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  1. Rip 'Burd .. one of the founding members of the Speedway "Forum Family" on here back in 2002 At Stoneleigh. Forever in the Sheeps Thoughts and Prayers xx
  2. Sean

    Mildenhall Statement.

    correct ...... only teams from last year that have said they are running this year in the nat lge can vote ..... that leaves seven teams as mildenhall, weymouth and bournemouth have dropped from last years ten teams ... stoke, Belle Vue, peterbborugh or any others joining cannot vote as they were "at the time of the vote" not in the national league ... the voting went 4 against and 3 for ... interestingly .. the four against as it says above if those are true, are all second teams who will struggle to have dates and wouldn't i guess want more than 7 or 8 teams in the league with there "higher team" fixtures to sort as well. the teams that voted for .. if again above is true .. are three stand alone teams who are now scratching around to find meaningful matches to fill a season. i wonder how the vote would have gone if say Stoke who looking for a full season . .were allowed to vote ! Rye House would get a vote as offically they hadn't pulled out of the league as such at the time of the vote , but merely changed there name after the decision close mildenhall was made and there vote would have been that of a second team as such at the time of the vote, but probably advised the nat league meeting of there intentions to change after the vote was made.
  3. Sean

    Hackney Hawks

    totally agree .... bringing on youngsters is the main aim here and using your own assets is the answer ... but thinking accross the fold here .. lakeside could easily have reverted back and used arena essex as the nat lge team if thats what they wanted .. and as said elsewhere the cobras haven't officially anywhere said they are not running.
  4. Sean

    Hackney Hawks

    dont think theres much chance of that .. the olympics dosen't have any form of motorised sport involved and wouldnt have a motorsports licence anywhere on the site ... when the olympics goes the area wouldn't get a motorsports license being the olympic village is on the site and no otehr motorised sports are there, and the village will be used for housing when the competitors leave . far too built up an area and the nimbys will object as soon as a wheel is turned sadly. may get the one off "london GP" each year added to the calender or may even be the "english GP" a chance to add another round to the worlds is far more possible than a team returning to the area.
  5. Sean

    Mildenhall Statement.

    seems your right in a manner of speaking ...... its now appears that the feud between kings lynn and mildenhall regarding STOCK CARS issues .. has now spilled over into the national league AGM today with Kings Lynn being the voice and lead opposition against mildenhall running in SPEEDWAY !
  6. Sean

    Nl Agm Cancelled?

    too late .... Mildenhall being refused entry this morning tells me that Mr Morrish is sitting pretty with the BSPA and has the same intent to completely screw the sport up as best they can. RIP speedway ... was good while we had it .
  7. WHAT ?? stratford WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ?? on waterden road ?????? nah ... only one team could possibly be recreated on that site .. re opened .. and reborn .... HACKNEY HAWKS !
  8. but how much would they lose by not running at all ...... ?? a fair chunk in assets i guess as the BSPA will be taking them straight back .... makes simple reading that they will HAVE to run now in the NL as will Coventry or face the likes of Rory Schlein and Chris Harris becoming BSPA assets and having a massive loss on there hands too !
  9. Sean


    couldn't see that getting planning permission for motorsports with the housing estates around it ..
  10. Sean

    Is Your Team Running

    yep ... reckon you will get ten of those ... am happy with that !
  11. Sean

    Is Your Team Running

    Stoke, Dudley and Kings Lynn all expressing there interest (remember no one is confirmed until next wednesday and there league bond is paid ! ) Rye house, Scunthorpe and Newport with winter training schools looking good Buxton are nat lge or 3rd tier stalwarts Isle of Wight, Plymouth (dependant on PL entrance) still to emerge as entries Bournemouth we know have gone .. and Not looking good for Weymouth either ... suppose Peterborough and Coventry might be accepted in as there replacements (if they promise to be good and not rock the boat :-) Mildenhall looking like its touch and go too with no news coming out ... could Sittingbourne (central park or iwade )take there place ? any more rustlings around any dark corners ?? Tamworth ? Team USA and team viking (drop the tours .. enter the league!!) Leicester ?? oh sorry ..direct route to division two mk dons stylee !! anyone for an Oxford revival ? The Falcons @ Plymouth .. The Bulldogs @ Somerset ?? Scottish youth Select at Glasgow/Edinburgh ? Carmathen @ Cardiff Millenium stadium ... ?? :-)
  12. Sean

    Young Stars

    very good move by the Chapmans .. can see this paying off ... one week elite .. one week Nat League .... fans dont have to choose now between elite and national leagues each week and can support the young stars ( should be starlets!!) and effectively its costing fans less over the season than PL racing every week ... am expecting a good strong team full of young assets and rising STARS !
  13. Sean

    Nl And Agm This Weekend

    call me cynical but will December 7th NL AGM still go ahead if they haven't sorted the elite league problems .. or will the elite take preference ??
  14. 21st ... that was definetly 21st .... he did it .. he went round the back ... i didnt .. honest ... he did .. and he was smiling too .....
  15. well if he isnt .. i aint either ..... its a team game .... both or neither !!! swallow ya pride woman .... :-p

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