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  1. Boro not even using a tac all meeting. Should of Used either Wright or Tungate in heat 12. Could still then use Douglas in 14.
  2. Dudek 75 more Laguta 75 more Sayfutdinov 50 less Cheers
  3. NKI 100 less Woffinden 50 more Cheers
  4. Hilly

    Betting in 2019

    Ipswich -26 anybody?
  5. I must agree with all the good words about the IoW set up, they really do make a huge effort to make the entire night a fun family attraction, there's something on offer for everyone. Long may it continue.
  6. Rosco states Bewley would be next in line and would have been taken but he's not currently fit enough/up to it. Then take the next man in line, hardly rocket science
  7. Kolodziej 150 more with spread stretcher Madsen 25 more Lindback 25 less Cheers
  8. Sayfutdinov 30 less Lindback 30 less Thanks for running this again rr
  9. Well played Joe. Thanks to R and R for running this comp again
  10. Can you use irr if your already using rr?

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