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  1. Crazy Munchie

    Gp 2011 Predictor

    I'll go for... #14 Antonio Lindback #8 Chris Holder #11 Fredrik Lindgren #12 Emil Sayfutdinov thanks CM
  2. Crazy Munchie

    Eric Carrillo

    Hi all does anyone know what happened to american eric carrilo, came over to the uk a few years back but seems to have disappeared since??? is he still racing??? thanks
  3. Crazy Munchie

    Swedish 80cc

    Hi all can any of our friends from Sweden help with the last two seasons 80cc championships? who were the top three from 2008 and 2009 and where were the meetings held? thanks CM
  4. Crazy Munchie

    Preview Swedish 2010 Season

    does anyone know when the 2010 fixtures for all swedish domestic racing will be released, and where best to find them??? regards CM
  5. Crazy Munchie

    2009 Youth Gold Trophy

    does anyone know of any live updates for the gold cup events??? thanks in advance
  6. Crazy Munchie

    World Speedway Team

    1.Tony Rickardsson ( Sweden) 2.Mark Loram (Great Britain) 3.Hans Andersen (Denmark) 4.Krzysztof Cegielski (Poland) 5.Greg Hancock (USA) 6.Emil Sayfutdinov (Russia) 7.Jason Crump (Australia)
  7. Crazy Munchie

    Swedish News 2009

    hi all does anyone know of any live updates for todays jsm qualifier in norkköping?? i believe the meeting starts at 16.00. thanks in advance CM
  8. Crazy Munchie

    Gislaved 6th June

    many thanks for the information
  9. Crazy Munchie

    Gislaved 6th June

    does anyone have the results for these meetings today? many thanks in advance
  10. Crazy Munchie

    Swedish News 2009

    Hi all, can any of out Swedish friends help in advising what time the 80cc meeting in Västervik starts tomorrow (07,06,09) many thanks in advance CM
  11. Crazy Munchie

    Gislaved 6th June

    many thanks for the info
  12. Crazy Munchie

    Gislaved 6th June

    Hi all just wondering if any of you could help me? have noticed that there are two meetings scheduled at Gislaved (Lejonen) on 6th june, both seem to be individual one 80cc and the other 500cc. (possibly district championships???) can anyone confirm whether these meetings are definitely going ahead, and also provide details of any possible line ups/ thanks in advance regards CM
  13. Crazy Munchie

    Swedish 80cc Season

    many thanks Anders, much appreciated
  14. Crazy Munchie

    Swedish 80cc Season

    Hi all. just wondering if the swedish 80cc fixture list has been confirmed or announced anywhere? would be greatful for any info on this. regards
  15. Hi all. Does anyone know any info on this years indoor speedway...is there going to be an event / when is it??? any help much appreciated. regards

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