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  1. Thoroughly enjoyable meeting with some good racing. Drew Kemp was a class above - would have liked to have seen him miss one gate though to see what he could have done! Edwards was excellent value as well as Anders Rowe. Bailey had a couple of superb rides and Flint entertained all night. Well impressed with the standard overall though. All really attacking the track and riding some good lines. Very decent crowd as well - would respectfully disagree with the texter on the updates that it was 50% down from a normal crowd. Was definitely down but more like 20% in my humble opinion, and understandable as the Bears had a meeting two days ago.
  2. fancy Edwards to also do well after his visit here for Eastbourne. Bickley done more laps here than the rest I would imagine, and Kemp should not be too far away.
  3. How about Tom Woolley - he was offered a place at Plymouth at the same time we offered him a Championship place.
  4. boz

    Redcar v Newcastle

    Pretty routine win in the end - we got a bit lucky with the weather. Certainly interesting watching speedway with lightning going off pretty close by! Thankfully rain stayed away until last couple of races. Bears heatleaders and Stewart all looked excellent - all seem to be firing at the right time. Though Andersen rode better than his points suggested. Scary to think how good we could be if we had 7 riders! Jorgensen was good for the Diamonds, and though Worrall rode hard but was just not quick enough for the Bears top 3. Useful points again from Clegg.
  5. boz

    Redcar v Newcastle

    Shower passed through about 10 mins ago but dry again at the moment (I am about 10 minutes drive from track).
  6. boz

    Redcar v Newcastle

    Forecast does seem to have improved from earlier. Fingers crossed we get no further rain.
  7. MPT looked very, very quick today - was getting good speed of the slick inside that no-one else seemed to really get. Riss an excellent home debut and Andersen continues to impress. Best wishes to Jordan - horrific looking crash. Fancy we would have won by more with him in his last two rides. Lawson was superb for the Eagles. Kennett started well but faded and Edwards was very good value. Disappointed in Kerr and Newman though.
  8. boz

    Redcar v Sheffield

    Been a few heavy showers now. Going off the last Facebook Post will take another look at track at 6.
  9. Quite enjoyed that meeting. Track was a bit slick due to the expected rain that never came but still a fairly decent night. Felt the Bears were fairly comfortable throughout the night, but Birmingham still put up a decent fight. Good solid effort for the Bears, and Stewart and Andersen thoroughly deserved heat 15. Sgood to see Woolley in the mix, brought the house down with his point! Birmingham battled hard, and thought Castagna in particular was excellent value. From what I had read on here, expected a white line hugger but he was anything but tonight - very entertaining!
  10. Congrats to Scunny - they got the job done, although made to work for it slightly more than they expected maybe. Jake Allen was superb, Barker as expected and Ayres chipped in well again. Auty's points on paper dont look great but actually thought he rode fairly well. Great effort from the Bears though. After Greaves and Andersens 5-1 in heat 9 i genuinely thought we could do it. Just ran out of steam a little bit towards the end, but gives me great hope for the rest of the season. Wright and MPT both excellent as expected, Greaves again superb from reserve and thoroughly impressed with Andersen. Woolley struggled, but with a full side there will be no pressure on him. Interesting to hear from Jitendra in the bar afterwards, who bears no ill will towards Godfrey. We offered a few dates, and Godfrey asked his riders if they were free but they all weren't. It was a risk we took when signing Riss, but one that in the long term should hopefully see us in the playoffs..
  11. Think there must be some crossed wires here, Yearby is generally a very balanced poster I find.
  12. Just to make it interesting, looks like Riss's meeting in Germany may have been postponed? Could he make it back in time?
  13. I don't think even the most optimistic Bears fan will be predicting a home win in this one! Stewart missing a massive loss on his recent home form, and obviously with no number 1 going to be incredibly tough. Added to that, Ayres superb form around Redcar this season can only see a 10 point away win.
  14. boz

    REDCAR 2019

    I think it is still r/r for Bacon on Friday. Andersen does not come in until Sunday.
  15. boz

    REDCAR 2019

    To be fair, the release from Redcar says what happened. Jack said he wanted to leave (rumour has it after being replaced in one of his rides by Nathan Greaves in the Leicester home meeting). He then changed his mind, but deal had ready been done with Andersen. A tad hasty by Redcar perhaps, but if a rider tells you he wants to be released how long do you give him to change his mind.

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