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  1. greyhoundp

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    But our teams will be in a similar position, Companies will be thinking of survival rather than how much cash they have available for Sponsorship.
  2. greyhoundp

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Yeah and Jan O would pick them off one at a time knowing his fellow team mate was making up the numbers. We also had some dam good ones such as Bob Valentine, Ila Teromaa, Kristian Praestbro, Dave Shields and one that didnt work out was Arne Pander. There were as you say others that quickly faded from memory. There was a time during the 60,s when some of our so called heat leaders were half a lap behind .
  3. greyhoundp

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Very informative Ben91 thanks for taking the time to check those figures out, I stand by what i said that no more than 50 senior riders from the Premiership/Championship would be the highest count of British riders, give or take one or two, how can that be enough for 19 teams ?.
  4. greyhoundp

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Just had a very very quick check of British riders with Premier/Championship teams and i made it 44 riders, so even if there are 50 riders its nowhere near enough to have British rider only teams even if all of them rode for two teams.. which just shows what a poor state the sport is in in this country..
  5. greyhoundp

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Well there are 19 senior Teams which means 133 British riders would be needed, I for one dont think there are enough British riders to go round, just to make up a team of seven British riders would most likely mean having some riders trail round a half lap or more that would not bring in spectators. I realise the sport would need to make decisions just to get teams on track, but very much doubt that would be a way forward.
  6. greyhoundp

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Well said Barry, thank you and you and yours stay healthy and safe.. Slightly off topic British Speedway has never needed a man to oversee the Sport for the benefit of the sport as a whole any more so than it does now, however as usual the BSPA cant see the wood for the clouds or is it the Trees ? , to my way of thinking Barry Bishop is head and shoulders above anyone on the present management committee, and would not be afraid to make decisions that would benefit the WHOLE sport not just decisions that benefit the few, he should be leading the Sport in this hour of need..
  7. greyhoundp

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    This would be the biggest worry, it all depends how deep are the pockets of Stadium owners, and how others may need to raise cash, because as you say developers are always sniffing around for prime sites and a number of Speedway Stadia could be classed as prime sites, others would be more suitable for Warehousing..
  8. greyhoundp

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    This whole Covid 19 situation is affecting us all in one way or another, many firms will be in a dire situation during and at the end of it all, this will undoubtably impact on sponsorship and deals already agreed and signed may not be able to be fullfilled, Jobs will still be lost despite government help, losses will therefore be even greater, I dont know where things will be at the end of this season, we can only hope that it does survive in some way..
  9. greyhoundp

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    The issue could be that the season has not started, which is totally different to football in that football, rugby, horse racing, concert events have been suspended or cancelled, which as i said elsewhere it means at the moment a longer close season, of course they could claim for costs already incurred in preperation for the season, and if the season doesnt run at all then thats a totally different situation with regards compensation, at the moment none of us know how long this situation will last or where anything is heading, because first and foremost the virus has to be eliminated.
  10. greyhoundp

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    The Sport needs a major overall, but the BSPA have been incapable of doing that for many years now, its a leisure and entertainment industry which competes with others, and few Promoters seem to understand or accept and just continue with more or less the same old same old.
  11. greyhoundp

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Well none smiling Promoters like Colin Pratt, Cvs, Peter Adams who seem to only have supporters on sufference certainly dont encourage people to come through the gate, whereas Barry Bishop makes everyone feel welcome, thats my personal evidence The fact that they continue to have Speedway at all is down to in a large part Barry Bishop.
  12. greyhoundp

    Corona virus

    Since Boris Johnson allegedly said yesterday that no medical coverage would be allowed at outdoor gatherings for 12 weeks, (something iv looked for but been unable to confirm) i would suspect that counts out any sporting events that need medical cover for 12 weeks which takes us up to the 8th June according to my calculations. If thats true then many competitions will be unable to continue, complete or even be held at all.
  13. greyhoundp

    Corona virus

    I was actually thinking this would be a sensible move.
  14. The season has not really started yet apart from the one charity meeting last night, so what is there to actually lose, Its just an extended close season what do clubs lose in the close season ?. The biggest losers will probably be the riders who wont have any income for the months that its closed down. Medical services wont be required at Tracks, Track staff wont be needed, and i presume rent is paid as and when the track is used. The big issue is when will large gatherings be allowed to be held again, when will riders be allowed to travel between countries again ?, that wont happen until such time that this pendemic is on a downward spiral, the fact is we are all in unknown territory and as such there is uncertainty everywhere the world over. Just look at the supermarket shelves that shows us how everyone is reacting.
  15. greyhoundp

    Corona virus

    Im dreading when i sneeze i rarely if ever sneeze once its usually a minimum of 4/5 times in one go, i just hope im not around a crowd because for sure i will get some snotty looks..

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