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  1. Poole will yes...but Somerset won't.....and I'm supporting somerset tomorrow.
  2. Credit to Simon lambert...great score.
  3. Let's hope somerset keep this close and take the tie in the last race .
  4. What mistake did he make for you to call someone stupid?
  5. So it's okay attacking people by calling them stupid and stuff...don't give it out if you can't take it back......
  6. Let's be honest...if Riss is riding again..he should now be banned or start next year with a ban....or be back for Belle Vue, but i guess nothing will happen...it very rarely does. Coty has been really good since joining ipswich...winning rider of the night many times.
  7. Can I get this on pay per view...you would make a fortune.
  8. Promoters and lemmings , speedways biggest problems.
  9. Wow well done Comets....and most were saying tie was over.....it's never over till its over....Up the Comets
  10. Baldyman


    I doubt many if any witches fans got it..so should be plenty of copies about.
  11. Baldyman

    Speedway vs Moto GP

    Oh wow you lucky lucky man. I've owned blades r1 10r and currently a Gixxer..so I understand about acceleration., but i once got to ride a TZ250 at Darley moor when I was testing a kart, i can honestly say I've never felt acceleration like it once I eventually slipped the clutch out, I really did scream out loud...holy s..t . I've still never felt anything like it. I would give my life to have a go on a 500gp bike. They must be something else.
  12. Baldyman

    Speedway vs Moto GP

    Were you racing Rd's??? If not what were you on?
  13. Baldyman

    Blimey..speedway on BBC1!

    Didn't Rea get second or third last year on sports personality? So ya never know.. How his personality was seen through his helmet I will never know. It's about time it was re named
  14. Baldyman

    Massif thank you

    Well yes...my bad.... 7 stand out candidates next season.
  15. Baldyman

    Massif thank you

    Now....I'm not mystic meg...but i have a sneaky feeling there will be at least 2 stand out candidates next season.
  16. Baldyman

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Couldn't they do a swindon? It doesn't bother them about race nights.
  17. Baldyman

    Speedway vs Moto GP

    I'm a massive moto gp ..world and British superbike fan. Being a biker myself it amazes me and the speeds and sound and acceleration are out of this world. Like someone said above though, moto 3 is the best. Rossi is a world wide phenomenon, selling more merchandise world wide than football teams. Speedway was always my first love though...until a few years ago, now my interest gets less each season, although the gp's can be brilliant with brilliant racing. All the daft stupid rules and self interest of some, added to the boring nearly always follow my leader racing in a stadium full of old people and no atmosphere and of any sorts has started to take its toll over the last few years.. Maybe next season I won't go at all.
  18. Baldyman

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Think the same was rumoured last season to..would be a good move for our 2 clubs though...with more local meetings
  19. Baldyman

    Massif thank you

    All that effort to get the trophy back and no meetings left to give it away.
  20. Baldyman

    Ipswich 2018

    Saw a programme from 81 the other day..35 home meetings. And i bet they fitted them alt in. A meeting every week.
  21. Better off waiting for what's not or is happening, you will only wind yourselves up with speculation.
  22. Baldyman

    Massif thank you

    I see Berwick have put an individual together.
  23. Baldyman

    Massif thank you

    They better hurry up and announce something. I get the feeling the doors will be shut until next March.

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