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  1. greyhoundp

    Stoke V Cradley 29/06/19

    You know him then!.
  2. greyhoundp


    Thats far to sensible a ruling for the BSPA to adopt.
  3. greyhoundp

    Stoke V Cradley 29/06/19

    Good win by the Potters even without Lawlor, this Heathens Team are really struggling to get the points to back up Max, whereas Stoke have the all round strength.
  4. greyhoundp

    Cradley v Belle Vue - 3 June

    love or hate Robbo he has his beliefs, and is somewhat outspoken, however telling lies is not one of them. He strongly believes what he says to be correct, I realise many people disagree with his views, I just happen to believe a lot of what he says is pretty close to the truth, what I do disagree with is how he sometimes puts things across, but as we all know he lives life to the full almost exclusively in public on Social media.
  5. greyhoundp

    Cradley v Belle Vue - 3 June

    Good sensible summary, but with regards P & P why don't they just move over now, I think there are almost as many stay away fans as regulars now for various reasons, not least amongst those are CH stagnating in the NL, which leaves many to question the motives behind the promotion continuing to stay on board when there are people rumoured to be willing to step in, remember the club were for sale a few years ago, then just as suddenly not for sale, imo this also contributed to the drop off in support, with regards finding land the outlook can be best described as bleak, both local authorities have paid lip service to helping find a new location, with the standard line being, we are open to the return of CH at any "suitable" new site, the important word being "suitable" and there is none deemed suitable by either council.
  6. greyhoundp

    Another Saturday night

    I'm not to familiar with PL rules & regs, but I understand race nights are Monday, and Wednesday, It does seem to be a bit of a coincidence that Wolves & Poole just happened to race on one or the other of those race nights. Teams should be allowed to race on whatever night there fans support best, yes I can understand Televised meetings need to be on a fixed night, but the TV fee should make up for lost revenue through the gate. This fixed race night business is fine in theory but in practice can lead to a loss of some of the few supporters speedway has left, the other issue is does the fixed chosen race night encourage additional/new support through the gate ?.
  7. Im sorry that i have to say this, but the warning signs are out for the Brummies already even this early in the season, History shows that Brummies fans have never supported a losing team, and this present Team are going to need strong shoulders, because they will be holding the rest of the League up for sure, they either need some more investors or need to unearth a talent that no-one is aware of..
  8. greyhoundp

    IOW vs Plymouth NT 02/05/2019

    Im sure the promotion are aware that they cant keep carrying Widman, question is, is there anyone who would improve the Team, someone who will improve, that is able to ride for the IOW bearing in mind the geographical location of the Team..
  9. greyhoundp

    How much to get in?

    Kent; Len Silver never does anything for nowt, ie lining his own pocket proven by the fact Kent remain in the NL, this despite having one of the best Stadia and being well supported.
  10. greyhoundp

    Sell me your team to Support

    If Barry Bishop makes that Curry down at the IOW then there is nowt wrong with it, its the best curry i have ever tasted at a Speedway Track, indeed its almost worth the journey for the curry alone , I would go so far as to say it puts a lot of well known Takeaway establishments to shame.
  11. greyhoundp

    National Supporters Club Group

    We havent been asked to nominate anyone at CH thats my whole point, even though we are sponsoring the Team in a small way this season, its not even been mentioned to us by the promotion, surely its not up to the supporters to find out the details about this ?, this is a BSPA initiative .
  12. greyhoundp

    National Supporters Club Group

    I had been keeping my eye on this thread waiting for someone else rather than me to point out that its all gone rather quiet, My own Team Cradley have still not mentioned this Group on the CH website, and when you consider that one of our Promoters is none other than a Nigel Pearson whose job is in the media, and the other is CVS who has long been part of the top brass at the BSPa, it just about sums up the state of British Speedway, Piss up and Brewery come to mind. This will be another case of blowing smoke up peoples ar*es because this group wont even get of the ground if its left to the BSPA to organise it.. it begs the question why do they even bother..
  13. greyhoundp

    Speedway Related Co Finances

    Also no Sheffield or Leicester though we do have a Damian Bates, and Neil Machin that are part of the British Speedway Promotions.. along with Colin Pratt, Buster, and Rob Godfrey of Scunthorpe fame.. the only Team that appear to be missing totally are Eastbourne, however im sure they will be added sooner rather than later.
  14. greyhoundp

    National Supporters Club Group

    All quiet, and havent seen anything about this from my local Team..
  15. greyhoundp

    Visa criteria

    Yes but i would have thought his original Visa would have been issued for employment specifically for Workington, that sponsor no longer exists he runs the risk of being refused entry if he does not change his visa to a Tourist/None working visa..

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