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  1. Disagree entirely. In the final it was last place that mattered - it was completely irrelevant who won the race. Tai and Artem must have known that yet both did nothing to ensure their team mate didn't finish last.
  2. Agree. Beat Bewley and headed Lambert for 3 and 3/4 laps. Was hoping he'd go straight to final but denied by Cook on the line. At 40 he's not too bad. Lambert should do well at Cardiff if he gates like he did in SoN. Hope Bewley gets a ride.
  3. Difference with the GP is that all points count towards the world title - unless the FIM in their wisdom decide to change that in the future with the top four points scorers going in a grand final at the end
  4. Yes but that's the point. It was not finishing last that was crucial, it didn't matter who won the race. Tai largely left Robert to himself on the inside all meeting and they did deserve to win overall -some of the other 'teams' were just individuals as usual, such as Doyle and Lindgren.
  5. I think the Championship has actually lost its way a bit. The second division never used to include No.1s from the top division and this increased doubling down/up has led to a lack of distinction. One of the only real differences I can see this year is that the reserves seem to be a lot weaker in the CL, presumably to compensate for all the PL riders in the teams. For too long now the riders have driven the agenda, whether that's the introduction of the GP series (ooh controversial) or the fixed race nights - if it was to avoid fixture clashes then why is it only in the PL? The BSPA/SCB should re-draw the league structure, limit riders to only one league CL or PL, reduce the average conversion so that it lowers the level of those eligible to rider CL and if they don't like it they can do one. There would need to be an increase in fixtures for PL so that the bizarre situation of being able to earn more in a lower league is removed. Sorry this is not about Rye House - for them I expect they will be seeking a change to fixed nights as I don't see the move to Mon/Weds paying off for them. They did well last night, just need Harris to actually start scoring and drop Clegg - his inclusion is not benefiting him or the club as far as I can see.
  6. The inconsistency with refereeing is what frustrates and I don't think slo-mo replays help at all. What can look to be a minor touch on a slo-mo can unbalance a rider very easily whereas in some positions you can take a hard knock and still carry on (if you want to). What happened between MJ and ES was similar to what Doyle got excluded for at the last GP. That time he did nothing wrong and the guy on the outside tried to cut back but there was nowhere to go. Wrong man disqualified that time, right one this time
  7. It was reported that he got his passport a long time ago and it's his Visa which is proving difficult. This is something regularly applied for and there must be a good reason why it has not been renewed. Maybe he owes tax & NI from previous earnings? Maybe there has been a crime committed somewhere, either here or in Aus? Must be something serious to prevent him from earning here.
  8. The track may be good but the experience for fans is not, in my view. On my second visit (first was World Cup so that doesn't count) I had no idea where to queue and wanted to stand on bend 2. It was a long queue I was standing in at the main entrance but luckily I did speak to the person next to me who told me I had to go out of the stadium bit and walk around a car park and there'll be a little gate where I had to go for bend 2. There was one catering van which took forever to get served and I missed one of the races. The meeting was good but the experience could have been so much better.
  9. SPEEDY69

    Rye House 2018

    Harris is shocking for Glasgow as well - not sure what's gone wrong there but it's hurting two teams - at Lynn last year he was absolutely brilliant. Clegg in my view will never make the grade at Premiership level, Perks was much better.
  10. Was an enjoyable meeting - you certainly can't keep a rider behind you very easily if they are faster. Batchelor was making starts but didn't have the same pace. Funny how the inside was king to start with then the outside and this reverted to the inside again near the end. Have to admit Pearson's shouting is starting to grate, nothing wrong with KT though.
  11. Said Said this many times whilst most people seemed to be extolling the fixed nights. It will change, business can't survive without the necessary income. Great victory for Rye with Poole showing what a decent reserve can do. Harris and Clegg are the real weak points. For Poole, once confidence grows they will get the wins.
  12. SPEEDY69

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    I agree and felt that Pawlicki was actually the cause - he tried to cut underneath Woffinden when Doyle was already there - he should have moved to a wider line. Totally harsh on Doyle and the wrong decision.
  13. I'm sure I remember him doing better than Cook.
  14. I've only been able to get to one meeting so far this year - for me the fixed nights are sending me away from the sport.
  15. I fancy Workington to win this one.

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