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  1. Bit of a kick in the teeth to go from Craig Cook to Aaron Summers... and then to Ulrich Ostergaard. How about that for a come down!
  2. Najjer

    Ipswich 2019

    Because THJ isn't actually that good. He is nowhere the rider that was threathening to be a top GP rider a few years back.
  3. Najjer

    Somerset v Glasgow

    Used to be the best track and best prepared in the country - losing Wright, Allen and co was a massive loss but they don’t come close to the loss of Ez
  4. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    The total averages will be 42.00-42.50 though and not 45.00 because of the x4 multiplier whereas some riders will of had x5 rides. If the total team average for the start of next season is anything less than that then they are yet again weakening the product further and further again.
  5. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    I expect he is, especially considering he last rode for Somerset in the top tier. It's also well rumoured he was offered a 'less than handsome deal' to ride for Somerset this year though.
  6. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    It was well rumoured he was offered a deal by Somerset who were effectively outbid by Redcar for his services.
  7. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    Even he isn’t a patch on Charles Wright for entertainment value. Wright is the most entertaining rider in the whole league.
  8. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    ....and that is why we should of been paying Charles Wright whatever he wanted to be no.1 for us! Congratulations to him.
  9. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    I was talking about Somerset, who have albeit made like for like changes - not a reflection on the whole league. Of course with rolling averages and lack of matches it takes longer for the full effect of the 42.00ish to take full effect thus meaning rolling averages don't keep a true reflection of the inflation involved.
  10. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    The 40.00 points limit that is in place currently though, is the same points limit it was at the start of the season though just with inflated numbers. The standard hasn't gone up since the start of the season, it is in fact exactly the same.
  11. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    These are supposed to be grown men competing for a sports team where the ultimate goal is to win. If the German can't hack getting a telling off from the manager every now and then, then he is in the wrong line of work if that makes him, and I quote you, "feel uncomfortable". Somerset have had since last Wednesday night to, and I quote again, "throw a team together". A whole 4/5 days depending how you look at it. There is no rocket science needed for speedway so it probably could take a single day, yes. For what it's worth, I would of sacked Schlein after the Sheffield away match if I had been team boss. When you throw in the Berwick one aswell that should of without doubt been the final straw if it was 50/50 after the Sheffield meeting.
  12. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    Seems abit cynical that point of view - Why would he need to make them feel uncomfortable? Gary May could of just replaced them whenever he wanted to. The signing of Nick Morris isn't actually that much of a gamble. The combination of the bottom 4 has been very little away from home so Nick Morris along with the odd point from Rowe and Stoneman should more than better that. Mind you, Nick Morris has been pretty average at best for Wolves so he will need to up his game considerably if he is to return to his best. Not surprised to see Kurtz go. He should of been pushing a 6.50 average easily this year but has gone backwards.
  13. Najjer

    Leicester 2019

    It’d be like Man City loaning one of their players to Liverpool mid season - can’t see that happening so can’t see the issue personally. Cough up or go for someone else.
  14. Najjer

    Somerset 2019

    Bless him.
  15. Najjer

    eagles v rebels sat 27 july

    Surprised it hasn’t been mentioned but Grobauer has quit riding for Somerset meaning R/R comes into operation for him. Ben Barker guests for Covatti too.

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