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  1. Baldyman

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    Still you still got number 1. Whilst you have number 1 it's still good. I hope you don't lose it either, every club needs as many fans that it can.
  2. Baldyman

    Ipswich 2018

    They should score well on Thursday, big score coming from Heeps I think and so it should be.
  3. Baldyman

    Ipswich 2018

    That would be interesting, as doyle isn't the most popular with the witches fans I know.
  4. Total rubbish at a rubbish track last week in the sunshine, this week it's rained off when some proper speedway at a proper track is to be on TV.
  5. Baldyman

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    I would have thought a few, but not as many as you may think, it's the lemmings thing again.
  6. Baldyman

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    I'm not the judge of what is acceptable and what isn't, but I must admit I am partial to a piss. Especially after a few large ones
  7. Baldyman

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    Piss piss piss ....Oh yeah piss is perfectly acceptable. Is pissing though?
  8. Baldyman

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    You had a very good side last year. And this is the division we belong.
  9. Baldyman

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    Should be an easy enough home win whatever team the witches put out, unfortunately one sided meetings like this don't wet my whistle.
  10. Baldyman

    Ipswich 2018

    Luckily for speedway there are just enough lemmings at some tracks..but obviously not at all. There is an expression that you should make hay when the sun shines, unfortunately it seems not many if any have ever heard that expression.
  11. Baldyman

    Ipswich 2018

    Some riders have the latest wizz bang engines, tuned by the best tuners, and they are not good enough to get the best out of them, only the top riders need the best stuff.
  12. Baldyman

    Ipswich 2018

    I'm already lost though jenga, I've turned into a part time supporter, I now pick and choose which ones I watch and where. I now try to pick quality of quantity.
  13. Baldyman

    Ipswich 2018

    He probably won't make any changes, just put the team back to 7 riders, which is his choice, it's then mine to decide if I want to pay to watch it or not.
  14. Baldyman

    Ipswich 2018

    Just get shot of a few..they ain't exactly scoring what we would hope. And we ain't got a chance in hell with them, but might do without them.
  15. Baldyman

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Lakeside pairing should cruise to overall victory

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