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  1. Redcar 2018

    Just my opinion, but seems like a massive over reaction here. Would personally think it would have been much worse if someone comes on here and blabs the team before it is announced
  2. Redcar 2018

    Shame if true, and no reason at all to doubt you! Have always liked Jonas and have been keen for us to get Mikkel the last couple of years. Good luck to them wherever they end up.
  3. Redcar 2018

    Would have thought the same rule that stops Nicholls doubling down would affect him as no 2017 championship average? And Swindon will be riding on some Thursdays so would miss meetings.
  4. Redcar 2018

    Proctor perhaps?
  5. Redcar 2018

    I would guess a seven as he rides top league in Denmark.
  6. Redcar 2018

    Would not mind a gamble on one of the young Americans, signs pointing to Mikkel B Anderson as well maybe. Had forgot about Branford and not a bad shout. Seems like Perks still looking for a team which is a bit of a shame.
  7. Redcar 2018

    Surely an Ipswich asset. My guess would be Mikkel, and would be pleased with that
  8. I believe there is a second hearing next week.
  9. Redcar 2018

    Was certainly very interesting, I thought guests were just for any of your top three though? Interesting stuff about TV/Streaming as well with a working party looking at putting a highlights type program on a channel like Motors TV.
  10. Redcar 2018

    So no Garrity back next year. Maybe a Proctor or Jorgenson in to replace him?
  11. Redcar 2018

    Bears to announce first rider on Thursday. Barker or Wright?
  12. Redcar 2018

    Would be disappointed with that - we stuck with him this year with his injuries. Garcia instead?
  13. Redcar 2018

    Interesting article in the local paper, would suggest Friday nights and maybe a 42 point limit? http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/teesside-speedway-club-redcar-bears-13909918#ICID=sharebar_twitter
  14. Redcar 2018

    I'm very much in two minds about Garrity. Started the season superbly and was indeed box office. Got a couple of niggly injuries, and also got caught jumping the start a lot which seemed to really get into his head. If you get the start of season Garrity I would snap him up, if not then a pass from me I think. Personally would like to keep pretty much the same seven as this year. Barker has to be a must, along with Wright and Busch. Jonas increased his average I think and I would have him back again. Plenty of other riders I would like to see ride for us as well though. Proctor is one I would love to see back, and Paul Starke impressed me this year too.