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  1. Just like Shaun, the one you have at Sheffield, our ex presenter.
  2. I would hope that all the riders would have kept localish, sort out their machine problems(engines & clutches, & get to the EWR for a spin to make sure all is ok. A break for tea then get psyched up for the "must win" meeting. Good luck lads.
  3. With the unfortunate bike problem for Allen, it maybe hit us a bit & the tide turned. Having your top 3 riders when dialled in at Sheffield, helps. Howarth in 10, Bjerre in 11, Wright in 12, Howarth & Bjerre in 13, Wright in 14 for r/r means that these 3 are not going to give many points away at the tail end of a meeting. We had our problems, machinery wise & I don't think you had many but you deserved the win putting the bikes in the right places when the racing was tight.
  4. Kings Lynn V Poole 25/04/18

    Only if there is an injury to Kurtz & Batchelor guests & Holder returns for Kildemand.
  5. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    It is in the SS as well as D Peet's verdict putting the incident of Manzares's engine blowing up as the reason for our defeat. Instead of being level at 12 all we were 14-10 behind. There were still 11 heats remaining so saying we were playing catch up, & all the riders were trying, there were other areas to explore & these must be put right. We even tried the t/s in heat 6 using Auty for Phillips. IF ONLY Steve was there it could have been a different story, with it being his home track for the last few years, as a few pointers could have been passed on.
  6. Somerset vs Leicester 18/04/18

    Christ we've only had 2 meetings! That's the sort of post I would come to expect from someone like Shovlar and not yourself! I'm certainly giving him the benefit of the doubt after a big crash in Poland only recently. It's not a criticism. For example, why bust a gut in heat 15 if the match is already won and there's no longer anything to gain by winning by more than 6. Only 8 points up & meeting won but a 3-3 would have stopped Leicester getting a consolation point.
  7. Scorpions 2018

    I think this fixture was made to attract fans leaving Cardiff & getting home. By the time fans leave the Cardiff area, I would think there would be a change of drivers/toilet break & maybe 4pm was cutting it fine , hence it being put back 1 hour. I think it is best to check your promotion for the answers that you require.
  8. Scorpions 2018

    Being last years rider, Rob knows what he did last year (10 & 16) but a lot of riders are not up to speed yet. Lawson scored 8 in both visits & R Worrall scored 10 & 14. It is hard to get the right guest, but without being there, reading the updates, Kerr was pushing in his 1st but couldn't get past, scored 5 in his next 2 then last in the hard ht13. We have been outscored in both matches in the reserve department & I think most expected more from Allen & Nielsen who normally rides the small tracks well (Mildenhall, Plymouth & Rye House). It seems from what D Peet has said was that although the spirit is there, the lads were trying, it just did not happen on the day. Just take other results that have happened this last 2 weeks. Peterborough's results against Lakeside & Ipswich & Glasgows loss at Berwick are a few that, I think, most would say, were unexpected, if being truthfull.
  9. Scorpions 2018

    by the way, there is another topic for the Scorpions for 2018
  10. Scorpions 2018

    Was Rob thinking that because of last weeks result we could cope with Kerr at no1. He is NOT a no1 & we need a no1 to replace a no 1 whether he has rode Newcastle well before or not. This IS THE problem though. What a rider scores previously is not what he can score for us. Look back to last year when Howarth was scoring for fun against us but when he guested for us we expected more. It is all about on the day & at the end of it we were beat. We have to shake ourselves down, regroup for this next week.
  11. Have you checked the weather forecast? Maybe ok now but race time, very dodgy! http://www.metcheck.com/WEATHER/now_and_next.asp?zipcode=newcastle&locationID=62684&lat=55&lon=-1.6&GL=MULT https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/map/gcybg0u3e#?zoom=9&lat=54.98&lon=-1.62&map=Rainfall&fcTime=1523754000
  12. Scorpions vs Diamonds - 13.4.18 19.30

    The rain was expected to stop early morning then Rob & his crew were hoping to prepare the track early afternoon for the evenings racing. Rob also has a job to do at his garage. When the crew were at the track, they found out that it was a losing battle to prepare the track. http://scunthorpescorpions.co/?p=8351
  13. Scorpions vs Diamonds - 13.4.18 19.30

    tut tut tut. you should know better with the high water table around Owlerton & Hillsborough that causes postponements. Plus, when the site was bought it was from a part of our steelworks & we intended to dig down far enough to make a "bowl" shape for raised viewing. Unfortunately, we hit hard rock & steel which was too costly to remove, hence our water level at the track being, relatively, high.
  14. Scorpions vs Diamonds - 13.4.18 19.30

    Track too wet with no drying wind or decent temperature. As we have been, in the past, a promotion that likes to get meetings on, it is not the weather at race time that matters, it's the time before. The ground in our gardens is probably saturated which means heavy vehicles cannot get on the track to prepare it. We like to see a decent meeting with decent races & it has to be safe for the riders(visibility). With us having a shortened fixture programme this year, there should be plenty of dates for re-arranging. The amount of rain-offs in the Premiership might cause problems for them though.
  15. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    18.10.3 This rule is in bold so is new this year. Any rider that is in a current 1-7 can guest in either league. If the rider does not have a MA in the league he will be guesting in, then the 1.3 conversion applies. His then average must be lower than the rider he is replacing. A rider may guest only once within an 8 day period unless he is replacing a home teams no1. Looking at the guests Rob has chosen, even though we performed very well last week, he does not want to give riders, in our league, any practice on our track. Pre season, I think it has been noted, that when we had a private practice on a Wednesday, Ipswich were also here. Sheffield, being here next week, is a perfect example of not using Howarth tonight.