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  1. keepturningleft

    Coventry Drone

    It reminds me in some way of the Titanic, a once great and glorious thing, now resting and rusting at the bottom of the speedway ocean!
  2. keepturningleft

    Maurice Morley

    Remember him circling the track on the Halifax tractor during his time there. RIP.
  3. keepturningleft

    Coventry Drone

    The drone work on this is excellent, and personally I find the content to be both compelling and gruesome at the same time.
  4. keepturningleft

    Ipswich 2020

    Sadly, they wouldn't. Belle Vue sees racing like this (and much better than this), every week on the best track in the UK but the crowds are not returning to the terraces in any significant numbers.
  5. keepturningleft


    Surprised (but pleased), to see it on sale in a branch of WH Smiths yesterday. I thought Smiths had long since stopped selling it.
  6. keepturningleft

    Photo competition

    ...great speedway pic included. Scroll down. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-8095877/The-pictures-shortlisted-Sony-World-Photography-Awards-youth-student-categories.html
  7. keepturningleft

    Corona virus

    I've got Mcafee anti virus, so I'll be ok.
  8. keepturningleft

    Kirkmanshulme Lane Stadium to be demolished

    Every year at the Grand National, horses are killed for 'our entertainment'. Not much difference between this and greyhounds in my view.
  9. keepturningleft


    ...and that's one of the most frustrating things about the NSS, the action can't be viewed from the bends which has always been my favourite viewing position.
  10. keepturningleft

    Kirkmanshulme Lane Stadium to be demolished

    Please tell me the stock cars won't move to the NSS.
  11. keepturningleft

    Sheffield 2020

    NP won't put any bums on seats at Sheffield because Sheffield has no seating.
  12. keepturningleft

    Sheffield 2020

    I'm sure I remember something from years ago which concluded that Owlerton didn't meet requirements to hold international meetings because of the narrowness of the track.
  13. keepturningleft

    Sheffield 2020

    Does anything happen on the centre green at Owlerton? The Sheffield track always strikes me as ridiculously narrow especially given how fast it is. It needs widening to bring it into line with Belle Vue and nearly all European tracks.
  14. 'You've got to search for the Aero inside yourself' M People (1994)
  15. George Michael was always losing his chocolate bars, often very careless with his Wispa.

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