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  1. Mr. Clemens

    SON 2020

    It will come to you as time goes by
  2. Mr. Clemens

    SON 2020

    Speedway has changed and you either embrace that future or you walk away from it It was and is an insular sport and that insular state is choking the sport to death
  3. Mr. Clemens

    SON 2020

    Kemp should get his chance. The opportunity to take his game to another level. He says he wants to 'be there'. He can 'get there' in this tournament. If youth is the future they have to start somewhere, Go for it Drew!!!!
  4. That's the point 'Let's face he would never get a better chance and yet he was still a poor second'' I think he realised belatedly that he missed a golden opportunity and I do believe he will drift further away from it as time goes by And by the same token I think that Bartoz, and the people around him, understand the situation with the opposition and realise he could win 4 or 5 titles on the trot thereby adding credence to the plaudit of 'greatest rider of all time.' It's easy done as old Brucie used to say 'if you play your cards right'. I think he will make the great attempt to do so.
  5. 6 at Poole 6 in Poland Ford would sign Bartoz and call it a win win situation The clue and the symmetry of it all are in the P's
  6. Totally agree. What I am saying doesn't denigrate the standard of racing in general, that is in the leagues and in the GPs It’s the future, just like it is with football and the Champions League Eventually all the major clubs in Europe will break away from FIFA and set up their own organisation and teams will play their games all over the world just like Formula One Racing. EG Manchester United will play Real Madrid in Tokyo and Man U supporters and RM supporters will watch it on TV at their respective stadiums. That's why Murdoch wanted to buy Man U so to control the TV rights. He pulled out when FIFA put the kybosh on it and compromised with the Champions League. But it will come as sure has night follows day Poland will be the place for speedway and TV interest will gravitate in that direction
  7. The Poles will be pushing to have it in Poland every year, for the reasons stated here and the TV companies will agree That's the future of Speedway total Polish domination at all levels
  8. That's why they had it in sweden then poland
  9. It was regarded as the 'spiritual home' and Fundin himself said it should have been there every year
  10. If we can watch local football, which we do, we can go to speedway meetings The only reason we don't go to speedway is we have a caring government who are afraid we'll get dust in our eyes
  11. The only reliable sauce is HP Fruity Sauce
  12. Any way now that's out of the way, How's Donnie doing ???
  13. I think Tai just realised if he'd pulled his finger out from the word go he could have won it That's another title that's slipped away from him

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