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  1. For or against team suits

    You still don't get it though - regardless of sponsors helping to fund Doyle, extra track work or results on track, there is still additional revenue that is now being missed out on.... so yes, you WOULD recoup it and more!
  2. For or against team suits

    Interesting to see that 5 out of the 7 Swindon team have Dstar suits as well as at least Craig Cook for Belle Vue.... can't be that bad after all and all for a maximum of £700 each
  3. For or against team suits

    I love it when someone tries to use evidence to prove a point and they just make something up And for the record, yes I do believe marketing is a problem for both Poole and Somerset. As I've previously said Swindon according to other posts have a main title sponsor and 9 other team sponsors on their suit. Poole and Somerset obviously don't, which shows a marketing issue in my eyes. To a certain extent it doesn't make any difference to me watching Speedway personally whether Riders are in team suits or race jacket when I'm watching, it won't effect me going or not obviously. That isn't the point I'm making. The point is it's a complete oversight and so short sighted to think it saves money by not having team suits, when if done properly it could actually be a chance for increased revenue. At least Somerset have a decent logo to represent the club whereas Poole have absolutely murdered theirs this year and is truly awful.
  4. Rule Changes for 2018

    Id imagine that has been done on purpose to stop the rider merry go round, therefore only really allowing for mostly like for like rider changes on their starting averages - especially if riders miss the odd meeting here and there through injury.
  5. Poole 2018

  6. Poole 2018

    Are you saying Matt is a bigger clown than Neil?
  7. For or against team suits

    Like I've suggested before, offer up for example a Dstar racesuits and then if the individual rider wishes to upgrade their brand to a superior one they can pay the difference. Simples.
  8. For or against team suits

    I think you're asking why are Somerset having race bibs like Poole? If so, I can't answer that as it well and truly baffles me. Somerset has always been a professionally run club and I see this move as a complete oversight, missed opportunity and just simply unprofessional. We've got the World Champion turning up at the Oak Tree Arena racing in a mix and match. Imagine the selling point to sponsors that the sports world champion could carry your logo under the Somerset Speedway umbrella on all marketing, advertising, promotions, on BT sports, within the local community, social media and websites to name just a few. If you can't sell that you're in the wrong trade!
  9. For or against team suits

    Even better! I don't think you understand how business and marketing works. Forget the cost, as that will be recouped and more. With a professional image the chance for investment is massive - therefore out weighing the cost! I've seen it posted elsewhere that Swindon have a main title sponsor on the front of their suit and then 9 other team sponsors elsewhere on the suit. I wonder how many of those 10 would of invested if they had been told they would the size of a 50 pence piece to fit on a race jacket? None I expect. With an amateurish image the marketing oppertunities and chance for investment is a lot less.
  10. For or against team suits

    Obviously not looking or asking in the right places. Somerset is thriving with the Hinckley developments, new businesses everywhere, I don't believe for one minute there isn't someone with an interest who wouldn't of taken a punt on it.
  11. For or against team suits

    Look on the Dstar website, they have all sorts of options ranging from £575 upwards to £750 or so. In this day and age it is really not difficult to find a sponsor(s) who wants to get their brand 'out there' to cover that.
  12. Poole 2018

    Maybe he's still bitter about being at Poole and not at his preferred choice of Somerset?
  13. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    I'm not sure what's worse... Owing someone £5,000 from 18 months ago, or not knowing anything about it!
  14. For or against team suits

    All about as positive as the new Leeds United logo did. At a quick glance it's been criticised by Rossiter, Ward and Brady Kurtz to name a few.... plus a lot more fans on twitter are critical than positive reaction. Without the sponsors mentioned or any pictures, there is no way any of the PR can be good for anybody connected and is actually just damaging to Poole's reputation as a professional outfit.
  15. For or against team suits

    Just a classic case of Speedway being lazy and not efficient enough. Things nowadays can be turned around in a matter of days if they are efficient enough. Even having overshirts would be a damn sight lot better than a race jacket so at least the top half is all the same for the riders in the team and more importantly than anything, the sponsors!