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  1. Statement from the clubs new management http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/news.php?extend.39824
  2. Hi and Thank you, The Dugard's have doubled what the previous promotion paid in rent but its in line with a lot of tracks now.. We are exploring every avenue but at the moment we are trying to see what sponsorship will be pledged before we do anything else.
  3. That is the start up costs but as the article states, we are some way down that road already and talking to potential sponsors for next season..
  4. M.D

    Edinburgh 2022

    Eastbourne is in fact 275 m Fantastic news for the sport and especially Edinburgh fans and promotion Good luck to everybody, dream and plan high..
  5. Yes it is mate, Im Mark and Thank you
  6. https://www.theargus.co.uk/sport/20242210.eastbourne-eagles-fans-need-150-000-revive-speedway-club/
  7. The reply would be something like 'You don't have a business, what you have is a money pit'
  8. Good points but Birminghams rent isn't that high
  9. BSPL fines will be paid first
  10. It is indeed, very much so and thank you
  11. There will be an interview in this weeks Speedway Star explaining a few things..
  12. Yes but the set up costs in a lot of areas are still high, need a new air fence, tractor all of the track equipment is old and by the time 2023 comes round will have been left sitting there unsed for 18 months.
  13. Thank you, we are trying to save a great club in the South East of England that has been tarnished by a previous management structure We have the support of the stadium owners, the BSPL, investors and sponsors but we are looking for more to get it off the ground, we will work on this...
  14. So far wide of the mark mate, but this is looking for sponsors and any investors. Do you honestly think we would be this far down the road without investment in place already?
  15. EASTBOURNE EAGLES STATEMENT 17/06/22 SPEEDWAY 2023 As many of you know we are working on getting the Eagles back on track for the 2023 season. We have spent the last few months working towards this and there are numerous hurdles some of them seemingly insurmountable but we will not give up just yet. We have spoken to the stadium owners, the speedway authorities, various promotions and others who have been involved in speedway at Arlington and other tracks. We would like to have a fans forum in the near future but at this stage we would like to speak to anyone who could potentially sponsor and or invest in the club and those that can/will help run speedway. If we can raise the money and get the help required we can run speedway. Please come back to us if you can meet with us and a date in the next couple of weeks. Steve Chantler- steve@trianglefiresystems.co.uk David Graveling- davidgraveling@gmail.com Michael Gray- michaelgray155@gmail.com Mark Horsman- mghorsman@Hotmail.co.uk
  16. This result reminds me of the season Eastbourne sold Gordon Kennett to Kings Lynn with the expectation that Kelly Moran and Ron Preston would return. Neither American returned and we had the worst season losing at home to Cradley 58-20. Next year Bob Dugard went out and purchased Bobby Schwartz and built a new team, can't see Newcastle repeating this sadly
  17. I think its disgusting the establishment didn't give Tommy B a pick for the series, but thats what it is. I hope he get the pick at Cardiff to show them what he could have done. Watching this on D+
  18. If true, what do you think the set up costs for those riders would be to ride the rest of the season over here? It would at this point not be cost effective for either the rider or club
  19. 9 from 5 in some Shield cup thing, one of his first few meetings at champ level, that leg break was bad he's done well as 2019 was a wasted season..
  20. He made a good few quid out of sponsorship we later found out but where that money went....
  21. this is terrible news, its going to be a big ask to find a new home but I hope they can do it..
  22. Is the weather ok for this before I buy the live stream?

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