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  1. I think Ostergaard will find it difficult to find a team place next season because of his inflated average. He may have found a new level of fitness/ scoring potential this year as he started the year in exceptional form but it’s a risk for any team that he will return to his lower scoring abilities. Hope someone takes the plunge and signs him though.
  2. But then no one would have seen them
  3. Steve0

    Kings Lynn 2022

    This isn’t the first time that a promoter (or promoters) have owned more than one club. While not ideal with so few teams in the league - it is what it is and branding is a very strong marketing tool. Why shouldn’t they be involved in the celebrations - they have earned it as much as the team.
  4. Congratulations to Peterborough- best team over both legs of the final. Commiserations to Belle Vue - maybe next year?
  5. The medics will know if Hansi was knocked out or received ”just” a bang to the head - so everyone speculating should just wait to hear if he will be riding or not. They have done last minute rule changes in the past (usually involving Poole!) and it just taints the result IMHO - better to win or lose fairly within the rules. So the only way Lewis Kerr will ride for Peterborough is if MPT doesn’t! it’s all to play for and a difficult one to call (if you look at the league scores). I would like to see Dad’s Army win it just because most people wrote them off at the start of the season. If BV win, I won’t be disappointed though! Good luck to both teams and if the meeting is as good as at the NSS, I will be well happy.
  6. Congratulations to the Aces. Should be an interesting final
  7. Well deserved win for Peterborough
  8. A lovely tribute to Colin Pratt - brought a tear to my eyes. RIP
  9. Steve0

    Swindon Robins 2020

    After 3 years away, it will require a mammoth effort to get people interested in going again as they will have found other things to do on a Thursday evening. Plus the people in the new houses will have some justification in complaining about the noise!
  10. Panthers vs Aces final then (probably - barring any disasters)
  11. The track at Sheffield looked worse than Peterborough’s and they are still trying to get that on. The sky looked clear as well at Peterborough so didn’t look like there would be any rain for a good while - so you have to question why they didn’t try harder to get it on IMHO
  12. A bit over confident there
  13. Steve0

    Premiership Play-Off Ties CONFIRMED

    You seem to be a troll trying to get a reaction!
  14. Steve0

    Premiership Play-Off Ties CONFIRMED

    C’mon Sheffield :-)
  15. You can disagree all you want - and you’d being wrong!

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