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  1. But ours will struggle most tracks,,, too many one trick ponys
  2. Ipswich heat leaders flop again
  3. Is it better than the old track?
  4. How's the track for good racing?
  5. Only sings when they are winning
  6. Apart from belle Vue,,, I think fans of nearly all other clubs would like a track the same as the showground as their home track. Don't think I've ever seen a poor meeting there
  7. Bomber is back now anyway,,, which leads me to a prediction of a Swindon win by 16 to 20
  8. I think Kurtz would be the better option,, but if Harris is back then he is back.
  9. So Bomber has tweeted he is back racing tomorrow,,, does that mean he is also back for the Witches
  10. In form is classed as 2 home wins and a reasonably big away defeat
  11. With Kurtz having already been there and scored 13,,looks like the best choice of guest to me.
  12. Very fit and very much lighter,,, it's like watching a different rider.
  13. This years Heeps is so far away from the Wolves one.

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