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  1. Did the track staff find Batch dummy?
  2. Good win,,, but we really need Danny to get going, so we can win more heats. Its all good whilst we have by far the best reserves in league,,, but they won't be there for long once league starts. Swindon do look like one rider short of walking the it. Liked the way musielak rides and rode the track,, a possible home guest if we ever need one
  3. Baldyman

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    What he say?
  4. It's a sphynx called baldycat
  5. My cat doesn't go out in the rain
  6. Will be dry and dusty for heat 1
  7. Baldyman

    BT live Speedway coverage?

    Wouldn't two for one be 18 quid?? Or do Swindon charge for kids?
  8. Baldyman

    BT live Speedway coverage?

    Ipswich never did offers when previously on TV and not many people went,,, be interesting to see if they try to get more in the stadium this time round.
  9. How many do you class as coming good? I would have him down for 8
  10. Has musielak ridden Ipswich before? Think he will decide if Swindon win or not
  11. Good choice,,, now if only I had thought of that
  12. Both Barry and Lawson will be big let downs on most away tracks,, we need a rider that can win races on away tracks. We can already see Heeps and Allen are going to have good seasons,,, so to me it makes it an even better choice to strengthen,,,, it would instantly turn our team from play off possible to play off definates and would push Swindon all the way But maybe its just the way I think,
  13. Do you predict any rider changes at Ipswich Gav?
  14. He didn't make sure on the Swindon meeting,,,, big fat zero Personally I only see his average going one way,, and that's down,, so in my mind it's stupid to wait for that to happen. I am one that believes in being pro active if you want success.
  15. So he won a race when a Swindon rider was off 15 and was leading a race but went backwards after being passed by both Swindon riders,,,,,, sorry but you ain't convincing me in the slightest. Not that it really matters,,, I'm sure they all gave their all
  16. Trust me,,, no one apart from Hawkins and King lovers could believe he was in 15 either.
  17. Surely even this early in season we need to let the French man and Lawson go and get cook and an other in.
  18. Could Hawkins have used our in form reserves a bit more last night?
  19. But ours will struggle most tracks,,, too many one trick ponys

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