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  1. SPEEDY69

    Slovenian GP 2019

    We stayed at a small mountainside lodge in Lasko, was a great weekend and the GP only 40 minutes drive from there down one road.
  2. 3 GPs in Poland again and still they can't find a World Champion, will one of them do it next year?
  3. SPEEDY69

    Wild Cards 2019

    Unfortunately he failed to get through the qualifiers, then got a wild card to the challenge final and failed to get into the top three. Zagar doesn't deserve a wildcard and I wouldn't have had Vaculik either. Id'd have had Dudek, Smektala, Pedersen and Madsen
  4. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich 2019

    Yep, doesn't work for me either.
  5. I always wonder how Oxford and Cambridge always seem to make the final of the Boat Race.
  6. Great thanks, can now look to organise ourselves. Pity they can't put that on their website.
  7. SPEEDY69

    Belle Vue 2018

    He only had one more meeting for Ipswich at home to Berwick, so not missing a lot for them - I thinks it's all so that BV can strengthen.
  8. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich V Berwick

    I smell a rat here and suspect it was not his sole decision - will this enable Belle Vue to strengthen for the playoffs??
  9. SPEEDY69

    Where is SCB

    Agree. An emotive subject definitely and one which turns my stomach. In my view there is a difference between fantasist's and people who directly attack others - the internet would not have taken off so well without porn leading the way back then. Several people in speedway have been caught abusing drugs - the source and carriage/supply of these commodities causes all sorts of suffering, abuse and death but nobody seems to take the indirect effects into account when idolising people like Dudek or others. I've always thought our penalties are wrong - those who nick a few quid/commit fraud where only money is lost should not receive prison sentences (if any at all) longer than those who attack/murder other people. They should be hit financially for as long as it take to get the money back, which may be all their life. This man is obviously mentally unwell and the 'punishment/treatment' should reflect that, prison is not the answer without addressing that.
  10. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Who says they have to come with someone else?
  11. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    There are lots of people who've been once or twice and never again - the ones that I know was because it was boring for them or their children or nowhere to go to get out of the wind or nothing to do most of the time as it's only 15mins of entertainment. When the racing is also bad then that makes it even worse but look at other sports - when they're dull people still have a good time socialising and doing other things. All speedway offers is people standing around writing in programmes......
  12. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Not really, because I think format is only important to current fans.
  13. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    I don't know, I quite enjoyed it. In any case, I think the main problem in attracting/keeping fans is not the format of the actual heats but the experience of the evening - at most tracks nothing to keep you or your family entertained before/between or after racing, or dry and warm. There's usually plenty of space - make use of it. Format only matters to those who are already fans.

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