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  1. keepturningleft

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    Wonder how many people in Manchester even know about speedway at the NSS?
  2. keepturningleft

    One League - Matt Ford

    Years ago I remember when someone like Barry Briggs came to Halifax for a league meeting, there was a special buzz and an obvious spike in attendance because this, apart from a possible international, was likely to be his one and only appearance at the track for the year. Those special times are gone. As world champion, I doubt if the presence of Jason Doyle attracted a single extra person through the turnstile, with all due respect to Jason. When the same teams and faces are appearing week in and week out, meetings become less meaningful and the sense of anticipation is diluted. The formation of one big league was the salvation of speedway in the 60's, maybe it could be again.
  3. keepturningleft

    This must be a contender for the greatest race ever!

    Doubt Ivan Mauger would have ever have attempted a manoeuvre as risky as that...
  4. keepturningleft

    Another Saturday night

    Apart from those clubs which have always raced on midweek nights and where that situation is entrenched, Monday evenings do not produce any kind of sense of occasion. In the old days, Saturday night was speedway night for me at Halifax and occasionally Belle Vue. Saturday afternoon out with the lads downtown. Teatime, the excitement builds. Dr Who on TV and then off to the Shay. Heady days. Monday night is a complete dud.
  5. keepturningleft

    Sayfutdinov has got some balls

    That's a contender for the greatest race ever!
  6. keepturningleft

    Swedish Elitserien week 7 Tues/Thur 18th/20th June

    Does anyone know what the brilliant music was over the end credits?
  7. keepturningleft

    Warsaw 2019

    That was like watching a plank, warp.
  8. keepturningleft

    Belle Vue vs Poole 6/5/19

    There was a lot of close racing without overtakes - just as thrilling in it's own way. Enjoyable meeting - well done to Poole.
  9. Belle Vue would get my entrance money for nearly every match if it was Friday or Saturday, but sadly Monday nights are hopeless for me...
  10. keepturningleft

    New speedway film

    Is it it a cinema film? Looks interesting anyway.
  11. keepturningleft


    Every so often someone brings this idea up and every time the response is broadly the same. A completely silly idea - please, no-one ever bring this idea up again.
  12. The bottom line is that any newbies in the crowd almost certainly wouldn't have a clue, or care less about officials squabbling over some rules and regulations. All they would know is that for 20 minutes they are staring at an empty track with nothing happening. Imagine a football match having a 20 minute break in the middle of it while some clash over the rules is going on.
  13. There really is no justification for delays due to some technical point. The fans should always come first.
  14. Us old timers may just about tolerate a 20 minute delay for no apparent reason whatsoever - but sadly, 'the young' probably won't and speedway will continue on it's suicidal path. I enjoyed the meeting up until then, the watering breaks were clearly essential, but long breaks such as the one after heat 14 are becoming toxic. Continuity is lost and everything falls flat. Like the very long advert breaks on tv, you can forget what your'e watching.

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