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  1. SPEEDY69

    Poole vs Kings Lynn 12/09/19

    Would that mean a ban for withholding services?
  2. And a genuine one last week got the rider a ban!
  3. SPEEDY69

    Poole vs Kings Lynn 12/09/19

    Indeed. Tungate recently 'forgot his passport' so couldn't catch a flight to the UK for a Thursday meeting for the Panthers and no ban ensued. Nicholls on the other hand injured himself loading his van for the Championship riders championship and was banned for a week - should've used the old 'van broken down' line.
  4. I thought there was a rule about an 'unsatisfactory start'? This is what is used to call all of them back for a first bend incident as they interpret the start line until the exit of bend 2 as 'the start'.
  5. Without Wright's bike failure in heat one could've been a Panthers win
  6. Should be an easy win for Swindon. Fast track should suit Batch, Toby, Perks and Doyle. Boro have no form/confidence going into the meeting.
  7. SPEEDY69


    I'm surprised people still keep thinking it's about racing - it's about commercial growth and selling tickets/sponsorship.
  8. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough v Belle Vue 5/9/2019

    Lindgren lives/lived in Andorra, maybe for tax reasons!
  9. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough v Belle Vue 5/9/2019

    Every rider will make their own assessment. Let's face it, those who can get remarkably good money from Poland so, as you say, it's not surprising. There a lot of very wealthy riders at the top. At least this gives places for others and the pendulum may swing again at some point, who knows.
  10. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich v Swindon 5/9/19

    Not last night, was trying hard to pass.
  11. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich v Swindon 5/9/19

    Nope just got beat.
  12. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich v Swindon 5/9/19

    He did well at Rye House and has progressed well at Leicester forming a good partnership with Nicholls. Swindon are reaping the benefits.
  13. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough v Belle Vue 5/9/2019

    Shame for Boro, Andersen's EF and fall didn't help.
  14. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich v Swindon 5/9/19

    There has to be one day when an injured rider returns?
  15. Quite possible, but I've been to other meetings where he's been ill and my perception is that he does suffer a lot with illness compared to other riders. The Wright drop out was obviously mandatory following concussion and Nicholls also has a mandatory ban for a non-speedway related injury. Really disappointing for the fans when these things happen as we all have conspiracy theories which may or may not be true but it's always the fans that are the losers.

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