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  1. Mr. Clemens

    Speedway Star in the winter

    I think today's issue is comprehensive, concise and to the point and a better read, IMO, than it has been in the past, because of that. There might be 98 pages in this issue and 128 pages last year. Personally I would see that has being 30 pages of waffle removed with the quality remaining the same. Many articles in many papers use a mile and half of useless verbiage before getting to the point and it strikes me the SS has sacrificed that method and produced a better product, in the process.
  2. Mr. Clemens

    Darcy in Twitter rant

    I have always been a fan of Nikki and I don't think I wrote anything that suggested otherwise. Re his neck injury, it strikes me that Ward hoped he'd never ride again, has it was said that might be the case. But Nikki being Nikki overcame his problems and his back on a bike again. How deep would that stick in Ward's craw, I wonder ?
  3. Mr. Clemens

    Darcy in Twitter rant

    Darcey probably thought he was going to play 'Jack the Lad' throughout his career, picking up a few world titles along the way, while putting two fingers up to anyone and everyone. Problem is fate got in the way. The real disturbing aspect of the tweet is that because he's not in a position to do NIkki harm he is, perhaps, suggesting that someone else ought to do it. Someone who Darcey would regard has having the balls to do it, like Darcey himself has and would, hence the little black book.
  4. Get onto those Talking Pictures people they may be able to get hold of it
  5. Mr. Clemens

    Speedway Star in the winter

    In the past I have found the winter editions of SS to be lacking in really interesting articles and a bit of a tedious repetitive read. This year it has been a great read and I actually look forward to receiving the SS. People are right regarding some of the written work that can be a little confusing. I was reading something I thought Gundersen had said, which I thought contradictory, but then I realised Nielsen had said it. I also agree that in the past writers have often used twenty words where half a dozen would have done, presumably to fill out the magazine.
  6. Mr. Clemens

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Reading this thread it appears that the best thing to do if you don't like the product is to not bother watching speedway. Taking low attendances, at British speedway meetings, into consideration, it appears that a lot of people, who once attended speedway in this country, don't like the product.
  7. Mr. Clemens

    Torun 2018

    I think that Tai could actually be the new Ivan Mauger. Strikes me that he is modelling himself on Ivan and how he went about things. Interesting that when he told the anecdote re telling Crump Hancock etc in 2013 stating that he would win 6 world titles and they laughed. The female interviewer seemed to pass by what he said very quickly. You could imagine Tai thinking they still don't believe me but I will show them. Has I am writing this Tai is being interviewed and said that when he was on his A game he could beat 'any of these guys'. In other words he was reiterating that he would win 6 world titles and I still don't think they got the message. But Ivan was determined to be the best and I am sure Tai is dedicated to emulating what Ivan did. Years ago I went to a veteran riders dinner in Coventry and observed Jason Crump talking with Ove Fundin. I was sure Fundin was telling Crump he could achieve what he had achieved. Fundin was the only rider to have finished in the first three 10 years on the trot. Crump was determined to match that feat and did so. I believe Tai with the same determination as Crump, will equal Mauger and TR's record
  8. Mr. Clemens

    Torun 2018

    Despite all that has been said on this thread positive or negative my belief was/is that if he had not have won the title it would have been his own fault. Conversely therefore if did win it then it would been his own fault too. The way he won it has proven that he truly is a great world champion. There are those on here lamenting a Polish world champion. Don't worry there are 3 GPs in Poland, when there are 10 in Poland they will have a world champion every year, which I am sure is the game plan.
  9. In't it weird no one has castigated Nikki P for all the wicked things he's done tonight. Whoops, silly me he hasn't done anything wicked tonight, he must be losing his touch!!!!
  10. I wonder if ref will exclude Hancock for ungentlemanly conduct not letting a Pole pass him???
  11. Amusing how't pundits are debating who should be excluded when it's pretty self evident why't ref excluded wooffie who strangely didn't seem bothered by it all. And folk wonder why speedway is seen as a joke.
  12. is the wooffie exclusion an example of a polish ref fiddling it for a polish rider and folk are suggesting that Poland should have all the GP's. And why not make it that all GP riders are Polish. That should do it. After last seasons World Team Cup Final I said that they should give the title Poland permanently and forget about the WTC, which they duly did by starting that Speedway of Nations cobblers. Perhaps they will take this advice and make it the Polish World Championship GP with a guaranteed Polish world champion. Yep that should do it!!!!
  13. It's damned tedious stuff ain't? Watched a dour local football match this aft that was the epitome of watching paint dry. I actually said 'at least there will be some exciting speedway to watch tonight, to make up for it.' But this ain't it!!!!
  14. Thinking very much the same myself, pretty dull meeting overall
  15. Earlier on pundits said that Laguta was a bit hard on a rider - nothing said Nicki takes a rider to the fence - but leaves him room and the balloon goes up. These wimps need to get a grip.

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