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  1. Hi, Do you know if any of the Polish TV channels are showing this live? Also: what does DMPJ stand for? Edit: Oops! Just seen the heading saying 'live on internet'.
  2. Crazy situation with everyone trying to fix the starting gate only for it to fail again. Not much fun if you are at the match but does show that Poland doesn't always get it right!
  3. lastword

    Belle Vue 2019

    The way it looked is that Mark was brought in at Torun late in the season in what position who knows?. Probably to help with the progress of their Aussie riders. That proved to be a lost cause as Torun were relegated anyway.
  4. lastword

    TV new deal?

    What the hell has her hair got to do with anything? Pathetic post!
  5. lastword

    TV new deal?

    Everyone entitled to an opinion I suppose but I think your comments are very harsh. Natalie was writing programme notes for the Aces when she was still at school! Probably knows more about the sport from the inside than most posters on this site. Dave Goddard (Swedish match commentary) does a sterling job, especially when you consider he is commentating from a studio in Dublin!
  6. lastword

    Belle Vue v King's Lynn 26/08/19

    I suspect that the track staff were far from being 'caught out'. True it was 'rubbish' meeting as far as the racing went.................but it suited the home team and after all that is what the management required. Gaters' paradise? Yep, but that applies to both teams. Three heat winners from King's Lynn all meeting says it all. I wouldn't be happy to see a meeting like this every week, but the situation demanded an Aces big win and that was what we got.
  7. Dream on!.................. Reference the wider picture...........Aces always up against it tonight . No Fricke, Bewley off form, Bjerre a latecomer to the meeting, all helped the away side. No complaints though, Wolves took their chance and were worthy winners.
  8. lastword


    Sitting there before the match with the rain pelting down.......................surely no chance of any racing........................announcements from the BV commentator suggesting they are giving it another 20 minutes and see how it goes. In truth we had by this time regretted turning up. (In truth there weren't that many of us anyway). And behold! They put on heat one with the rain still falling and it wasn't a bad race. (Considering!). And then, long story short, the racing continued and the track provided a fair stage for both teams. I just wonder how many Premiership matches would have gone ahead in these conditions? So credit to riders of both sides for providing racing (at times really good racing). Shame about the result from a Colts point of view but hey!.
  9. At first glance it appears that there isn't a bad seat in the place BUT for my first visit to Cardiff (many years ago!) I was given seats at the front on the home straight under the over-hang of the stand above. I suggest that you avoid those because although you are close to the track you lose a lot of the stadium atmosphere.
  10. lastword

    Belle Vue 2019

    Jaimon's team were against the third tier whipping boys who haven't won all season. Still, a great performance. He's riding again today ! This time at home and should be a closer match. Worth noting that Luke Becker (USA and Wolves) also scored a max in the rout at Krakow. EDIT: For those still interested....................Lidsey scored his second maximum in two meetings when his team won 47-42 at home.
  11. lastword


    Thanks as always for this race-card. A few interesting spellings though
  12. To some extent I agree with much of your comments about the British Final line-up, but a quick look at the ticket sales for the meeting on the ticket website suggest that the middle (most expensive) area of the grandstand is sold out. The adjacent blocks also show a large numbers of take-ups, with block C sold out also.
  13. Who on earth decided that Aarnio was the answer to the number 7 position? Back from injury (again!) and doesn't manage to complete one race without checking out injured again!
  14. lastword

    BV Colts v. Isle of Wight

    OK thanks Waco......................seems only you and me are really interested...................................so at 48-30 it's goodnight from me and................etc.etc.
  15. OK. Just thought I'd start a thread for tonight's (22/7) match as no-one else seems to have done so. First Colts match I have had to miss for some time so am following on Updates site. Anyone else want to add to the thread? EDIT: 3 x 5-1's in heats 6-8 suddenly put Colts in a good position.................

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