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  1. 1 minute ago, Anzum said:

    I think there is a SDL meeting after the main meeting. Reading are supposed to be racing Milton Keynes though not mentioned in the write up so who knows.

    See that's what I'm talking about, to me that is extra value. 

    Let's hope it's still on. 

  2. 41 minutes ago, Bash said:

    Heeps misses meeting according to official Ipswich website and another change in riding order. Danny moves to number 3 and RR for Heeps at 5. Will be making my second visit to Swindon this season, any points will be a bonus.

    Seems there should be a few witches fans making trip 

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  3. In that case I would expect a pro rider to be able to get a van in time to still get to a venue,, or make other arrangements to get there. 


    I think we or maybe not you as you are very careful about what you say,,, so let's just say, I doubt very little effort more likely no effort was made for Garrity to get to Foxhall.  

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  4. Let's just take the broken down van for example.  When did it break down? Couldn't they hire a van? Couldn't the club get a van to him? This is supposed to be a pro sport, does that seem professional? Can you imagine say Hamiltons cat breaking down on the day of a race,       oh okay Lewis, don't worry, we will use someone else.  


    I used to love speedway, now I'm seriously starting to hate it., and my attendance is becoming less and less 


    The sport in this country is so un professionall, its pathetic 

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