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  1. yellow and black

    Newcastle 2020

    You are quite right Geoff. It was 1974 originally as Barrow didn't race in 1975. He did break it again in 1975 very early on, and tried to ride in 1976 but to no avail
  2. yellow and black

    Newcastle 2020

    Mal rode for the Comets between 1970 and 1976, and between the years 1970 to 1974 Newcastle were not in the second Division. In 1975 Mal broke his leg in a crash at Barrow early in the season, ruling him out all season.The two teams met in a Challenge meeting in April and then not till Sept. In 1976 he made a very brief return for a couple of meetings before his leg problems returned, causing him to retire from the sport. He will have been genuinely injured each time I would say
  3. yellow and black

    workington ..

    Yeah, Rusty had made 325 up until 2013, then made another 13 in 2015 making 338. Carl rode in 361 official matches for the Comets
  4. yellow and black

    workington ..

    I have him down for 338 official appearances
  5. yellow and black

    SON 2020

    Many thanks for taking an interest and posting the above suggestion. I have contacted tickets.com via e-mail and await a reply.
  6. yellow and black

    SON 2020

    Cheers marra, yeah that's what I hoped would happen, but it didn't! Can't believe the site said my card was invalid, but it still took my cash. To top it off the tickets I bought twice are still up for sale!!
  7. yellow and black

    SON 2020

    Yeah the one on the SON website
  8. yellow and black

    SON 2020

    Has anyone had trouble booking tickets for this? I THOUGHT I had booked two tickets in the grandstand but at the checkout it stated my card was invalid. Tried again with another card,but received the same message. Low and behold the money was taken from my bank both times but no ticket confirmation was received, and the same tickets are still on the site for sale! My bank were not interested and suggest I contact the seller. Phone number given doesn't exist, so it looks like I have been duped!
  9. yellow and black

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Carl Stonehewer in Heat 6 I think
  10. Kyle Newman was the only rider who went out for heat 14.He was then told to return to the pits.
  11. From our team yes. The other cant get to a 7 point average
  12. Neither would I ! There will be one who is desperate to finish first in all of his rides though!
  13. As far as the double figure score goes it isn't as straight forward as merely achieving a "Double figure score". Ty is indeed on a 6.96 average and has one more opportunity to get that magical 7.00 or over via the Lakeside League meeting. Of course if he rides in this meeting, whatever score he achieves becomes part of the 20 meetings needed to qualify at the expense of the 20th oldest figure (14 points from 6 rides) achieved against Newcastle on Oct 7th 2017. For example, scoring 10 or even 11 points regardless of how many rides he has will not get him to 7.00. He has to score a MINIMUM of 12 which if achieved off 4 rides will give him that elusive 7 point figure and job done! If he drops a maximum of 1 point off his first 4 rides he can still do it by scoring 14 points off 5. If he drops no more than 3 points from his first 4 rides he would need to have 6 rides and score a total of 15 points to get his 7.00 average. To show how agonisingly close he is, had he scored just 1 more point in any of the last 20 qualifying meetings (With no extra rides of course), he would have a 7.00 now. It is the strength of the meeting that drops off the scale (14 points from 6 rides back in 2017) that makes it such an uphill task to get that 7.00 figure.
  14. Oh dear the cat is out of the bag so to speak! Unfortunately he doesn't just need a double figure score to get that precious seven point average, as there is a bit more to it than that I'm afraid.
  15. yellow and black

    Play offs

    The reason the Play-Off between Workington and Glasgow can't be next weekend is because they are already racing in the KOC Semi-Final against Edinburgh. Edinburgh are in the same boat as Glasgow in respect that they only have one (Maximum two) home meetings to arrange, due to not having as successful a season as Lakeside, Peterborough, and Workington so far, all three whom are all still involved in three competitions. These meetings v Edinburgh were agreed in principle before Workington even knew they were going to face Glasgow in the play-offs, so why should both clubs change them to suit Glasgow? Incidentally, Workington have raced more of their cup fixtures than the other two teams in the play-offs. Had you been chosen to ride against Lakeside or Peterborough, you would have had exactly the same problem in that these teams are not just simply waiting to run the play-offs, but have two other competitions to consider. Due to Scunthorpe's involvement in two of these competitions, they are also not going to sit around and wait while the play-offs are ran first are they? Incidentally, had Glasgow still been in all three competitions, then you would have had exactly the same scenario. Workington are indeed the only team to have not completed their home League fixtures. With five of their home meetings being cancelled by the BSPA, I think they have done pretty well to still qualify for the play-offs considering. Your club are now experiencing the difficulty of arranging two fixtures, so can you imagine how hard it has been for Workington to re-arrange theirs? In respect to the outstanding League meeting v Lakeside, the original meeting scheduled for August 17th was cancelled by the BSPA and re-arranged for August 25th. This meeting was begun, but due to the serious injuries to Dan Bewley had to be abandoned. Blame cannot solely be laid at Workington's door for the failure to get that one raced, as Lakeside could well have refused to come on any available dates Workington could use the stadium. Failure to run this meeting could well have cost Workington a place in the play-offs, so do you seriously think they would have deliberately chosen not to run it? They after all didn't cancel the initial staging, and can not be blamed for the injury to Dan which caused the abandonment. As a Workington fan I want Cookie to be available in both meetings, as I am sure all the paying public who support both clubs do. A hard as it may be to understand, Glasgow cannot simply call the shots and demand fixtures to be raced on days to suit them. All the other clubs left in all the competitions have exactly the same objectives, so compromise sometimes is the winner.

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