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  1. Especially the outdoors ones
  2. Baldyman

    Ipswich 2020

    I didn't see it, and as much as I would like to see crump as a witch,,, I still think his average is too high. So would be starting the season on the down slope instantly. Having said that,, I will be glad to have any team to follow at the moment.
  3. Think mildenhall always did a reliant Robin meeting
  4. I think someone should tell the local news this has been moved. Just been on and they saying it going on without a crowd,, but looking unlikely with the weather. No,,, it's been moved to belle Vue already you donuts
  5. Hope not,,,, he gave up his place,,, and that's how it should stay
  6. Luckily it never rains in Manchester. Gotta say thanks to Chris Louis and all those that have helped and given their time like Bob the trackman for the efforts they have put in to stage this.
  7. Looking at those riders,, King Schlien Lawson Kerr final
  8. As they say in Essex,,,, the only way is live speedway
  9. I'm not that old,,, as far as speedway fans go,,, I'm not old at all.
  10. No cable TV either. I've never bothered with Gadgets,, and I've never really needed a computer, so never needed Internet. I have a few gigs on my phone,, and that's normally plenty for what I normally do.
  11. I only have mobile data,, so I'm out of luck by the look of it
  12. Dont you need a smart TV to be able to cast to? As I haven't got a smart TV,, I've got an old one which is dumb. Added to that,, I probably don't have enough mobile data either.
  13. I would imagine they will,, but I don't have a lap top
  14. I was paying 20 to watch at stadium,,, but I won't pay 13 to watch on a little screen on my phone..
  15. Zero fear here., but I have heard of some not leaving their house for the last 6 months

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