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  1. greyhoundp

    Swindon Stadium

    Was the NSS ever planned to be a Speedway Stadium ? Its my understanding thats its part of the Legacy of the 2002 Commonwealth games, indeed were it not for Manchester Council allegedly writing off monies its doubteful if Speedway would still be at the NSS. Its just a pity Birmingham (Host city of the next Commonwealth Games) could not leave a Legacy similar to the NSS .
  2. greyhoundp

    Great Yarmouth/norfolk

    Thats not a theory its a fact.. Peterborough greyhounds closed, Belle Vue greyhounds closed, Poole greyhounds yet to resume since the start back, thats all within the last month, Yarmouth are existing on i believe 2 streamed meetings per week at reduced fees, Towcester just re-opened 1 or maybe 2 meetings per week, how long can Greyhound Trainers and Owners exist on reduced income ?, so when you say theory no its facts.. Bookie owned tracks such as Monmore, Romford, Hove, Crayford are doing fine, its a few others such as who i mentioned that are really struggling big time.. luckily i think those that stage Speedway are not amongst them except for Poole..
  3. greyhoundp

    Great Yarmouth/norfolk

    Seems their are uncertain times for Yarmouth Stadium, no spectators allowed and reduced meetings being streamed to the bookies..
  4. greyhoundp

    Coventry Drone

    Very sad to see, Im afraid the Grandstand needs a fortune spending on it to bring it back to something fit for purpose, the back straight stand much less so, the other out buildings also need lots of money spending on them, i doubt very much if we will ever see Brandon return as a sporting venue unless someone wins the Euro Lottery, the Grandstand needs demolishing, probably some of the outbuildings also, which would leave the pits area and back straight stand remaining before any sport could take place.
  5. greyhoundp

    Are YOU missing British Speedway?

    In a word NO, for the first time since the Heathens returned i did not go to a single meeting last season, and the previous season i watched just 1 meeting when we only competing in the National Trophy with a Team made up of borrowed riders.. there was no particular reason for it except to say i had lost interest for a number of reasons.. this after watching Speedway since 1963/64..
  6. greyhoundp

    Odsal hopes

    I personally think £12 max, with the 3rd Tier League ie NL being £10, How anyone can justify more than £10 for a development League is beyond me after all there is no way most of those riders should be able to earn a living from the sport at that stage of there career, as for the senior racing its not what a rider is worth but whats considered affordable to watch, and if the promoters cant afford to pay above whats a break even point then the riders must accept that and get a job to enable them to continue in the Sport or leave the Sport altogether.. there is NO other option to that, and if the riders and promoters think there is then they are living in cloud cuckoo land..
  7. greyhoundp

    Odsal hopes

    The problem PP is the average number of fans has gone down to the point of no return, so its new fans that we need to attract and at £18 per meeting its not going to happen, £36 for me and the missus to watch 15 minutes of racing sometimes on a cold night doesnt appeal to me anymore, and im a life long speedway fan.. The sport has to be more fan friendly and it can begin by bringing the cost down, dont say it cant be done because it can but i rarely see any announcement from the BSPL saying they are looking at ways of doing it..
  8. greyhoundp

    Odsal hopes

    For how many years have some of us been saying Speedway is a £10 sport, but the promoters are deaf to whats being said, yes by all means put meetings on for £10 per person, but there has to be an advertising/promotion campaign to go with it, otherwise its pretty pointless, Meanwhile Odsal awaits.
  9. greyhoundp

    Odsal hopes

    I agree and i suggested Bradford PA as an example, i think i read somewhere that the Rugby League Club had to pay around £72/75k per annum rental, I may be wrong but Im sure Iv read that figure somewhere. If thats the figure then a 3 way split between Stocks, Speedway and An other it certainly becomes viable, i mentioned a Football Club because there are lots of Grants available out there for that particular Sport..but it could be any Sport thats able to pay around a third of the rental costs.. it actually doesnt even have to be a Sport it could be anything or anyone that could make use of the Stadium facilities, its a large infield that they have there Ideal Storage for when not being used for meetings, Storage space is at a premium around the country, and perfectly located for the motorway network..
  10. greyhoundp

    Odsal hopes

    Football is almost a worldwide sport so therefore has a global audience, whereas Speedway is limited to the UK, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, , and to a lesser extent, Slovakia, USA, Russia, New Zealand, and a few others, Norway, France, Italy.. etc etc. If Speedway is to have a succesful Tv audience then it needs to broaden its foundation throughout the world but thats almost impossible, proven by the fact that we are struggling here in the UK just to survive.. If only Japan, China, and other Asian countries could become in the Sport then we may have half a chance.. indeed i think of my wifes home country the Philippines they are motorcycle crazy but mostly lack the income to buy expensive Speedway gear.. which brings us back to something the BSPL refuse to do anything about costs!.
  11. greyhoundp

    Odsal hopes

    I agree the BSPL should not be letting people who have previous debts from Speedway back into the sport, but their have been instances where its been allowed and no doubts they will continue in future, either officialy or unofficially, however it appears that Rees wants a Speedway promoter to come on board rather than promoting it himself. If they could get the Rugby Team back at Odsal or even Bradford Park Avenue AFC however the football club have just signed a 35 year lease with the Council for an alternative venue https://bpafc.com/bradford-park-avenue-afc-cic-completes-35-year-lease-for-the-horsfall-community-stadium-development-in-south-bradford/ .
  12. Are they the same time as us, or is there a time difference ?.
  13. Looks Clear skies at the moment. Dans starts and first bend are letting him down at the moment, his bikes dont look the fastest either, but its a whole new learning curve for him, the experience will only do him good.
  14. greyhoundp

    It might be all over for Rye House

    Greyhound racing is only being kept going by Streamed meetings and there are not enough streamed meetings to go round as it is, so im afraid though RH is a good location for Greyhounds economically it woudnt be viable, just to add Greyhound racing is similar to Speedway not enough spectators but the bookies keep it going, in Speedways case there are only a very few people that like to have a bet on racing, again there could be possibilities in that area, but the powers that be dont seem inclined to investigate them.. £50,000 to £100,000 Greyhound derbys are not unheard of, when have we ever had that kind meeting speedway meeting in the UK ?.

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