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  1. lastword

    Belle Vue 2019

    Should make for an interesting 'supporters evening' at the NSS next Thursday................... https://bellevue-speedway.com/
  2. lastword

    Team body colours.

    Slightly off topic but I recall that when the current management took over at Belle Vue they had to come up with a new logo as the previous one had been copyright to the then management. Cost a few bob too as even the large sign affixed to the front of the NSS had to be replaced.
  3. lastword

    2nd leg play off final

    Eric can be seen every week in the Craven Suite at Belle Vue meetings. He also sponsors a heat in the programme via his business in Padiham.
  4. Many thanks to all the Updates contributors. Long may it continue!
  5. Apparently the winner of this competition gets a diamond worth ***?zlotys. Any bets on the chances of that actually happening? EDIT: Didn't this competition which was scheduled to be over five rounds only go to two? An example of local politician jumping on the speedway bandwagon in Poland and coming unstuck?
  6. lastword

    Swindon 2019

    Dream on. Really hope that Robins fans will have a team to support in 2019 but the way things are going it could be a Reading situation all over again.
  7. Hi, Mike, Question. In a sport that remains so secretive about attendance figures can you tell us where you obtain the figures in your post? Genuine question, not in any way a criticism. Cheers.
  8. Just to keep the record straight,the collection was in aid of the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund not specifically for Dan. Although hopefully Dan's injuries may have swelled the coffers a bit more than normal.
  9. Regular speedway fans will recognise that the 'people queuing to get in' excuse is often used to disguise something else. It was obvious that the track had not been prepared to the liking of the home management because Mark Lemon was out on the track on his own at 7.20pm with a rake!! The usual interviews with the respective managers took a back seat. In the early exchanges the track provided sub 60 second times, but wasn't at its best in providing chances to pass. Constant 'tractor racing' all the way through gradually provided a surface that served up some of the amazing races normally associated with the NSS.
  10. lastword

    Belle Vue 2018

    Found it, thanks https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/historic-belle-vue-dog-track-14892590
  11. lastword

    Belle Vue 2018

    Could you give us a link to this news, please. Are you saying planning permission has been applied for, or that it has it been granted?
  12. lastword


    Don't really understand how you can get the full experience of a speedway meeting without filling in a programme. Still, each to his own...... But if you want to try it without any cost go onto the Speedway Plus website (http://speedwayplus.com/) where you can create your own race card and it doesn't cost you anything. (League matches only)
  13. Impressive. Usual practice in Poland to publish these rounded up/down figures which have always seemed a bit suspect to me. I did notice that the Torun v.Leszno on May 18th attendance was given in the Star as 5000. If that is correct the management at Torun must be worried.
  14. Just seen on the Leicester website that they call today's condition 'a dusty track' OK, they want to look for excuses for such a dismal performance but it does Simon Stead (was it his quote I wonder?) no credit to suggest a dusty track was to blame. Fact: The track staff did a terrific performance to ensure that the track was NOT dusty. Sorry Simon you need to look elsewhere for your team's showing rather than criticise the Belle Vue track staff.
  15. If that is intended to be a dig I think such criticism from Buxton is laughable. (Get up to Buxton when I can but from what I have seen 2 hour plus meetings are a regular event there). Irony alert!! One of the breaks in racing today was a presentation to the track staff (from a referees poll?) that gave the tractor team a mark of 99.98% over the season!! Yes, it did go on for a time but on a scorching day there wasn't one heat that generated any dust to speak of. And the racing was out of this world!

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