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  1. Like I said in earlier post I fully understand your frustration and annoyance. Not trying to make excuses as things need to be turned round PDQ. Just saying where I’m in regular contact with him, I can assure you he’s as *****d off about things as you and other fans are.
  2. Fully understand yours and others frustration/disappointment/anger with Ulle’s scores. Having known him for a long time, what I can say is that he’s as frustrated as anyone with his performance. I can assure you that he’s not just at Brum to pick up the money, in fact he’s not earning much as he gets paid (rightly) for points scored not a comfy guarantee! Speedway can be cruel when you’re struggling a bit, last week his engine blew in first ride after being a victim of first bend bunching last night, the ignition went on bike in warm up and he was unlucky to be excluded with clashing with Kyle Fans just want to see riders performing as they should I fully understand that - machinery issues aren’t something that fans should have to worry about, but just saying when your lucks out, your lucks out.
  3. The H Man

    F.A.O. Phill Rising

    Affected Ulrich Ostergaard who committed to his UK club and declined a potential Danish booking! #justsaying
  4. The H Man

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Feel for Ulrich O who had already made himself unavailable for his Danish club because of this fixture!
  5. Having read twitter comments earlier from the head honcho at CFS! I bet Cookie can’t wait to slip into their sponsored race jacket
  6. The H Man

    Somerset v Birmingham CS 10/4

  7. The H Man

    Somerset v Birmingham CS 10/4

    Of course mate!
  8. The H Man

    Somerset v Birmingham CS 10/4

    First visit to Somerset since 2008 with Reading. Forgot how cold it can get there and a 30 minute delay to start proceedings after a lady needed medical help didn't help, but these things can't be helped. and to be fair, that kept the meeting going well once started. Some good racing without it ever being really great though Chris Harris heat 15 was sublime. Apart from Harris who will be a real force round the OTA, I was very impressed by Henry Atkins for the home side, very good potential that lad. Kurtz and Covatti also did well whilst the new German lad will definitely be an asset. Rory S was good, but expected that from him on a well prepared track in clear weather (rain and bumops who knows)! As I mentioned earlier Rowe was on the pace and with Atkins looking good, hopefully he'll be given a long run to prove himself without too much pressure. For the Brummies, Ashley Morris and Zach W both performed well and good to see they are continuing to develop. Ulrich showed some glimpses that he can still mix it with the top guys, Paco produced 2 good heat wins, so certainly doing his job at reserve. Shanes was competitive and brave. Kyle Newman flattered to deceive in the tough number 5 jacket whilst Tobias Thomsen was off the pace apart from heat 8. Crowd wasn't great, about 500 at a guess. Thought it might have been higher with nice day and kids off school. Not over impressed with the presentation, all a bit bland - don't do much to get crowd going or get kids involved. Reasonably priced Chicken Nuggets though :-) Enjoy evening overall.
  9. The H Man

    Somerset v Birmingham CS 10/4

    Thomsen was a long way back in his firsttwo, bit closer in his third - was t/s in final ride Rowe broke tapes in heat 2 but wasn't far off the pace thereafter. Very impressed by Atkins.
  10. The H Man

    Somerset v Birmingham CS 10/4

    Start of meeting delayed. Lady in crowd Poorly or injured in crowd. Waiting for ambulance to transfer from St. John’s.
  11. Been a good while since I started a topic on the BSF - but as I am in the Bristol area on Weds, I am planning to head down to the OTA for this match. Always enjoyed visits in the past, I'm sure this one will be equally as enjoyable.
  12. The H Man

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    It’s all about opinions and mine is you’re a keyboard warrior!
  13. The H Man

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Obviously. If I only I had your charisma and wealth of knowledge of the sport. Love the keyboard warriors like you! :-) :-)
  14. The H Man

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I've re-read your last post about Ulrich, but your grammar is so rubbish it doesn't really make sense! if you're so proud to be a Brummie, then back the guy and give him a chance!
  15. The H Man

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Blimey, one challenge match and you want Ulrich out already! Nothing like giving a guy a chance!

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