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  1. Steve0

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Well at least they haven’t thrown the towel in yet. How many riders is that now? Shocking!
  2. Have to say I was disappointed with Freddie - having heard so much about him - he looked pretty poor. Put it down to an off night
  3. Two solid looking teams (with Brady and Jakobsen having off nights). One of these teams will finish top and surely won’t pick the other - so these two teams should make the final.
  4. Bomber back to his best - strange seeing him riding for Poole and I think Jakobsen needs to change bikes
  5. Looked a sore one for Summers - looked like he tried to push Klindt hard and came off worse
  6. Wow - Bomber really is made of rubber.
  7. FTG - hopefully will improve
  8. And good team riding from Harris and Woryna
  9. Nice team riding from the Rebels reserves
  10. This abandonment is everything that is wrong with speedway today - no thought whatsoever for the people who have forked out to watch - who were short changed for what appears to be no valid reason. No wonder speedway is on its @rse! This is a general rant about British speedway and not specifically aimed at Poole!
  11. Morra will be fine for the play offs - should Swindon finish in top 4
  12. You are coming over as bitter and twisted with your posts and tweets. It’s all swings and roundabouts and evens out in the end. #justsaying
  13. Steve0

    Swindon 2018

    If you read what he wrote - that’s what he said!
  14. Only when Poole are the visitors!
  15. Who is Steve Robson?
  16. Steve0

    Poole 2018

    He has been riding for a decent club all season - Glasgow!
  17. Steve0

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Except Somerset have got their act together this season. Leicester were tipped to make the play offs - and probably would have done with their original team but we will never know. The current team isn’t going to stop the Lions winning the wooden spoon this season as they are cast adrift at the bottom of the table.
  18. Nope - there are no live TV meetings tonight
  19. Steve0

    Poole 2018

    If only Poole fans were as generous to their injured riders as Glasgow fans were for Lewis Kerr (£2,014.53). Glasgow fans are a different class!
  20. I think you’ll find that Steve Lawson retired a few years ago. Is it his son (Richard) you are talking about? (Who rides for Somerset). Or is it Steve Worrall ?
  21. Steve0

    Eastbourne 2018

    RIP Bob Dugard
  22. Poole have done nothing wrong in assembling their team. Riders have started the season and been discarded because of poor form. Riders have been discarded when they were riding to and above their averages and riders who have been poor all season have finally found some form - only after Poole managed to strengthen their team - all within the rules. Poole now have the team they thought they had at the start of the season and anything less than winning the playoffs will be more disappointing than Swindon whooping them at home this season. They will totally deserve what’s coming to them!
  23. If it’s the same as Swindon then it’s down to H&S
  24. I suggest you re-read then. It was posted by foreverblue - so that should be a clue!

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