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  1. Agree with this. Max met Lambert and Iversen twice during his programmed rides, whilst for Rohan it was once. Max had taken Lambert from the back in a thrilling Heat 11 and was caught up with a slower Cook in Heat 13, as they both tried to hunt down the KL pair. Rohan struggled a tad to beat MPT in Heat 14, so on balance I was expecting it to be Max & Dan. Dan will learn from Heat 15 - he was passed by an excellent Iversen, but had drifted out a bit. Really good meeting between two evenly matched teams.
  2. Sadly MPT does not need to have gating gloves on around the NSS. Quite capable of makes passes at our place.
  3. ABS

    Betting in 2018

    Just closed my account with Betsafe as they were limiting me to winnings of approx. £5 on speedway. When I queried this, I was told that it was a business decision. What a joke of an outfit Betsafe is, a disgrace to the word Bookmaker. They make the handicaps, they offer the odds, but whatever you do just don't win, otherwise you run the risk of being victim of a business decision too.
  4. I'm not. It was bad enough when the M.E.N. was owned by the Guardian, but since it's been owned by Mirror Group, the news content has deteriorated to a level which makes it nothing more than a rag. When I saw the picture of the Lib-Dem Councillor, all I wanted to do was to turn him upside down and use him as a pneumatic drill. He's your typical wishy-washy waste of space. No mention of the council screwing up, delivering a track that wasn't fit for purpose, which was where the problems started.
  5. Don't worry, Tungate did the honours with Jye in Heat 14 though.
  6. True. Track prep was superb last night - contrast this with the dust fest served up at Swindon on Monday. My point is that at Belle Vue they have delayed the start a few times to let people in, but have no consideration for people who expect the meeting to end at a certain time to meet other commitments. Yes, I can understand it in extreme circumstances, if say the M56/M60/A57 was closed, but why should people who expect the meeting to start on time have to hang around because people turn up late?
  7. Excellent meeting with some great racing. Late start due to exchanging tickets (only at main Ticket Office) and late arrival of Ambulance (can't be helped). What gets me is that there is no consideration whatsoever for those people who arrive on time for a 7:30 start - not just this meeting, but in general. People may have arrangements in place (trains to catch, etc.) for after the meeting, yet these seem discounted in favour of a needless interval.
  8. Have a read - https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/reckless-council-sink-another-85k-14948278
  9. ABS

    Belle Vue 2018

    It was in the Manchester Evening News yesterday, but doesn't seem to be online now
  10. Is Howarth riding tonight?
  11. ABS

    Rye House 2018

    Well Belle Vue didn't and we get to "enjoy" Monday nights as a consequence. What I do know, unless my eyes deceive me, is that crowds are down. Maybe they will improve during the school holidays when the next generation of prospective fans will be allowed to go, as there will be no school in the morning.
  12. ABS

    Dull Danes

    Jepsen-Jensen didn't look like a rider with his best days behind him.
  13. ABS

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Do these figures take into account people like me who recorded the GP whilst watching the football?
  14. I said many years ago that the consistent dilution, annually, of the product on offer, combined with increases in price could only lead one way. More for less is great, but less for more? Now we arrive at a situation where my club is forced to run on either a Monday or a Wednesday (neither great nights) without even having a vote in the matter. The result - a considerable drop in attendance/revenue and history shows us that once fans are lost, very few return. But hey ho, all is fine and rosy with the BSPA - the sport is in great shape, attendances are on the rise, fans are happy to watch "select" teams racing each other, so no problems. We'll see come the end of the season.
  15. We at Belle Vue realise fully that MPT is a really good rider and were surprised that BV didn't step in for him before Lynn, given his proven ability at the NSS. Our loss is certainly Lynn's gain

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