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  1. SPEEDY69

    Wildcards 2022

    Perfect. Have you offered your services to the organisers because no-one else will be able to agree on that list. Subjectively, I'd say both are top 15. This is where I think some in speedway are deluded that any championship is about who is the best going into it. If that were the case then why not give the title to the person who you think is the best, no point racing for it surely because all the hard work has been done in proving to you that they are the best? To me, Thomsen and Kubera have both shown they are capable and have reached the final of a GP this year and both should be in it next year. As an example, without unpredictability or the ability to qualify the same year Britain would not have won the US Open women's tennis this year and Radecanu doesn't deserve it under your criteria as she isn't the best, nor in the top rankings within tennis. Numerous world champions across many sports over the years have not been 'ranked' as the best or in the top 15 in the world. I don't think the Speedway GP organisers have ever said they want the top 15 riders in the world in the series, their interest is commercial success. We will never agree clearly but as a spectacle the GPs this year to me are boring and every year there are too many of the same also rans and I'd prefer a bit more unpredictability, which I'm guessing I won't get from any response
  2. SPEEDY69

    Wildcards 2022

    Based on? If you think Polish league then that'd be a return for Kolodiez, Bjerre, P Pawlicki and N Pedersen. Nations/federations would never agree and I don't think the GPs ever intended to be the 'top' riders in the world. Maybe they should do that with other sporting events such as the Olympics, F1, Moto GP, Tennis and Golf majors..... oh no, they don't
  3. SPEEDY69

    Wildcards 2022

    Not necessarily. Those who've had several years in it but still got nowhere should not be getting wildcards
  4. SPEEDY69

    Wildcards 2022

    My point about past performance is simply that whether someone is top in any averages or 12th in this league or that it matters not, it's future performances in the GPs that count. As you mention Lambert, he has in fact finished ahead of Vaculik in more GPs this year! How many times has the rider who is top Brit in the league averages in the UK won the British title? Vaculik to me is an 'also ran', yes occasionally he may get a race win or two but mostly around 9th/10th and he's had several goes - this year he's been 9th, 7th, 7th, 11th, 12th & 9th. I'd just like to see different people in the series to mix it up.
  5. SPEEDY69

    Wildcards 2022

    Commercial reasons will dictate as usual but I disagree about Vaculik. He's finished 5th once but the other three years his highest has been 9th and this year he was pretty mediocre. I'd go with someone else and I fully applaud sharing the chances around - as with financial services/shares, past performance is no guarantee of future performance
  6. SPEEDY69

    Info Needed Please Shaun Nicholls

    The Swales family. Jeremy and Nick Doncaster, Kelly and Shawn, Ronni and Nicki, the list is massive.
  7. As with any insurance, it depends what the items are worth to you. I had my bikes insured for fire & theft.
  8. SPEEDY69

    Playoff dates

    I also expect whoever tops the league to pick Sheffield, should be a guaranteed final spot. Wolves would be hoping the Aces knock out the Panthers and Panthers will fear the Aces the most.
  9. Our Ellis, almost continually tries rolling.
  10. That's fine if you're not on PAYE and of course SA taxpayers pay a reduced rate of NI as well.
  11. SPEEDY69

    Electric Speedway

    The rate of change in the climate is undoubtedly increased by us humans and we're feeling it now with more extreme weather. However, it is for Governments to do all they can to improve environmental impacts and reduce emissions etc. rather than put that onus on the general populous. I understand our government is about to sign-off on a new oil field excavation in the North Sea, to burn for fuel rather than look for sustainable solutions. Picking on private motorists whilst businesses utilise heavy-polluting vehicles (just how many diesel sucking vans are there in the UK now?!!) and air travel continues to pour out emissions high-up in the atmosphere seems pointless from an environmental perspective. Where is the new transport solution because we knows roads are just getting more and more clogged. As for speedway, if it becomes electric I won't be going, 'sounds' really boring and I'd rather it disappeared altogether so we can all just sit on our ars*s watching I'm a celebrity with all the other sheep.
  12. SPEEDY69

    Electric Speedway

    Nothing wrong with motorsports in cities, other than exorbitant land costs/rent/business rates, plus transport to and from etc. Would not work for speedway I don't think. Seemingly, many people don't want motorsports in residential areas, nothing to do with noise but that's their excuse. Those people from Mildenhall were a pain I seem to remember. Massive noise from airplanes overhead but they moaned about the speedway, having moved into a house next door. As for future investments, do you really think they're not looking at other technologies, with the money you pay them for their current vehicles?
  13. SPEEDY69

    Electric Speedway

    Nothing about football is interesting - not to me anyway So the players and foreign sponsors with their oversized Range Rovers, massive mansions for two people, helicopter and other aircraft frequent use don't come into it, just those on match day itself. Sounds like a gimmick to me but if it can carry some momentum then good. Society as a whole and Governments need to act.
  14. SPEEDY69

    Electric Speedway

    Methanol is much less environmentally damaging than petrol and filthy diesel. Argument on that score surely lost with the vast increase in diesel vans & lorries that we have nowadays (who sees and exemption for commercial vehicles in the future?), a few speedway bikes is neither here nor there. And don't get me started on aircraft . Noise is also really annoying - 'local residents' who have chosen to move right next to a stadium. Speedway is about half an hour of bike noise once a week at most tracks. F1/road racing goes on for hours, sometimes over more than one day, which again is incomparable. A lot of football stadia are in residential areas and they produce plenty of noise for a couple of hours for a large part of the year but good luck trying to curb that!
  15. SPEEDY69

    Electric Speedway

    E-speedway, no thanks. Battery vehicles will soon disappear anyway once people realise that the batteries are much more environmentally bad than they'd have you believe at present. Hydrogen engines may be one possibility for vehicles but piles of batteries dumped at sea/in the third world does not fill me with hope for e-vehicles.

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