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  1. Wotstheweatherlike

    Rebels v Scorpions 29th May

    Oops not very good at this. How do I get it moved?
  2. Was really looking forward to seeing Jake Allen back at the Oaktree on Wednesday but unfortunately according to the Rebels website Ryan Douglas is guesting. Somerset 1.Rory Schlein (capt); 2 Todd Kurtz; 3 Valentin Grobauer; 4 Nico Covatti; 5 Charles Wright (Guest); 6 Anders Rowe 2.00; 7 Jordan Jenkins (Guest) Scunthorpe 1 Josh Auty (capt); 2 Danny Ayres; 3 Jason Garrity; 4 Stefan Nielsen; 5 Ryan Douglas (Guest); 6 Ryan Kinsley; 7 Jack Smith (Guest) 3.02
  3. Wotstheweatherlike

    The Big Spenders

    At the Somerset meeting last week, not only did they discuss the reasons for moving back to the championship, they also talked about the discussions which were had about the points limit at the AGM. Some clubs wanted 40 and some clubs wanted 36 so a compromise was made on 38. By they way Somerset wanted 40. One of the clubs pleading poverty for the 36 point limit is now throwing money at riders. The problem we have is that riders are now expecting higher pay, travel money, vans etc and speedway promotions can't afford all those things. We have to live within our means and some riders are going to have to accept that they may have to return to being semi professional is this current financial climate.
  4. Wotstheweatherlike

    Championship race nights?

    Somerset Wednesdays 7:30
  5. As a Somerset fan I got up this morning and saw 2 pages of more discussion and thought great as I really enjoy reading others opinions on meetings and outcomes. However yet again 90% of the comments have nothing to do with the subject. I personally don't post often as the criticism that people receive is very off putting. I would however say that the racing at Somerset on Wednesday was top drawer. Probably some of the best we have seen this season. Having Charles back for one night only was excellent and watching Gary and him going around on Charles's bike at the end of the meeting showed that all problems are firmly water under the bridge. The meeting didn't just finish after heat 15 and the fireworks, we were treated to some great interviews with Doyley, Nico and Charles who took rider of the night. How lucky I am to be part of such a wonderful club, the Hancock's make you feel part of their family and that is how speedway should be. So come on you Somerset and Stars fans who don't often post take the plunge and let people like me know your thoughts on the two meetings.
  6. Wotstheweatherlike

    Leicester V Somerset 03.09.18

    According to Somerset website both teams are at full strength Teams Leicester: Hans Andersen (Capt), Ricky Wells, Charles Wright, Josh Auty, Scott Nicholls, Connor Mountain, Stuart RobsonSomerset: Jason Doyle (Capt), Bradley Wilson-Dean, Nico Covatti, Richard Lawson, Jack Holder, Jake Allen, Aaron Summers
  7. Wotstheweatherlike

    Somerset v Wolves 08/08/18

    Glad to see Doyle back. From Somerset website:'Cases' Somerset Rebels: 1. Jason Doyle (Capt); 2. Aaron Summers; 3. Nico Covatti; 4. Richard Lawson; 5. Jack Holder; 6. Jake Allen; 7. Bradley Wilson-Dean'Parrys International' Wolves: 1. Rory Schlein (Capt); 2. Kyle Howarth; 3. Jonas B.Andersen; 4. Sam Masters; 5. Jacob Thorssell; 6. Ashley Morris; 7. James Sarjeant (Guest)
  8. Wotstheweatherlike

    Somerset v Wolverhampton 13/06/18

    Bradley has moved up into the main body of the team with Jake going to reserve. Should be a good night.
  9. Wotstheweatherlike

    Somerset V Belle Vue 2/6/17

    [quote name="Najjer" post="2968525" Hopefully got fined for his antics when well beat by Lawson and Wright and he practically parked up on the outside of turn 4, just moving out of the way before Lawson came round to lap him. Don't know about getting fined Cook should have been thrown out of the meeting it was down right dangerous
  10. Wotstheweatherlike

    Somerset V Belle Vue 2/6/17

    [quote name="Najjer" post="2968525" Hopefully got fined for his antics when well beat by Lawson and Wright and he practically parked up on the outside of turn 4, just moving out of the way before Lawson came round to lap him.
  11. Wotstheweatherlike

    Doubling Up Priority 2017

    Rule 2 should apply and Somerset has priority
  12. Wotstheweatherlike

    Somerset V Sheffield Lc Semi 9.9.16.

    According to the rules the start marshall "must bring riders to the Start area in an orderly manner (determined by their gate position with inside being first) to the correct position" Although Rohan was off his bike and gardening, at no time did the marshall attempt to bring the rider in gate one to the starting gate thus giving a clue to Rohan to get on his bike. I know that these people give up their time often for no reward, I do think that this marshall needs to be more assertive on the start line as it would seem to me that it is his job to get them ready to race. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  13. Wotstheweatherlike

    Somerset V Rye House Ko Cup Final 27/9

    The prizes for the 50/50 totalled £150 and the cars were in the second car park also indicating a good turnout. And i agree heat 15 for me was one of the best races I've seen at the OTA this season.
  14. Wotstheweatherlike

    Forum Rider Of The Year 2009 ? ( Final Results )

    Matej Zagar Emil Kramer Jay Herne

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