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  1. Pedersen 30 less Laguta 30 less Cheers
  2. Hancock 30 less Zagar 30 more Cheers
  3. Dudek 30 less Janowski 30 more Cheers
  4. Pawlicki 30 more Lambert 40 more Dudek 25 less Cheers
  5. 20 Zmarzlik more 20 Sayfutdinov less Cheers
  6. Hancock 30 more Cheers
  7. Laguta 40 less Janowski 40 more Woffinden 30 more Cheers
  8. Lindgren 30 more Laguta 20 more Cheers
  9. Hilly

    Betting in 2018

    Oxford were clear favourites from mid season, only a relatively poor run towards the end and a good run of results by Poole made it closer than it was. Title secured with an away draw at Ipswich of all places
  10. Wp Mick and thanks to R&R for running this. A win and a podium in last 3 years, not bad
  11. Milik 80 more Przedpelski 20 less Off to Torun early tomorrow morning, hopefully made some progress upon my return
  12. Surely Riss should have been in there??
  13. Think Schlein just shaded the stare off

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