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    collecting speedway dvds videos books mags
  1. REBELS77

    Ricky Ashworth - Best Wishes

    Get Well Soon Ricky
  2. Scott should be at cardff came 2nd in the race that counts........Well done Tai Fully deserved the Title.....
  3. REBELS77

    Chris Harris Cardiff Wild Card

    I Cant believe there have done this,the only thing that makes the British Final interesting there take away WHY ? I remember the days of Lee Collins and Simmons winning when the British Final meant something you can really see why British speedway is dying.........and to pick Harris ???? at least pick an up and coming young rider im sorry been a speedway fan for 37 years but the sport just gets worse and worse I feel nobody cares for the fans....
  4. REBELS77

    John Berry

    Agree with all he above John was always a good read BackTrack wont be the same
  5. REBELS77

    Rip Lee Richardson #RICO

    So So Sad God Bless Rico
  6. REBELS77

    New Rayleigh Rockets Dvd

    The only film of the Rebels in acton is 1977 Cradley Vs White City I think the score was 331/2 441/2 to the Rebels,It was filmed by local TV Ive asked before if anybody has this dont this anybody dose.
  7. REBELS77


    Always remember when Olsen or Mauger played around at the start line he would always say Playing Ducks and Drakes
  8. REBELS77

    Itv's World Of Sport

    I know not many people had videos in the late 70s but does anybody have a copy of the 1977 Cradley vs White City ?? and the Daily Mirror Grand Prix Final from White City in 1976 Thanks ........
  9. REBELS77

    Leigh Adams

    Very sad News Best wishes to Leigh for a speedy recovery
  10. Well Done Scott How was it a hollow win Picked himself up from first bend crash started from the worst grid,he wasnt that hard on Chris if it was im sure Chris would not have been so gracious in defeat.Felt for Ta but his day will come im sure of that.
  11. REBELS77

    Peter Collins

    Best Wishes PC for a speedy recovery My first season was 1976 was thirlled when you won the world title pround to have watched you at your best
  12. REBELS77

    Bruce Penhall

    Hi Tony Could you please ask Bruce why in that Ht 19 at the 82 Overseas Final why didnt he just stall on the Start line or slide off on the first bend did he honestly think that pulling wheeles at the back of the field would go down well with the british fans knowing that what he done cost british riders they place in the next round, Thanks
  13. I was a White City fan, really loved supporting them 76-78 the great league winning team of 77 Gordon Kennett Steve Weatherley Marek Cieslak still heros to me,but once it shut down followed Eastbourne and enjoyed they 2 titles in 86 and 87,But once you team has gone it never feels the same went to Wimbledon and Hackney but felt like I was just watching as I love the sport, has anybody supported another team once your track has shut down and really meant it or deep down you knew that as for me you only loved that first team you supported.....
  14. REBELS77

    Jan Verner In 1976

    Robbie B before you put it on your website he did this in 1977 not 76
  15. REBELS77

    Brothers In Speedway

    What about Vladimir and Valery Gordeev Russian World Finallists of the 1970s

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