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  1. Kings Lynn 2018..

    A rather childish attitude and in any case, there is nothing wrong with using old equipment, as long as it's maintained. So whose job is it to secure backing from sponsors? Maybe they like someone who has a positive outlook and the vision to look forward, plenty of heavily sponsored riders in the past who have only been moderately successful but have gone out and worked for the backing.
  2. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Riders do sometimes whinge about being owed money and I know it happens but even the rabble in BSPA HQ wouldn't let a promoter open at a new track without paying their debts off surely - maybe the debts are disputed. I think this is great news, another team to join speedway at any level is good. Although Cradley are not fully participating this year they have shown that operating at other tracks can work. Many people always seem to be so pessimistic/negative, but I think that's a British trait.
  3. Rye House 2018

    I'm not down with the kids, what does that mean? I think it's great to see a team supporting the British riders, some oldies but goodies in there. Now there's enough triggers in that line for people to start on the jokes again but it's a team I'll be trying to see, if only on the very odd Monday or Wednesday off work.

    No geekiness required. I fill a programme in to add my comments on the races and then share that with a relative that cannot attend. They thank me for it , we don't all use the internet for everything. Now some might say forum contribution is geeky behaviour
  5. R.I.P Nigel 'NODDY' Fordham

    RIP, at least there was no drawn out illness. Met him loads of times at meetings and he used to come to my meetings sometimes as well - even in places such as Linlithgow. Last saw him in his job at Kesgrave Kitchen where he served us a mean fry up.
  6. Lakeside 2018

    There isn't any.
  7. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Good - but why can't they see the impact of a rule before making it??? This is primary school stuff.
  8. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Unless they've changed the rules again (which would be good in this case), those riders are not eligible for the Championship. Victimisation when you can have higher averaged PL riders such as Cook, Morris and Harris in the CL.
  9. So GP rider Cook could do CL in 2018 and we know Morris & Harris also. Sounds like a great reward for the man given the outstanding contribution to British Speedway award this year. Sometimes the BSPA are astounding in their ineptness,this is British Speedway, start supporting British riders
  10. Maybe they would attract some but probably only once!
  11. No I wouldn't. I want to see close meetings, not one sided processions.
  12. Rye House 2018

    Have you read the last two pages? The thread seems to have been hijacked by the 1 over 8 is rubbish brigade (most of whom don't appear to be Rye House fans).
  13. Rye House 2018

    Is this the Rye House thread
  14. Or maybe that they make proposals and vote yes or no much like other committees - much of their decisions for their own club will be revenue based and I don't know all the details of the proposals, alternatives that were discussed and not put forward or how all clubs voted. It's no good having sides that wallop others as this creates little spectacle and makes for rubbish TV so they have to try to equalise team strengths. The points limit is one way to do it, rider grading is another - as ever there'll be winners and losers and those who make the best changes as the season progresses will be the most successful. If we had the Polish rules in the UK, which some have suggested, a team could be Woffinden, Cook, Dudek, Doyle, Lindgren, Lambert and Bewley. Would that make for good league speedway in the UK, no, because not many others could afford a team like that.
  15. Agm

    Did I miss the news about the TV deal - I thought that was the main topic of discussion at the AGM? It's important because that's the only way I'll get to see any Premiership next year, now they're all Mon & Weds.