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  1. keepturningleft

    St Austell

    Thanks for all the info - looks as if the track is not where Eden Project is.
  2. keepturningleft

    St Austell

    Is anyone able to clarify this. Years ago I visited St Austell speedway whilst on a holiday on the area. Yesterday I visited the Eden Project and was reminded that I remember reading that the speedway ended because of a major new eco project being developed on the site. Is the Eden Project now where the track was or I have I got this wrong? Can't seem to find a definitive answer on the defunct track sites etc.
  3. Blimey! When Woffinden crashed the commentator made Nige sound sound like whispering Bob Harris.
  4. keepturningleft

    Championship League Riders Championship

    In every one off world final and the majority of GP's throughout history, there have always been riders who have qualified on merit but who realistically had little chance of ever winning. Craig Cooke is probably a current example of this but it's grossly unfair to keep knocking the man - it looks as if he will be out next year anyway but even so, he has already achieved what most riders never will. The only difference for people like Cookie and Bomber is that unlike struggling riders in GP's and world finals in the past, the 'ordeal' goes on for 10 or so meetings where as it was over and done with on one night previously.
  5. keepturningleft

    Championship League Riders Championship

    There seemed to be a hell of a sling shot effect coming out of turn 2 on the outside! Numerous death defying overtakes at that point of the track. As others have said, that was a superb, and hugely entertaining meeting. Well done Craig Cook and great to see him jumping the fence and acknowledging the travelling Glasgow fans.
  6. keepturningleft

    Championship League Riders Championship

    Thought Cook rode fearlessly, aggressively, and quite brilliantly - why on earth can't he do this in the GP's?
  7. keepturningleft

    Fixed race nights... early indications!!!

    Monday night is absolutely not speedway night, except in Wolverhampton.
  8. keepturningleft

    Plan to save the Sport

    I think the commentator is superb as well.
  9. keepturningleft

    Ronnie Moore

    It's interesting the things that stick in the mind. I remember seeing Ronnie Moore with Wimbledon at Halifax in the early 70's. I think it was the first time I ever saw him and it may have been the first time he had seen Halifax, but I recall him performing a couple of impressive overtakes that night which I've never forgotten.
  10. keepturningleft

    Eggheads BBC2

    Definitely episode 20, series 20 - worth a watch, although it tells us something about the current state of things when even Jeremy Vine doesn't appear to know what speedway is.
  11. keepturningleft

    Eggheads BBC2

    It's on the iplayer - i think it may be episode 20.
  12. keepturningleft

    Eggheads BBC2

    Having just watched these Glasgow supporters beat the eggheads, it is now clear that this fantastic fivesome should be given the job of running british speedway!
  13. keepturningleft

    Cardiff 2019 date Saturday September 21st

    Who exactly are the 40,00 who attend Cardiff? Probably only around half that figure regularly attend normal speedway in a week so that leaves a sizeable chunk who apparently only support this one meeting. Factor in also that not everyone of the regular speedway crowd will visit Cardiff and the mystery 'one meeting only attendees' crowd is even bigger. Just puzzled, that's all! Despite what doom merchants say it is clear that the Cardiff crowds have held firm over 15 years with little sign (thankfully), of the bubble bursting in direct contrast to the dwindling domestic attendance. Cardiff truly is a dream event for a sport that is otherwise on it's knees. For as long as we have this glorious showpiece event, there will always be hope.
  14. keepturningleft

    Telegraph article today

    good article
  15. keepturningleft

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Sorry, I meant Tie.

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