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  1. Newcastle 2018

    Class act was Larsen
  2. Robert Lambert

    good luck to the fella in poland and beyond
  3. 2000

    I do agree with most of that. Rose tinted specs definitely and I wonder if fans back then reminisced over periods in say the 80s or the 90s...
  4. 2000

    Yes I think they struggled that season, after a good 1999 season
  5. 2000

    What was the reading 2000 team.... Morris Norris Colvin Castagna???
  6. 2000

    Morning all, Looking through potential teams for 2018 got me slightly nostalgic about my first full season following the sport which happened to be 2000 after doing a few Berwick meetings at the back end of the 99 season. I was hooked Alan Mogridge was brilliant (at Berwick) and David Meldrum not far behind at certain times great stuff. Berwick struggled domestically? Don't remember the rules or politics just great memories. In the PL there were real entertainers back then and characters. Stonewer missed meetings for the gp's and to be fair two of them were at berwick. But i don't remember too many riders missing meetings etc. A handful of guys I do remember Wilson, Morton, Richard Juul, Paul Thorp, Neil Collins, Peter Carr, Castanga for differing reasons and Anders Henrickson Even got Mark Loram at Berwick who was phenomenal and gave a performance fitting of a man who would become world champion. Speedway was fantastic back then I couldn't get enough. So my questions 1. Was 2000 a good season for PL speedway and how did YOUR team fair? 2. Do you feel your first season was the best? 3. Did the Sport have problems in 2000 on a professional level? Seventeen years is a long time as is 12-29 as to how someone sees things. I appreciate one can't go back to 2000 or have the speedway brain of a 12 year old but guess time moves on as the sport has changed in different ways.
  7. Berwickbandits2018

    vissing bellego and later edberg - re 14 team as opposed to '18 potential signings
  8. Berwickbandits2018

    I think he'll stay about 7.5 to 8
  9. David Bellego Any Takers?

    surely same issue as Kennett?
  10. Polish Transfers 2018

    Where is tomasz j going?
  11. Berwickbandits2018

    Agree with your main message... Not sure who else would be in the reckoning for the number one slot. Nicholls, kennett? Long way to travel and sadly not early 20s with much to prove
  12. Tbf i said he would be after a great season for leicester. Well done doyley
  13. Berwickbandits2018

    I'm not sure things can change in regard to the doubling up rule if the league's format stays as it is? Being patriotic for a second I do like the fact British riders in the present HAVE the option to race both leagues. But until specific race nights are implemented Peterborough's team (minus harris and holder) at workington shall happen again. There just isn't enough riders to go around anymore. The continent is a dry bed of blooming talent because the Ekstraliga/Elitserian can blow any uk team out of the water financially. So if you lose cook, lambert etc, are there riders to replace them or do you reduce the limit further to compensate? It's about survival for britain, maybe overtime the money may run out in the bigger leagues overseas but in the meantime I think doubling up is here to stay.
  14. Poole Vs Rye House Thurs 10/8/17

    Too right he does