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  1. Ah Coatbridge and then Blantyre - old memories. Even remember the Paisley Lions at Love Street
  2. Steve0

    Swindon 2018

    Except they weren't expecting a speedway track at the bottom of the garden - they were expecting it to be moved - so if someone wanted to be difficult I'm sure they could and will be. Exeter managed for many years in the middle of a housing estate but I really don't understand the logic of building houses so close to a motor sport/greyhound venue. I certainly wouldn't want the pits in the bottom of my garden!
  3. Well done Poole - one foot in the final. Still not over for Rebels but they need to ride out of their skins st Poole
  4. Pie rats doing well - who would have thought that Scrabble and Kurtz would. Suddenly find form on their final visit to the Oak Tree Arena this season
  5. My thoughts exactly. I still believe that Reading were robbed that year
  6. Steve0

    Belle Vue 2018

    Not disagreeing about Poole and not suggesting that BV are seasoned cheats but BV (the club not promotion) were caught cheating and were deducted points.
  7. Steve0

    Belle Vue 2018

    There is no stunt, they are not cheating as you keep banging on about! To quote you - “all within the rules”. So stick your dummy back in and stop stirring it!
  8. Steve0

    Belle Vue 2018

  9. Steve0

    Belle Vue 2018

    Someone said that his average is too high!
  10. He’s not the messiah - He’s a very naughty boy!
  11. Are you missing DC2 then - have you not had the opportunity to exact revenge for all his wind-ups earlier in the season - i’m sure you had plenty retorts ready and he’s not been about to direct them to
  12. I’m very calm thanks very much for asking and I get out plenty. I agree it’s a sport and not life or death so am not sure what point you are making - or just trying to look clever?
  13. Swindon fans are sweating on whether there will be speedway next year - glad you find that funny
  14. Is that the best you’ve got. Such a hypocrite! How well did Poole do on aggregate vs the chumps?
  15. Poole fans must be sweating - squeaky bottom time

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