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  1. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Most teams have built their teams as the rules are now so ALL teams should abide by them. IF they decide to change the rule to allow 6+ PL riders in, then changes CAN be made AFTER the season has started & after the rider to be changed has ridden a certain number of meetings of after a set date. That way, it is fair for all clubs.
  2. Race Nights

    If the Premiership is going Monday & Wednesday then stick to it. Championship should still have Good Friday & Premiership Monday. Now, fans have got to watch out for double uppers missing. I bet Premiership racing will be May Day, Spring Bank & August Bank Holiday only. Stop messing the fans about!
  3. Newcastle 2018

    Stead was one of those riders that was a team man & willing to settle behind a team mate not like others I see racing for the extra point/money, gets himself or his team mate in trouble, not racing for his, & the supporters, team.
  4. Lambert was fit one day,had an injury the next day, was fit again the next to pick & chose when he wanted to represent Newcastle in the Pairs & Fours!
  5. He gave an opinion based on the rules which are made by the SCB not BSPA. Since when has there NOT been grey areas in the rules. Yourselves & Newcastle did not send your top 4 by averages which is the main point in your declared team.
  6. Edinburgh 2018

    That is one. This weekend, how many Brits do you think will be in the starting 11 of the 20 teams?
  7. Edinburgh 2018

    So why do the 3 main leagues in Europe(Poland, Sweden & Denmark) have rules in place for home grown riders. We had it in place & still riders like Jacobs & Nielsen could not get starting places in 2017, & now the rule has been thrown to one side. We, also, had the EDR system even though it was biased & flawed. But, we are not the only sport that dumps Brits for foreigners!
  8. Scorpions 2018

    Get in touch with Lakeside as there might be a way to get some of our riders on old averages
  9. Scorpions 2018

    I have posted that our no7 will be riding against fellow no7's with a few having a 4+ average which means experience at this level. What I see, as a problem, is that there are still a lot of riders doubling up & if they are injured, it affects both teams. Using r/r & a no6 struggling for whatever reason will hit you hard. This applies to all teams but is a reason why I would not have a novice at no7.
  10. Joe Jacobs

    I was wondering the same towards the end of this last season, when we knew we were losing Ryan Douglas. He was signed on a 3 year visa giving him time to adjust to a new country, lifestyle riding differing tracks. He had been hampered by injuries & confidence issues but trying the GTR from the start of the season left him with a mountain to climb. How many other Aussies are on long term visa's as I expect Campton to be one of them. I did note down that there were over a dozen that had not reached a 7point average.
  11. Lakeside 2018

    Keep up Jenga. Premiership will ride Mondays & Wednesdays & some Thursdays(Swindon at home). Friday, as you say, should be a no no as Workington were refused a change of race night so Saturday should be their option.
  12. Scorpions 2018

    Only the "Secret Society" will know the rules as they will not be available to the public & probable changes and/or additions will be made through out the season to suit.
  13. Belle Vue 2018

    Get in touch with the Lakeside promotion as they, even though it is their first year in the Championship, seem to know or adapt the rules better than other teams to get riders on their lowest averages(from 2016) even though they have a 2017 average. Still, nobody knows how though.
  14. Scorpions 2018

    hence, why I put "unless reserve swaps or t/sub" Heat 2 guaranteed if there & ready Heat 4 protected unless of injury Heat 8 protected of t/sub but not reserve swap
  15. Scorpions 2018

    at the moment, who ever it is, he will be riding against fellow no7's 3 times, unless reserve swaps or t/sub Etheridge 5.06, JPB 2.00, Hume 2.00, Zach 2.63, Smith 2.57, Bickley 2.00