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  1. Zagar's last place counts for more than Doyle's exclusion. That put Matej through before the head-to-head check was needed.
  2. I'm about a mile from the track and we've had a light shower. Nothing to worry about so far though.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Nigel Pearson!
  4. Does he fancy becoming a national team manager Mike?
  5. You and your darned facts! Sssshhh!
  6. You watch him get a maximum at Monmore tomorrow night!
  7. Be fair Steve. Chicanes don't move out of the way!
  8. Take that haters! Bomber notches a point!
  9. How about a hatstand? At least they organise something?
  10. .. and Chris Harris is carrying ..? (Let the competition begin)
  11. I hate to be awkward, but I'm having to watch on the SGP site today. Could anyone summarise Woffy's comments in the studio for me?
  12. I can't stand people who make lists too. Can that be added?
  13. I'm not sure either title truly fits, Steve.

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