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  1. Peet is not even team manager on this occasion. Fozzie to offer up his services perhaps?!
  2. Must be the same van!!
  3. No Garrity tonight. Presumably a junior rider in as replacement.
  4. MrMungo

    Leicester v Newcastle 27.04.19

    He's been told he'll get a (28 day) ban if he doesn't ride for Leicester. Complete arsewipes.
  5. He also scored 1 from 5 at the end of the season. Also from reserve.
  6. Jernej Kolenko. I quite enjoyed that year (2002 I think it was though), was totally full of surprises. You had a new rider almost every week! 2001 was the embarrassing scrap for Niklas Klingberg (Top 4 of Crump, Pedersen, PK and Klingberg was not half bad though!). Halfway through the season Peter Karlsson got badly injured in a clash with Lukas Dryml and was replaced by Kugelmann (several points lower than PK at the time), who had impressed in the World Cup. It was about this time it should have been evident that the funds were running low. Around about this time when the legendary Brian Griffin left the club IIRC - his programme notes were always worth a read! The following season King's Lynn started the season about 3.5 points under the points limit - presumably due to financial constraints, and you knew Waggy had lost the plot when he sent Ulamek out on a GDTS. Shockingly, he finished last. KL got murdered away from home on a weekly basis, but some of the home meetings were superb. Ronni Pedersen was always excellent entertainment when he rode in 2001 & 2002, unfortunately his spells with the club were always short.
  7. MrMungo

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Would be very surprised if it wasn't a team change
  8. MrMungo

    Ipswich 2019

    Presumably the profits from his engine tuning business.
  9. MrMungo

    Kings Lynn 2019

    That's always true, but what about the Speedway team?
  10. MrMungo

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Certainly an interesting signing. I'm going to be in the minority and say Paco will do quite well for Birmingham. He was poor the last time he rode in the PL mostly because he truly hated the Ipswich track (like most riders do in fairness). Before that, I seem to recall he had some solid scores for Sheffield. If he takes to the Birmingham track, and I think he will, he'll be a solid reserve.
  11. MrMungo


    Usually just used by the rider to more easily identify between the different engines he owns.
  12. MrMungo

    AGM November 2018

    Was £42 the last time I bought a tyre a few years ago, so £45 seems bang on the money to me.
  13. It was Starke who was second in heat 1, not Bach as stated on Updates
  14. Slag, stiff, tense buttocks! Sounds like he had a fun time at least!

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