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  1. greyhoundp

    Swindon Stadium

    The owners of Swindon Stadium simply like to spend the minimum amount of money possible, they will not worry about any residents bring any action against the Stadium for nuisance, in fact it would probably suit them to close it down then they could build more houses, and therefore increase their pension pots, they only want a good enough reason to build more houses.. hopefully the Planning Committee will turn down the newish application.
  2. 15 Years ??, i think at the very least you could almost double that, Now whilst LR may not be everyones cup of tea he has put many hours, and travelled lots of miles doing various roles over those years. Birmingham have had no luck whatsoever this season with injuries but they still went close to getting a Play Off spot, Birmingham have no god given right to win something every year, and Graham Drury is a hard act to follow, all in all i think considering the injuries that Brum have had your season wasnt that bad..
  3. greyhoundp

    Stoke v Buxton now 7th October

    Sue, i know we are 50 or so miles from Stoke down here in Cradley, but its been raining constantly here for most of the night, and all morning.
  4. greyhoundp

    Birmingham 2018

    It would be great to see a Championship/National select team Birmingham V Cradley ie Ellis, Barker, Wajnecht, Shanes, and any rider who has recently ridden for Brum V Cradley select Worrall, Morris, Starke, Bowtell, Clegg, this would bring in a pretty big crowd, and be more of a guide as to how well the crowd might receive a higher level of racing in the second city, failing that a 4 team tournament along the same lines, but including Wolves & possibly Coventry im sure either would be an attractive meeting, and could be on home and away basis, or at the 3 venues.
  5. greyhoundp

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    In answer to the Topic headline, "Is the sport still viable in the UK" I would say in its current format the answer is no, I would suggest that its in crisis, but the reasons for it are many, and varied, so putting more sticking plasters on it are not the answer.Here are just a few of the things which have contributed to Speedway being in Crisis. GPs, Riders costs for machinery & maintenance, Riders wages, Doubling up & down, Admission Cost, Fixed race nights, and now we have the medical cover situation thats causing even more problems, and may be insurmountable to overcome. the BSPA has proven itself to be not fit for purpose over the last few years, and needs to be scrapped. Those in my humble opinion are just a few of the main points that need to be addressed if there is to be any sort of revival, even if it means going to machinery thats less powerful than whats used at present.
  6. greyhoundp

    Medical Cover

    Not to mention the delayed start at Birmingham on Wednesday due to Ambulance issues, now while we all understand the need for Medical cover to be present indeed its vital, this is now becoming yet another nail in the sport of Speedway.
  7. greyhoundp

    Brummies v Plymouth NL Wed 25th July

    Maybe you could tell Laurence what unattached reserves are out there, im sure not only Laurence but other managers would like to know who they are missing out on..
  8. Ongoing safety Issues ?, i just dont know why they bother...
  9. greyhoundp

    Plymouth 2018

    Have to say i agree with you Waco, and it saddens me to say it, Doubling between the Top two Leagues has a lot to do with it, how the heck can a rider be riding for your Team tonight, then someone else tomorrow night, try explaining that to a none Speedway Fan. Harry Kane is playing for Tottenham tonight, but playing for Bolton tomorrow absolutely ridiculous..
  10. greyhoundp


    I was told by an IOW fan that was there, 150 at most, and thats being generous..
  11. yes i have to agree, consistent yes, but the wrong kind of consistency, I think the Promoters despite there hard work, have to try to have a shake up somehow, people wont carry on paying good money to watch a team lose..
  12. greyhoundp

    Birmingham 2018

    Maybe they cant announce who the new rider is until certain, immigration clearances have been obtained, its pretty obvious they know the rider they want having put Roberts in as the No 8.
  13. greyhoundp

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I must admit im not overly familiar with the whole Brandon site, would it not be worth talking with the owners, and Council to see if modified plans could be drawn up, where both houses and a smaller basic stadium could be included, something similar to the Swindon proposals, keep the Track, but have a spectator area catering for about 2500.
  14. greyhoundp

    Cradley 2018?

    Im surprised no-one has signed Ryan Burton, he would have been my choice for the final team place.
  15. greyhoundp

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Why does the statement above suggest Green Belt land is not being looked at ?, “provision of appropriate facilities for outdoor sport” is not inappropriate development on Green belt land, so i would suggest Green Belt Land be included in any searches.

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