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  1. Najjer

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    Should of backed him! D’oh!
  2. Any ideas of the restaging date? Iversen obviously due to ride in Sweden Tuesday and Thursday which complicates things this week. Plus the GPs at the weekend.
  3. Najjer

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    If I was pushed I’d say Schlein each way but I’ve not taken anything that’s on offer as like you say it’s abit of a lottery.
  4. Najjer

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    .....it gets worse with Kubera packing up!
  5. Najjer

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    Cash out! Knew I shouldn’t of bottled it!
  6. Najjer

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    He could of had 16 rides and he would of still struggled to score many more points
  7. Najjer

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    I bottled it
  8. Najjer

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    Sayftudinov currently on under 13.... do I gamble on him not getting heat 15??
  9. Najjer

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    Odds are out for the Esktraliga semis tonight. Need to be careful on some bets as the ties could be over by the nominated races and certain riders may be replaced by weaker riders. However, there is some tasty looking odds on offer tonight. Kubera over 5 Karczmarz over 3 Zmarzlik over Woffinden +0 handicap Thats just from an initial look
  10. Great news! In other news, Tungate debuts for Zielona Gora tonight replacing Antonio Lindback
  11. Didn't realise Stephan Katt was still going! Does Matthias Kroger still ride longtrack too? Stan Burza must be nearly about 50 by now!
  12. I’m sure Daugavpils have a habit of coming back into a match in the latter stages after poor starts. Only 7 in it now and still plenty to race for...
  13. Harsh on Kildemand that in heat 8!
  14. The question is - how many people does it take to change a lightbulb?
  15. As expected then, Tarasenko in at 5

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