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  1. An interesting book for the lovers of current American politics and the U.S.A's continual slow decline as a nation. Before the Storm Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus Author Rick Perlstein Bold Type Books An interesting read regarding Goldwater's Presidential Campaign 1964
  2. Mr. Clemens

    The North Water

    It's like a cross between The Revenent and the Terror, this time, instead of a horse they used a bear. The Terror got a bit silly towards the end hope North Water doesn't go the same way. Colin Farrell is excellent. I bet those who have seen him previously as an easy going friendly person will see him differently now. Nothing like putting a few pounds on for dramatic effect!!!!
  3. Mr. Clemens

    Why speedway is failing

    Speedway is in decline because most of the people in the country don't want to go to watch it.
  4. Mr. Clemens

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Perhaps they've been rained off and the rearranged meeting will take place at a later date
  5. Mr. Clemens

    Football 2020/21

    I bet Murdoch wishes he'd bought Man United now instead of pulling out all those years ago
  6. Mr. Clemens

    Good Songs Ruined by others

    Quite the opposite. The suicide tag came from a song called Dress Rehearsal Rag on Songs of Love and Hate. It was about someone who intended suicide but didn't do it, the inference being there was no intention of suicide in the first place 'The cameras pan to the stand in stunt man - Dress Rehearsal Rag' The rest of the songs on the album are inspirational especially Last Years Man Listen to the album Recent Songs - for me the best thing he ever did
  7. Mr. Clemens

    Good Songs Ruined by others

  8. Mr. Clemens

    Good Songs Ruined by others

    I once saw a Leonard Cohen performance. The entire set played was lifeless. He sang Bird on a Wire and must have realised how dire the performance was because he sang it again and it was still dire.
  9. Mr. Clemens

    Rye House 2020

    Objection in
  10. Mr. Clemens

    'the Donald' Trump

    No I don't think I will be giving anything up we will see how it all unfolds
  11. Mr. Clemens

    'the Donald' Trump

    He was quite capable of winning for many reasons and could easily have done so. A lot of people believed that Biden was going to win by a landslide and find it disturbing that he didn't. No rewriting of history as he could have won and won it by a large margin. There are those who believe that he didn't because Americans came to their senses. But have they done so, time will tell.
  12. Mr. Clemens

    'the Donald' Trump

    You can take me any way you like, most folk do. Doesn't alter what I have said and said all along that Trump's aim is to take over the country and if he'd have won this election he would have still tried to remain in power at the end of his second term. And when he's gone all the causes that brought about what is happening still remain.
  13. Mr. Clemens

    'the Donald' Trump

    I said he could do didn't say would
  14. Mr. Clemens

    'the Donald' Trump

    This was Trump's game all along, from when he first stood as a candidate for the Presidency. He believed, and still does, that if he was elected President he could overturn the democratic process and take over the country. He also believed that the Republican party and a large number of the general public would be 'complicit' in assisting him in his aim. He was always going to attempt a coup d'etat and this might be it!!!! As the old adage goes, 'those who the gods seek to destroy they first make mad.' All of this was going to happen as certain as night follows day.
  15. Mr. Clemens

    Happy Christmas messages

    Happy Christmas to one and all

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