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  1. SPEEDY69

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Absolutely agree with this, it's become a circus, without the entertainment value. I used to like getting to know a rider (not personally but their performances/ability) and then want to see how they progress. I now no longer have a team affinity due to the rapid fire changes every year juts before the play-offs and instead follow certain riders no matter which team they ride for. Hence I only see around 6 meetings a year now rather than the 30 odd in years gone by.
  2. SPEEDY69

    Swindon vs Leicester 08/08/18

    Doesn't make much sense to me that Swindon prefer Thursdays and Poole prefer Wednesdays that Leicester are at those tracks on the other day?
  3. SPEEDY69

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    This is my view: http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/86663-no-word-from-the-bspa/&do=findComment&comment=3169007
  4. SPEEDY69


    I may have said this before but I don't think the racing is actually the most important thing - a few more passes in a meeting won't make people flood through the turnstiles. It needs a more conducive environment for fans within the stadium. If the place itself is somewhere people fancy going to socialise with friends and see a bit of racing as well then people other than us purists may want to attend. Kids go free is a good incentive but what do they do when they get there? Maybe trampolines or bungees, maybe video games, food/drink for kids with seating, soft play area or sandpit/pillow. These things will attract them. Now, for older folks then somewhere warm, covered and seating are important. Motorcycle themed activities maybe - a speedway simulator or bikes to sit on/view, you could have motorcycle rider allowed to park together and encourage club meet ups, provide a room/venue for parties/events within the stadium with catering facilities. I'm just throwing these things out there but reducing the large payouts to some riders would give the money to be able to offer some of these things as attractions - when at a dull meeting what else is there to keep you entertained? So will you come back?
  5. It certainly used to be the case that no oil was allowed to be dropped on the ground anywhere, not just the pits. I see no reason for this to have changed.
  6. I think you make a really good point there. Those who currently attend speedway are maybe too focused on the racing whereas new people will view it more on the whole package? This is certainly true of other sports - the 'racing' in F1 for example is usually dull, cricket, rugby and football also have really dull matches but people enjoy other aspects such as entertainment in the stadium, seats and covered terracing, decent inside areas for food and drink and to be able to socialise and dip into the action as necessary. Most speedway tracks are run down looking with outdated facilities and a poor environment for this socialising. Everyone says Belle Vue is great but to have to walk around some car parks, with no signs just to be able to get to the stand and then be faced with one overpriced burger van gives a poor spectator environment for casual type fans. The racing can sometimes be boring but if people can enjoy just being there then they will likely come back - equally the racing could be great but with little to do other than stand around in the open air people still get bored and may not bother coming again.
  7. SPEEDY69


    Financial advisor?
  8. SPEEDY69


    Spot on.
  9. SPEEDY69


    Harris could always become a taxi driver and chauffeur people around in his 80 grand Range Rover. Give two people 100 quid and one will have spent it the same day whilst the the other may still have 50 quid left - I don't think it's a lack of income for those two but what they do with it. I always remember two professional riders who were England stars in the 80s/90s. One used to spend an awful lot of money/use sponsors to get brand new gear every year - the other kept almost everything the same except for leathers and guards/covers. Their performances were comparable every year but I'm sure one had more in the bank!
  10. SPEEDY69

    Swindon 2018

    The additional experience of different teams and tracks will do no harm to him and glad you have realistic expectations. Some of these young Brits need time to develop, some more than others and I just wish teams were more stable to allow that to happen and for the fans to get to know their team. It really is now getting to be just a bunch of individuals and not really a team and that turns me off.
  11. SPEEDY69


    I don't think the tracks are the problem. People need to be attracted to the sport in the first place - and I don't mean the odd friend or two of an existing fan.
  12. SPEEDY69

    Swindon 2018

    Mountain has struggled at CL so I don't expect will score all that well at PL. Must admit I don't like teams making all these changes, makes a mockery of the winter team building and engenders no loyalty from riders. Oh for the days when teams stayed almost the same throughout the season.
  13. SPEEDY69


    Pity, I was going to this meeting with my daughter. Never mind me or the other fans though.
  14. SPEEDY69


    How far are you going back for 'normally' - they lost home and away in 2017 as well. Perhaps it wasn't Godfrey's choice, perhaps it wasn't the reduced travelling costs either, perhaps it was a plain old draw - but given the record of the BSPA and previous 'draws' e.g. British semi finals it's easy to see why conspiracies are thought of. I still can't get over the Rye debacle and promoters circling like vultures around their riders.
  15. SPEEDY69


    Really? You'd rather take on a team that have beaten you home and away this season than a team who you mullered at home 54-36????

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