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  1. SPEEDY69

    Tony Dart

    Apparently Tony has died. NFD.
  2. SPEEDY69

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Yes, they are loans which ultimately, we will all pay for. The money has to come from somewhere and this government has already raised the national debt/borrowing through the roof even before this pandemic.
  3. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich 2020

    Gaining crowds, as I've said before on numerous occasions is not about the quality of the racing but the experience for the fan. Good conditions to be in, things to do, social activities, interaction, different things for children, concurrent events such as birthday parties etc. The masses won't come to watch fantastic racing on a freezing cold damp evening in a field. Marketing a great experience is what will attract. Some other sports/events are as dull as a tuber but get good attendances.
  4. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich 2020

    I never noticed any change when I last looked - about 10 days ago - track next to kerb looked no lower but in any case, what will count is if the inside/outside lines both offer something to those capable of using them.
  5. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich 2020

    resistance is futile. A virus will spread, that's why they're good at it. Containment/delay is all about minimising NHS impact and consumer panic.
  6. SPEEDY69

    SON 2020

    Draws are settled easily in competitions such as this, including speedway. Every rider in each race is trying to win and if they don't think they can, they can work as a team to score as many points as possible. The same happens if they are first and second. Leaders can help 3rd get to 2nd just as easily as 2nd helps 4th to 3rd. To give more points to losers is an awful idea.
  7. SPEEDY69

    SON 2020

    This is what I don't get. Just because it's billed as a team event doesn't mean we should reward second and third mire than first and fourth. League speedway is definitely a team event but 3-2-1 seems to work well there?
  8. SPEEDY69

    SON 2020

    What's with all the TEAM, it's FAIR, do you think I'm thick? I disagree, this effectively ranks 2nd and 3rd as better the first and fourth. To me there should be no difference and in team speedway that's been how the points have been awarded for decades.
  9. SPEEDY69

    Corona virus

    The same applies for recorded figures of other illnesses. Surely it has to be based on reported cases, so for reported cases of seasonal flu, 0.1% of people die. Statistics never really tell the whole story but I agree with what point I think you're making in that there is unjustified panic over this outbreak.
  10. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Tungate has already signed
  11. SPEEDY69

    Jason Crump

    Was always the plan. Jason wouldn't have come over otherwise.
  12. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich 2020

    Lanham instead of Crump would doubtless saveloy of money for the club.
  13. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Was awful last time I was there for a championship meet a couple of years ago ( Sheffield were the visitors I think)
  14. SPEEDY69

    Sheffield 2020

    He moved out of the UK a few years ago.
  15. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich 2020

    We disagree then. We could talk about the definition of what it means to look 'professional' of course but that may get really tedious. Any rider who is licensed and paid for riding speedway is a professional. How they look is simply a matter of preference. Oh, and a TEAM is a collection of INDIVIDUALS (see, I can patronise as well )

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