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  1. Slick? :O Many riders needed to go to the toilet before the meeting started because they were sh***ing themselves! That track was incredibly grippy, hence the reason why a number of the Glasgow riders keep shooting past the bends. Most riders were having to go 2-3 teeth higher than they normally would have. Sam Jensen looks to be a great capture, he'll be knocking up big points very, very soon I have no doubt.
  2. The slurs on Godfrey are a little harsh. Scunthorpe asked the riders if they could do Wednesday instead of Friday, and a couple of them said they were unable to get out of work commitments at short notice. It's worth remembering that at this level most riders are not full time, and have other work to basically fund their Speedway careers.
  3. Torn knee ligaments.
  4. Peet is not even team manager on this occasion. Fozzie to offer up his services perhaps?!
  5. No Garrity tonight. Presumably a junior rider in as replacement.
  6. MrMungo

    Leicester v Newcastle 27.04.19

    He's been told he'll get a (28 day) ban if he doesn't ride for Leicester. Complete arsewipes.
  7. He also scored 1 from 5 at the end of the season. Also from reserve.
  8. Jernej Kolenko. I quite enjoyed that year (2002 I think it was though), was totally full of surprises. You had a new rider almost every week! 2001 was the embarrassing scrap for Niklas Klingberg (Top 4 of Crump, Pedersen, PK and Klingberg was not half bad though!). Halfway through the season Peter Karlsson got badly injured in a clash with Lukas Dryml and was replaced by Kugelmann (several points lower than PK at the time), who had impressed in the World Cup. It was about this time it should have been evident that the funds were running low. Around about this time when the legendary Brian Griffin left the club IIRC - his programme notes were always worth a read! The following season King's Lynn started the season about 3.5 points under the points limit - presumably due to financial constraints, and you knew Waggy had lost the plot when he sent Ulamek out on a GDTS. Shockingly, he finished last. KL got murdered away from home on a weekly basis, but some of the home meetings were superb. Ronni Pedersen was always excellent entertainment when he rode in 2001 & 2002, unfortunately his spells with the club were always short.
  9. MrMungo

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Would be very surprised if it wasn't a team change
  10. MrMungo

    Ipswich 2019

    Presumably the profits from his engine tuning business.
  11. MrMungo

    Kings Lynn 2019

    That's always true, but what about the Speedway team?
  12. MrMungo

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Certainly an interesting signing. I'm going to be in the minority and say Paco will do quite well for Birmingham. He was poor the last time he rode in the PL mostly because he truly hated the Ipswich track (like most riders do in fairness). Before that, I seem to recall he had some solid scores for Sheffield. If he takes to the Birmingham track, and I think he will, he'll be a solid reserve.
  13. MrMungo


    Usually just used by the rider to more easily identify between the different engines he owns.
  14. MrMungo

    AGM November 2018

    Was £42 the last time I bought a tyre a few years ago, so £45 seems bang on the money to me.
  15. It was Starke who was second in heat 1, not Bach as stated on Updates
  16. Slag, stiff, tense buttocks! Sounds like he had a fun time at least!
  17. MrMungo

    Poole 2019

    £40k worth of Fixed Assets, too.
  18. Congrats to Poole - one hell of a comeback from 3 or 4 months ago. Very impressive how they clawed themselves back into contention, and honestly have looked the best side (narrowly) in the second half of the season. King's Lynn obviously were unfortunate to lose Palm Toft at Poole, but some of their own failures are of their own doing. Why, oh why, would you replace your best reserve (who admittedly was not at his best) when you needed 2 5-1s to take it to golden heats? (where you'd be big favourites!) Howarth off gate 1 had a more than fair chance of getting the 5-1 with TJ, but Dale Allitt decided to bring in Lambert who had done very little over the 2 legs apart from a shock paid win when he looked to have jumped the gate (Proctor certainly did, anyway). Certainly if the roles had been reversed, and Middlo had made that blunder, it would have its own thread on here by now! There's an unreal of Poole hatred which I guess makes it all the sweeter for the Poole contigent. And honestly, so it should given some of the unfair comments they have to endure. Lots of talk about heat 12 at Poole, and whilst it was a dubious decision, heat 3 last night was just as bad. Jørgensen should have been out 100%, and whilst you can't predict what would have happened, that 6 point (approx) swing evened out Palm Toft's unfortunate hand injury at Poole. Imagine we will see some big changes next year. A better standard of tracks (Belle Vue excluded) would be a good start along with eliminating averages, but a better standard of Speedway supporters would be just as good if the childish bickering on the Play-Off Final threads is anything to go by!
  19. I, too, used to think that if enough TV cameras were available to view, no referee could ruin a sporting spectacle. Then I saw the Football World Cup Final earlier in the year.... No matter the sport, some referees will just see things that others don't! Far from the thriller I was hoping for and it won't go down as one of the Play-Off greats, but an interesting meeting, if only for the controversy! Delicately poised @ 16 point lead. Much will depend on Palm Toft's fitness, and what sort of track Mr Chapman produces. Certainly if MPT is fit, the King's Lynn reserves can do what Worrall and Jakobsen did tonight - think it's another one that will go down to the wire.
  20. Probably still hungover from his birthday last week!
  21. I often read Mr H, the KL threads can make for amusing/interesting(delete as applicable) reading on a slow day at work!

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