders on Poole's books they control the vast majority of the division.
  5. If Buster is the owner of all 3, then effectively it is. The three individual pots all go back to one big one in simple terms.
  6. It's all coming from the same big pot of money effectively though so it's not a case of can't afford it - that would be a case of needing a no.1 at Ipswich so I've transferred him across to Ipswich wouldn't it?
  7. So let me get this right - Buster can't afford Harris at Peterborough but is now being rumoured he is off to either Lynn or Ipswich... clubs also owned and paid for by Buster? The logic in that.....
  8. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    Clearly not tight enough was it? As you said in your last post, even if only marginally BWD was offered a better deal at Workington. That makes the promotion fall in line with so many of the past clubs that have gone to the wall that haven't stuck to a budget within their means.
  9. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    Whilst I'm really not a fan in the slightest about dropping down a league, the Somerset promotion have done what they believe to be the best course of action to make the sport sustainable. What should be sending even more alarm bells to all teams in the whole country, is that if Somerset "couldn't" make it pay - a team who owns their own track, car park, bar and catering facilities with no rent to pay - then what chance do the rest of them have?
  10. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    Workington outbidding Somerset with money they clearly didn't have is both foolish and idiotic. Work within your means!
  11. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    Absolutely spot on again. Rightly or wrongly, Somerset obviously set a limit they were prepared to pay certain riders and on at least 2 occasions that is known of in the public domain were outbid by Redcar and Workington - both of which were wanting a 36.00 points limit as oppose to a higher 40.00+.
  12. Najjer

    berwick bandits 2019

    Not enough I would imagine, hence why the club has withdrawn. Speedway has this nasty habit of trying to limit the amount of people and fans it loses, instead of trying to attract new fans. Keep bumping the prices up forcing numbers to decrease further and further until eventually the business is completely unsustainable is not a good business plan. Spin King Junior has hit the nail on the head about the scare tactics.
  13. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    That the green isn't always greener on the other side?
  14. Najjer

    Eastbourne 2019

    Sooner they do away with the trophy competition and race each team twice home and away, the better.
  15. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    At least one more less fixture in the fixture list again too - Less meetings than ever now!

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