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  1. chris4gillian

    SON 2020

    <------- That says it all.
  2. chris4gillian

    SON 2020

    HOW (see what I did there?) do you know that? He is likely to be comfortably last in whatever races he takes part in....that will help him at this level how?
  3. chris4gillian

    SON 2020

    I disagree, just sayin'.
  4. chris4gillian

    SON 2020

    What about the opposite effect if Drew scores 0 in both meetings? Could knock his confidence which he may struggle to recover. Just sayin'.
  5. chris4gillian

    SON 2020

    Oh dear. So what's 1st (4pts) + 4th (1pt) and 2nd (3pts) + 3rd (2pts) then?
  6. Can he not also do interviews during the meetings? Bit late now I guess, but hey there's always next year and beyond
  7. Where is Brando this year? Without question arguably the best at interviewing riders during meetings.
  8. You also need a USB port (or plug) for that and it doesn't work with most paid for apps like Nexflix etc.
  9. No laptop, no tablet and no wi-fi..? Where do you live? In a cave?
  10. All you need is a chromecast, cost £30 in Argos and plenty of places online. It plugs into a telly's HDMI port (every telly has at least one or two unless they're over 10 or so years old) and then you just cast the stream to your tv. You will be able to cast loads of stuff like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub etc. You will also be able to cast Netflix and Prime Movies if you have those. We have 3 chromecasts (on 3 non-smart tv's) in our home plus one smart tv in the lounge. Can pretty much cast anything from our iphones to any tv we like. It's that simple Oh and it casts via wifi not mobile data.
  11. We agree because this is speedway based and not Covid/Coronavirus related...on that we'll never agree.
  12. There isn't any reason for it not to bearing in mind the effort many have gone to, to get this meeting in the calendar. There's also some income from the live stream subscribers which may have another 1000 after refunds (I assume) have been issued.
  13. Been doing the longtrack but I'm not aware of anything else.
  14. I was coming from the 'quality of the opposition' angle rather than the above.
  15. Bomber is in with a shout methinks.
  16. Still the sad old dictator and know it all....give it a rest. You do whatever you like whilst the rest of us will follow and do what those that are running this country advise because that's the LAW. Now naff off back to the Covid thread with your pals so you can chew the fat about Coronavirus v Flu blah, blah, bleedin' blah 'til the cows come home.
  17. Don't bother, Twitcher is always right and will try to discredit and prove you wrong at every opportunity. He is the UK's expert on Coronavirus and the flu. Whitty & Co know nothing apparently.
  18. Jeez, don't let B'Witcher or DC2 (and their clique) read that post. You'll get hung, drawn and quartered for posting such 'nonsense' (in their eyes) but common sense to most others. For the record I agree with you and if you don't comprehend my comment above, pop on over to the 'Covid-19 Are We Being Told The Truth' thread if you have 6 hours to spare...
  19. Yes I know, I had a thicky moment as already posted
  20. Yes I was, a blonde moment my end
  21. That makes perfect sense, assuming the British Championship is run before Cardiff in 2021.
  22. We are now in 2020 nearly 50 years later than the last 'non British' winner....so today it would be something new.
  23. So if an Aussie wins this meeting, will they still be crowned the 'British' Champion 2020? Utterly laughable if that's the case. Does the winner still get a place at Cardiff in 2021? Again if an Aussie wins, will it then be the highest placed Brit? Come on BSPA, rename it the British Open (or similar) for goodness sake! This is 100% not a British Final is it is supposed to be.
  24. chris4gillian

    Poole Pirates 2020

    So next week will be the first 'rewind meeting' of the autumn

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