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  1. lastword

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    Bollocks! Sorry but there is enough negativity around our sport today without this sort of nonsense. I park in the Pink Bank Lane car park every week (the car park nearest the South Stand) and believe me this claim of a grass banking is absolutely wrong!!! The other issue about the South Stand fans not being able to access the facilities in the grandstand are correct. But any suggestions as to how this could be addressed would be welcome as I cannot see how it can be solved. Truth is if you want a seat and the facilities that go with it ,then you pay for a grandstand seat. It's a matter of choice. And I speak as a South Stand supporter.
  2. lastword

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Just joining in to echo those sentiments. Between me and members of my immediate family we have three subscriptions to the Star. Anybody beat that?
  3. lastword


    Last time I bought a £90 pass was in 2016. Used the Pink Bank Lane car park. Saw no priority being given to pass holders then. Since then just turned up but tend to arrive early so not had any problems. On the other hand when it has been a 'big' match I saw no sign of any priority being given to pass holders. In fact on the odd occasion we arrived a bit later were told to use disabled places. Always assumed that we had just been lucky in getting there with plenty of time. Maybe worth asking the club if you get any benefit for your 90 quid. (If you do then my apologies for appearing negative). Incidentally no criticism of the car park staff intended. Always found them a pleasant bunch.
  4. lastword

    Leicester 2019

    http://speedwayplus.com/ then go to 'programme generator'
  5. lastword

    Poland Div 1 & 2

    Fixtures will be announced on Thursday. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/799586/podjeto-decyzje-ws-nice-1-lz-w-czwartek-poznamy-terminarz
  6. lastword

    Belle Vue 2019

    You just don't get it do you? Andy rode for Aces from 1982-1900, 1998-2001 and 2005. Andy and his missus gave birth to Jack. (And those of us who stood on the home straight at Kirky Lane will remember a scruffy young kid running up and down supporting his Dad). That was Jack. Move on a few years and look at a table in the main stand at the NSS on nights when Jack was riding for the Colts. His mother and many other family members always there to support Jack. And in the pits his father Andy acting as mechanic/manager. Like I said.............you just don't get it do you?
  7. lastword

    Belle Vue 2019

    Err...........Andy?.......British Champion 1993/94/95. Aces in 1982-1990, 1998-2001. Jack is his son for God's sake!!
  8. lastword

    Belle Vue 2019

    Should make for an interesting 'supporters evening' at the NSS next Thursday................... https://bellevue-speedway.com/
  9. lastword

    Team body colours.

    Slightly off topic but I recall that when the current management took over at Belle Vue they had to come up with a new logo as the previous one had been copyright to the then management. Cost a few bob too as even the large sign affixed to the front of the NSS had to be replaced.
  10. lastword

    2nd leg play off final

    Eric can be seen every week in the Craven Suite at Belle Vue meetings. He also sponsors a heat in the programme via his business in Padiham.
  11. Many thanks to all the Updates contributors. Long may it continue!
  12. Apparently the winner of this competition gets a diamond worth ***?zlotys. Any bets on the chances of that actually happening? EDIT: Didn't this competition which was scheduled to be over five rounds only go to two? An example of local politician jumping on the speedway bandwagon in Poland and coming unstuck?
  13. lastword

    Swindon 2019

    Dream on. Really hope that Robins fans will have a team to support in 2019 but the way things are going it could be a Reading situation all over again.
  14. Hi, Mike, Question. In a sport that remains so secretive about attendance figures can you tell us where you obtain the figures in your post? Genuine question, not in any way a criticism. Cheers.
  15. Just to keep the record straight,the collection was in aid of the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund not specifically for Dan. Although hopefully Dan's injuries may have swelled the coffers a bit more than normal.

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