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  1. Mr. Clemens

    Rye House 2020

    Objection in
  2. Mr. Clemens

    'the Donald' Trump

    No I don't think I will be giving anything up we will see how it all unfolds
  3. Mr. Clemens

    'the Donald' Trump

    He was quite capable of winning for many reasons and could easily have done so. A lot of people believed that Biden was going to win by a landslide and find it disturbing that he didn't. No rewriting of history as he could have won and won it by a large margin. There are those who believe that he didn't because Americans came to their senses. But have they done so, time will tell.
  4. Mr. Clemens

    'the Donald' Trump

    You can take me any way you like, most folk do. Doesn't alter what I have said and said all along that Trump's aim is to take over the country and if he'd have won this election he would have still tried to remain in power at the end of his second term. And when he's gone all the causes that brought about what is happening still remain.
  5. Mr. Clemens

    'the Donald' Trump

    I said he could do didn't say would
  6. Mr. Clemens

    'the Donald' Trump

    This was Trump's game all along, from when he first stood as a candidate for the Presidency. He believed, and still does, that if he was elected President he could overturn the democratic process and take over the country. He also believed that the Republican party and a large number of the general public would be 'complicit' in assisting him in his aim. He was always going to attempt a coup d'etat and this might be it!!!! As the old adage goes, 'those who the gods seek to destroy they first make mad.' All of this was going to happen as certain as night follows day.
  7. Mr. Clemens

    Happy Christmas messages

    Happy Christmas to one and all
  8. Mr. Clemens

    So who's having a normal Xmas ?

    Don't know about a normal Christmas, but just had a great Christmas with my own family. Just us alone, for the first time in 42 years, because of the restrictions that excluded meeting up with the wider family.
  9. Mr. Clemens

    European Union - In Or Out?

    That's his problem though differentiating the one thing from the other.
  10. Mr. Clemens

    European Union - In Or Out?

    The best deal of all
  11. Mr. Clemens


    I know what you mean. We went to Bradford for a couple of seasons after Halifax closed. It was never the same and with the meetings being on a Friday night, eventually, we just stopped going.
  12. It makes the old country sound like a veritable paradise, which of course it is and remains so to this day. No wonder everyone wants to come here
  13. Mr. Clemens

    Armando Castagna article in SS.

    They should all leave together and set up their own system. Where there's a will there's a way. If the will is not there then things will continue as they are to their natural conclusion, whatever that may be.
  14. Mr. Clemens

    'the Donald' Trump

    He's looking to perform a coup d'etat
  15. Mr. Clemens

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Said it before, I have been involved in the Polish community for forty years and have only met one person, in all that time, who was a speedway fan.

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