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  1. Ulrich has broken his hand in 3 places!
  2. Ulrich would never go out to hurt anyone, he's a mate of Paco's, it was racing - Ulle apologised, Paco accepted that, they had a hug and we move on. Josh did a silly move on Ulrich a few weeks back in Elite, they had a chat, they shake hands, they move on.
  3. Looks as if Nielsen and Morris will be missing tomorrow.
  4. The H Man

    Birmingham vs Oxford 20/7/22 (CJL)

    agree, effort doesn't necessarily mean a good track - was just pointing out to Rob that like for like with Oxford isn't a fair comparison due to track time, machinery, landlord etc!
  5. The H Man

    Birmingham vs Oxford 20/7/22 (CJL)

    yes, discussions have taken place with MW.
  6. The H Man

    Birmingham vs Oxford 20/7/22 (CJL)

    So with long term injuries to Auty and Shanes, plus the fact that Vissing decided to go missing, what else can the club do Martin? Can you name riders, who are prepared to sign up to ride in the championship, who are twiddling their thumbs waiting on a call?
  7. The H Man

    Birmingham vs Oxford 20/7/22 (CJL)

    You can't compare Oxford and Brum like for like Rob Oxford are blessed with a stadium owner who allows unrestricted access to the track, you also have much better equipment and have no access issues during a meeting Brum, are only allowed on the track on race days, are working with equipment (despite investment over past few months) that is mainly past its best and are restricted with the amount of access to equipment during a meeting due to landlord restrictions in place. Sorry if last nights track wasn't up to scratch, I know it wouldn't be through lack of effort from John the curator at PB. The Directors, Promoters and hard working track staff are really doing their best for Birmingham Speedway, it's been a very tough baptism of fire on and off the track, but the majority shareholders Nigel and Tracey are really good people.
  8. You can’t blame the new owners for previous debts Martin and as far as I’m aware Riss, Harris & Castagna have no issues at all the new owners. when negotiations commenced with Vissing he had no guarantee of a Danish spot as he was part of squad. Of course it’s not ideal but who else was there available to sign. i could post a long list of riders that were contacted but decided they didn’t want to or couldn’t commit to UK racing in 2022!
  9. Vissing gate, there were/are hardly any heat leaders wishing to ride in the Championship, Claus was one who was. Danish clubs squad system was always a bit of a risk but one the club had to take to with no other options readily available and season rapidly approaching, be delighted to hear what you'd have done differently?. Ellis gate, no con intended, all concerned hoped it would be for the season but logistically for both parties and financially for the club it couldn't carry on, no hard feelings from either party and his replacement has scored well in the majority of the meetings, so I don't think anyone was intentionally conned, sorry if you feel that you were.
  10. The H Man

    Birmingham v Oxford Wed 18th May

    Yes, Kyle declined heat 15.
  11. The H Man

    Birmingham v Berwick

    The consortium have been working hard behind the scenes to put in place a solution to prevent the unfortunate situation from happening again.
  12. The H Man

    Poole v Birmingham 27/4/22

    Sadly, no news about Reading - the Smallmead site remains barren and used for a car park on Football match days Great to see Oxford back up and running, can only hope the same for Coventry one day. Very much looking forward to Wimborne Rd tomorrow night
  13. The H Man

    Poole v Birmingham 27/4/22

    Heading down for this - looking forward to my first visit to Wimborne Road for several years
  14. The H Man

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Horrendous news, Nigel's passion for speedway shone through every time he appeared on the TV, radio or online. The sheer volume of sadness from his broadcast colleagues on social media shows as well as speedway riders and dart pros just how well he was liked and respected. I didn't know him as well as many on here, but we spoke lots of times when I did the clubcall line for Reading for him and we had plenty of banter over the years on twitter. I know how much Nigel was loved by his close colleagues in the speedway media and have spoken to a couple of them over the past 24 hours, they are totally devastated. What an awful loss to the commentary world but the loss of a Father, Husband and dear friends to his loved ones is where our thoughts must be at this very sad time. Sleep well Scoop, you were a legend, who won't be forgotten.
  15. The H Man

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    I think Birmingham fans will be happy with the news coming out of the club over the coming days. There has been a lot of work put in by the new shareholders over the past few weeks and things on and off track are looking promising.

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