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  1. Just been checking the forecast on the https://www.wunderground.com/ site. Suggests thunderstorms possible in Prague from 8pm. (UK time). Various other sites agree but put the rain later. Fingers crossed!
  2. lastword

    Aces v Wolves Monday 27th May

    Slightly off topic but watching the Lublin/Torun match on TV today and who should pop up for interview? Only our team manager (wearing a Torun shirt) and seemingly there to support his Aussie riders. Didn't seem to work as Lublin went on to win. EDIT: People in some quarters are hinting that Lemon may be looking at a permanent move to Poland. Absolutely no evidence that this may be the case!! Edit 2: https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/824024/pge-ekstraliga-wojciech-zabialowicz-mark-lemon-wpuscil-iskierke-do-zespolu-moze- **Click on 'translate' for English.
  3. We usually get there an hour before the first heat and always see both teams doing their track walk and checking out the gate positions. Then, usually about a half hour later the tractors and water truck are out ,and the gate positions are relaid/torn up/whatever. My point being that the track potentially changes between the track walk and heat one anyway.
  4. Yes the riders in question are Max Fricke, B.Zmarzlik and Tai Woffinden. Leaving aside the fact this new development was introduced without the presence of the defending champion the whole idea of introducing heat times as a way of giving choices of gates in the actual event is surely flawed. Just a gimmick borrowed from Formula one (where it IS beneficial to get a place on the grid) which just cannot work in speedway. How many times have we as supporters watched the best race of the night being in the slowest time?
  5. lastword

    Craig Cook: what next?

    I had to smile when I saw this. Whitehaven (where Cook comes from, and is based) is over 150 miles from Manchester. King's Lynn is nearer!
  6. I detect a slight attempt at sarcasm in that response............... but it was a genuine enquiry.................
  7. Can anyone fill me in on Pawel Miesiac? Looked impressive today.....................but research tells me is 35 years old. History?
  8. lastword

    Belle Vue vs Poole 6/5/19

    Nice to see the NSS featuring again on this 'heat of the day' but agree that they could have found a better example from today's meeting. In truth it wasn't among the best meetings at the stadium but there were better races than this one.
  9. lastword

    Belle Vue vs Poole 6/5/19

    Got a draw......feels like a loss. Not going into all the arguments about how the track was watered today.............same for both teams. Interesting though that in the the post meeting press conference Max Fricke stated that he really doesn't keep up with the team scores during the meeting. Often heard this from riders before, but Fricke is captain for heavens sake!
  10. Excellent meeting at the NSS tonight. Usual close racing and 100 percent effort from both teams. But disappointing crowd. Perhaps this was due to the fact that this was Peterborough's second visit in three home matches? Who decided that this was a good idea? Let's hope that this is the reason because if not then it's worrying.
  11. Thanks Rob for that information. I'm currently at home hours after the meeting and would have appreciated knowing that when I was stood watching. Maybe I missed it but I don't recall any announcement at the track explaining that. But irrespective of the reason and whether I missed any announcement (?)................I am more concerned how any newbies in the crowd would have reacted to the long delay. Like you I'll be there next week and every week after until my legs finally give out but any newcomers might not be.
  12. When a delay like this occurs in a match it is immaterial who is to blame providing the crowd are kept informed as to the reason. In this case we were all just standing there like idiots not knowing what was going on.
  13. Sums it up for me too. You can only take so much of mascot Chase the Ace (who does a great job, don't get me wrong!) clowning around on the centre green with a few kids. And it's worth saying that all this clowning was taking place in front of the grandstand anyway...................at the opposite side of the stadium so completely ignoring those of us in the South stand. And constant playing of old standard 'pop' hits to fill the delay doesn't help. The comparison with the Colts meeting a couple of days before are completely justified. And yes, as with 'keepturningleft' I am an 'old timer'! But take out all the old timers from an average speedway crowd and you won't have too many people left! EDIT: I am behind the BV promotion in everything they are trying to do to keep the Aces viable. But they shouldn't be afraid to accept criticism when well meant.
  14. Just got back from the National League meeting at Belle Vue. 1 p.m. start. Hottest day of the year in Manchester by a mile, but the water browser was out about every three heats (for just a few laps) and the meeting was completed in one hour fifty minutes. No dust at all! It can be done.
  15. lastword

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Hi, Philip, Regarding circulation figures. I am sure that many sales were made back in the day at Belle Vue/KIrkmanshulme Lane via the track shop situated in the space where every fan entered the stadium. This shop was operated by an independent as I recall but nowadays the small shop in the main stand of the NSS is staffed by the club. I watch from the South stand at the NSS so can't say whether the small track shop in the main stand stocks the Star, but if not then perhaps you could address that issue. There is certainly no Star on offer at the South stand, (but then those of us who watch from there are second class citizens to that extent!) Sore point but off topic. I also recall that during my (too many) years following the sport that most tracks I visited always had the Star on sale somewhere, usually from a 'seller' near to the turnstiles. Perhaps this is still the case (if not at B.Vue) but if not it could be addressed as an obvious way to reach those fans who would buy the Star, given the chance, even if only occasionally. Apologies if this post is a case of a fan teaching an expert how to suck eggs, but we cannot let the Star disappear without trying every avenue.

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