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  1. Depends if the other half comes home early
  2. Well I'm blaming Buster for my burnt fish fingers to tea, I would have appreciated an early pull out
  3. Baldyman

    Swindon vs Ipswich

    Looking forward to my first visit to the newly shaped track,,,, let's see how much confidence our riders got by scoring some points tonight. Would be nice to at least put up a half decent display,
  4. This really will be a lemming fest tonight, I bet its still a good gate
  5. To be honest, I doubt it will make much difference to the crowd at all,,, maybe a very small amount but nothing major, it's speedway and the diehards will go and watch it no matter what. And for that they should be applauded,, they just loves the sight and noise of speedway bikes going round a track.
  6. I know,, they have been doing a reasonable job of that on their own, don't need busters help. All will be good after tonight though and another 3 points on the board.
  7. Poole were here a few weeks ago with a side no one thought had any chance getting even slightly close, and they won. You never know.
  8. It's the tracks fault, who would have guessed.
  9. Who knows, but the panthers fsns blame him for everything, so I thought I would,, but as you can see, I did back track and say no he isn't. I could have deleted it, but I didn't.
  10. Is Buster taking the rise out of the paying public? Actually, scrap that, no he isn't, just worked it out. Sorry my bad, doh.
  11. Blimey Badge,, if they can't beat that team, then they need to give up and do something else.
  12. Although I won't be there, plenty will be, and sometimes the meetings you don't think will be very good turn out to be the best ones. Also if the witches pull off a big win against an awful team, they can hype it up in the press about how the previous loses were just a blip
  13. Gotta be at least a 20 point win to the witches minimum now.
  14. Can't blame him,, being paid for testing your own stuff.
  15. Read somewhere earlier, that Harris has some or a new tuned motor for tonight.
  16. Baldyman

    Race for the top 4

    Okay we will see, we will see I'm right
  17. Baldyman

    Race for the top 4

    Not for me, poole already won at wolves and wolves no where in the return. Like the Ipswich team, when they all click never happens
  18. Baldyman

    Race for the top 4

    Only Swindon have a chance of beating Poole in a final. The rest of us might as well not bother.
  19. Luckily for Ipswich it's the panthers, any other team apart from belle Vue would be leaving with the points.
  20. Baldyman

    Ipswich 2019

    As the riders average go down it makes riders harder to find too. I'm gonna guess all the riders averages will be going down apart from Danny I honestly don't think there are any riders you could tempt over from abroad with the money offered here.
  21. Baldyman

    Ipswich 2019

    But it isn't his home track, unfortunately Ipswich is, so as it stands this season in this scenario, Tungate is the better rider. But please please Buster,,, let him go to the showground,, I beg you, I'm on my my knees. Hoofully he may be okay at Swindon on Monday. Ipswich have been to the showground twice so far with Harris scoring 11 and 9, in the same meetings Tungate scored 16 and 7 with a retirement Luckily I don't have to watch either of them on there home tracks every week. Oh and add to that, the way the showground track has been most of the season it's a gaters track,,, not suited to what Harris does mostly. But with the gaters track at Foxhall, I think Tungate would be the points in. It's the witches that got the bum deal out of it, but that's only my opinion.
  22. Baldyman

    Ipswich 2019

    What a load of twaddle,,, just look at the averages,,, Tungate is higher,,, He has a better average because he is worse,, doh.
  23. Baldyman

    Ipswich - Swindon 15 08 19

    Would she come in on a 3 or 2 average?
  24. Baldyman

    Ipswich - Swindon 15 08 19

    That's normaly as good as it gets at Foxhall, in fact that's a good race. It actually had a genuine pass after the first corner, those are rare at Foxhall
  25. Has buster looked at Harris scores over the last month or so.

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