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  1. IronScorpion

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    I will repeat my post that I asked Lewis ....................."give us your opinions of riders available that could change matters."
  2. IronScorpion

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    I am following both meetings on tonight at Lakeside & Workington & some has posted that the hope Bickley score his 1st point beating an opposing rider. He has scored a point but only after Proctor fell. Sorry!
  3. IronScorpion

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Lewis, give us your opinions of riders available that could change matters.
  4. IronScorpion

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Prior to the Peterborough meeting, Danny only had 4 x 3rd places in 24 races. Has he not got the confidence yet or the settings right. Surely someone should try his bikes to see if that is the problem.
  5. IronScorpion

    Lakeside v Scunthorpe 23 June

    Always was going to be as was using Aarnio for Stefan until his injury on Tuesday. Now it's Howe.
  6. IronScorpion

    Workington v Glasgow 23/06/18 7:00pm

    Sarjeant winning heat 2 will have someone spitting feathers on here!
  7. IronScorpion

    Scorpions v Lakeside 22.6.18 7.30pm

    Not too sure if Danny was trapped as it was right in front of us but hidden by the air fence in heat 7 but Lakeside had riders in 1st & 2nd & Garrity did not go off 15m either, so there were 2 instances when this rule could have been applied. Let us not be biased but look at all heats that could have had infringements to both sides.
  8. IronScorpion

    Lakeside v Scunthorpe 23 June

    I looked earlier in the week at possible guests & thought NBJ could be used because of how he went last week but we went with our friend David Howe. Although he score 6 he only beat his own rider in Doolan & their reserves. Not sure if others available but up to the 7.15 for Nielsen but could Summers, Robson or Toft been better options with the latter 2 riding well this last week.
  9. IronScorpion

    Scorpions v Lakeside 22.6.18 7.30pm

    My point, too, plus riding with & against better riders. We knew when the team was made that we hoped he would chip in with a few points & he has improved his average slightly. Is he carrying a bit too much weight compared to the other youngsters because of his injury last year & has bulked up in muscle to protect his back.Luck is not going our way at the moment & I still think we are guesting in the wrong position. Bowtell scored 4+2 from his first 2 rides but luck was with him. Manzares locked up to avoid Phillips, put his arm up expecting the race to be stopped(his mistake), then set off after Bowtell. Two retirements in heat 4 gave him more points that he wouldn't have expected but it's about being in the right place at the right time & it is not going our way. The scores posted above by our guests at no1 have, in my eyes, been poor, but terrific effort by Wright in heat 10 to get by Ellis showed a bit of fight or was he wound up by other things. We will see next week what he can score. Did anyone else see the scores Schlein scored after Friday? 15 from 6 at P'boro, 6 from 4 at home in PL & 12+2 from 5 at home v Edinburgh. Let us, also, see hoe Howarth goes! Our best guest used has been Summers at Glasgow & he was at no2!!!!!! I am sure our better riders could & have scored better than our guests at no1(11 & 9 using Auty, Garrity, Allen & Nielsen). I, also, wait with interest the names of riders who could replace Phillips if we went down that route. Scoring big points regularly in the NL must give you confidence but does not make you a 3 point rider in the CL. It is a big step up.
  10. IronScorpion

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Flint to Berwick & Kemp to Ipswich but that will be in 2019.
  11. IronScorpion

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Not sure on BWD but wasn't he on a 28 day injury replacement & did not complete enough meetings for a real average, hence when he "signed" for Peterborough a PL average converted was applied.
  12. IronScorpion

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    In 2018, he is/was riding in both leagues so the average applying to that league counts. A recent average only applies if he is riding in 1 league and the conversion rate is applied.
  13. IronScorpion

    Brummies v Belle Vue Wed 20th June NL

    As for the Coventry match, Butcher fell in his 1st ride took his 2nd & 3rd & was replaced in his 4th. If you know different to the updates & there is nothing on your own website report to say there was an injury. next???
  14. IronScorpion

    Brummies v Belle Vue Wed 20th June NL

    Eastbourne match Heat 14: Flint, Edwards, Walker, Dugard 4-2 (49-35) 62.41 Line Up: Walker, Butcher Flint, Edwards, Dugard Comments: Flint replaces Butcher. Flint gated with Eagles behind but Walker steamed past both of them round the outside. He drew up alongside Flint who i dont think realised it was his team mate and shut door on him which enabled Edwards to come through to 2nd. Read more: http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/17879/eastbourne-nl-06-2018?page=1#ixzz5J3fKQhsX Flint took a r/r in heat 9 but no heat 15 unless you know different to the updates? next??
  15. IronScorpion

    Brummies v Belle Vue Wed 20th June NL

    http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/17842/coventry-nt-30-05-2018 http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/17879/eastbourne-nl-06-2018?page=1 Flint, in other meetings, has taken extra rides through IRR, r/r or heat 15 but these 2 were reserve swaps!

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