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  1. In't it weird no one has castigated Nikki P for all the wicked things he's done tonight. Whoops, silly me he hasn't done anything wicked tonight, he must be losing his touch!!!!
  2. I wonder if ref will exclude Hancock for ungentlemanly conduct not letting a Pole pass him???
  3. Amusing how't pundits are debating who should be excluded when it's pretty self evident why't ref excluded wooffie who strangely didn't seem bothered by it all. And folk wonder why speedway is seen as a joke.
  4. is the wooffie exclusion an example of a polish ref fiddling it for a polish rider and folk are suggesting that Poland should have all the GP's. And why not make it that all GP riders are Polish. That should do it. After last seasons World Team Cup Final I said that they should give the title Poland permanently and forget about the WTC, which they duly did by starting that Speedway of Nations cobblers. Perhaps they will take this advice and make it the Polish World Championship GP with a guaranteed Polish world champion. Yep that should do it!!!!
  5. It's damned tedious stuff ain't? Watched a dour local football match this aft that was the epitome of watching paint dry. I actually said 'at least there will be some exciting speedway to watch tonight, to make up for it.' But this ain't it!!!!
  6. Thinking very much the same myself, pretty dull meeting overall
  7. Earlier on pundits said that Laguta was a bit hard on a rider - nothing said Nicki takes a rider to the fence - but leaves him room and the balloon goes up. These wimps need to get a grip.
  8. Not seen a GP for quite awhile. Seemed to me just right that Nikki - my kind of rider - should bring some fire into the meeting
  9. Mr. Clemens


    Maybe there hasn't been any word from the BSPA because there isn't any solution they can think of to this dilemma. Therefore there isn't any word because they don't have anything to say.
  10. Mr. Clemens


    No I wasn't interested in the rules, has I have said before. I just watched the racing has I wasn't interested in the trivia, has it made no difference to the racing I saw. If those where the rules and the rules alone there wouldn't be any problems. My friend was the expert who told the couple and they agreed he was right I write out the truth of what occurred for if it was not true I would have told you so.
  11. Mr. Clemens


    It may have occurred without you noticing but I can only refer you to what I was told Life itself is a fantasy that most persist with
  12. Mr. Clemens


    I was told otherwise and those we spoke to came back and apologised as they found it to be true. Why would they do that if that was not so? Surely they would have come back to us and explained the rules of speedway in all their pristine simplicity, to those who did not understand? I am sure you would agree that most people would wish to enlighten those who did not know, as they do all the time on this speedway forum?
  13. Mr. Clemens


    I never understood most of them but has it is 40 years ago and all those involved in the conversation - which did happen otherwise why say it did - are deceased, therefore, I am afraid I can't get the detail for you.
  14. Mr. Clemens


    The ones no one could understand
  15. Mr. Clemens


    We told the person '15 races, 2 riders from each side, 3pts for 1st, 2 for 2nd etc'. But they wanted to know the deeper intricate down home country rules - which you perfectly understood - and we told them not to worry about them as they change them every other week.

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