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  1. Thanks, Iris. That explains my seemingly abysmal ignorance Whilst I know nothing about ice speedway I am adept at wafer ice skating!
  2. The Golden Spike is something completely new to me. I followed the link to the website but apart from a few Arabic expressions [which are unfit for posting on here ] I have only English. I've not heard of any of the riders, not even Graham Halsall. I'd appreciate a rundown on the competition - and the sport if it's anything other than standard speedway. Thank you.
  3. BertHoven

    Speedway's Greatest Scandal

    Thanks for that Ian. Oh dear, now I have to apologise again - for earthquaking you! See my post on the Fairy4Ever Birthday thread. I have yet another of the things on Saturday apparently. My next 'significant' one is in two years. That's when I get my free TV licence The next one of any importance is when I get my telegram from the Queen/King! I've only just started Norman's masterpiece of speedway history. It takes careful scheduling to divide my time between computing activities, reading, listening to music. All these intensely pleasureable activities have, of course, to give way to obeying frequently issued Management Instructions. It's a grand life - but it does help to weaken sometimes BTW: I think Amazon are, probably, the best source for Norman's book. Ordered mine 29 Nov. Despatched 1st class 30 Nov. Delivered 2 Dec. Price of book = £10.49 + postage. Can't tell you the postage as I ordered another book at the same time. Amazon do offer a free delivery service but this takes 3-5 working days.
  4. BertHoven

    Speedway's Greatest Scandal

    Ian & Norbold, Thanks for your posts on my comment. That comment was completely out of order. Very occasionally something happens which throws me off balance emotionally [i'm not directly referring to my original post in saying that]. When this happens I sometimes get a little irascible, as in this case. I can only ask you both to excuse that ill-mannered comment and beg your forgiveness. Bert.
  5. BertHoven

    Speedway's Greatest Scandal

    Not at present, Norbold. It's time to end my session on here. I'm now going to settle down with a cup of coffee and immerse my mental faculties into what appears to be a resoundingly rivetting read, to wit Speedways Classic Meetings by Norman Jacobs which has just arrived from Amazon. I shall return.
  6. BertHoven

    Speedway's Greatest Scandal

    Certainly, Ian. At the time I was musing on the proverbial glass syndrome. Half full vs half empty.
  7. BertHoven

    Speedway's Greatest Scandal

    Possibly this thread itself is a prime contender for the 'title'
  8. I didn't know they had that much rain in Australia. Maybe they will soon be having occasional showers in Sunny South California. What a stupendous export acievement for the Manchester Weather Centre. They deserve the highest accolade possible - at least the Queens Award for Industry.
  9. Addy, I could give you Terry's number. He's looking for someone to complete his team of pushers. He recently described himself as the dope and the man behind him as his pusher. You would need to be a pushy woman though. Question is: are you a pushy woman or a pussycat? Joy to you, Ron.
  10. BertHoven

    Spanish Track

    Just explored their website, Iris, what a tremendous pioneering undertaking this is. A number attempts to establish speedway have failed in past years but this one, I feel, will not only succeed, but go from strength to international strength. My congratulations to Russell Paine and his partner on what they have achieved. My best wishes to them in all they hope to accomplish.
  11. BertHoven

    Unsuccessful American's

    Perhaps,Canadian Star, in an age where negativity seems fashionable, at least according to British daily newspapers, this is only to be expected. This, I find, can be quite depressing at times.
  12. BertHoven

    Kenneth Bjerre

    Thanks for the uodate, Garf. It's certaibly good to know that Kenneth is making such a fine recovery and is in such high spirits. Please give him my best wishes.
  13. BertHoven

    Unsuccessful American's

    Great to see a mention of Charles 'Peewee' Cullum - I thought only us Loyal and Ancient supporters of Bellle Vue remembered him. I heard from a friend in USA that Mr Cullum checked into the Horizontal Hilton a few years ago and now races in that great speedway stadium in the sky* - Hyde Road, of course! * Note the lower case initial letter!
  14. BertHoven

    Kenneth Bjerre

    Thank you for posting that Garf. It certainly is good news. I hope to see him back at Kirky Lane on 6 March. I'm sure Ian Thoams wants him there. Please give Kenneth my greetings and best wishes for for a rapid return to track action. Ron.
  15. BertHoven

    Jason Bonsignore Signed...

    Thank you for that, Ian, Mr Bonsignore certainly quailifies for inclusion. As I don't take the Speedway Star I was not aware of the gentlemans existence.

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