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  1. The H Man

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Guessing that Auty a lot cheaper to employ than the Polish lad and probably get Scotty on better deal than Bjerre so maybe this is cost cutting exercise as much as anything.
  2. The H Man

    Cardiff Accommodation

    Hope to catch up mate. No Bob or Eric?
  3. The H Man

    Cardiff Accommodation

    Of course - it’s not what you know it’s who you know RnR
  4. The H Man

    Cardiff Accommodation

    Think not fella!
  5. The H Man

    Cardiff Accommodation

    Hello R n R - Nice to know you were worried about me like many fans my interest has somewhat declined in recent seasons! I'll be at Cardiff Saturday though with the legend that Kelsey Kay - might see you then.
  6. The H Man

    Cardiff Accommodation

    If anyone has a room booked they don’t need let me know. Cheers.
  7. Nothing broken for Ulle which is good news.
  8. The H Man

    Promoter's Agm!

    Will it heck as like! All it will do is continue to see up and coming overseas riders being allowed to learn their trade over here before buggering off or we'll see plenty of overseas never will be's in the teams! If they were serious about British riders they'd have given them all a 15/20% average reduction and all they have done is ruled out the majority of the top boys from being allowed to ride the Premiership if they were ever interested in the first place! I'm sure the major brand sponsors (who happily throw money at darts, snooker, rugby and netball) will be falling over themselves to get involved, as will the TV Broadcasters!!! FFS
  9. The H Man

    Godfrey Spargo

    Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere but a man who put a lot of effort into Cornish speedway Godfrey Spargo has passed away. A very gentle and kind hearted man. Always had a smile on his face and sandals on his feet whenever I saw him.
  10. Sorry to hijack thread a bit, but this made me chuckle and reminded me of when Reading Promoter Chris Shears announced over the PA on the Monday Peter Ljung will never ride for this club again and 72 hours later he was riding for us at Swindon. Barker goes well at Ippo but big risk as he cant be 100% fit.
  11. The H Man

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    Total farce all round and all of British Speedway's own doing! Doubling up a good idea in principal but proper fixture planning required, teams don't ride for weeks on end then we get a fixture clash to deprive fans seeing a rider! Ref: Holder, if Ged Rathbone was one of the BSPA's favourites - something completely different would have been conjured up, but he isn't! For him, makes business sense - Holder not riding in Away fixtures replaced by a 3pt junior - means a lot less expense for Peterborough! When I was involved with Reading, this happened several times, especially in 2003 with Janusz Kolodziej, the fine for showing up with a weakened team and paying a local 3 pointer a lot cheaper than sending JK to Sheffield for example. Not fair on the fans I agree - but when has British Speedway ever had any regard for it's fans? Final point - lots of people transfixed with overseas riders and their commitment to British Speedway, start by concentrating on British riders, those who are committed to earning a fair living by riding in their home country as their priority! How many half decent British riders have quit or are on sidelines because of averages etc? Concentrate on them not someone who uses British Speedway as a stepping stone along with his fellow countrymen who then moan, whinge and bicker constantly about British speedway when in fact it was the British leagues that created their development opportunity in the first place!
  12. The H Man

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Thanks Flagrag for this and the many other informative posts ref: TV coverage I just feel if the BSPA would get their heads out of the sand and allow an independent body to control speedway in the UK, then things like TV exposure, media coverage etc would improve and more importantly the sport could get an ounce or two of credibility back, because at the moment is really doesn't have any!
  13. The H Man

    Bob Radford R.i.p

    I got to know Bob around 15 years ago when I first got involved at Reading, the guidance he gave me about presenting and announcing were very helpful. He Nicknamed me The Minder, and always called me that whenever I saw him. He returned to Reading as announcer during the Legg/Holloway era and we enjoyed some great banter over the tannoy, I had the pleasure of doing a final interview with Bob during Reading last team fixture, sadly he couldn't make the end of era meeting. Which was sad as he did so much for Reading Speedway. Although I knew Bob was very ill. It's always a shock when someone you know and respect passes on. RIP Big Bob! The Minder
  14. The H Man

    Belle Vue 2017

    Agree totally - who gives a flying fig who are the biggest or best, it's great news that Belle Vue are running, I just hope Coventry can be sorted! As I learnt with my own club Reading, once sport lost to a town/city virtually impossible to get it back.
  15. The H Man

    Belle Vue National Stadium

    Who actually appoints the SCB supremo?

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