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  1. lastword

    Belle Vue 2018

    Found it, thanks https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/historic-belle-vue-dog-track-14892590
  2. lastword

    Belle Vue 2018

    Could you give us a link to this news, please. Are you saying planning permission has been applied for, or that it has it been granted?
  3. lastword


    Don't really understand how you can get the full experience of a speedway meeting without filling in a programme. Still, each to his own...... But if you want to try it without any cost go onto the Speedway Plus website (http://speedwayplus.com/) where you can create your own race card and it doesn't cost you anything. (League matches only)
  4. Impressive. Usual practice in Poland to publish these rounded up/down figures which have always seemed a bit suspect to me. I did notice that the Torun v.Leszno on May 18th attendance was given in the Star as 5000. If that is correct the management at Torun must be worried.
  5. Just seen on the Leicester website that they call today's condition 'a dusty track' OK, they want to look for excuses for such a dismal performance but it does Simon Stead (was it his quote I wonder?) no credit to suggest a dusty track was to blame. Fact: The track staff did a terrific performance to ensure that the track was NOT dusty. Sorry Simon you need to look elsewhere for your team's showing rather than criticise the Belle Vue track staff.
  6. If that is intended to be a dig I think such criticism from Buxton is laughable. (Get up to Buxton when I can but from what I have seen 2 hour plus meetings are a regular event there). Irony alert!! One of the breaks in racing today was a presentation to the track staff (from a referees poll?) that gave the tractor team a mark of 99.98% over the season!! Yes, it did go on for a time but on a scorching day there wasn't one heat that generated any dust to speak of. And the racing was out of this world!
  7. Can't really argue with that idea, but it should be noted that Belle Vue got in first as they named their 2017 end of season club awards as 'The Maugers'.
  8. Hi,Phil, As a regular at Aces meetings I agree that the attendance appears below expectations. But do you have access to attendance figures or are you just taking a guess?
  9. lastword

    Belle Vue 2018

    Has only had one ride (4 laps) in Poland over last 3 weeks. Was in Wroclaw declared team on two occasions but only given the one ride. (Polish rules allow this).
  10. lastword

    Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    I hope that was meant as a compliment to Dan's performance tonight rather than a dig at Cook. Dan is certainly a terrific talent and that heat 15 tonight just proved it. Amazing to watch his confidence on a bike! But I am sure his support team will keep his feet on the ground and let him progress at his own pace. As for Craig only time will tell. He has been around long enough to know you are only as good as your last meeting,especially in Poland. First outing for his Polish side resulted in a four point score from four rides so work to be done there.
  11. lastword

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Looks like SPEEDWAYFORALL has been closed down. https://twitter.com/SPEEDWAYFORALL
  12. lastword


    Absolutely agree! I find the coverage of the overseas scene first class. Thanks to the Star I can hold a half decent conversation about Finnish speedway! And for those few people who don't want the grasstrack news (I am not among them) you should be grateful that you aren't buying it back in the 50's when it included pages of ice hockey (!) news.
  13. Just seen that Drozdz is listed in the Wroclaw team that ride a match tomorrow.
  14. Starke signed on 28 day contract. I don't think that this means that Drozdz is necessarily expected to be out for that long.
  15. lastword

    Swindon Stadium

    Just seen this debate for the first time so forgive me if this has already been stated, but on the plans it seems to indicate a speedway track of 320 metres.

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