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  1. keepturningleft

    Look at Life

    The Look at Life series is readily available on amazon and the feature on Southampton (Vol 4: Sport) is not the only speedway film. There is also a film mainly featuring cycle speedway, but which also includes some splendid footage from Hackney.
  2. keepturningleft

    Sheffield v Ipswich 27 June.

    Can't quite understand the criticisms of the presenters with the very obvious exception of one of them Tatum, Louis & Nicholls are all excellent and although Abi presumably isn't a 'speedway person', she is never the less quite appealing and engaging and has obviously done all her home work. Sam however is simply beyond belief. Seriously, my 5 year old granddaughter has a greater grasp of the English language than this man.
  3. keepturningleft

    Sheffield v Ipswich 27 June.

    This forum appears to be in a parallel universe from comments on the Sheffield Facebook page which are overwhelmingly positive about the quality of the meeting including from a couple of first timers who say they will definitely return for more despite the delays. And yes, the delays were annoying but there was thrilling racing to savour especially from Doyle who is worth the price of admission alone. With a curfew looming, why did the referee allow the further time wasting gardening antics from the riders to continue?
  4. keepturningleft

    Start line shenanigans...

    There are many things contributing to the general decline of speedway and the time wasting shenanigans at the start of races is one of them. Why did the riders not do this in the 50's 60's 70's and maybe most of the 80's? Possibly because the riders didn't have the power they seem to have now. It's pointless pleading for sanity and a return to the days when spectators seemed to actually matter because nothing will ever change and the sport will continue on it's inevitable course to oblivion.
  5. Yes, in the1960's, 70's and 80's, every race featured multiple overtakes on every single bend in every single meeting.
  6. keepturningleft

    Teterow GP round 4 Saturday June 4th

    Are the riders under strict instructions not to make negative comments about the GP's - the track especially - I wonder? Their relatively restrained reactions suggests they may well be. I am with those who enjoyed last night. The bumps and the bounces added to the entertainment and no-one got hurt.
  7. keepturningleft

    Backtrack & Classic Magazines

    If the magazine(s) do fold, you can take enormous credit for creating a huge body of work in terms of interviews and articles which will be there for ever as an important, permanent and entertaining record of speedway times past. Superb tribute to Nigel Pearson as well by the way.
  8. keepturningleft

    Ippo v Tigers 16/05/22

    Sadly Sam will be in danger of being remembered as the worst ever speedway broadcaster in all of human history rather than the top rider he was.
  9. keepturningleft

    Warsaw GP 2022 Saturday May 14th

    Greg Hancock is now long retired, so does anyone know why he still wearing that silly monster cap? Has anyone actually seen Greg's hair since about 1998?
  10. keepturningleft

    Warsaw GP 2022 Saturday May 14th

    Kelvin will grow into the roll? Kelvin was commentator at the 1994 World Final in Vojens. That means he's been commentating for nearly 30 years!
  11. keepturningleft

    Peterborough v Belle Vue - 9th May

    Norick Blodorn is more articulate in a second language than Sam Ermolenko is in his first. Kelvin is doing a sterling job but the loss of Nigel Pearson is now starkly apparent as exemplified by the monotone, dreary delivery of someone such as Josh Pickering tonight. The camera work is hugely disappointing, two crucial overtakes completely missed. How hard can it be?
  12. And there you have the reason why speedway is in its current parlous state. Back in the day I went to watch Halifax week in and out because I thought it was fantastic, exciting sport. The crowds came because people loved the sport and winning or losing wasn't the be-all and end-all of it. It was entertainment and we loved it regardless of the results born out by the fact that Halifax crowds were quite consistent over the 20 years they were in operation.
  13. keepturningleft

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    The replacement for Nigel needs to have a strong sense of humour and be a non ex rider (like Nigel!) to prevent the commentary getting bogged down with nerdy detail. Why Sam continues to secure employment remains one of the great mysteries of the world. I'm sure Sam is an all round top bloke and he certainly was a great rider, but as a commentator and analyser he is disastrous.
  14. keepturningleft

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    The problem with Wolverhampton and other small tracks is that you don't get any real sense of speed - it looks slow and therefore frankly, not very thrilling. At places such as Belle Vue even when races are strung out there is a sense of exhilaration because the action is so fast. Re the presentation, I hope Kelvin will follow the example of his late and beloved partner and display some honesty about the quality of the meeting because Nigel Pearson would almost certainly have made some reference to the fact that last night's meeting wasn't the best one we've seen.
  15. keepturningleft

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    Unfortunate but understandable slip up from Steve Brandon after the first pits interview, "Back to you Nige & Kelv", before quickly correcting himself.

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