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  1. Robinh88

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Best speedway YouTube channel out there. Paul and the guys/girls leading the way.
  2. Robinh88

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Don't blame Madsen really. A big meeting is never going to be held at Armadale or Brough Park. Moreover he hasn't done badly giving the UK a wide berth since then. With more purpose built tracks in Britain being built I think this could be very good for the longevity of the Sport in the UK. That being said I saw a very good meeting at Leicester last week. Not a place synonymous with good/great races previously.
  3. Class act... Glad to see him doing well. Good looking bloke too what is not to like?
  4. Robinh88

    Redcar v Oxford

    Ruml's slight mishap in Heat 14 was enough to swing the balance. Thought the meeting catapulted into life at the end and again the fans were served a treat. Always enjoy watching Charles Wright and was back to his vintage best tonight. Erik Riss is a classy rider to have at number three and made his thirteen look fairly easy. Redcar delivers again on track shame it is Newcastle next.
  5. Big score from Janowski this week. Has been quite up and down thus far. Always harder after a successful season the previous year I accept.
  6. I'm not moaning, thought it was a really good race.
  7. I don't have great eyesight to be honest.
  8. Looked to me like Bomber won Heat 15 clearly.
  9. Streamed the match tonight after a fairly hollow match against Newcastle (I thought) on the opening night. Took a little while to get going as per with Redcar they delivered in terms of racing and overall presentation. The Bears deserved it as their class told in the latter races. Redcar's top three may all finish on 9 point averages on early season form and the other four are steadily picking up good points especially 'JJ.' Cheetahs top two are not dominating as I thought they would. Early days of course but Oxford look light to me of a rider at the moment. Class comments from JC at the end magnanimous in defeat. Finally thought Stewart Dickson was an excellent coup. A very good advert for British Speedway.
  10. Robinh88

    Josh Pickering

    Sensational at the EWR for Edin last year.
  11. Great start by Maciej Janowski tonight. Pleasing to see as I see him being the only threat to Zmarzlik (maybe Madsen). Such a shame the Russians are not competing. Not really sure what their exclusion assists?
  12. Thought Jake was very hot and cold last year.
  13. Yawn! “This pandemic is FAR from over” he is right if Gib is the most vaccinated country.
  14. I’m not hugely interested in the intricacies that you spend your time alive researching. I want this world to grow a set of bollocks and get back to normal and bring peace, love and joy back to this planet. Does that mean I have blood on my hands? Possibly yes but people have complied whether by vaccination, mask and social distance. Frankly people rightly now want their lives back - not for a week or the summer no but forever. Gib is the most jabbed country in the world cough!
  15. Of course it is. Got an answer for everything.

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