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  1. True. Expanded league also means a few more home fixtures so fingers crossed for a more stable fixture list this season.
  2. Well Bears are down as running which is good news, although still nothing further on owner.. With a 38 point limit could probably keep most of the team the ended the season, would imagine riders like Lunna in demand. And what night will we race on?
  3. boz

    Panthers up for sale.

    I'd be happy with that, but sadly dont think there is any chance of it happening.
  4. Maybe Havvy Jnr to have a role?
  5. I can't see Havvy coming back into the fold now - I'm hoping someone similar to Keay in terms of ideas moving forwards. Would imagine we would want it all sorted out by the AGM.
  6. Interesting interview with Kev on BBC Tees earlier tonight. Sounds like budget was one of the key drivers for his decision. Worryingly for me, sounds like the brothers are not keen to pay for track preparation. I think Terry has done a great job over the last couple of seasons with the track and is money well spent in my eyes.
  7. boz

    Panthers up for sale.

    Ged and the directors at Redcar certainly never used to get on, he has tried in the past to invest and been rebuffed. Things do change though I guess.
  8. Pretty sure CVS is still named as a director, and has been at Redcar a couple of times this season. Saying that, pretty sure he has very little to do with the running of things these days.
  9. Crowds were fairly steady most of the year - but Kev was quoted earlier in the year saying the only meeting that made any money was the Dirt Track meeting we held. Sad to see Kev go - has made a real difference and gave a bit of a buzz back round the place. Looks like it means the end of the mascot Smoggy as well which would be a huge shame, she went down very well with the kids. Hopefully there is a plan in place for the future, and I dare say Kev will still be seen helping out.
  10. Short message on Redcar website, meeting has now been postponed.
  11. On the Scunny - Sheffield thread, someone has posted the rule which suggests there is only a facility for the day of the longtrack meeting (which is today).
  12. I believe it is due to Sheffield using rider replacement last night.
  13. I'm a big Barker fan, and he would be one of my first riders signed for next season but he looked, from my angle, to ride into the side of Aarnio. No idea where the ref was looking at the time mind!
  14. Not a half bad meeting. I say this as a Ben Barker fan, but how on earth he was not excluded in heat 6 is beyond belief. It was a move that at best was very ambitious, and at worst reckless. Best wishes to Tero, and Mikkel B who had a tough fall as well. Some great racing afterwards from Ben, Jorgensen and Lunna in particular. Robson was excellent value for Newcastle.
  15. Have to admit - agree that Jensen was very, very unlucky to be excluded but by the same token Proctor went down on his own and was lucky to be allowed back. An entertaining enough meeting, not the best racing I have seen as the track was a bit one-line due to the weather but the scoreline and decisions kept the meeting alive. Bewley is a joy to watch.

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