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  1. bez

    NL Fantasy Team (for fun!)

    Jenkins 7.04 Kent Edwards 6.73 Mildenhall Halsey 6.53 Cradley Wallinger 6.13 Mildenhall Priest 4.99 Stoke Gilkes 2.00 Kent Palin 2.00 Belle Vue 35.42
  2. bez

    Scorpions 2018

    Thanks makes sense now.
  3. bez

    Scorpions 2018

    If we re-declare, what happens when Steve Worrall is fit again and we are over the 42.5 points limit ?
  4. bez

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Wow wow wow very happy with this so far 👍
  5. bez

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    I think Josh Auty will be back, and I hope Jake Allen will too. Who is the 3rd rider allegedly signed Jorgensen/Berge/Nielsen ? I'd like to see a No1 rider either Worrall would be good. Let's take a punt on a number 7 a bit like Newcastle did with Richie Worrall a few years ago Jenkins/Brennan or the like. My guess assuming 42.00 limit (based on latest published averages) S. Worrall 9.02 T. Jorgensen 7.10 J. Auty. 6.95 J.Allen 6.08 S. Nielsen. 5.53 J. Jenkins 2.00 5.32 left An untried Dane/Swede not sure what average they come in on? T. Pijper. 4.23. Gives a strong number 6 which Rob likes and takes the pressure off an untried No 7.
  6. bez

    Scorpions 2017

    I thought it said yer da sells Avon. 😂😂😂
  7. bez

    Scorpions 2017

    Personally I wouldn't want to lose Aarnio, just a guess as to what might of happened, as Berge would be high on Robs list
  8. bez

    Scorpions 2017

    Berge and Wallner for Wilko and Aarnio ??
  9. bez

    Scorpions 2017

    In the local paper says Wilko's replacement signed, but his identity has not been revealed yet until other possible changes made. Everything will be in place for Sunday vs Workington "We have already made one change but we are waiting on other riders so there might be others. I could make another two changes"
  10. bez

    Scorpions 2017

    Andreas Lyager - does his job now allow him to come back, what average would he be on? still an assessed 7 ?
  11. bez

    Nl Fantasy Side (for Fun)

    Dan Bewley 8.65 Jack Parkinson Blackburn 6.97 Jack Smith 6.32 Jack Thomas 5.83 Ryan Terry Daley 4.55 Joe Lawlor 3.59 Jordan Jenkins 3.00 38.91
  12. bez

    Scorpions 2017

    I'd change the riding order for Home and Away meetings: Home Away 1 Ryan 1 Ryan 2 Wilko 2 Wilko 3 MPT 3 Josh A 4 Lewi 4 MPT 5 Josh A 5 Lewi 6 Fritz 6 Fritz 7 Josh B 7 Josh B
  13. bez

    Scorpions 2017

    Didn't Rob say when he announced that Josh had signed for 2017 that it did mean running on a Sunday (may have been one of his little jokes)
  14. bez

    Scorpions 2017

    If no change to league Structure and 7 man teams operate, I think this would be under a 42.5 points limit Nick Morris (or similar to ride at No 1) MPT Ryan Douglas Josh Auty Lewis Kerr Fritz Wallner Josh Bailey

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