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  1. Great idea. No premier league or championship football today
  2. toontrader

    Newcastle 2019

    Sheffield starts at 4pm. Time for them to do Newcastle practice then get to Sheffield
  3. toontrader

    Newcastle 2019

    £14 each way? so £28 return?
  4. toontrader

    Speedway Related Co Finances

    Am I right in thinking that riders cannot be counted as 'assets'in the accounts as they could retire at any time. So the financial position of clubs with good rider assets will look worse. For example Poole used to own about 17 riders
  5. toontrader

    Newcastle 2019

    The Newcastle website says two challenge matches included in season ticket but there is only one challenge in the fixtures. So still one match short
  6. toontrader

    pairs 2019

    Maybe hold the pairs elswehere in July and hold the riders individual -premier or championship on the night before Cardiff
  7. toontrader

    Newcastle 2019

    To be fair, it makes sense to wait until moneybags Glasgow and Somerset have sorted their teams and the remaining riders will realise they have to ride for realistic money and not play teams off against the big twos deals
  8. toontrader

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Struggling to understand this one. Glasgow own the stadium and have no rent to pay. Their main outlay is riders wages. Their two top riders Craig Cook and Chris Harris both say they don't earn enough to pay the bills. Glasgow lost over £100,000
  9. toontrader


    I thought the blank dates in the summer were to avoid clashing with world cup football dates which would reduce crowds
  10. toontrader

    No TV deal?

    maybe they are updating it with some important news
  11. toontrader

    Bt Sport Coverage

    As Sky have won the Monday Night Premier League rights again, BT need something to fill their screens on a Monday
  12. toontrader

    Newcastle 2018

    They would if it is from five rides
  13. toontrader

    Newcastle 2018

    Speedway Star says 'to lead the team' Could mean as No 1 or as Captain Anyone confirm what was meant
  14. toontrader

    Newcastle 2018

    On the club website it lists George, Alan and Andrew Darby as owners. Is Andrew still a shareholder and involved? Also Darryl wasn't replaced as a promoter so if Alan quits we need at least one new promoter, who would have to be interviewed by the BSPA and approved which will take time
  15. toontrader

    Newcastle 2018

    I think someone mentioned 1 December was the deadline to confirm that we are running. Is that right?

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