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  1. Great to see Max winning the championship. Will give him confidence going into the new season. Crumpy commentating was different class too.
  2. ABS

    Belle Vue 2019

    I think so. Will gain confidence from riding at the NSS and if he can make a few gates away from home, should do it comfortably.
  3. ABS

    Belle Vue 2019

    Bjerre will be fine. Flies round the NSS and is comfortable passing there as the track is both wide and safe.
  4. Signed - Used to enjoy my visits when Belle Vue were riding. Best of luck with this.
  5. ABS

    Belle Vue 2019

    I was the one who mentioned ageing and it was relative to Kenneth's age at the time in 2007 compared to Joe's. Don't see much difference in the three years between Kenneth and Craig, that's all. Kenneth has kept himself fit, despite all of his injuries, as has Craig.
  6. ABS

    Belle Vue 2019

    You beat me to it!!!
  7. ABS

    Belle Vue 2019

    Gordon, Would it be fair to say that Kenneth never really got on with Joe (and vice-versa) and this might have been one of the reasons he left BV, given that you were building your team around Joe?
  8. ABS

    Belle Vue 2019

    Maybe Mr. Pairman would care to comment on this?
  9. ABS

    Belle Vue 2019

    Thank you Gordon for the inside track on this. All I did was to quote the words used by the Belle Vue promotion at the time, as regards the justification of what was done. Naturally, I am not party to the privileged information that you, as a Promotor, had. Not disputing a word you are saying, but perhaps you should have been more honest with your punters as to what really happened. Relative to Bjerre's age at the time, I think it is reasonable to describe Joe as ageing.
  10. ABS

    Belle Vue 2019

    Have to disagree. There is only three years difference in their ages. Bjerre has won GPs and has competed at the highest level in all major speedway countries. It all about opinions, but mine is that Kenneth will do a better job for BV than Craig.
  11. ABS

    Belle Vue 2019

    Bjerre would have been very loyal to BV, given the chance. However, some years back, BV decided to build the team around an aging Joe Screen and not the up and coming Kenneth Bjerre. Not Kenneth's choice, but that is what happened. Despite this, he still never said a bad word about the club and was brilliant when he returned to he fold. I am sure his average will go up again riding at the best track in the country, once more.
  12. ABS

    Where is SCB

    Having worked in the IT Security industry, there is no way to be 100% secure. Anything can be tracked and traced - just a question of resource (machine/human time and money). All depends on the value of the information as to whether it is worthwhile.
  13. ABS

    Where is SCB

    With IT skills, he will no doubt become self-employed and will be able to pick up contracting work from anywhere in the word. Will have to lose his attitude though. Not sure whether he will have to declare his absence from the workplace either.
  14. Yes, the play off was the worst meeting seen at the NSS by a country mile.. The track was too grippy and too fast, with NKI breaking the Track Record, a record which he still holds today.
  15. I for one do. As play-offs and KOC are based on aggregate scores, we would have got full value for Jye's scores at home.

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