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  1. Steve0

    Ippo v Tigers 16/05/22

    Well done Sheffield - nice to see 4 Swindon riders from the title winning 2019 team - 2 on each team. I think Stevie Worrall got better in commentary as the meeting progressed.
  2. Steve0

    Ippo v Tigers 16/05/22

    It’s not an easy job to do and I wouldn’t like to do it but there is a definite lack of excitement in the presentation. It’s all very well being a competent speedway rider but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do a presenting/commentary role. Tatum and Louis were better in both SGPs. Bring back Brando (for Ermolenko)!
  3. Have to say that Norick Blodorn looks good
  4. One overtake from Basso - and Eurosport missed it - doh!
  5. Basso suffering from TV stage fright? I’ve heard good things about him but not seen that in his first two rides - there’s still time
  6. Some are better! Look at Jason Doyle!
  7. Steve0

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    I thought Kiri did a great job - I thought she was better than Abi who she replaced (because of Covid) and I liked Crumpy with Tatum. I don’t know why Eurosport insist on having Ermolenko as he adds nothing to the presentation. The match itself was a bit one-sided but to be expected given the problems KL had.
  8. Steve0

    Belle Vue 2022

    Can you enlighten me? What rider did Poole sign at the start of a season on a short term contract and then release before the official “transfer window”? If there isn’t one then there is no comparison to make.
  9. Steve0

    Belle Vue 2022

    I didn’t mention Poole - you did!
  10. Steve0

    Belle Vue 2022

    I don’t know what the fuss is about. BV have said Jake Allen was only signed on a temporary contract - strange I know but surely it was best to start the season with 7 riders rather than 6. It’s good to see Zagar back riding in the UK
  11. Great work from Kelvin and Chris - it felt odd without Nigel though Overall, it looks like Discovery have spent a lot to make it a better experience for everyone. I didn’t like Graciela as the host and the music was very loud and off putting throughout. Why use Scott Nicholls when they could use Brando - who is a professional presenter?
  12. With regards to Musielak - on his last visit for Swindon in 2019, he scored 9+2.
  13. Steve0

    Belle Vue 2022

    Casting two fishing rods at the same time! My, you must be bored
  14. Steve0

    Belle Vue 2022

    Sorry I completely disagree with you - what advantage has been gained?
  15. Steve0

    Belle Vue 2022

    Don’t understand that one at all. If his average fits, he is willing to commit and available - what is the problem? There is no rule in the rule book to prevent this - except the same old problem from promoters - self interest and not seeing the bigger picture!!

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