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  1. McDonald looked pretty good - couple of excellent rides. List was disappointing, maybe trying a bit too hard. Wright in an absolute class of his own again - difficult to see who can beat him next Friday in the semi-final. Massively impressed by Ayres yet again, and Bukhave was excellent in the individual part but faded.
  2. Should be an interesting meeting, keen to see how List and McDonald get on.
  3. He walked back to the pits under his own steam - was not down for too long so would imagine a couple of days rest and he will be right as rain. Awkward looking fall though.
  4. What Yearby said. A full meeting, 6 second half NJL races and 3 sets of 4 laps by Alex Goldsborough and back in the car for 9:30 - cant argue with that. Word for the track staff as well, considering the amount of rain on Wednesday and Thursday the track was excellent. For the Bears, Stewart just gets better and better. Wright was his usual self and MPT looked quick before his scary looking fall. Jack Smith also excellent - not the quickest out there but gates superbly and rides his heart out for all 4 laps. Somerset obviously looked weak at bottom end. Atkins certainly mixed it but made a couple of mistakes that cost him points. Bomber was superb to watch as always and Schlein and Covatti both mixed it well. Nicely setup for the second leg - would have liked a few more points.
  5. I didnt actually think the dust was too bad at all - standing on the second bend we normally get the brunt of it and was not too bad. Think it is tricky to water the track too much when it was as cold as it was last night, could have easily gone too slippy.
  6. Really enjoyed that. Some great racing from both sides. Wright is on absolute fire at the moment and just never really looks like getting beat. Great to see MPT hit some form, and Jordan after a tough first ride was excellent. Smith has way exceeded my expectations, and Greaves again deserved more points than he got - a great battle with Garrity in particular. For Scunny, Ayres was superb. Allen got better as the night went on and excellent rides in 13 and 15. Reserves did struggle though. Jedd List had a couple of outings in the second half and looked good.
  7. Cold and grey, its been dry today so far and as far as I can see no rain forecast. Agree that taxi is best way to and from train station. Only a 5 minute drive at most.
  8. A thoroughly enjoyable meeting, both sides gave it their all and had a little bit of everything. Was good to see Drew Kemp in action, and thought he was a tad unlucky tonight. He will probably feel hard done by with his heat 8 exclusion, but I think if Bacon had been excluded he would also have been hard done by. Great race between the pair though. Heat 11 was a cracker, super rides by both Wright and Proctor. I thought Proctor very lucky to not be excluded in heat 14 mind, i think Greaves agrees with me.... Stewarts pass of Proctor in the re-run of that heat was also superb - he has really come on superbly over the winter.
  9. Great result for the Bears - Wright has started season superbly and looks like Greaves had a great meeting. Probably raced Newcastle at the right time, before they get dialled in to the home track.
  10. boz

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Lewis was superb today at Redcar - would not be too worried about Tofty though.
  11. boz

    REDCAR 2019

    The Xmas party is next week. Seems to be plenty of whispers around Barker to Brum - hope he sticks with us for next season (especially if he will end up 2nd/3rd heatleader).
  12. boz

    Newcastle 2019

    Great signing for Newcastle, disappointed he is not back at Redcar
  13. boz

    REDCAR 2019

    Cant imagine would see Jonas/Mikkel with their Danish commitments. Being greedy, if we could build a team with Stewart at reserve he would clean up.
  14. boz

    REDCAR 2019

    Not for a minute saying we will get them, but a top 3 of MPT, Wright and Barker would be a great spearhead.
  15. boz

    REDCAR 2019

    I see no Charles Wright at Somerset, would be pleased to see him return although can't see us being able to outbid Somerset for his services

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