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  1. IronScorpion

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I posted that it would probably be the opening meeting in 2019 as I had not heard or seen anything since it was mentioned in the AGM brief & our website.
  2. IronScorpion

    Methanol In Engine Oil

  3. The BSPA did. They put out a statement saying the were reverting back to only 3 meetings per race night(fixed tracks) with teams reverting back to main race night. Alternative race nights only to be used if Friday night track did not have a meeting or were riding at a similar Friday night track. Yes, fixtures were agreed back in February but the increase in injured riders meant that there were limited guests available. Even the SCB have had to make amendments to rules as the season progressed. We don't live in a perfect world where every thing & every one is perfect.
  4. Depending on the number of teams involved this years, certain issues need addressing. If we start with a shield it is run to a conclusion as soon as possible. Fixture dates could double up ie having one date for 2 competitions. If on that date, any team is involved in the shield then it takes priority. If not it becomes a league fixture. The league is run to a conclusion, league winners & no play- offs. The end of season is the KO Cup meaning more teams & riders are involved for a longer period. SIMPLES !!!!
  5. IronScorpion

    Workington 2018 .

    Considering you are down to ride at Lakeside(Rye House) in some other Final (OOOOPPPSSSS !!!!!!!) I guess we have move to an alternative race day to accommodate you.
  6. IronScorpion

    Peterborough v Scorpions 13.10.18 7pm

    I sincerely hope it was not the last meeting at the Showground. The meeting was not just lost last night as it was a 2 legged semi final & some of your riders did not turn up for the 1st one.
  7. IronScorpion

    Peterborough v Scorpions 13.10.18 7pm

    This meeting had nothing to do with finishing 9th in the league. It was the KO Cup!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. IronScorpion

    Peterborough v Scorpions 13.10.18 7pm

    There were quite a few Scorpion fans there, not just on the back straight but in the grandstand & on bend 1. As I said, just 5 minutes for the fans. As for the winners, yes you won on the night & we won on aggregate getting through to or first ever KO Final. As for missing the fireworks at the end, I was not too bothered as there was no fireworks(entertainment) on track just the excitement of the Panthers fans in closing the gap. I do enjoy my meetings at Peterborough not just as a Scorpion fan but as a Speedway fan as a neutral sometimes but why the track was prepared like that, warm weather & not a hint of rain so why was there no dirt to have the usual multi line racing rather than a gate & go bore fest.
  9. IronScorpion

    Peterborough v Scorpions 13.10.18 7pm

    What a meeting that was and now I have the utter DISGUST AT THE PROMOTION AND MANAGEMENT OF PETERBOROUGH SPEEDWAY AT THE DISRESPECTFUL ATTITUDE shown to the promotion, riders & fans of Scunthorpe Speedway. At the end of the meeting, all we wanted was the riders to come round on a lap of honour to show the fans how grateful we were in the end getting through to our first KO Final. What did we get! 2 laps of the Peterborough riders on the truck & promotion on the bikes. Then the interviews started. With that I walked over to the pit fence & saw our riders, still in gear, sat or stood in the away pit area. I went back to the bend 1 area to where our fans had congregated to tell them what I saw & some of us started to walk back to the car park. On arrival at the car, we were greeted with the sound of fireworks exploding in the night time sky. THANK YOU PETERBOROUGH FOR OUR 5 MINUTES OF GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. As others have pointed out, it is a numbers game but it is about the number of teams & number of riders available. The Polish leagues are 8 teams with squads of 10 riders or more & some of these are never used. That is around 240 named riders that do not double up. I posted earlier that over these last 2 years we have used around 65 3.5+ riders so 8 rider squads could be used with 6 man teams. I also think NL riders should not be riding in the PL as there are not many of the likes of Bewley that can make it but bringing them through steadily, league to league, gaining more experience is the way to go. The likes of Kemp, Brennan & Flint are next in line but we have seen NL riders struggle to adapt in the CL this year. If we make new plans, let us stick to them & make them work as over these last few years with the EDR(should have been used in middle league not top), 2 British riders per team(should still be in place or increased to 3) need time. The changing of rules really need thinking through by the SCB & the BSPA & tweaking to make it rigid & not half hearted(an example this week with the use of guests Morris & Ellis). Learn from previous years mistakes, rewrite them & set them in stone. There must be an unbiased group of ex referees & riders set up to sort this mess out.
  11. I have been looking at the Polish thread on fixtures & noticed they run from April to September. They run a 8 team division having 14 matches in a 21 week period. They only run twice in June & twice in July (1st & 29th) thus having a break for Speedway Of Nations as it involves the top riders. We could run similar by having an 8 team league only racing on a fixed night of Monday. This takes away the problem of riding on a Wednesday which is the night of the Danish league. We do not have many top riders over here we do not need the break in July. We could have 6 man teams thus giving riders 5 rides each earning 25% more than now. If we make it more of a TOP league then lowest average rider is to be not lower than 3.5 or 4. We could use a named squad of 8 or 9 riders with the extra riders only used for injuries rather than a guest system. The team make up would still be based on averages but to 45 as the 15 heats are guaranteed rides. In 2017 & 2018 there have been about 65 riders used with averages of 3.5+. The Premiership could consist of Belle Vue, Kings Lynn, Leicester, Poole, Somerset, Swindon, Wolverhampton, Ipswich or Peterborough keeping it southern based. Make rules much more simple such as tape touching. Straight forward exclusion, no 15m, no replacement as in a better performing reserve. Rider suffers, team suffers. The Championship is run similar to how it is now but with an increase in numbers with possibly Lakeside/Rye House, Birmingham, Mildenhall, Kent, Eastbourne added to the list. The National League could consist of the remaining teams plus junior teams from the above leagues
  12. I was looking forward to the 2nd leg after being to Kings Lynn a few times this year but after reading all the pages on here mainly with the use of guests, I find it unbelievable that lessons have not been learned from last year. Scott Nicholls was a rider used by Sheffield in both legs of the KO Semi final last year(all above board). In the Final, he rode for Peterborough at Peterborough then for Ipswich at Ipswich and this raised eyebrows to how it could happen but, again, all above board & within the rules. We have had t/r & now t/s used in the league but not in 2 legged matches. A rule was put in place this year allowing a guest to only ride for 1 team in a 2 legged KO Cup Match. Obviously, we now know it should have been put in the section covering guests for all 2 legged matches & an amendment rule has been put in place. Poole did nothing wrong in picking Morris & Ellis to guest after Brady Kurtz got injured. Kings Lynn did nothing wrong in choosing Ellis to guest after Iversen was injured. Now, the BSPA have come out with a statement mentioning the credibility of our sport & going against rules in place because of the event at the weekend putting Tai & British Speedway in the news spotlight. This just shows that rules can be broken at any time with permission of the BSPA. We, at Scunthorpe, were trying to do something by removing a rider in the best interest of his mental health & suffering but was after the transfer deadline. We were only doing what a few others had done in the past but were not choosing a specific rider to replace him but by giving other young British riders a chance to see what they could do. Most of the replacements were below his scoring average in the NL so we were not seeking an advantage as others have perpetrated. Even the rider himself has come out & said he made a mistake by saying he wanted to carry on.
  13. who's to say I haven't met/seen you already a fortnight ago.
  14. You're asking a bit much, aren't you? Regarding r/r for Bewley, your success has been down to strength in depth, not having a recognised no1 but riders that can win races but also come 3rd or 4th. This has led to any of your top 6 being no1 or a reserve. Klindt, Jensen & 2 from Campton should cover r/r.
  15. 'cos you will be buying from either of the "2 witches" in taylorj or shazza which they have been called lately(appropriate time of the year) Other than that they are the programme sellers.

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