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  1. I thin k it was doomed to go over curfew, not just for the fence problem but the full two minutes being used up by riders due to bike trouble or restarts due to tape touching etc. It did seem like one thing after another even after the restart - the gods weren't being kind. I do think refs can do more though to reduce delays. Two minutes on for each race once previous race riders have returned to the pits. None of this extra time mullarkey if you have two races in a row - I did three in a row once whilst being rushed to start the next after the previous one and I was nowhere near as fit as the riders these days. If there's a restart bring them straight up to tapes. The engines are fine for 16 laps as proved by the 16 lapper, clutches etc. can cope easily with two starts as some do a couple of practice start before the race proves. People don't like delays these days with naff all to do if you're standing there watching - change that side of it and then breaks could become more palatable.
  2. It's 'unsatisfactory start' I believe which they use for first bend incidents.
  3. That makes sense then, clearly he didn't know that!
  4. He said it was a bang on the head so had to withdraw from meetings for 7 days and that finished yesterday. I'm confused as to why he's not riding tonight.
  5. Crash at boro but he said on TV he was ready to come back and 7 day ban ran out yesterday so can't see why he's not riding
  6. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    Yes, the seven day ban is not because you're suffering in particular, just that you hit your head.
  7. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    I think you're better off sticking with Ostergaard. He is getting better as the season progresses and Sedgmen is a risk not worth taking.
  8. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    So it's two stage I'll wager they run out of money for the leisure complex (which just seems to be gym/Spa, which are everywhere anyway) so only the houses will get built.
  9. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    I think he was at reserve all year and didn't pull up any trees
  10. Beating his opposite number so far but is not the points he'd be hoping for
  11. SPEEDY69

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Here here!
  12. SPEEDY69

    Kings Lynn 2022

    I didn't think Iversen had been doing that well this year? Not a Lynn fan though so I wouldn't really know.
  13. I think some people still seem to forget that it's a commercial enterprise, i.e. to make money. The primary concern is not fairness or equal opportunity. Several riders have had many wildcards, even when they've failed to enter or get through the qualifying rounds they were in but they get picked in my view, for commercial reasons e.g. Vaculik. Lambert, Bewley, Thomsen, J Holder all failed to qualify for this year from the 2021 qualifiers. Others finished ahead of them in the challenge but did not get wildcards. This to me is unfair. I prefer to see riders who are having a banging season be given the opportunity to become world champion that year because their light may fade the following year and the opportunity has been missed. There's nothing more boring to me than seeing the same riders every time, it just gets tedious and is what many people dislike about doubling up/down in the UK. Tennis is great in that respect - Becker at Wimbledon, Radecanu at the US open and countless other examples where someone fresh comes in and defies the odds, generating a lot of media attention. I accept it's a different set up but the principle is that of the unknown.
  14. SPEEDY69

    Premiership Pairs

    Hopefully the ref will deal with rolling starts this time, that'll also affect Batch

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