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  1. I'd like to see averages being scrapped in regards to team make up. Would also like there to be more fixtures in the calender and to get them completed with a greater sense of urgency. Predictably 2019 shall bring little change. Probably more mediocrity, manipulation to suit individual needs and ideaolagies.
  2. Can zmarzlik catch woffy?
  3. Robinh88


    Only in Speedway 2018 (UK) could you have fewer fixtures and yet still struggle to run them within the proposed timescale. Looking in from a distance its been a good season for Berwick all things considered. Looking healthy for 2019 as much of the team could pick itself.
  4. Robinh88

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    Terribly sad news a very solid rider over the years.. rip tomasz
  5. And the 5 pl titles he has won since 2003
  6. Nothing suspicious, you know Sheffield's big boys just couldn't find that elusive set up for 2 weeks on the spin.
  7. Robinh88

    Glasgow 2018

    World class? Are you sure? top riders in the PL absolutely though. World class to me is Bartosz Zmarzlik who sits on 10.32 (Stal) and 9.92 (Elit) in Poland and Sweden currently.
  8. Robinh88

    Glasgow 2018

    His average usually nose dives in and around July. Keeping the figure nice and low for potential suitors the following season. Did well for Berwick in 2014 though overall.
  9. Looks like Charles and Kyle just couldn't find the set up
  10. Seems to be the way sadly Don't remember the top boys of 15 years ago coming to Berwick and scoring 7 more like 16, 17.

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