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  1. Rye House 2018

    This only makes them much weaker.
  2. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    Thing is, we only have one side of the story here - post above says "some details were written on meeting certificates", which doesn't appear to be conclusive that both parties agree there's a debt. Disputes over what riders think they're owed and what promoters think they are due are quite common. This can be down to the fact that not everything is in writing or that funding may be coming from another source.
  3. Ipswich 2018

    Looks a good team 1-5 but the reserves will be the weakness - depends I suppose if other teams are the same.
  4. Ben Fund

    Bbc.co.uk/weather shows a good weekend for peterborough, but quite cold - not awful as some have said. Makes me wonder how many will be called off at the showground this year. Still, it's better than riders refusing to ride on the day with the crowd restless!!!!!!
  5. Lydd Speedway

    You mean martin or malcolm smith? Think one of them is still running it.
  6. Ben Fund

    Donations to the SRBF can be made at any time, no need for a meeting/event to do that. However, just because I am now not going, I won't be making a donation as an alternative, I will do that in my own time as always.
  7. Ben Fund

    So when was the young driver thing set up? Surely it was always going to last into the afternoon? Did the showground think they could have both events running alongside each other?
  8. Nichols/kennett Rule

    As far as I know all EU countries committed to bring in equality legislation - we have the Equality Act 2010, Poland has the Equal Treatment Act 2010.
  9. Nichols/kennett Rule

    How does that apply to Rory Schlein?
  10. Nichols/kennett Rule

    The BSPA causing confusion? Surely not......
  11. Nichols/kennett Rule

    Not actually true because the SCB were never going to allow the rule to stand and according to Mr Rising they told the BSPA this previously. In my view if they wanted it done fairly then all riders with a PL average above 6 should have been prevented from riding CL, so that includes Morris, Harris, Worrall, Howarth and the others. I'm happy they've decided to open the gates to British riders, it's British Speedway. The Swedes and Poles do it, about time we grew a pair.
  12. Ben Fund

    I agree, there's never enough plain speaking and leads to the fans' mistrust of those 'in charge'. If it is the showground young drivers event then it's a mistake by the Panthers promotion surely as someone said that had been in the calendar for some time. I really hope it's not down to rider availability.
  13. Ben Fund

    Was almost certainly going to this but not now. I expect it to drag on until 10pm. I'm getting too old for motorcycling at night in the cold! Would've been ok in the daytime but recovery when I get home and then work the next day makes it a no no. It's also all but ended my PL attendance due to the fixed nights whereas I did go last year to Rye, Belle Vue and Somerset.
  14. Odds looks far too short priced for the top 3 so I'd not bet on that. For the winner, I'd go for Lindgren at 16-1
  15. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    I doubt it, they're not yet quick enough. Maybe could try one at the Ben Fund to see how it compares? The video clips of him and Ellis racing them in France showed they may have potential.