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  1. You can only beat whats in front of you, but it was encouraging for the Bears tonight. Good to see Barker on decent form, and good to see Kus have a good night. Busch was a different class tonight, very, very fast indeed and very smooth on the bike. Was impressed with MBA, looked good and took no prisoners in a couple of rides as well. Thought Stewart deserved more points than he got, was always in the mix, but seemed to overlock on the bends and lost a bit of speed. Sure that will come with experience. Newcastle were disappointing, although impressed with Ashley Morris. Wethers had a couple of decent rides and Doolan was a decent guest but can see them struggling on the road.
  2. Will be no JBA for the Bears as racing in Denmark - I believe Doolan will guest in his place.
  3. To cheer RR up, Newcastle will now also be using a guest instead of rider replacement for Lewis Rose. Kevin Doolan will come in for them.
  4. I'm guessing they are worried about Stewarts fitness - may well end up running r/r anyway and better to have a better guest?
  5. Due to the incessant rain, this meeting has sadly been postponed.
  6. Lineup announced for the annual Julie Lewis memorial meeting at Redcar to open the season. A mixture of riders to test all 7 Bears. 16 man field, 20 heats, Ben Barker Jordan Stewart Jonas B Andersen Mikkel B Andersen Matej Kus Tobias Busch Theo Pijper Aaron Summers Stevie Worrall Ty Proctor Matt Williamson Nathan Greaves Coty Garcia Danny Ayres Jye Etheridge Jacob Bukhave R1 David Wallinger R2 TBC More details here: http://redcarbears.co/2018/03/21/julie-lewis-memorial-lineup-revealed/
  7. Redcar 2018

    Would be very surprised if he was not at Redcar still.
  8. Redcar handed fours

    As has been said numerous times on this thread, the facilities will be improved and not just for the Fours. Hosting the event is not something the club took lightly and they did not accept at first, instead going away and making sure they would be able to get everything in place they would need. Parking, catering, viewing are all things that have been thought about.
  9. Redcar handed fours

    Whilst I 100% agree, in the interests of fairness it appears to have been the same in the past when Redcar have visited Newcastle.
  10. Redcar handed fours

    Kev mentioned on Thursday that viewing facilities would be improved, not just for the Fours but for every week.
  11. Redcar handed fours

    I don't think HT has anything against Redcar, he is always very fair I find. I think it's fair to say a number of people really enjoyed the last couple of Fours meetings at Peterborough and would have liked to see it back there. I'm confident we can also put on a very good meeting, and very much looking forward to it.
  12. Redcar handed fours

    Redcar did not ask for the Fours, they were offered them..
  13. Redcar 2018

    I'm not sure it was a desire for new assets as much as we were told to acquire some new assets. Cautiously optimistic, and we should have enough to win most home meetings. Will always be strong at reserve, although perhaps missing that top end strength. Will be a lot resting on Barkers shoulders. It's clear Matej splits opinion, I like Matej but think second heat leader is a big ask. That being said, a happy and fully fit Kus could score very well at home at least. Be good to see how MBA and Stewart go. Just hope fans give this side a chance.
  14. Redcar handed fours

    Car parking will not be an issue going off what Kev said tonight - alongside improved viewing areas and improved catering. Should hopefully be a fantastic event.
  15. Redcar 2018

    Kus seemed delighted to be back, and was a strong hint he was certainly not enjoying things under the old promotion.. Dont know a lot about Stewart, but from what Jitendra said he comes very highly recommended from Mark Lemon and Hugh Skidmore, indeed Lemon was close to naming him in the Belle Vue team this year. Jitendra seemed very excited indeed by him in particular. We all know what Busch can do around the MPA - we need an injury free year from him if possible. Will be strong at reserve all season, and in Barker we have a good number one. Relying a bit on Kus or JBA to really step up this year, but fairly pleased with the side.