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  1. Speedy recovery Steve... and you return to former glories... Too me racing incident though
  2. Riders demands over the years

    So looking at the pl of 2003 from memory Stancl, schott, Carr, schlien, Stonewer, stead, Bjerre, Wilson, A Compton, Parker, topinka, watt, staechman, pickering, Watson, smart, Iverson, gjedde, Allen, shields, morton bird, kolodzeij/ljung, zagar, Harris, jirout post car crash if I remember, Mark lemon, Stu Robson, Tatum, Lanhm, Kymikorphi Looks pretty good to me
  3. Riders demands over the years

    I'd be incined to agree with that
  4. Hi there, Further to my last post regarding the year 2000. I looked into pl speedway 2003 with an embarrassent of riches in regards to top rider quality. Some clubs were managing three top riders per team. The points limit has of course dropped overtime which will lower the standard as it did probably pre the 45 limit. Promoters continue to lose big money and fans generally speaking go but I don't think that same passion and desire is there for a fair percentage of supporters these days but I may be completely wrong. So looking back at march 2003 the list of quality riders was endless granted the league has gone from 17ish to 11 teams. No longer are the calibre of rider such as zagar, Zetterstrom, Schott, Stonewer, Wilson anywhere in sight with the exception of cook who has been great for his clubs and pl speedway at large. Maybe we were being spoiled back then Isle of Wight Newport and Reading bit the dust in the latter two's case potentially terminally. Admission continues to increase Edinburgh charging £18.50 what is the reason for this? Are todays "stars" asking for even more than when I feel the pl was at its strongest in relation to 2003_today Also appreciate rider shortage is an issue. Do riders use this to their advantage because they know there is no one else? Nicolai Klindt continues to get fixed up in the pl, for what? Also do riders ask for more expenses compared to back in the day? Riders nowadays are more professional they take protein shakes and participate in rigourous training at local fitness establishments, a far cry possibly from 15 years ago. Do you get the same buzz watching Danny king, Steve & Richie worrall, Scott Nicholls as fans did with Zetterstrom, Kylmikorphi, Bjerre? All comments and opinions welcome
  5. Newcastle 2018

    Class act was Larsen
  6. Robert Lambert

    good luck to the fella in poland and beyond
  7. 2000

    I do agree with most of that. Rose tinted specs definitely and I wonder if fans back then reminisced over periods in say the 80s or the 90s...
  8. 2000

    Yes I think they struggled that season, after a good 1999 season
  9. 2000

    What was the reading 2000 team.... Morris Norris Colvin Castagna???
  10. 2000

    Morning all, Looking through potential teams for 2018 got me slightly nostalgic about my first full season following the sport which happened to be 2000 after doing a few Berwick meetings at the back end of the 99 season. I was hooked Alan Mogridge was brilliant (at Berwick) and David Meldrum not far behind at certain times great stuff. Berwick struggled domestically? Don't remember the rules or politics just great memories. In the PL there were real entertainers back then and characters. Stonewer missed meetings for the gp's and to be fair two of them were at berwick. But i don't remember too many riders missing meetings etc. A handful of guys I do remember Wilson, Morton, Richard Juul, Paul Thorp, Neil Collins, Peter Carr, Castanga for differing reasons and Anders Henrickson Even got Mark Loram at Berwick who was phenomenal and gave a performance fitting of a man who would become world champion. Speedway was fantastic back then I couldn't get enough. So my questions 1. Was 2000 a good season for PL speedway and how did YOUR team fair? 2. Do you feel your first season was the best? 3. Did the Sport have problems in 2000 on a professional level? Seventeen years is a long time as is 12-29 as to how someone sees things. I appreciate one can't go back to 2000 or have the speedway brain of a 12 year old but guess time moves on as the sport has changed in different ways.
  11. Berwickbandits2018

    vissing bellego and later edberg - re 14 team as opposed to '18 potential signings
  12. Berwickbandits2018

    I think he'll stay about 7.5 to 8
  13. David Bellego Any Takers?

    surely same issue as Kennett?
  14. Polish Transfers 2018

    Where is tomasz j going?