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  1. On the Scunny - Sheffield thread, someone has posted the rule which suggests there is only a facility for the day of the longtrack meeting (which is today).
  2. I believe it is due to Sheffield using rider replacement last night.
  3. I'm a big Barker fan, and he would be one of my first riders signed for next season but he looked, from my angle, to ride into the side of Aarnio. No idea where the ref was looking at the time mind!
  4. Not a half bad meeting. I say this as a Ben Barker fan, but how on earth he was not excluded in heat 6 is beyond belief. It was a move that at best was very ambitious, and at worst reckless. Best wishes to Tero, and Mikkel B who had a tough fall as well. Some great racing afterwards from Ben, Jorgensen and Lunna in particular. Robson was excellent value for Newcastle.
  5. Have to admit - agree that Jensen was very, very unlucky to be excluded but by the same token Proctor went down on his own and was lucky to be allowed back. An entertaining enough meeting, not the best racing I have seen as the track was a bit one-line due to the weather but the scoreline and decisions kept the meeting alive. Bewley is a joy to watch.
  6. Im about 3 miles from track and sun out at the moment! Looks to be a few showers still around but hopefully they miss us as think this could be a good meeting against a strong Comets side.
  7. I dont mind losing when a) I have been entertained, and b) I think the team have tried. So I have no complaints tonight - obviously frustrated to lose but some great racing. Ipswich top 5 were excellent, for us Jorgensen was superb. Barker started well but faded and solid effort from Stewart and Busch. Berge was infuriating. Superb in one heat and then so poor. Andersens both had poor meetings - think MBA maybe a bit spooked after his first ride tumble.
  8. boz

    Glasgow 2018

    I can imagine we would be bottom of his list!
  9. Incredibly disappointing performance from the Bears, but firstly would like to congratulate Edinburgh. Superb performance, gated like demons and particularly early on good from the back. Always a pleasure with the Monarchs fans on the second bend as well. Wells was superb, but pretty much whole side was excellent. Love to watch Pickering around our track. For the Bears, only Barker and possibly the reserves can come out with any credit. Hugely disappointing from Berge and Jorgensen. Berge in particular just giving up after missing the gate, strangely looked very quick in the one race he did gate..
  10. He was almost trying too hard I thought. Was taking far too much speed into the corners, going too wide and having to lock up scrubbing off all his speed. Just couldnt seem to get the right lines all night. Enjoyable enough meeting - Berge was superb for the Bears, whilst MPT was excellent once again at the MPA. Really impressed with Bacon too - some clever passes.
  11. Back straight will be open - I believe they estimate around 1000 can be held there. Will be some extra pop-up bars as well I believe.
  12. boz

    Redcar V Berwick 7/5/18

    It's definitely Proctor...
  13. boz

    Redcar V Berwick 7/5/18

    I believe Proctor will guesting for Barker.
  14. boz

    Redcar 2018

    Berge in for Kus, and Greaves in for Busch on a 28 day contract: http://redcarbears.co/2018/06/04/bears-bring-in-two/
  15. boz

    Redcar 2018

    Agreed - a shame as Matej at his best is a good rider. Far from his best though this season. No-one obvious to come in so will be interesting to see who comes in.

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