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  1. Plymouth would have changed Wallinger in an instant if they could have found someone else who could be arsed to drive down the M5. No loyalty from most clubs towards riders these days that’s been shown across all 3 leagues so don’t expect any in return
  2. A very sane and sensible post H&S is absolutely key these days. If young children were on the centre green it is beyond belief that a rider would chuck a bike into a corner at high speed however talented that rider might be a mechanical or rider error could have lead to serious consequences which would have had massive repercussions for promotion etc.
  3. The H Man

    Somerset 2019

    From my two visits this season - the gate receipts would cover the bottom 3 okay, not so sure about top 4 though
  4. The H Man

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Is Ashley crocked long term?. So the fanfare for Hume’s return didn’t last long. Only 3/7 of starting septet remain - sums up the British speedway merry go round perfectly.
  5. The H Man

    Redcar v Glasgow KOC (1st leg)

    Few minutes after that! Shame they didn't mention it to him before he'd booked his flights for July meetings :o(
  6. The H Man

    REDCAR 2019

    As a mate and sponsor of Ulrich, naturally gutted for him but nothing surprises me as teams happy to chop and change their team at the drop of a hat and Redcar promotion obviously happy to join the growing trend of moving riders on after only a few meetings. What I do think is disappointing in this case is that on Saturday night at Leicester the promotion had every opportunity to be straight with him as obviously they’d already made their minds up to drop him, but instead praised him and said they could see signs of the Ulrich they knew and loved So the guy books all his flights for July, then finds out 2 days later he is axed moments after being given the rider of the night award after delivering the goods with 11 points against arguably the leagues strongest team I think he deserves a little better treatment as someone who has been very loyal to British clubs over the past decade, not one to cry off at the drop of a hat, doesn’t whinge about track conditions and always happy to chat with the fans!
  7. The H Man

    Redcar v Glasgow KOC (1st leg)

    Well done 11 points, rider of the night of the night award and oh by the way you’re axed!
  8. The H Man

    Redcar v Glasgow KOC (1st leg)

    Yep! And it sucks IMHO!
  9. I’m not sure that sort of test is legally binding - i of course maybe wrong - but I think that is more of an indicative test which would still need further analysis.
  10. Absolutely R&R, there is no instant drug test result as you rightly say and i’ve Witnessed riders that have mysteriously ricked their back pre-meeting and even fallen down changing room steps to avoid being tested.
  11. Yep! There appeared to be a mis-understanding from team manager about when interval was being held so neither Redcar rider were ready when 2 mins put on. Ulrich just made it but Charles although got through out gate wasn’t ready in time. Not sure why he wasn’t put off 15 meters and then reserve smith excluded under 2 mins as well. Cost Redcar a potential 5-1 for sure Overall a pretty good meeting track was as slick as i’d ever seen at OTA / didn’t stop decent racing - Schlein and Covatti excellent for Rebels Rowe improved since last time I saw him in April Wright excellent for the Bears, MPT very good in first 3 rides, Stewart and Ostergaard both had a good and poor rides. Smith one excellent ride and a nasty tumble (appeared okay) Presentation a lot better tonight - except choice of music we were treated too Bucks Fizz & Venga Boys!!!!
  12. I’m heading along to this meeting. Looking forward to it.
  13. Like I said in earlier post I fully understand your frustration and annoyance. Not trying to make excuses as things need to be turned round PDQ. Just saying where I’m in regular contact with him, I can assure you he’s as *****d off about things as you and other fans are.
  14. Fully understand yours and others frustration/disappointment/anger with Ulle’s scores. Having known him for a long time, what I can say is that he’s as frustrated as anyone with his performance. I can assure you that he’s not just at Brum to pick up the money, in fact he’s not earning much as he gets paid (rightly) for points scored not a comfy guarantee! Speedway can be cruel when you’re struggling a bit, last week his engine blew in first ride after being a victim of first bend bunching last night, the ignition went on bike in warm up and he was unlucky to be excluded with clashing with Kyle Fans just want to see riders performing as they should I fully understand that - machinery issues aren’t something that fans should have to worry about, but just saying when your lucks out, your lucks out.
  15. The H Man

    F.A.O. Phill Rising

    Affected Ulrich Ostergaard who committed to his UK club and declined a potential Danish booking! #justsaying

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