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  1. keepturningleft

    Tai Woffinden at his majestic best Sunday April 14th

    The size of the crowd - a world away from speedway UK.
  2. keepturningleft

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    I wish to god both Mort and PC were back and involved at BV.
  3. keepturningleft

    King Cinder ( Bbc1 Series)

    We had a commercial release of Once A Jolly Swagman a few years ago which featured a minor sport. 21,000 views on Youtube as well.
  4. keepturningleft

    John Chaplin

    . I have a few of his books, very sad that there won't be any more. So important that speedway history has been logged and preserved by Mr Chaplin and others.
  5. keepturningleft

    Keith Flint RIP

    Pop star and speedway fan.
  6. keepturningleft

    Ricky Ashworth on BBC breakfast this morning.

    Mike Bushell does seem to have an interest and a positive positive attitude towards our sport.
  7. No problem for Jason Crump...
  8. keepturningleft

    Kid Bodie?

    Amazing to think he would go on to be a world finalist.
  9. keepturningleft

    Kid Bodie?

    Is this Howard Cole alias Kid Bodie??
  10. keepturningleft

    Biker magazine

    Speedway on the front cover of this magazine this month in the form of a splendid picture of a vintage JAP bike with accompanying article inside. Good Stuff.
  11. keepturningleft

    Letter to Ivan

    There is a truly wonderful story on the Belle Vue Facebook site about Ivan Mauger and a superfan featured on the BBC North West Tonight programme. Scroll down to check it out. https://www.facebook.com/bellevuespeedway/
  12. keepturningleft

    The Monkey's Paw

    Did anyone catch this film on Talking Pictures today? Some brief speedway action near the end of this 1948 film including some very unconvincing back projection!
  13. keepturningleft

    Time for a change?

    But - and this is the crux of it from our viewpoint - would extending coverage into the 90s STOP you from buying Backtrack? Whilst ever my finances are buoyant I will continue to buy Backtrack. A survey of your readers will presumably provide all the answers.
  14. keepturningleft

    Time for a change?

    One year from now, the beginning of the 90's will be 30 years past. I think Backtrack started in 2004, only 14 years after the end of the 80's, so I guess there is a case for expanding the coverage into the 90's. Personally, I would have little interest in the 90's because the decline was well and truly beginning and things would never be the same again.
  15. keepturningleft

    Commentator of the Year

    Dave Goddard is a breath of fresh air in the commentating world and fully deserves this award. Well done Dave Goddard!

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