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  1. keepturningleft

    Swedish GP 2018 Hallstavik

    All postings of the Swedish GP on Youtube appear to have been blocked by BSI.
  2. keepturningleft

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    One big league. Semi-professional status. Thursday-Sunday race nights only. No GP riders.
  3. keepturningleft

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Aren't some football clubs thinking of dropping the match day programme?
  4. keepturningleft

    Bradford To Return ?

    A few years ago, a very serious attempt was made to find a potential venue in West Yorkshire. After much genuine effort the people involved appeared to throw in the towel and it all came to nothing. This new proposal sounds far fetched.
  5. keepturningleft

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Why has the speedway 'smell' gone?
  6. Additional point, big, wide tracks are generally safer...
  7. Honestly, were any of the Coventry finals as exciting as that? Could Belle Vue be the best track in the world?
  8. keepturningleft

    World Championship Pairs

    Regardless of the entertainment on offer and, as other posters have said, the most telling conclusion of this event has been that - no one was in Germany, no one was in Manchester and no one was in Poland. I can't remember any recent World Cups, including race offs, in recent times having such poor attendances which can only bring us to the conclusion that this event failed to capture the imagination of the speedway public. Worryingly, the much heralded return of TW to the British fold, did not result in Belle Vue being being packed out as might have been expected. It seems that even an English double world champion has little or no box office clout in his own country. Worrying times for speedway.
  9. keepturningleft

    World Championship Pairs

    New manager? ...bring back Eric Boocock.
  10. keepturningleft

    World Championship Pairs

    Belle Vue is, by miles, the best venue now in the UK and all major events should be held there in the same way that all England football matches are held at Wembley.
  11. keepturningleft

    World Championship Pairs

    Looked like a shockingly low crowd for the biggest international event in GB outside of Cardiff.
  12. keepturningleft

    World Championship Pairs

    The one thing that spoils the otherwise splendid image of Belle Vue stadium is the visible car parking on the 3rd/4th bends. It gives it that 'track in a field' look.
  13. keepturningleft

    World Championship Pairs

    Speedway doesn't fix things that are broken, but fixes something that isn't broken - the World Cup. In my opinion, APART FROM THE JOKER RULE, the format for the WC was finally perfected after years of fiddling around with it. Four nations, one rider from each in every race and wearing the same helmet colour throughout. Dead simple. Easy to understand for casual or new viewers tuning in and that's how it should be. Forget about team riding, new viewers won't understand or care less about it. This new competition is taking us backwards to a confusing, audience alienating format.
  14. Did anyone spot the BT plug for the Rye House match during the Liverpool v Real Madrid match? If casual sports fans tuned in as a result of that plug, what a shock they must have got - Olympic Stadium to Rye House! It clearly didn't appear to drum up any extra interest at the turnstiles. Does anyone know why I am getting unwanted spacing between every line and how do I solve it?
  15. I can't imagine what Polish fans think when they see a venue such as Rye House. It looks like the council rubbish tip, it's embarrassing and depressing that British speedway takes place in such stadia in the 21st century.

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