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  1. MrMungo

    Swindon 2018

    Despite the 1 over 8 ruling, Swindon are looking pretty solid for next year with Musielak, Bellego, Batchelor, Kildemand, Zengota (maybe others too) all being possibilities to back up whoever is @ 1. They're certainly in a better position than some other clubs. Official averages are now up on the BSPA site.
  2. Was there also this melodramatic BS when Hancock (or Hamill - can't remember) was forced out with the same rule some about 15 years or so ago? I honestly can't remember.
  3. MrMungo

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Zagar fits the description too, but he hates Leicester like a fat man hates a salad.
  4. MrMungo

    Swindon 2018

    Can you imagine Rosco's face when there's only one over 7.50 in 2019?
  5. MrMungo

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Many riders don't receive a signing on fee.
  6. MrMungo

    Pay Rates Mystery

    You are absolutely miles off. Most championship riders will be on basically half that unless they're a top rider in the league. 250k income per year? Is it April 1st already?
  7. MrMungo

    Riders Fuel.

    £5 roughly depending on number of races.
  8. MrMungo

    Betting For Whole Season

    Nicholls must be able to score over 6 tonight, right?
  9. MrMungo

    Betting For Whole Season

    It's one of those matches where the temptation is so great, but you just don't know how much effort is going to be put in. Went for Bjerre over 8 - can see him having 6 rides, and can beat any of the Leicester riders. Can also see him losing to any of them too in true Bjerre style! Was tempted to go against Riss too, as I seem to recall he's had some crappy ones at Owlerton, but decided against it.
  10. Mr Doyle will have to consult his crystal ball first then I'm thinking
  11. Quite an enjoyable meeting, mostly due to the shock factor, and the fact that the Play-Offs never let us down. Track looked fine to me; there were some decent races, but like King's Lynn, the Swindon track is not what it once was. Racing wise it looked as good as most matches from Swindon, and track looked in better nick than usual. Masters was sublime, he along with Schlein (although he faded away towards the end) were the main reasons for Wolves' success, not the track, complacency, the moon, etc, etc. Masters' form since his injury has been very average, but tonight he really stepped up, and was magnificent. In truth, the whole Wolves side shone at some point. In the Play-Offs, you always have to expect the unexpected (just ask any Vetlanda fan), and I think this tie is far from over. Wolves will be without their best 2 riders round Monmore, and no doubt because of this (and the added pressure) will have less home track advantage than normal. Swindon are more than capable of winning round there, they will need to perform a damn sight better than they did tonight though.
  12. Someone obviously didn't tell Schlein you couldn't pass...
  13. Shocking track, commentators not much better, but was a super meeting with a bit of everything. That's why the Play-Offs are so great! Glad Poole pulled it back towards the end, it should make the 2nd leg interesting, assuming it was just a one-off with Lahti.
  14. MrMungo

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    There were not many positives to come out of the GP last night at all, but at least it makes the picks for next year more interesting. With new blood in next year thanks to Pawlicki and Cook, along with returning Laguta, I don't think there's a need for too many other new riders; the one exception being Milik who I really think could mix it up. Holder, Zagar and Vaculik all showed last night that they are too good not to be in it, although Holder can be especially frustrating ranging from the immaculate to the uber-ordinary. Another final appearance for Holder and I think he will get a pick for next year - assuming Mr Chapman has no say in the matter! Can see the picks going to: (9th place), Hancock, Iversen and maybe Milik (or Holder if he finishes the season strongly)
  15. MrMungo

    Speedway World Cup 2017

    Interesting spot, and not at all surprised. That first bend was text-book team riding along with exploiting one of Doyle's major weaknesses. No doubt this come about because of Batchelor's move. Aussies were not great all the way through but it was a truly shocking collapse from them after the Batchelor incident. It's like they had no composure or temperament at all. Apart from Fricke, they just got worse and worse and worse. Delighted for the Russians, they all rode well, and rode intelligently. I will be amazed if the Poles don't win tomorrow, and by quite a large margin I expect, but there's no doubt this World Cup has probably been the most entertaining WC in years, largely thanks to the Russians.
  16. MrMungo

    Poole 2017

    This is where Speedway does itself no favours whatsoever. Newman has been loyal to Poole for as long as I can remember, won them countless matches, and from my visits to Poole seems as popular as any home rider. Adding to the fact that he has had a couple of dreadful years injury wise, I think at the very least he deserved time to prove himself. It's not as if he is being replaced by someone far superior either. Starke is a solid rider, but he's probably no better or worse than Newman the vast majority of time. Next thing promoters will be whinging about a lack of loyalty from riders. I wonder why!
  17. Nothing reckless about it. Andersen made the start and headed straight for the dirt as most riders would do round Glasgow. Lawson acted like a spoilt brat and a child.
  18. MrMungo

    Who Is Riding The Gtr Engine ?

    Adam Ellis looked to be back on a GM tonight at Wolves based on a photo on Speedway GB site. Temporary or has he ditched the GTR?
  19. Smith 2.61 Ayres 4.00 Shanes 2.40 Perks 4.00 Graversen 3.47 Waj 3.20 (+3 other riders on 3.xx averages) Greaves 2.45 (Bailey 1.56) I don't think it's unfair to say that Bailey is struggling compared to the other number sevens listed, but he's not that far off several of them. One decent score and his average will be comparable to Shanes, Greaves, etc.
  20. BSPA probably just been too busy doing whatever they do on a 9-5 basis - the mind boggles! Sarj for Roynon hasn't been confirmed yet either and that was on the SpeedwayGB site before Greaves.
  21. MrMungo

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Lambert and Rose both rode NL.
  22. MrMungo

    Swindon 2017

    Gappy is an upgrade, and has been scoring well this year for Berwick (not many could say that) so probably nothing to lose, but will be going to many tracks for the first time and will miss several meetings too, I am sure.
  23. Seemed cheerful enough in the pits after the meeting, so think he just decided to take it easy
  24. MrMungo

    Poole V Swindon Ela 1/5/17 6pm

    I am not convinced Charles Wright would agree with you!
  25. MrMungo

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Sadly that does appear to be the case!

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