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  1. Saturday afternoon gives time for people to travel there & to get home early enough. Just a short trip across the A66 for you guys.
  2. IronScorpion

    REDCAR 2019

    Taken from updates site http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/1292/redcar-sheffield-pt-13-06 Hope this helps
  3. IronScorpion

    Swindon Stadium

    From the photo's only, has all this work been done in 24-48 hours? Has the new area been allowed to settle yet?
  4. IronScorpion

    2019 Regulations

    Have you read the IRR Rule? It states if a rider is injured then any rider under his average can take an additional ride. It is not the best 3 riders all take a ride each. It is much fairer if a no1 gets injured than having reserves take rides.
  5. The four Leicester riders in the main field scored well plus the two reserves scored from a few rides. Bodes well for them this year.
  6. IronScorpion

    2019 Press & Practice Dates

    Scunthorpe Friday 22nd March from 5pm. Meet the riders later in the clubhouse from 7pm.
  7. I was not having a go just stating that everything was in the Redcar thread although I do agree, it should be in this section. If it upsets you THAT much, FFS Get A Life!!
  8. IronScorpion

    Swindon Stadium

    Is it still a requisite that no houses are to be started on until the stadium is finished? Is Osborne still waiting to implement his dirty tricks, as usual/
  9. Jedd List replaces Steve Worrall
  10. IronScorpion

    Newcastle 2019

    I mentioned using a grading system including rolling averages about 3 seasons ago & was shot down by numerous posters saying we should not be going backwards but looking forwards. Some rules actually worked years ago. To stop manipulation, I also posted about having your lowest 4 or 5 scores removed from a rolling average when we were using the last 30 meetings.
  11. Everything that has been posted so far has been in the Redcar 2019 thread in the Championship section.
  12. IronScorpion

    2019 Championship Confirmed Signings

    The truth is Victor & Nike Lunna OUT & S Worrall IN. A N Other to follow
  13. IronScorpion

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Pretty sure the weather was unkind last March! http://www.scunthorpe-speedway.com/?p=8235 http://www.scunthorpe-speedway.com/?p=8247
  14. IronScorpion

    2019 Regulations

    Yes. Time is running out. Only around 4 weeks until the first meetings!

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